The Legend of Futian
359 Mystery of Sky Mountain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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359 Mystery of Sky Mountain

Chapter 359: Mystery of Sky Mountain
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Countless figures stood below Sky Mountain, looking up at the figure in white. At that moment, many people realized that the second disciple of the Cottage was also one of the most brilliant women of the Eastern Barren Territory. In fact, "one of" might not even be needed. Even Lady Yuxiao of the Donghua Clan couldn't compare with her shocking beauty, coldly arrogant personality, and absolute talent and ability. Zhuge Hui won in all aspects.

The first three disciples of the Cottage were all standing at the tip of the Eastern Barren Territory. This was also why the Qin Dynasty viewed the Cottage as the biggest threat even though they only had eight disciples. They were just too powerful.

In this battle, even Qin Yu couldn't defend himself before Zhuge Hui. How could anyone else from the Qin Dynasty fight against her? Probably a bunch of them would die from just one crack of the whip.

Zhuge Hui's pretty face still had a faint smile, but her smile gave people a cold feeling. She waved her arm and the whip curled up again. It danced in the air, crackling explosively. The rumbling thunder resounded in the air. Zhuge Hui was bathed in the thunder's glory like a goddess.

Bolts of lightning flowed down the whip. The tip connected with the thunder in the air. Lightning exploded there; it was powerful enough to destroy everything.

Boom. Zhuge Hui waved her arm. That moment, the thunder gods seemed to move with her. Her whip seemed to drag endless thunder down from the sky, hurling toward Qin Yu.

Feeling the mightiness, many people were terrified. If they stood there, they would definitely be destroyed.

Before the whip arrived, endless thunder and lightning already flew toward Qin Yu. A Saint could cast a spell with a thought. Zhuge Hui was also someone at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane who had a Saint's Will and a Saintly ritual implement. One could imagine how powerful the whip's spell was.

The snowy ground exploded. Qin Yu's body was shrouded in lightning. His dragon soared into the air. His armor was extremely brilliant and resisted the deadly thunder. At that moment, he was like Zhuge Hui, bathing in the divine thunder.

Seeing the whip come, Qin Yu's expression was terrifying. He stabbed his dragon spear again, riding a dragon's roar.

With boundless electric brilliance, the whip was like a divine snake. It snaked upward, curling around the dragon. Beams of lightning cut through everything and killed the dragon. The whip snaked up the dragon spear and transformed into a sharp blade. It hit Qin Yu squarely. Beams of thunder stabbed through. The whip was now like an undefeatable blade, about to pierce Qin Yu's body.

Qin Yu instantly drowned in the lightning. If not for the powerful armor ritual implement, he would be stabbed through by the whip. Even so, his body still trembled under the light and was thrown back. However, Zhuge Hui didn't show any sign of stopping. Her whip curled around Qin Yu and tossed him in the air. Then it slapped down, crackling continuously. Everyone saw how Qin Yu's body was ravaged cruelly in the air.

With a huge boom, Qin Yu was slapped onto the ground. His entire body was numb. Both his physical body and mind were traumatized. Even with the Saintly ritual implement, he was still in a pathetic state.

"Enough," a voice said. Figures flashed before Qin Yu. They were from the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan.

"Do you still want an explanation?" Zhuge Hui asked coldly, gazing at them. Qin Yu stood up and spat out blood. His body twisted but he looked up, staring at the figure in the air. He was so humiliated. As the crown prince of the Qin Dynasty, he had never been humiliated like this.

His son, Qin Li, and his sister, Qin Mengruo, had both been killed. Now, not only did the Cottage not compensate him, they defeated him so cruelly before everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory. One could imagine how Qin Yu was feeling now. His eyes were bloody and filled with bloodthirstiness.

Lady Yuxiao, the clan leader of the Donghua Clan, and others all stared up at Zhuge Hui. She had a Saintly ritual implement and such powerful combat ability. She was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Paired with the Sword Saint, it would need the leaders of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan to defeat them. If they fought here, they wouldn't gain anything. It might result in people of lower planes on both sides getting killed. Those of higher planes might not win either. At least, no one could defeat Zhuge Hui and the Sword Saint.

It seemed that they had to swallow this humiliation.

"Let's go," Qin Yu gritted out. He clenched his fists tightly and murderous intent filled the air. But he couldn't kill Zhuge Hui. Not only that, he had to be defeated so humiliatingly.

The group turned and walked away. In the air, Zhuge Hui collected her aura and put her whip away, casually tying it around her waist. Her delicate waist looked so thin and soft. She was such a beauty but had such shocking combat ability. Practically no one could defeat her.

A battle that could have erupted ended just like this. It seemed that both sides had some scruples. After all, no one could bear the consequences if a battle of this level really erupted at full force.

Before, the Qin Dynasty was sure they could make the Liu Kingdom disappear so they destroyed it. However, the Cottage, College, and Sword Saint were on a completely different level. If Qin Yu had defeated Zhuge Hui in this battle, they would try to kill everyone here. But since Qin Yu was defeated, they had no way of winning.

The Cottage had these worries too. Even though the Sword Saint and Zhuge Hui were powerful, the strongest enemies hadn't acted yet. It was enough to just force them back. If a full-out war really happened, the disciples of the College and Sword Saint Mountain would also be wiped out.

The people of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan hadn't actually left yet. They were waiting for the rest of the people to come down from the mountain.

Time passed bit by bit. Because of that battle, the atmosphere was a bit ambiguous. Gradually, people came down. At this time, a beautiful figure walked over the white snow towards the crowd.

"Qingqing." Lady Yuxiao and Lu Nantian walked up. Hua Qingqing walked towards the Donghua Clan and looked at the two with complex feelings.

"You didn't go up Sky Mountain?" Lady Yuxiao asked. Few outsiders knew about her daughter Hua Qingqing's talent, but she was clear. Hua Qingqing didn't like fighting and rarely displayed her talent. But actually, Qian Shanmu was far behind her. She was also pure and could fend off the evil intent. It was highly possible for her to climb Sky Mountain.

Hua Qingqing shook her head and whispered, "I climbed up."

Lady Yuxiao's eyes flashed; her heart trembled. Hua Qingqing had reached the top. "What is there?" she asked. It was rumored that the mountaintop had marks of the two emperors. They had ruled the world. What could they have left behind? Why did a bell ring on Sky Mountain?

"The two emperors once played a song at the peak of Sky Mountain," Hua Qingqing said. "Their intents created an image. They left behind Ukiyo, one of the ten musical masterpieces of the Divine Prefecture."

Lady Yuxiao's heart jumped. She had taught Hua Qingqing and Qian Shanmu musical sorcery. She became famous in her youth and had even been higher than the present top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory. No one dared to say they were better at musical sorcery than her in the Eastern Barren Territory. She obviously was more familiar with the top ten musical pieces. Those were the ultimate dreams of anyone who cultivated in musical sorcery.

"You heard it?" Lady Yuxiao's voice changed.

"Yes." Hua Qingqing nodded and smiled. "It is beautiful but sad. I memorized the first half but I was unable to play the second half."

"Unable to play?" Lady Yuxiao was a bit disappointed but quickly recovered. Hua Qingqing was insanely talented but it was understandable if she couldn't play one of the top ten pieces. The artistic conception must be so powerful.

"What a pity." Lady Yuxiao sighed. "It is rumored that Ukiyo is out of the world. Even you cannot play it. It seems that the Eastern Barren Territory is not destined to be able to witness the top ten pieces. Apparently, Donghuang the Great will no longer play Ukiyo in the world. Will this piece just die away like this?"

"Die away?" Hua Qingqing sighed inwardly. Perhaps Ukiyo would appear in the Eastern Barren Territory soon. She didn't say anything else. She didn't tell Lady Yuxiao that Ye Futian was also at the mountaintop and was able to play Ukiyo. Her heart still hadn't recovered.

If her mother and senior brother knew what had transpired at the mountaintop, she wouldn't know how to face Qian Shanmu.

At the mountaintop, snow flew as the music streamed gracefully. Ye Futian played Ukiyo again and again.

As he tried again and again, he felt his will enter the white snow, floating with it. He felt endless Spiritual Qi flow through. If his spiritual intent was strong enough, he might be able to control all the Spiritual Qi in Sky Mountain.

Sitting cross-legged, light flashed around Ye Futian. The snow that filled the air fell onto him, covering his body. His eyes were closed tightly. As his senses expanded, he felt that the intent of the two emperors was everywhere. It seemed to have melded with the snow.

Gradually, a miraculous scene appeared in his senses. He was standing at the mountaintop and feeling the boundless Spiritual Qi that fell down. It was like a ritual bell. It was shapeless and invisible, falling with the snow. It covered Sky Mountain and pressed down on it. Perhaps, this was the pressure that they all felt.

As his will melded into the flying snow, the sense grew clearer. Not only was there a ritual bell that weighed down on Sky Mountain, he also sensed an extremely dark Demon Bird. It was also in Sky Mountain!
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    《The Legend of Futian》