The Legend of Futian
356 Writing the World
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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356 Writing the World

Chapter 356: Writing the World
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Carrying Yu Sheng, Ye Futian walked up the mountain, stepping through the snow. He smiled bitterly and walked with difficulty. Compared to the pressure, the evil thoughts actually didn't affect him as much. He hadn't recovered completely but the Emperor's Will was still there. It was unwavering. The evilness wouldn't corrode him so easily.

Yu Sheng was sleeping like a slab of rock. He'd led Ye Wuchen and Ye Futian for so many days in his demonic state and then fought with the Arhat. He'd completely sapped his energy and was now unconscious. This was good too though. He wouldn't feel the evilness and could make it on Ye Futian's back.

"We're almost there." Ye Futian looked up. The peak of Sky Mountain seemed to be right before him. The closeness was almost as if he could get there with one step. However, this was Sky Mountain.

He took another step, leaving a deep footprint in the snow. Snow continued falling but he couldn't feel any coldness. He let them fall on his body and head. He continued walking. It was difficult and slow, but he didn't give up. This was also Yu Sheng's determination. Earlier, he'd brought Ye Futian up the mountain even in his demonic state.

Hua Qingqing was still following behind them. Seeing this, she was quite impressed. She knew the pressure she was shouldering. How could Ye Futian continue with someone on his back? What was his will like?

The two continued one after another. Like snails, they crawled up, forgetting about the time and their fatigue.

Ye Futian felt numb. He didn't know how long he'd walked for. When he made his last step and walked to the peak, he felt dazed. Raising his head, he looked at the sky. It was still high up. White snow fell down from the atrium. He reached up and a snowflake fell onto his palm. A bright smile appeared as if all his worries were gone.

The invisible pressure disappeared. Now, he felt so light. He was now at the border of the mountaintop. Looking back, he could see the entire world under him. The adrenaline from getting to the top rushed through him. It was rumored that there was an invisible force field around the peak. No one could get in directly.

Closing his eyes, Ye Futian exhaled. Then he turned and gazed at the scenery here. Snow covered the peak. Carrying Yu Sheng, he walked forward. There seemed to be two snowmen there. They sat with guqins in their laps. They seemed focused on playing the instruments.

Though they were only snowmen and Ye Futian couldn't see their faces, he still felt an extraordinary aura. The one on the left had long hair made of snow falling down his shoulder. His movements were filled with grace. Ye Futian could imagine the amazing feature, playing the instrument here. Ye Futian could recognize the other person at a glance.

It was Emperor Ye Qing.

Since this was Emperor Ye Qing, then the other person's identity was obvious too. It was Donghuang the Great, the master of the east.

The legends were true. It had been rumored that the two emperors had come and left their mark here. Presently, all statues of Emperor Ye Qing had been destroyed. It was valuable for his features to be preserved here.

Centuries ago, Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing had played their guqins here. They drank and sang, forcing back the Demon Bird together. But later, Donghuang the Great ruled the world while Emperor Ye Qing disappeared. What had happened after the two ruled the world?

Setting Yu Sheng down, Ye Futian bowed to Emperor Ye Qing's snow statue. He didn't know what their relationship was, but there was obviously something.

When he bowed, his eyes fell somewhere. He walked up and brushed the snow away. He saw a gourd. It hadn't been buried deep in the snow. Had someone come here to drink while they were climbing the mountain?

Ye Futian felt shaken. He looked around but there was only endless snow in the vast space. No one was here.

Then who had drunk wine here? If someone had been here, what plane was he at? There didn't seem to be any bells on Sky Mountain either. Then where did the ringing come from?

Ye Futian looked to the two snow statues, feeling something. He activated Freedom Meditation. At that moment, he could make out two lively figures. Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing had come to life and entered his perception.

"Senior," Ye Futian called to Emperor Ye Qing's statue. Centuries ago, Emperor Ye Qing hadn't become emperor yet. He was younger than when Ye Futian had seen him on Mount Tianyao. He was unrestrained and free.

Donghuang the Great had very lively eyes. Black hair fell down his shoulders and he was very handsome. He had an aura that stood out. Ye Futian knew that he wasn't really looking at them. This was just a projection of their wills. They didn't exist anymore.

Music streamed into his mind. The guqins in their laps pulsed. Each music note imprinted in Ye Futian's mind and transformed into a musical piece. Right now, he had a hallucination. He seemed to have teleported and was listening to the two emperors play.

Ye Futian closed his eyes and the scene became clearer. He seemed to have time traveled to centuries ago. The two emperors were young and played this piece together at the mountaintop. They were united and vowed to live and die together.

These two had been absolute geniuses and reached the pinnacle of the Divine Prefecture. What was the reason for what had happened? Was it because of power?

Ye Futian felt depressed. He opened his eyes and looked up at the snow-filled sky. Then he sat down. His guqin spirit appeared and he started to play.

Music notes pulsed as a graceful music streamed out. It was beautiful and unrestrained. The song traveled the world, taking care of rivalries and gratitude as needed. From the music, one could vaguely sense how the player had traveled the world with a sword in his youth. He lived freely but followed his own heart. He wanted to take revenge without being disturbed by the world.

As Ye Futian played, music notes actually emerged from the snow statues of Emperor Ye Qing and Donghuang the Great.

In the other direction, a beautiful figure reached the peak. Hua Qingqing had finally come. She looked over at Ye Futian and found him playing the guqin. Hua Qingqing loved music and was obsessed with the guqin. She naturally understood the mystery of the music. It was so beautiful and without any flaws. The artistic conception showed was pure and heavenly. She walked over towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, leaving footprints in the white snow.

A moment later, she was before the two. She looked hard at Ye Futian but didn't do anything. She didn't want to interrupt the music.

Ye Futian knew she was here, but he also didn't want to finish. The music notes kept appearing in his mind. His fingers strummed and sensed the thoughts of Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing at that time.

The beautiful music gradually changed, becoming darker with a tinge of sadness. A shadow fell over the unrestrained feeling. One could sense some struggles of one's heart. The pure heart was disturbed and unable to maintain its innocence. They struggled to break free. They were in pain, sadness, and anger. It snowed harder as if it could feel the sadness in the music too.

The image of the two emperors playing the guqin also appeared in Hua Qingqing's mind. As it streamed into her ears, her soul was shocked and completely dragged into the artistic conception.

She had struggled and thought hard while climbing the mountain too.

The music changed again. After the struggles and pain, everything returned back to normal. Their hearts were as calm as water and retained the purity. Snow danced in the air.

Hua Qingqing looked up. She obviously was familiar with guqins but had never heard such a perfect musical piece. Seeing the music notes jumping before her, she also sat down and released her guqin spirit. Her slender and beautiful fingers strummed the strings, playing with Ye Futian. There were harmony and resonance. The two emperors had played this song. With these two playing, the artistic conception grew stronger.

At the peak of Sky Mountain, the music that had crossed through time sounded amongst the snow. It was so beautiful.

From the calm music, they could feel the hearts of the two emperor's rise. They were as pure as before, keeping to their hearts. However, the music gradually sharpened and rose up. It wanted to sing loudly to the sky.

Ye Futian and Hua Qingqing unconsciously put all their spiritual energy into the music. Snow danced in the air as Spiritual Qi flowed wildly. That moment, the two could feel that the Sky Mountain had changed. Endless radiance shone down. Every snowflake was an artistic conception.

They could almost see the emperors playing music in the snow. Boundless radiance shone down from the sky, covering the entire mountain. Even more frightening than the artistic conception was the determination to reach the top.

The sonorous music contained the emperors' determination. The emperor's light glowed faintly around Ye Futian. He was completely immersed in the artistic conception.

At that moment, Ye Futian understood that, centuries ago, the two emperors had hardened their resolve to reach the top. They'd decided at the peak of Sky Mountain with this musical piece to rule the world!
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    《The Legend of Futian》