The Legend of Futian
340 Battlefield in the Ancient Barren World
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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340 Battlefield in the Ancient Barren World

Chapter 340: Battlefield in the Ancient Barren World
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Obviously, the College couldn't agree to the Qin Dynasty's request. Not because Liu Feiyang or Liu Chenyu were of any particular importance to them, but because this was simply an excuse for the Qin to start a war. What kind of people would they be to send these youngsters to their deaths? Since a war had already been declared, then following this, they were going to have to get into battle mode.

The College recalled all disciples cultivating in the Ancient Barren World. Then, they were paired with more powerful cultivators before heading back, ready to retaliate. And so, the war between the Qin Dynasty and the College erupted in the Ancient Barren World.

The Eastern Barren Territory was not surprised by the start of the war. The Sword Saint took a trip to the Qin Dynasty and scared powers away from creating an alliance with the Qin. And although they didn't dare to directly send troops to exterminate the Cottage, the Qin weren't just going to give up. The Ancient Barren World was meant to be a place for disciples of all powers to train and cultivate, so it was, without question, the most fitting setting for this war to erupt.

On this day, two figures descended from a mountaintop in the lower Ancient Barren World, traveling in the air. They were particularly fast. One of them had large, golden roc wings on his back. Majestic, he was. The other had dim golden wings of a devil which brought the winds.

These two were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. They had yet to enter the Arcana Plane and could only enter the lower Ancient Barren World. However, it was because of this very reason that the people who could pose a threat to them in the lower world were little to none. The two of them continued forward on their journey to somewhere in the Ancient Barren World. People would look up in the skies at them as they passed by and couldn't help but be surprised. It was Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

"Let's go. To the Qin's territory," someone said. There was no explanation needed for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's appearance in the lower world. Everyone knew what they were here for. The Qin Dynasty had declared war on the College's Cottage.

In the center of the Ancient Barren World, in the Barren City, many people saw Ye Futian and Yu Sheng fly by. After the initial shock wore off, they followed behind the two.

"Ye Futian defeated Luo Junlin, an Arcana Plane cultivator. His combat abilities are obviously already at the Arcana level. It's probably impossible to find anyone who can beat him in the lower Ancient Barren World." People in the Barren City were watching the figures in the sky.

"That's right, but the Qin Dynasty wouldn't have declared war if they weren't fully prepared and they definitely wouldn't fight Ye Futian one on one."

"That's true, too. The Qin Dynasty has a strong foundation, even in the Ancient Barren World. Even if Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were to make their way over, they wouldn't necessarily have the upper hand."

The people discussed as their figures flashed by to follow Ye Futian and Yu Sheng on their journey.

The crowd grew and grew. All of them headed for the center of the Barren City. There, sat a small palace, the sub-palace where the Qin was stationed in the lower world.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng arrived in the skies near the sub-palace.

Inside the palace, powerful cultivators lifted their heads to see the two figures in the sky. There wasn't much surprise in their eyes. The war had already begun, so they were obviously prepared.

The people outside the palace did not fly up to fight Ye Futian. Instead, they turned and headed into the palace to gather with the other cultivators. In the battle at Chaoge City, Ye Futian had already demonstrated his intense Dharma-leveled combat abilities. They would have had to have a death wish to try and take on Ye Futian alone.

As expected, the Qin Dynasty is fully prepared, many people thought as they looked quietly down at the sub-palace from afar.

Looking down from the skies, the people could see that more and more cultivators of the Qin Dynasty were gathering in the palace.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng advanced until they were directly above the palace grounds. Their cold eyes swept past the faces of the Qin below.

The sun and the moon hung high in the sky while water and fire complemented each other. Ye Futian released his Dharma. His whole body seemed to be burning like the sun, encased in flames. Destructive yet eye-catchingly bright.

Beside Ye Futian, the shadow of a devil appeared behind Yu Sheng. The armor he wore was sharp like a blade, just like those devilish wings of his. In this instant, it was almost as if Yu Sheng was possessed by the devil. A dim golden light illuminated the area around him. Without saying anything, the large golden roc wings behind Ye Futian spread brought him charging into the sub-palace, not waiting for his opponents to finish gathering there.

The two of them flew side by side, wings shining brightly. They made their way downward with great speed. A divine tree of flame appeared behind Ye Futian.

WHOOSH! Vines shot down at the crowd below. This spell, Lock of a Thousand Vines, was a spell that Ye Futian cultivated very early on, but it was also a spell with growth potential. The higher your level of cultivation, the more powerful the spell. And of course, the spell had already been altered by Ye Futian. The thick vines were actually engulfed with water and fire, making it shine brightly.

The people of the Qin Dynasty saw the vines unfurl toward them and a couple of them grouped together to unleash the Imperial Dragon Spell. The shadow of dragons soared through the skies. As the long spears in their hands pointed up at the sky, images of dragons seemed to rush from the weapons with loud roars. However, there seemed to be no end to the vines. They wrapped around the illusory dragons and they were immediately frosted over by the coldness radiating from the vines. Then, a golden burst of flames flickered by, and extremely bright characters and inscriptions appeared. The illusory dragons wrapped in vines turned into dust after that.

Yu Sheng was even more domineering. He held the Dark Demon's Heavenly Halberd and turned into a forceful devil. He walked through the images of the dragons, ripping them apart. The devilish flame in his shining, golden pupils was a flame of fury. He took the destruction of the Liu Kingdom and what happened to Liu Chenyu and Ye Wuchen to heart and now, he finally had a chance to release all the rage.

BOOM! Yu Sheng descended for the skies, stepping on a dragon. The small group formation was broken up when everyone was sent flying in a different direction. When they got back up, they surrounded Yu Sheng, all their eyes glued on the large, built figure at the center of their circle.

The devil wings behind Yu Sheng spread and he charged ahead with the Heavenly Halberd in his hands. The cultivator in front of him yelled out in rage before the long spear in his hand spiraled forward like a dragon. When the halberd and the spear collided, the image of the dragon disappeared and the spear was destroyed. The Heavenly Halberd had pierced into Yu Sheng's opponent. Yu Sheng then lifted his weapon, with the body still on it, and threw the wounded cultivator at the incoming attackers behind him.

"Get in formation! Don't fight him alone!" More and more people rushed out from the sub-palace. However, all it took was a loud, wild roar from Yu Sheng to scare everyone around him into backing up. They all knew by now, that if they made a rash decision to fight this wild beast of a man head-on, it would only be asking for death.

On the other side, those fighting Ye Futian had been trapped in a cage of vines. With the sun and the moon high in the sky, and the will of water and fire rushing through the battle formation, the people tried so hard to withstand the power. A large illusory dragon appeared around them and blocked off Ye Futian's attack.

In the sky around Ye Futian, the flashes of lightning were bright and the sounds of thunder rumbled loudly. It was obvious that immensely powerful sorcery was being conjured around him. A terrifying Thunder Dragon took shape with the power of sorcery and traveled downward, growling loudly and ready for destruction.

Thunder cracked loudly in the sky. The powerful cultivators on the ground below felt numb and their focus broke, as did the battle formation. The water and fire vines curled toward them and their screams rang out continuously. Their bodies were encapsulated by the bright light of water and fire. Quickly after, they perished.

The people of the Qin Dynasty rushed over from inside the sub-palace. None of their expressions looked too good. They did not make a move right away. Instead, they got into formation, barricading Ye Futian and Yu Sheng in the middle of a circle.

The Imperial Dragon Spell went into motion across all the formations and all of the cultivators' powers seemed to harmonize, creating something overwhelmingly powerful. The cries of dragons were heard, shocking many.

"Activate the Five Soul Guard!" screamed a cultivator. Immediately, a bright light spread over the grounds inside the sub-palace. In this vast space, the Spiritual Qi had gone out of control, gathering crazily.

A great pressure was felt over the area. Ye Futian looked into the distance and saw multiple statues of sacred beasts appear in the palace: a large, ferocious dragon, an enormous Xuanwu, the Black Turtle, a bright divine bird, the Phoenix, a gargantuan stone elephant, and a bright Golden Roc.

The crushing power of these statues fell on Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. At this moment, it seemed like they were looking at five horrific demon beasts. The wills of these beasts went straight to their heads.

"Don't look," Ye Futian said to Yu Sheng. They were going to cut off their senses to the beasts, but even without sensing them, the pressure was still crushing down on them. It made the entire area feel extremely heavy.

"Just treat this like you're cultivating at the College's training field," said Ye Futian. However, this power was even scarier than what he had felt in the training field. The statues there weren't as powerful. Plus, when fighting at the training field, everyone felt the same thing, but now, this crushing pressure was manipulated to only affect Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. The cultivators of the Qin Dynasty did not feel a thing.

Outside the palace, countless people were watching this scene. They felt shivers down their spine. It was no question that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were strong, but it was still too reckless of them to try and kill their way into the Qin's territory in the Ancient Barren World.

They had to know, the Qin Dynasty chose this location because they could use the Five Soul Guard's power to help them cultivate and also use them in battle. This area used to be a relic site but was claimed by the Qin and made into this sub-palace. They had kept this place running for years. For these two to charge in so recklessly was simply putting themselves in danger.

Although the Sword Saint's arrival in the Qin palace made all the other powers wary of sending troops to exterminate the Cottage, Ye Futian made his way to the sub-palace on his own. The Qin couldn't let him get away now.

The Qin Dynasty had their doubts, but so did the people of Sword Saint Mountain and the Cottage. The two parties were keeping each other in check, but the war had already erupted in the Ancient Barren World. It had become the tacitly agreed upon battlefield.

"Since you willing delivered yourself to the doors of hell, then we are happy to oblige," a Qin cultivator said coldly with his spear pointed at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. It was an exciting thought, to be able to kill a disciple of the Cottage.

Everyone in the ruling class of the Qin Dynasty wanted Ye Futian dead. Now, the chance was finally here.

"This place is quite suitable for cultivation. This place will no longer belong to the Qin Dynasty," Ye Futian said. He completely disregarded what the other guy just had said.
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    《The Legend of Futian》