The Legend of Futian
339 Teacher Is Very Lazy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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339 Teacher Is Very Lazy

Chapter 339: Teacher Is Very Lazy
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After such big news erupted in the Eastern Barren Territory, the disciples of the Cottage were a bit unsettled. They received news that the Qin palace was holding a banquet to call for all the strong cultivators in the territory to attack the Cottage.

If a battle of this level really erupted, countless people would die no matter who won.

But the Cottage was still as quiet as ever. It was Ye Futian who wasn't so indifferent though. After all, this was because of him.

"Second Senior Sister, I heard that the Qin palace held a banquet today. Emperor Qin might call the entire territory to fight the Cottage." Ye Futian found Zhuge Hui to ask. She was so calm that she was sitting on a swing right now. She was beautiful but Ye Futian wasn't in the mood to appreciate it.

Zhuge Hui smiled at him. "Didn't Junior tell you to go cultivate? Don't worry, nothing will happen for now."

Ye Futian scratched his head in confusion. "How do you know?"

"The Qin Dynasty wanted the entire territory to fight the Cottage. The teacher is lazy and we can't find him so who can take responsibility?" Zhuge Hui asked.

Ye Futian scratched his head. "You?"

"I'm busy. You still have a First Senior Brother."

Rolling her eyes, Zhuge Hui said, "When the Fuyun Sword Clan insulted our teacher, First Senior Brother went there directly. Now, those guys want to attack the Cottage. He could go to any force and the alliance would fall apart. The Cottage isn't the Liu Kingdom. The Qin Dynasty isn't completely confident so he got a bunch of people to support him. They aren't stupid though. It's just that your First Senior Brother hasn't left his mountain for too long and they forgot."

Hearing this, Ye Futian was a bit more reassured. First Senior Brother must have improved over all these years. For a fight like this, they had to have complete confidence. Otherwise, who wouldn't be afraid of the First Senior Brother, as Second Senior Sister said?

"First Senior Brother can probably beat the Fuyun Sword Clan's leader now, right?" Ye Futian asked curiously. They'd tied back then but a Cottage disciple's talent was usually better than most.

"Your Third Senior Brother should be clearest about his abilities. Since he killed Prince Qin, the guy died for nothing," Zhuge Hui said. "Your Third Senior Brother probably just wanted to help the Liu Kingdom."

"Oh." Ye Futian nodded while sighing inwardly. It was too bad for the Liu Kingdom. They couldn't take revenge yet.

"What is First Senior Brother like?" Ye Futian mumbled. Of all the disciples, First Senior Brother was the only one he hadn't met yet.

Zhuge Hui's lashes fluttered. She smiled and said, "Like a rock."

"A rock?" Ye Futian didn't understand.

"Yes." Zhuge Hui nodded. "He has a bad and stubborn temper."

"You're talking about me again," a voice said from the distance. Zhuge Hui chuckled and looked up towards somewhere. Clearly, she already sensed him.

A few people walked over. The man at the front wore black. It was the Sword Saint who'd come from the Qin Dynasty. Luo Fan, Xue Ye, and Yi Xiaoshi stood beside him.

"First Senior Brother, am I wrong?" Zhuge Hui asked, grinning.

"Alright, you're always right," the Sword Saint said, smiling. His deep eyes were gentler now. He wouldn't be as sharp with his juniors as with the Qin Dynasty.

Ye Futian studied the newcomer. This was their first meeting. It was also his first time seeing Second Senior Sister lose her authoritative aura before the Cottage disciples. Their eyes and simple conversation felt like regular siblings.

No matter how many legends there were and how legendary they were, they're just regular people with their family.

"Little junior," Sword Saint called, gazing at Ye Futian.

"First Senior Brother," Ye Futian greeted with a bright smile. "I was wondering what you would be like while talking to Second Senior Sister. Now I see that you are truly handsome, amazing, charismatic, powerful…"

Sword Saint blinked at Ye Futian before bursting into laughter. "No wonder I heard that your senior sister spoils you," he stated. "Good job."

Beside Sword Saint, Yi Xiaoshi was annoyed. It was also their first meeting but the difference was too much. He was impressed by this guy's shamelessness.

"First Senior Brother." A small figure ran over. Beitang Xing'er gazed at this legendary figure, feeling a bit nervous since it was also their first meeting.

"I heard long ago that the teacher took in a beautiful junior sister. These guys are lucky." Sword Saint chuckled.

Hearing the compliment, Beitang Xing'er blushed. "I'll go get Third Senior Brother." With that, she turned and jogged away.

"Fifth Brother, go cook. Fourth Brother, help him. Seventh Brother, get some good wine," Zhuge Hui ordered. Everyone nodded and went to work while glaring at Ye Futian in jealousy. This guy had nothing to do…

"Senior Brother, you came back from the Qin Dynasty?" Zhuge Hui asked.

"You're smart." Sword Saint smiled at her. "I went to visit the Qin Dynasty and decided to drop by. I haven't met the juniors yet."

Beside them, Ye Futian was stunned. First Senior Brother had talked about visiting the Qin Dynasty so casually. He wondered how amazing it must have been.

Prince Qin Ge of the Qin Dynasty had died under Gu Dongliu's hands. The Qin Dynasty wanted to attack the Cottage so the First Senior Brother went to visit them when the entire Eastern Barren Territory was guarded. It must have been extremely imposing and daring.

It seemed that Second Senior Sister had been right but instead of going to the other forces, First Senior Brother had gone to the Qin Dynasty.

"Our junior had been worried that the Eastern Barren Territory would ally against us," Zhuge Hui said. "Now he can rest assured."

Ye Futian smiled, lips quivering. Since First Senior Brother went to the Qin Dynasty and came to the Cottage in one piece, he must have solved the problem.

"They don't have the courage to forge an alliance and fight the Cottage," the Sword Saint said. "But since the Qin Dynasty has already declared war, the Eastern Barren Territory won't be at peace. You still have to be careful."

Zhuge Hui nodded lightly. The rivalry had been sowed. Even if the Qin Dynasty didn't dare to fight directly, war was inevitable since their declaration. They just didn't dare show their hidden cards now and start an extreme war.

"Is there still no news of the teacher?" the Sword Saint asked.

"First Senior Brother, it's not like you don't know him. Maybe he's finding pretty disciples somewhere again," Zhuge Hui muttered. "It's all his fault for not keeping his eyes on the teacher."

"You think Third Junior can keep the teacher if he wants to leave?" Sword Saint said. "You know how lazy he is."

Ye Futian listened to the conversation, feeling awkward. What kind of legend was the teacher?!

"First Senior Brother, you really spoke up for me." Handsome Gu Dongliu walked over. He glanced at Zhuge Hui, who looked away, not feeling like giving him attention.

Seeing those small movements, the Sword Saint shook his head. "You two…"

"How lazy is the teacher?" Ye Futian asked.

"How many disciples did he accept? And he just takes them in without teaching them. How lazy do you think he is?" Second Senior Sister asked.

Ye Futian felt more embarrassed. There were only seven disciples before him. And the teacher just took them in without teaching… he truly was lazy.

"So many people are dreaming that the teacher wanted to rule over the Eastern Barren Territory." Shaking his head, the Sword Saint said, "It would be great if that old man has those aspirations."

Zhuge Hui's eyes glimmered. If one knew how lazy the teacher truly was, one would know how bizarre it was to rule over the Eastern Barren Territory.

"How many times have people seen him? How can they understand his state?" Gu Dongliu said calmly. Even those top figures couldn't say that they understood the Cottage's teacher.

These three were probably the most familiar with the teacher but they still couldn't find him.

As they chatted, the wine and food were prepared. Yu Sheng and Loulan Xue came too. Since Ye Futian joined, this was the first time all disciples were present.

The atmosphere was as casual and light as before. The disciples were all legendary figures outside. But here, they were all regular people who chatted normally.

In the outside world, the Sword Saint's appearance at the Qin Dynasty caused a great uproar. The Qin Dynasty had wanted the entire Eastern Barren Territory to attack the Cottage but he'd failed. The Sword Saint's appearance had dismantled the alliance. No one dared to risk it.

The broadsword intent left in the palace also showed Emperor Qin that his cultivation was the peak of the Eastern Barren Territory. Anyone who wanted to attack the Cottage knew the consequence. They couldn't survive the Sword Saint's revenge.

Of course, they couldn't send soldiers directly but the Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple had agreed publicly to ally with the Qin Dynasty. This powerful force feared the Sword Saint but they couldn't back out.

Countless days later in the Ancient Barren World, many College disciples were cultivating at a relic. Just then, a group of strong cultivators descended. They were from the Qin Dynasty; the leader was Qin Li. He waved his hand and surrounded the people of the College.

"Disable them and leave," Qin Li ordered coldly. His men attacked instantly.

The bystanders were all terrified and moved to the side. The College disciples fought back violently but were soon all disabled and taken away.

Many hearts were trembling. As expected, the Qin Dynasty didn't send soldiers directly to Book Mountain. But they wanted to become the overbearing lord of the Eastern Barren Territory. They couldn't let Qin Ge die for nothing.

The war had descended without realizing.

After that, the Qin Dynasty sent word that the College could hand over Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu as an exchange.

The College was furious. They knew that Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu were just an excuse to start a war!
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    《The Legend of Futian》