The Legend of Futian
349 Extreme Breakou
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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349 Extreme Breakou

Chapter 349: Extreme Breakout
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In the lightning-filled world, the great battle continued. Even the geniuses from various top forces were under extreme pressure, and it was not just from the battle itself.

Ye Futian slowly disappeared in the distance. Qin Li and the two Upper Arcana Plane cultivators from Qin Dynasty were chasing him.

The mountain path was very rugged. Ye Futian did not look behind him and kept advancing forward. In front of him, the lightning-filled world seemed to be turning into an icy one, where ice storms were raging. Before he even reached, he already began to shiver.

The snowflakes falling from the sky condensed into frost and turned into part of the icy world on Sky Mountain. Ye Futian stepped into it and could only feel extremely cold. It was as if he was covered in snow and ice and coldness seeped into his bones continuously.

Apart from being cold, evil thoughts also intensified and were mixed with the freezing coldness. Various negative emotions flashed across the eyes of Qin Li and the other two cultivators. A frightening murderous intent was released from them as they stared at Ye Futian's back with a bloodthirsty look.

Before them, they could vaguely see the Arhat of Qianqiu Temple and Warlock Gu Zhiqiu of Witch Clan. The two advanced forward without any distractions and only had one goal—to reach the top of Sky Mountain. Their clan-mates were all left behind as they did not have the ability to follow them.

Suddenly, Ye Futian changed his path and walked towards the side.

Qin Li's body was fully covered with a piece of dragon armor. Stepping on the snow, he continued the chase.

The four people walked in the snow and climbed a huge rock, after which they arrived on a flat piece of land. In the distance, there was only a cliff, and it seemed likely that they had nowhere else to go.

Ye Futian finally stopped. Cold wind was blowing, and his white shirt was covered with snow. In the strong wind, he looked somewhat bleak.

"Where can you run now?" Qin Li's eyes were filled with a terrifying red light. Just now, Ye Futian forced him to kneel down with his rod, which was very humiliating. The murderous intent Qin Li had towards Ye Futian at the moment surpassed everything else. His negative emotions were ignited totally and he only wanted Ye Futian to die.

"Now, there should be no one else here to disturb us," Ye Futian said with his back facing Qin Li. Qin Li's eyes sparkled. What did Ye Futian mean?

No one else will disturb us?

In the first place, there were not many who could reach this place. Moreover, a battle had erupted below them, so there should indeed be no one else here.

"Do you think this is a good place to bury your corpse?" Ye Futian turned around slowly and stared at Qin Li. At this instant, his eyes seemed to contain a supreme trace of dignity. The blood in Ye Futian's body started to roar and roll. A golden divine flame seemed to be burning in his blood. From his body, many brilliant traces of light spread out.

Boom! Noble Will charged into the air and it even seemed to be slightly golden. At this moment, Ye Futian had evolved. His blood, muscles, and fate were all becoming stronger at a remarkable pace. The Spiritual Qi around him formed a storm centered at him. Snow flew wildly in the sky. Even the snowflakes seemed to be covered in a sacred radiance.

From his eyes, one could notice a faint golden light glittering. Qin Li looked at Ye Futian's eyes and actually felt that he was inferior in front of Ye Futian, that he needed to kneel down and pay homage to Ye Futian.

"What's happening?" Qin Li's face darkened quickly. Ye Futian's might was rising rapidly, especially his will. It actually made him want to kneel down and surrender. How ridiculous this was.

Who was Qin Li? He was the grandson of the king of Qin Dynasty, the son of the crown prince. In the future, he would be able to succeed from his father the throne. He was born noble and extraordinary. How many people in the Eastern Barren Territory could make him kneel down and salute? How could a person who had entered the Eastern Barren Territory for merely two years make him develop such a feeling?

It was not just Qin Li. The two beside him were both royal members and descendants of important people in Qin Dynasty. Moreover, they were in the Upper Arcana Plane, which was way higher than Ye Futian's current level. The difference was almost an entire plane, which obviously could not be made up in any way. However, they also felt that they wanted to worship Ye Futian at the moment.

Ye Futian stared at the three before him. The Emperor Will was still burning and his body seemed to be boiling under this power. He became extremely burly as if he was an emperor who had come to the mortal world.

Since Emperor Will was formed in his body in Donghai City, this was the first time he activated it so thoroughly. In the past, he had used Emperor Will to control various relics and occasionally help him in battles. However, apart from the time when this ability awakened, he had never released it so completely like this time.

He also knew that it was difficult to close the gap between different planes. Qin Li was not part of his consideration, but the two people beside Qin Li were real Upper Arcana Plane cultivators. Both the Arcana Plane and the Dharma Plane were divided into nine levels each. At the moment, Ye Futian was at the peak of Dharma Plane, so the difference between him and Upper Arcana Plane was almost an entire plane. In the world of cultivation, this gap could never be closed. Therefore, Qin Li and the other two were extremely confident that they would certainly be able to kill Ye Futian if they could catch up with him.

Precisely because of this, Ye Futian activated his powers at the moment. Emperor Will in his body started to burn. He stared at Qin Li only with a murderous look.

"Who exactly are you?" Qin Li tried to calm down from shock as he stared firmly at Ye Futian. He did not know what ability Ye Futian had used, but based on Ye Futian's change at the moment, he was certainly not just a Cottage disciple. However, Qin Li had been to the Nandou Nation. Ye Futian was from such a small nation in the Hundred Lands, so why did he have such temperament? He was like a superior emperor.

"The person who will kill you." Ye Futian held the Five Element Rod in his hand and his body was covered in an emperor armor. It actually looked more dazzling than the dragon armor Qin Li was wearing.

Ye Futian's Guqin Spirit appeared behind him. Nobody was playing the Guqin Spirit, but music was coming out from it. The Spiritual Qi in the sky converged on the Guqin Spirit and a trace of Spiritual Will circled around it. Ye Futian was controlling it with his mind.

Meanwhile, the Five Element Rod in his hand expanded as Emperor Will gushed into it, making it seem as if it was on fire. The five colors on the rod turned into a brilliant emperor color. Ye Futian waved his arm and the entire sky changed its color.

At this instant, Ye Futian recalled the battle in Donghai City and that special feeling appeared again. Activating the Imperial Tactics to its extreme, his every move made him look like an emperor. The difference was that in Donghai, another willpower was guiding and controlling him but at the moment, he was fighting himself.

The Five Element Rod smashed down from the sky and cracked the earth open. Qin Li froze at his spot. Even with noble ritual implements, they could not fight against that level of power.

The two people beside Qin Li activated their powers fully. Wind whizzed around them and dragon howls could be heard in the sky. A golden dragon sword appeared in the hands of one person, while an ice scepter appeared in the hands of the other. They were both noble ritual implements. After all, their positions were extraordinary—they were both direct descendants of the royal family.

Two dragons charged towards the Five Element Rod. At the same time, ice started to cover the rod.

Bang! A violent explosion was heard. Even the ground itself seemed to have cracked. The dragons were crushed into pieces and Qin Li's face was bombarded with wildly flying snowflakes. Knowing that Ye Futian had purposely lured them here to kill him, Qin Li retreated quickly. He understood that he already could not participate in this battle.

Dong. Suddenly, Ye Futian started to charge forward. He swang his rod and passed the two Upper Arcana Plane cultivators from the center. Having finally lured Qin Li here and found a chance to kill him, how could Ye Futian let Qin Li leave the place alive?

The music from the dancing Guqin Spirit seeped into the ears of the two continuously. The long rod in Ye Futian's hand turned into wood-elemental and actually began to extend and curl, eventually grabbing Qin Li who was trying to escape.

"Come back." The rod retracted.

"Save me!" Qin Li roared. His voice echoed on Sky Mountain and spread outwards continuously. Feeling Ye Futian's intense murderous intent, he really felt a death threat.

"Let him go!" someone shouted. One of the cultivators behind Ye Futian charged forward like a dragon and struck his sword out. At this instant, Ye Futian felt as if there was a golden dragon which was piercing towards him with a sharp sword. The attack was incredibly powerful.

Ye Futian flung Qin Li behind him to prevent him from escaping. In the meantime, he retracted the Five Element Rod and gave another strike. His attack was executed smoothly and landed on the body of the golden dragon, breaking it into pieces.

The music from the guqin continued to be released in the snow. It was very ear-piercing and sounded chaotic. Ye Futian had played the music using Emperor Will and everyone hearing it wanted to submit to him.

Ye Futian continued to move forward, swinging the Five Element Rod in his hand again. Wind and clouds in the sky roared and snowflakes danced with the Five Element Rod. Together, they turned into a monstrous vortex where all the natural forces converged.

Ye Futian would frequently practice boxing when he was free. During his practice, he would activate the Imperial Tactics. With this, his every move would be filled with the rhythm of an emperor. Therefore at the moment, he activated the Imperial Tactics and merged that rhythm into the Nine Heavenly Attacks.

His rod struck out and even the sky seemed to be roaring. When the Upper Arcana Plane cultivator before him felt the power of the attack, his face was only filled with shock and astonishment. With Ye Futian's willpower and the influence of his music, it felt as if Ye Futian was an invincible emperor. The pressure of his willpower brought much desperation to the cultivator.

The Dharma of the Qin Dynasty cultivators turned into a dragon which dashed out. He activated his sword and roared loudly, wanting to block the strike.

The long rod covered the sky and the sun. It smashed down from above and even the sky seemed to be collapsing.


An extremely loud noise erupted. The Five Element Rod broke open all defenses and crushed everything in its path, hitting directly onto the body of the Upper Arcana Plane cultivator. Without any suspense, the cultivator fell flat onto the ground and even his body was slightly deformed. His body trembled gently and blood gushed out continuously, coloring the white snow on the ground.

His eyes were still open, but his heartbeat had already stopped. He could not die in peace.

He was a descendant of the royal family of Qin Dynasty. Furthermore, he was a talented Upper Arcana Plane cultivator and was not far away from the Noble Plane. Once he became a noble, he would be a mainstay of the Qin Dynasty and all-powerful in the future. However, he died on Sky Mountain.

Seeing the scene, the faces of Qin Li and the other cultivator were filled with fear, especially Qin Li. Under the influence of the music, his Spiritual Energy was completely suppressed and his eyes were filled with horror.

At first, he thought that Ye Futian would definitely die in his hands on Sky Mountain. It would be a piece of cake to kill Ye Futian.

However, at the moment Ye Futian was like an emperor and he an ant. He did not even have the ability to fight back.

Nobody would understand his despair.

Seeing Ye Futian's look, Qin Li was no longer arrogant like he had always been. He could only feel that he was extremely petty and low!
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    《The Legend of Futian》