The Legend of Futian
351 Intensification
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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351 Intensification

Chapter 351: Intensification
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In the dancing snow, Chu Yaoyao stared at the man in front of her with her charming eyes. She did not even know when she started to like him; perhaps because of Hua Jieyu she started to pay attention to her boyfriend Ye Futian. During the conferment ceremony of the crown prince in Qin Dynasty, Chu Yaoyao saw him for the first time. She saw the new disciple of the Cottage, the young man who said these arrogant words in the Ancient Barren World and fought Qian Shanmu head-on with music.

Notwithstanding, she only discovered her love for him on Turtle Mountain. In the illusion, the person that appeared in her mind was actually Ye Futian. She only realized at that moment that she really liked him.

In her most beautiful age, she fell in love with a person whom she should not. Her love was thus destined to end in failure. She also did not know why she would say those three words today. Perhaps it was because she saw his murderous intent, or because she knew it was her only chance to say those words in front of him.

Ye Futian similarly looked at Chu Yaoyao. Although he did not really like the lady before him, he still had to admit Chu Yaoyao's beauty. After all, she was one of the top three beauties. Snow was falling slowly onto her face and her lovingly pathetic expression was sufficient to melt the heart of any. However, in any case, he still could not like her, because the two of them had so little contact in the first place, and furthermore she had done some bad things to Jieyu before. Moreover, she was Qin Li's girlfriend.

Grasping the Five Element Rod firmly in his hand, Ye Futian felt a wave of fatigue surging inside him. He knew that the potential he had was running out. If he did not kill Chu Yaoyao now, he would no longer have the chance to.

He lifted the rod gradually. Seeing his action, some pain flashed across Chu Yaoyao's eyes. She gave a miserable smile and only stared at Ye Futian. Then, she closed her eyes.

I'm really so petty.

Ye Futian had lifted the Five Element Rod, but when he saw the heart-shattering look, he hesitated. Some footsteps could be heard in the distance. Ye Futian glanced there, after which he looked at Chu Yaoyao.

"Forget everything," Ye Futian said softly. Then, he sat on the ground and retreated his might slowly. The strikingly dazzling emperor's light dissipated. Ye Futian felt an endless amount of tiredness gushing towards him and really wanted to sleep on the spot.

Emperor Will, which was way beyond what he could handle, had been wildly exhausting his potential. It allowed him to cross the enormous gap between different planes and possess a stunning level of combat power, but after the battle, any person could kill him.

It was a risk for him to kill Qin Li, but he still did so. The damage Qin Li had brought to the Liu Kingdom, Liu Chenyu, and Ye Wuchen were enough for Ye Futian to kill him a thousand times over. It would be much more difficult to kill Qin Li after leaving Sky Mountain. Hence, Ye Futian did not hesitate at all.

Chu Yaoyao opened her eyes and looked at the man sitting on the ground. She could not describe her feelings at the moment.

Tweet. In the distance, wind and snow whizzed in the air as a black figure charged over. It was the demon Black Wind Condor whose eyes were completely red at the moment. Flapping its wings wildly, it approached Ye Futian. Then, it turned around and looked at Chu Yaoyao in vigilance, emitting an ear-piercing noise at her.

Ye Futian had called the Black Wind Condor here with his Spiritual Will, as they were connected through their wills. At the instant when he killed Qin Li, he knew that he would suffer a severe after-effect. Thus, when he made his attack, he asked the Black Wind Condor to rush here. That was why the Black Wind Condor arrived before everyone else.

In the snowstorm, many people arrived one after another, including the people from Donghua Clan, Fuyun Sword Clan, Sword Saint Mountain, the College, and Royal Xuan Temple. Loulan Xue, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Beitang Xing'er were here as well.

When they saw the scene in front of them, they were all utterly stunned. There were five people in front of them. One was standing, one was sitting, and three were lying on the ground, breathless. Clearly, the last three had already died.

The people who were lying on the ground were actually Qin Li and the two Upper Arcana Plane cultivators from Qin Dynasty.

The people from Donghua Clan and Fuyun Sword Clan could all feel their hearts twitch instantly as their faces turned pale. After all, they were allied with the Qin Dynasty. It was obvious how they would feel after seeing Qin Li dead in front of them. The genius of Qin Dynasty, the son of the crown prince, the person who would very likely be the future crown prince, died on Sky Mountain. This was definitely the most severe thing that had happened on Sky Mountain so far. Nobody knew the consequences this would bring. However, how did Ye Futian manage to do this?

They stared at the man sitting on the snow-covered ground. At the moment, Ye Futian's face was somewhat pale, as if he was very exhausted. Clearly, he had lost the ability to battle, but no injuries could be seen on his body. How did he kill Qin Li?

If Qin Li was the only person here, they would easily accept the outcome. After all, Ye Futian's combat abilities were extremely strong. However, apart from Qin Li, there were still two Upper Arcana Plane cultivators from Qin Dynasty beside him.

Of course, this was not the right time for them to investigate how Ye Futian killed Qin Li.

'No..." Behind them, another person arrived. It was the princess of Qin Dynasty, Qin Mengruo. Another member of the top three beauties appeared in this snow-filled world.

Qin Mengruo walked forward. She looked at the three corpses, and then at Ye Futian and Chu Yaoyao, after which she asked coldly, "Why didn't you kill him?" She was clearly saying this to Chu Yaoyao.

At the moment, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and the rest had already approached Ye Futian and were standing in front of him, blocking him from the rest. However, many people saw that Chu Yaoyao and Ye Futian were the only two here at first. Ye Futian had already lost his ability to fight, so why did Chu Yaoyao not kill Ye Futian?

Chu Yaoyao did not reply. How could she answer this question?

In fact, Ye Futian was the one who did not kill her.

"Do you want to keep watching?" Qin Mengruo looked at the crowd and said, "Kill him."

At the moment, everyone's eyes were filled with a faint red light and many violent, bloodthirsty thoughts were racing through their minds. They had been more or less influenced by the environment. Hearing Qin Mengruo's words, everyone released their auras instantly. Qin Li was killed by Ye Futian, so a full-on war was probably inevitable. Nobody could stay safe in this situation.

Qin Li died before them, how could they still stay neutral and not assault Ye Futian? In that case, Qin Yu would certainly not let them off. Nobody knew how furious Qin Yu would be after knowing Qin Li's death. After all, everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory knew that Qin Yu had been training Qin Li as his successor. He had asked Qin Li to do many things on his behalf. Therefore, at this instant, many cultivators charged towards Ye Futian.

Although the powers of the two parties present were similar, it was much more difficult to protect a person than just to battle. Ye Futian had lost his ability to fight, so even a spell would be able to kill him. Therefore, it was not very difficult to kill Ye Futian.

The people from the College, Sword Saint Mountain, and the rest all guarded in front of Ye Futian and Spiritual Qi around them started to rage. Soon, another battle erupted. Furthermore, everyone chose the opponent they had been fighting a while ago.

A blade of light flew over and charged towards Ye Futian directly. Ye Wuchen ran out and his Sword Qi turned into a storm, blocking the incoming strike.

Qi Ao seemed to be expecting Ye Wuchen's aid in the first place. His wrist trembled and sword rain filled the sky, engulfing Ye Wuchen totally.

Ye Wuchen similarly built a sword curtain that was impenetrable.

Qi Ao stared coldly at his opponent. He waved his sword smoothly but did not strike forward. Instead, he only swang his sword in situ. Every swing would leave a trace on the space. Soon, in the sword storm, countless blades of light appeared. It was an extremely powerful attack: Iaido Cut.

The sword curtain that Ye Wuchen had built was cut apart continuously as the blooming Iaido Cut filled the entire sky. Some cruelness flashed across Qi Ao's red eyes. When Ye Wuchen's defense was shattered, he would be torn into pieces by the blades of light.

In the sword curtain, Ye Wuchen looked in front of him. An endless amount of Sword Will was flowing on his body as if he was a sword himself. He cultivated the sword body, so it was natural.

Thug... A soft sound was heard. Ye Wuchen actually gave up his defense and turned into a beam of light. Passing through the incoming attacks, he charged towards Qi Ao directly.

"How stupid." Qi Ao's look was extremely cold. Suddenly, a terrifying Sword Will was released from Ye Wuchen's eyes. As he released the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique, a sword appeared and enlarged in Qi Ao's vision.

Qi Ao closed his eyes directly, but his body and action did not stop. He continued to release Iaido Cut which charged towards Ye Wuchen like a net. In his mind, he saw Ye Wuchen coming directly for him. He knew that it was an illusion caused by the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique. Did Ye Wuchen really dare to charge towards him like this? That would be committing suicide.

The outcome of a duel between two swordsmen only depended on a single thought.

Ye Wuchen arrived and charged into the net of swords. He recalled the scene when he was cultivating on Turtle Mountain. He struck his sword forward as if the attack was the only thing left in the world. Even he himself seemed to have turned into a sword. As he opened up a gap between the net of swords in front of him, constant soft sounds were heard; many swords penetrated through his body, but Ye Wuchen did not seem to have felt anything. He passed through the net directly and a lightning flashed out from his forehead.

At this instant, Qi Ao saw in his mind a sword approaching him continuously. He suddenly had an ominous feeling. Then, his expression changed drastically and he opened his eyes. In the next moment, a silver bolt of lightning passed through him directly, along with some blood.

Qi Ao's forehead was penetrated. He widened his eyes and stared firmly at Ye Wuchen, after which he fell onto the ground.

Ye Wuchen turned around. Dragging himself, he walked towards Ye Futian step by step. With every step that he took, blood would flow down his body, coloring the snow on the ground. There were still many cuts on his body at the moment. Finally, he came beside Ye Futian, after which he sat down with much difficulty. The two sat together and looked at each other. They both smiled.

"Thanks," Ye Wuchen said. Ye Futian naturally knew what he was referring to—Qin Li's death.

Ye Wuchen was supposed to take the revenge himself, but Ye Futian did it for him. He killed Qin Li on Sky Mountain.

"We're brothers." Ye Futian smiled friendly but his voice was somewhat weak. Smiling, Ye Wuchen nodded and looked at the battle in front of them.

The strong wind was still blowing and the snow raging in the sky. On Sky Mountain, it seemed that the heavy snow would never stop.
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    《The Legend of Futian》