The Legend of Futian
358 Bloody
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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358 Bloody

Chapter 358: Bloody
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Qin Dynasty and College had already declared war but the battlefield remained in the Ancient Barren World. The top figures hadn't really clashed yet. But now, Qin Yu stood before Zhuge Hui. Their exchange made everyone think that a big war was about to start.

Qin Yu's aura grew more frightening after hearing Zhuge Hui's words. The entire icy space became more repressive.

Boom. Qin Yu grasped his dragon spear. It radiated with frightening light and dragons seemed to converge, exhaling in the iciness.

Is this the Saintly ritual implement that Qin Yu used in the battle at Turtle Mountain? Many hearts trembled when seeing that dragon spear. It spun and a horrible aura radiated from Qin Yu's body.

He wanted the Cottage to explain but Zhuge Hui just told him to go away. Qin Yu's son, Qin Li, and Princess Qin Mengruo had all died. Zhuge Hui's words were destined to start a war.

Gu Dongliu stepped forward. However, Lu Nantian of the Donghua Clan also stepped out. A powerful aura descended onto Gu Dongliu. Though he'd lost in the Dongqin College, it didn't mean that he was weak.

Qin Mengruo had married Qian Shanmu so she was part of the Donghua Clan. However, Yu Sheng killed her.

Gu Dongliu turned to look at Lu Nantian. His eyes were so sharp.

Lady Yuxiao of the Donghua Clan, the leader of the Fuyun Sword Clan, and strong cultivators from various forces all walked forward. Power filled the air.

The strong cultivators of the College and Sword Saint Mountain weren't too far away from Zhuge Hui. They also released powerful auras.

"Anyone under the upper Noble Plane, leave," Zhuge Hui said to the other side. Those below that plane didn't even qualify to join this type of battle. It was for those at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane or even higher.

"Leave just because you said so?" the Fuyun Sword Clan's leader uttered coldly. Endless sword intent wrapped around him.

Zhuge Hui smiled. She placed her slender hand on her waist. Everyone was watching her so they obviously saw her movements. She wore a long white dress and was like a fairy in the snow. There was a belt around her waist. It seemed to just be an accessory but now, everyone realized that it was hollow. Then Zhuge Hui pulled a thin whip out of it. It dazzled with purple light; it was very beautiful.

Boom. Zhuge Hui's hand shook. This simple belt contained a very long whip that curled up into the sky with Zhuge Hui's movement.

Boom, crack! Under the thick snow, there was a sudden crack. Many people's hearts trembled as they looked up. At that moment, the sky seemed to have changed color. Endless thunder and lightning flashed as dragons and snakes danced.

Boom, crack… Thunder was about to destroy the world. The purple whip shone in the air like a spiritual snake. Every bolt of lightning that came out of it could shatter one's soul.

"If you wish the Fuyun Sword Clan to disappear, I have no objections," Zhuge Hui said coldly as she gazed at the clan leader. His face grew uncomfortable as he stared at the whip and horrible thunder. If Zhuge Hui released the thunder and lightning, no one from the Fuyun Sword Clan would survive except him.

"A Saintly ritual implement." Qin Yu stared at the long whip. Endless thunder power in the world was sucked towards the whip, covering the entire sky. The second disciple of the Cottage actually had a ritual implement in the Saint plane.

"Retreat," Qin Yu also said. He clearly agreed with Zhuge Hui's words and told those of lower planes to retreat. He knew that if they started fighting, just the power in that whip could kill anyone below the upper Noble Plane, let alone actual fighting. Actually, the differences between the higher planes were bigger than the last. Those in lower planes couldn't cross it at all.

People from both sides started retreating to somewhere far away. The others watched from even further places. No one dared to approach them. Soon, only the top figures remained in the icy place. Even Xue Ye and Luo Fan retreated.

"Junior Sister, what's wrong?" a voice traveled over from somewhere far away. The crowd could only hear the whistling of the wind. Then they felt an extremely sharp aura. An ordinary-looking yet mighty figure stood in the air. It was the Sword Saint.

"Senior Brother, some people are getting cocky. I'm going to take care of them," Zhuge Hui said, smiling at the Sword Saint. Her tone was casual as if Qin Yu, crown prince of the Qin Dynasty, was nothing.

"Okay, I'll help you." The Sword Saint nodded. Broadsword intent filled the air. The strong cultivators released their might. With them as the heart in this vast space, even the snow couldn't seem to get in.

Qin Yu's expression was uncomfortable. Zhuge Hui's words were too arrogant, but he wasn't as confident after seeing the ritual implement. He was equal to Gu Dongliu and Lu Nantian, but Gu Dongliu was the third disciple of the Cottage. Zhuge Hui was second.

Before, the second disciple wasn't as famous. However, she made her powerful debut at Chaoge City and her reputation grew. Many guessed that since she was ranked higher than Gu Dongliu, she couldn't be weaker, especially judging from her confidence.

If this was the case and both sides had Saintly ritual implements, Qin Yu really didn't have much of a chance.

Zhuge Hui smiled at Qin Yu. Endless thunder grouped at the tip of the whip. Then she waved her whip elegantly. It curled up and slapped towards Qin Yu. The world darkened instantly as if the thunder of Armageddon was coming.

Qin Yu looked up. A dragon roared and rushed out of his body. It soared into the air. He stabbed his dragon spear forward and countless dragons appeared. They gnashed at Zhuge Hui. Dragons could destroy everything. With this one action, the battlefield made everyone feel as if their blood was boiling. They were so powerful.

They were the top figures of the Eastern Barren Territory. They could change the skies.

The whip swept forward, beating down on a dragon. It actually pierced straight through. It seemed to contain shocking thunder spell and frightening lightning. It blinded everyone and destroyed that dragon.

A purple shadow burst from Zhuge Hui's whip. There was also a faint shocking white glow. It cut a beautiful arc in the sky. Everyone saw various dragons dissipate, destroyed by the thunder. Ignoring everyone's shock, Zhuge Hui shook her arm. The whip danced and spiraled in the air. Destructive bolts of lightning burst towards Qin Yu.

Qin Yu stood in place and roared. He sounded like a dragon. The light of a true dragon enveloped him and one appeared before him. The horrible lightning fell down on the golden dragon but couldn't break past the defense.

Boom. A fairy-like figure walked in the air. Zhuge Hui walked in the void like a goddess. She was bathed in electric light. A strange power flowed towards her whip as it danced again. It swept down the void. It looked soft and gentle but was actually like the sharpest weapon in the world.

Qin Yu's body flashed and flew out like lightning. He went straight for Zhuge Hui's body. The Qin Dynasty focused on martial arts. If he could get close to Zhuge Hui, his possibility for winning would increase.

Zhuge Hui smirked at that. Her whip spiraled and enveloped the entire space. Qin Yu's expression changed when he saw the whip descend like a spinning top. He transformed into a nosediving dragon, becoming one with the spear. He was so sharp that he could tear through anything. He shot into the sky.

"Idiot," Zhuge Hui uttered. The vortex-like whip curled in the air like a terrifying tornado. However, it was a storm of lightning and thunder. It folded the air in. Qin Yu was inside that storm and still shooting up.

Zhuge Hui pulled her arm back. The thunderstorm gathered and instantly, endless lightning tore out from it. It destroyed everything and sealed the space shut. Qin Yu seemed to have given himself up to it. His spear danced wildly and various frightening dragons burst out. However, they were destroyed by the closed storm.

When the storm swept past, Qin Yu fell down through the air. His body had no more sharp light. His elegant clothes were torn apart, revealing brilliant armor. It dazzled like a powerful ritual implement. Even his head was enveloped by the light of the armor.

Everyone was shocked at this. What exactly did they find from the Qin Dynasty's ancestral grave?

While they thought, the beautiful figure in the sky didn't stop. Her whip went flying towards Qin Yu again. It was like a dancing snake, impossible to capture.

Boom. Qin Yu didn't face it headfirst. He dodged this time, trying to escape it. His attack was under Zhuge Hui's whip; he couldn't use it. Even though he was fast, the whip was faster. It caught up to him and cracked crisply in the air. Various beams of lightning exploded on Qin Yu's body. He felt his nerves go numb and he was thrown back, his face pale.

Ever since the Qin Dynasty reopened their ancestral grave, they'd wanted to recover their past glory. Qin Yu was now standing at the top of the Eastern Barren Territory. He'd destroyed the Liu Kingdom with one battle and was so proud. He ruled over the Eastern Barren Territory. But in today's battle against the Cottage's second disciple, he couldn't defend himself at all. It was so humiliating!
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    《The Legend of Futian》