The Legend of Futian
350 Dancing Snow
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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350 Dancing Snow

Chapter 350: Dancing Snow
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In the other battlefield, Qin Li's cry for help finally arrived. His voice echoed between the mountain walls.

Everyone in the battle felt their hearts tremble fiercely. The cry for help actually came from Qin Li. Three cultivators from Qin Dynasty had gone to chase Ye Futian, two of which were in the Upper Arcana Plane, and the last one was Qin Li. On the other hand, Ye Futian had not even entered the Arcana Plane. In any way that one could imagine, the outcome of this battle was blatantly obvious and it should end immediately.

So why would the person asking for help be Qin Li?

A while ago, Ye Futian was injured by Qin Li and the other two, and he spat out a lot of blood. This was also the reason why he tried to escape. Qin Li had asked the others not to chase with him and only intercept Ye Futian's allies.

"Let's go." The people from Donghua Clan quickly retreated from the battlefield. Then, the members of Fuyun Sword Clan also broke away and started to climb the mountain.

Qin Li was the son of Qin Yu. In this alliance of various top forces, Qin Li was playing a very important role. If he was to die on Sky Mountain in the presence of the other forces, the people from these forces would not be able to give a sound explanation to the Qin Dynasty.

The disciples from the Cottage, the College and Sword Saint Mountain did not continue the fight as well. They similarly advanced forward. Everyone was enduring a great amount of pressure.

There was actually another battlefield on the mountain path in front. There, two cultivators from Royal Xuan Temple were battling with a lady. They were the ones who were the last to arrive at the place. They met on their way, and for some reason, a battle erupted.

The lady was Loulan Xue. Her level was lower than her opponents, but as she fought, a treasurable book was hovering over her head. When she released its power, her entire surrounding would be sealed with ice. With its incredible power, she managed to intercept the cultivators from Royal Xuan Temple.

Noticing many people coming towards them, they also stopped the battle. Loulan Xue glanced at her opponents, after which she started to climb the mountain. Her willpower was not that strong, but by relying on the power of the treasurable book she could still keep her mind clear from the corrosion.

Near the cliff, Ye Futian also knew that Qin Li's loud shout would attract the attention of the people below. Why did he lure Qin Li and the other two here? Firstly, he wanted to cut off Qin Li's reinforcement so that he could kill Qin Li here. Secondly, he did not want others to see his status at the moment. It was, after all, too unique for him to have Emperor Will in his body. Emperor Ye Qing was a taboo, and the Snow Ape also fought to his death. So clearly he did not want to expose his secrets in front of everyone else.

In addition, he could not maintain such a status for too long. Emperor Will had already been activated and his body could not withstand such a strong power. He was wildly burning his potential so that both his physical body and willpower could evolve to an extreme standard, allowing him to have incredible combat power at the moment. This was against the rules of cultivation so naturally he had to pay a price. However, even though he knew that he had to pay a price, he still wanted to kill Qin Li. This was his determination.

After killing an Upper Arcana Plane cultivator, he walked toward Qin Li and the other cultivator. Spiritual Qi whizzed in the air and converged around Ye Futian.

The dancing snowflakes that filled the sky were exceptionally beautiful, but in the eyes of the Qin Dynasty cultivator, they were only decorations for his funeral. The ability he had been cultivating was precisely ice-elemental. He pointed his scepter at Ye Futian and an ice dragon appeared. At the same time, a frightening gust of frost swept out, trying to bury Ye Futian forever.

"Kill!" Qin Li shouted loudly. On the ground, many sharp blades made from ice appeared and pierced towards Ye Futian. However, even he himself was not very confident.

Ye Futian was showered in emperor's light and his body was covered with a piece of sacred armor. After killing the other cultivator, his momentum did not decrease at all. Instead, he became even stronger. As he swang the Five Element Rod, air currents around him raged. The rod destroyed everything in its path and the ice-elemental abilities charging towards him were all crushed into ashes.

Boom… Many deep noises were heard. As the Five Element Rod swept forward, the many sharp blades were crushed one after another. Ye Futian was waving the rod with a special rhythm. Finally, his arm struck forward. His action seemed to be very slow, so slow that one could clearly see his every move, but within the slowness, there was also, ironically, swiftness, as if his strike contained a mysterious rule. This strike caused space itself to explode.

Eventually, the Five Element Rod hit the ice dragon. Accompanying many explosions, the ice dragon was quickly annihilated. The Five Element Rod continued forward and struck towards the cultivator with the same momentum.

Holding the scepter in his hand, the Qin Dynasty cultivator shouted, "Ice Guardian!" The snowflakes dancing in the sky converged around him and his body turned into an everlasting dragon-shaped ice statue. The Five Element Rod struck down. Without any suspense, the ice was crushed and the rod crashed on the cultivator's head. Blood danced in the air along with the snow.

"No…" Qin Li's face was filled with intense fear as he raced towards the cliff.

Ye Futian stared at Qin Li's back emotionlessly. He stepped across the corpse directly and walked towards Qin Li.

Dong. Qin Li stomped on the ground and ran towards the cliff. However, Ye Futian would obviously not give him the chance to escape. His body flashed forward like a bolt of lightning and he released an ice spell. A terrifying snowstorm raged before him, burying Qin Li's body. Shivering, Qin Li froze in his spot.

Ye Futian jumped into the air and struck the Five Element Rod down from above.

"You can't kill me!" Qin Li roared, releasing his Dharma and Life Spirit. A dragon shadow was released from his body and ascended into the air. He raised his arm covered in dragon armor before him in an attempt to block the attack.

The Five Element Rod fell down and a clear cracking sound was heard. Even though Qin Li's arm was protected by a ritual implement, it was still crushed directly. Qin Li was blown backward and spat up much blood. Lying on the ground, his face turned as pale as a sheet.

Ye Futian continued to walk forward, spinning the rod in his hand. He looked at Qin Li as if he was only looking at a corpse. There was already no way that Qin Li was going to survive.

"A while ago, I asked you if you would repent before you die." Ye Futian approached Qin Li step by step and said coldly, "That was not a joke."

"Let me go. If you kill me, my father will surely kill you at all costs. Even the Cottage will not be able to save you," Qin Li said.

"It seems like I was just wasting my time trying to talk to you." Ye Futian raised the rod and Qin Li's eyes were filled with desperation.

Suddenly, wind whizzed over behind them. Ye Futian frowned and turned his head around when he saw a charming figure walking towards them on the snow. It was actually Chu Yaoyao. She bypassed the battlefield and did not participate in the battle there. Instead, she chose to come here.

"Yaoyao, save me!" Qin Li was already in total hopelessness at the moment. He did not even think about how Chu Yaoyao could save him. Ye Futian glanced at Chu Yaoyao and some murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

Seeing Ye Futian's look, Chu Yaoyao could only feel some pain in her heart. After all, she was Qin Li's girlfriend. Ye Futian would only consider her as his enemy and would likely kill her.

Chu Yaoyao stared at the stunningly handsome and brilliant figure in front of her. The genius of the Eastern Barren Territory, Qin Li, was now lying before him, and two powerful cultivators from Qin Dynasty were both killed by him.

But so what? This young man who was both talented and good-looking, who dared to kill Qin Li so casually, and whom she first fell in love with, only wanted her to die, because they stood on diagonally opposite sides. She was nominally Qin Li's girlfriend.

Thinking about this, Chu Yaoyao lowered her head slightly, feeling depressed. In her mind, she recalled the lady who was also from Moon Clan, the lady who was brilliant and pure. She was somewhat envious. Why was she not the one who got to know him first?

Raising her head, Chu Yaoyao gazed at Ye Futian with her charming eyes and said gently, "I like you." Snow was still falling down onto her exquisite face. Chu Yaoyao's words, however, seemed to freeze the entire space. Ye Futian was stunned, and so was Qin Li. In any case, it was very inappropriate for Chu Yaoyao to say so at this time. It could even be considered as ridiculous and weird. However, she still chose to say it at such a time. Perhaps she knew that if she did not say it now, she would never have the chance to because the person whom she first fell in love with wanted to kill her.

Spit. Qin Li spat out a mouthful of blood, and his chest rose and fell fiercely. He stared coldly at Chu Yaoyao as if she was from the deepest part of hell.

"B*tch!" he roared angrily at Chu Yaoyao. When he was in such a hopeless situation, when his fate was controlled by Ye Futian, his girlfriend told Ye Futian that she liked him. Nobody could imagine how much desperation and humiliation Qin Li had suffered today. In fact, even an ordinary person would not be able to take such humiliation, not to say Qin Li.

After being stunned for a while, Ye Futian asked, "Are you scared that I'll kill you?" He felt that it was too absurd. The only possible explanation was that Chu Yaoyao saw the scene and feared that he would kill her.

Chu Yaoyao's heart felt as cold and freezing as the snow that filled the sky. She stared at Ye Futian and suddenly, she gave a self-mocking smile and said, "Is my love for you so petty?"

She was the genius of the Moon Clan and also one of the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory. She met the person whom she liked for the first time and even told him that she liked him. However, Ye Futian thought that she said so only to stay alive. How sad.

"You b*tch!" Qin Li trembled and stared firmly at Chu Yaoyao.

Ye Futian did not say anything else. He turned around and looked at Qin Li. Moving his arm, he raised the Five Element Rod high in the air.

"Let me off. I will give that b*tch to you for free. You can get whatever you want. Don't kill me!" Qin Li stared at Ye Futian in desperation. Who in the world would not be scared of death? The more arrogant one was, the more one would fear death. Qin Li was born extraordinary and superior, and glory awaited him in the future. How could he be willing to die?

"You have already been alive for too long." After Ye Futian finished speaking, he struck the Five Element Rod down. Following a soft sound, Qin Li's body trembled. He was still opening his eyes and staring firmly at Ye Futian. Blood flew down from his head and colored the white snow on the ground, but it was soon buried by snow again.

Finally, Qin Li's head dropped to the ground and he lied there quietly.

Never had he expected himself to die just like this.

The snow on Sky Mountain was indeed cold.

Chu Yaoyao looked at the scene calmly and was not shocked at all. She still stared at the standing young man. He was standing proudly in the dancing snow. His shirt was as white as snow and he was showered in emperor's light. Needless to say, he looked elegant and unparalleled.

Even time seemed to freeze. There, a handsome young man and a beautiful lady stood in the boundless snow!
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    《The Legend of Futian》