The Legend of Futian
341 To Claim for Oneself
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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341 To Claim for Oneself

Chapter 341: To Claim for Oneself
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Even from afar, people with stupefied by what Ye Futian had said. He was indeed just as arrogant as the rumors said. He was actually this confident. Even when standing in the Qin's territory, facing the statues of the Five Soul Guard.

"Initiate the Spiritual Matrix," a voice uttered coldly. After that, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng could feel an invisible weight push down on their bodies. It was as if an enormous sacred elephant was sitting on them. Not only was it difficult for them to move, but there was also a sharp and piercing intent, a burning intent. Along with this feeling, five spiritual beasts appeared in their minds.

"Yu Sheng!" shouted Ye Futian. Stepping forward, the image of the Divine Ape appeared, adding to his already wild aura.

Yu Sheng responded by following beside him with the halberd still clutched in his hand. The two of them moved forward, every step felt heavy than the last.

BOOM! They stomped down hard suddenly and their bodies were propelled forward. In front of them, a group of cultivators had gotten in formation and were staring at them with cold eyes.

The Imperial Dragon Spell went into action and the Battle Will morphed into a dragon that danced wildly in the air. When the cultivators saw Ye Futian and Yu Sheng charging for them, they gave a loud battle cry before throwing out the long spears in their hands. An enormous dragon followed the weapons, roaring loudly as it attacked. It seemed like the Spiritual Matrix the cultivators had formed added to the power of the dragon. This was evident as it charged for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, growling fiercely.

Yu Sheng stomped down on the ground hard. His aura was explosive, making him look even scarier. The image of the devil enlarged as he took a step forward to stand in front of Ye Futian. The Heavenly Halberd attacked and, in this instant, the demon seemed to be following right behind the weapon, cutting its way through everything in sight. The halberd, which was entangled by Demonic Will, collided with the dragon. The beast's body shook violently. The same powerful vibrations also made their way onto Yu Sheng. He screamed, a demonic growl, if you will. Shockingly, multiple illusory images of a demon head were released before they exploded along with the image of the dragon.

A figure flashed by. It was Ye Futian. He rushed toward the Qin's battle formation. All the while, Spiritual Qi gathered and produced a large rod. The Five Element Rod had exceeded the Dharma level and was not permitted in the lower Ancient Barren World. The same went for Yu Sheng's demonic tripod.

When the long rod took shape, Ye Futian swung it forward fiercely, ready for destruction. The powerful cultivators in formation yelled out together before attacking. Their powers harmonized and created a bright light that took the form of a dragon.

BOOM! The long rod was swung downward with immense power, almost as if it were the heaviest object on earth. Those in the formation moaned in pain and the ones with lower levels of cultivation spat blood on impact. The formation was broken in seconds as many of them were thrown in different directions by the sheer force.

Ye Futian paid them no attention. He continued forward. making his way deeper into the sub-palace. Cultivators behind them tried to get into formation again, following after them. However, Yu Sheng turned around and with one blow from his halberd, he had single-handedly stopped their attack.

"Block him!" someone shouted when they saw where Ye Futian was headed. However, their attempts were futile because they were no match for Ye Futian as Dharma Plane cultivators. When the sun and the moon hung in the sky and the wills of water and fire descended upon them, it was the end.

Ye Futian charged over to the statue of the large Golden Roc of the Five Soul Guard. The statue was enormous. The look in its eyes was filled with demonic energy. Its body glowed, including the wings on its back. A figure stood behind the statue and communicated with it through will to control its attacks on Ye Futian. Immediately, Ye Futian felt the Golden Roc rush into his mind.

The look in his eyes became eerie as he allowed the roc's will to enter. He was shocked to find there really was the will of a Golden Roc inside the statue. The strong, sharp will could destroy most anything. What it wanted to do now was destroy Ye Futian's will.

A scary force of Emperor's Will rushed into the statue and took control of its will. If it had been the Golden Roc's will that had attacked Ye Futian, he wouldn't have been able to do anything, but it was a Dharma Plane cultivator that was controlling the will. There was no way he could destroy Ye Futian's will. Ye Futian had no doubts about how this battle would end when he saw these statues. What relics in the Ancient Barren World could stump him at this point?

Behind the Golden Roc, the Qin cultivator screamed in horror. Backing up, he looked at Ye Futian with shock written on his face. What level of will was that? How can it be so powerful?

The vines of the Sun Tree unraveled toward the cultivator noisily, killing him. Ye Futian shot over to stand atop the statue of the Golden Roc. He closed his eyes and allowed his will to enter the stone.

Yu Sheng fought his way through until he was stood in front of the statue. He was able to slow down the formation formed by the Qin Dynasty's people all by himself. And although it didn't last very long, it was still an impressive feat.

"What is he doing?" Many people questioned as they observed from the skies above the sub-palace. Presently, Ye Futian was standing on the back of the Golden Roc statue. His white clothes fluttered and his hair blew in the wind. It was truly an extraordinary sight.

"Ye Futian was able to control a statue at top of Mirror Mountain," someone said. Ye Futian been famous in the Ancient Barren World and was later accepted by Gu Dongliu as a disciple of the Cottage.

Could it be...? Just as the people had this thought, they saw the statue light up as if it was coming to life. It glowed with a bright, golden light. Its wings looked ready to spread and take off. The people of the Qin Dynasty were frozen in shock witnessing the scene in front of them.

The Five Soul Guard was a relic of the Ancient Barren World and were eventually repossessed by the Qin Dynasty. Throughout the years, many Qin cultivators have trained for combat using the Five Soul Guard, but never had they seen the statue shine so brightly.

This is bad. They all shared the same thought, not having a feeling about what was about to happen.

In the next moment, they felt the painfully strong Golden Roc Will break into their minds. It forewent any physical harm and went straight for their Spiritual Energy. It was an attack on the Spiritual Will.

In their minds, a sharp, cutting image of a Golden Roc appeared. Some people screamed in pain as they felt their Spiritual Will being destroyed. They were on the verge of collapsing, no longer able to take the pain.

Very quickly, every Qin cultivator experienced the same sensation. In their spiritual world, the true king of the skies, the Golden Roc, appeared and destroyed their willpower.

Yu Sheng stepped forward, charging over to the battle formations with his halberd. Sounds of the weapon piercing into flesh and screams of agony came endlessly.

"Go! Hurry, run!" When the screams were heard, many people ran for their lives, but the cultivators controlling the other statues of the Five Soul Guard didn't give up. They activated the will of their own statues to attack Ye Futian. In the air, a Golden Roc, a giant elephant, a dragon, and the other beasts of the Five Soul Guard graced the skies together. However, the will of the Golden Roc was stronger and powerful than the rest, allowing it to enter the wills of the other statues. The cultivators behind the statues spat blood before turning around to make their escape.

The crowd watching from the skies trembled in fear at this scene. They couldn't believe this was the result of the fight. A complete wipeout.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng barged into the Qin Dynasty's territory and absolutely crushed their Dharma Plane cultivators. The Qin tried to use the power of the Five Soul Guard against Ye Futian, but it actually gave him the chance to take control and used to his advantage.

Looks like there really isn't anyone who can stop them in the lower Ancient Barren World, many people thought.

It was said that the war between the Qin Dynasty and the College had already begun in the upper Ancient Barren World. Each party took turns delivering their own vicious attacks, causing many deaths on both sides. It didn't seem like a battle that would end any time soon. Many Nobles in the upper world took part in this lasting battle, so the eruption of the final battle was still far in the future. However, in the lower world, the result was determined as soon as the battle began. The two young men were enough to conquer all.

What else could the Qin Dynasty say? Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were merely cultivators in the eighth level Dharma Plane. They weren't even as far along in cultivation as the people they had just fought.

This was an ending that the Qin probably would not have expected.

And it wasn't. At this very moment, Qin Yu was seated in the Qin palace in the outside world, feeling shocked and furious at the news he had just received. He berated those who had returned after running away from battle. He announced that whoever could go back to the lower Ancient Barren World and kill Ye Futian and Yu Sheng would be greatly rewarded. But still, no one dared to enter once again.

Of the Qin that entered the lower world, there were those who died and those who ran. Shouldn't this be a clear sign to them? In the lower Ancient Barren World, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were already invincible. Entering to fight them would be a death wish.

The enraged Qin Yu then tried to entice people with the 'prince' title. Regardless of which clan one was from, as long as they were of the Eastern Barren Territory, they would have the privilege of marrying a princess of their choice for killing Ye Futian in the Ancient Barren World. Many were swayed by this. Qin Yu really wanted Ye Futian dead. It was a shame that he couldn't enter the lower world himself or he would have done the deed personally.

News spread all over the lower world, shocking everyone. They were all in awe of how valuable Ye Futian's life was. Killing him could make someone a prince of the Qin Dynasty. But even so, there still wasn't anyone who dared to try.

They couldn't do it and didn't have the guts to do it either. Sure, the Qin Dynasty could go against the Cottage, but who else would dare to do so?

Of course, there was another reason behind this order and why Qin Yu wanted Ye Futian dead. Ye Futian had taken over his sub-palace in the lower Ancient Barren World.

The people of the Qin Dynasty couldn't enter the Ancient Barren World through the entrance in the palace. What were the Qin cultivators supposed to do? Hold off on cultivating in the lower world until Ye Futian reached the Arcana Plane and left for the upper world? Right now, the only thing they could do was use the entrance in the Liu Kingdom or borrow the entrance of another power. However, that would be humiliating for the Qin Dynasty.

This was absolutely intolerable.

Naturally, Ye Futian didn't have the time to care about the Qin Dynasty's feelings. He sealed the Qin palace's entrance into the Ancient Barren and then proceeded to sit quietly in the Qin's sub-palace and cultivated with Yu Sheng. In this sub-palace, they found quite a bit of useful objects for cultivation. They also had the Five Soul Guard to enlighten them as they cultivated. How could they possibly put such a perfect environment for cultivation to waste?

The Five Soul Guard consisted of five elements and also contained extremely powerful Spiritual Energy. This helped speed up the enlightenment process. Not only Ye Futian was doing this, but Yu Sheng was also following right along. For the time being, they still couldn't enter the upper Ancient Barren World. Since they couldn't step onto that battlefield, the best thing they could do was stay here and reap some benefits.

In no time at all, months had passed. The two cultivating young men entered the ninth level Dharma Plane one after the other. They were only one step away from the Arcana Plane!
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    《The Legend of Futian》