The Legend of Futian
360 Magical Bell and the Demon Bird
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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360 Magical Bell and the Demon Bird

Chapter 360: Magical Bell and the Demon Bird
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the music, Ye Futian melted his spirit in the floating snow and the whole Sky Mountain. His spirit existed everywhere now. At this time, he had a wonderful feeling that his senses toward the world were getting more and more acute. He stopped playing the song.

Closing his eyes, Ye Futian was drunk with this artistic conception. He could feel his mental power melting into nature. As long as he wanted, his mental power could resonate with the endless Spiritual Qi as a unity as if his mental power belonged to nature.

"It's Arcana Plane!" Ye Futian opened his eyes and smiled. While playing the music, his spiritual power naturally broke levels which made him rise up to the Arcana Plane. Everything happened so naturally. He didn't break his level on purpose. It was totally an accident.

Cultivators also described the Arcana Plane as the unity between man and nature. People of the Arcana Plane could extend their senses through nature. If one cultivated both martial arts and sorcery, a breakthrough in sorcery could also help them make a breakthrough in martial arts.

Thinking of this, Ye Futian stopped playing the song temporarily. Having reached this stage, he naturally wanted to improve his strength in all aspects so he could totally enter into the Arcana Plane. He began to practice fist forms. Every move he made contained great momentum that shook the surrounding space. Snowflakes near him were all shattered. Very soon, an invisible force field formed around him.

Under the endless flying snowflakes, a dragon's roar and ape's growl could be heard constantly from his fists. His fists were like a dragon's, his strength like an ape's, and his speed like a roc's. He acted like a young emperor. Every time he practiced fists forms, he would activate Imperial Tactics to help him improve.

Gradually, he immersed himself completely in his practice, which made his every punch stronger and stronger. That invisible force field resonated with the world, and then a faint light screen loomed. The space around him turned into a vacuum with snowflakes flying around.

Finally, with a dragon's roar, Ye Futian threw out a fist. The air trembled and a horrible ape's shape appeared together with a flying golden roc. This random fist was thrown out toward the distant, penetrating the space and shaking the air.

Ye Futian stopped his practice and took a deep breath. His body commanded a powerful presence. Spiritual Qi of all attributes spun around him like a curtain of bright light, flowing like waves, and dispersed gradually.

"Wow!" Ye Futian breathed out a mouthful turbid breath. Both his sorcery and martial arts broke into the Arcana Plane. When playing the song on the Sky Mountain, his mental power reached the extreme unconsciously, by virtue of which he managed to rise up into the Arcana Plane. What a wonderful experience!

He looked down at Yu Sheng, not knowing when he would wake up. The artistic conception on the Sky Mountain was perfect for mental cultivation. Especially when he was playing the music, the whole Sky Mountain was covered with endless Spiritual Qi.

Sitting beside Yu Sheng, he began to play the song again. The Guqin Spirit appeared; the music was heard again. That wonderful feeling hit him again. His senses became clearer, seemly because of his breakthrough in Plane. He felt that his will melted into endless Spiritual Qi with the music and combined with it as one. His mental power existed everywhere, floating down with the endless snowflakes.

At the top of the mountain, that Arhat was still trudging on the path. His eyes were half evil intent and half Buddha light as if he was struggling with the devilish power. He couldn't hear the music. Every step him made was exhausting to him, but he didn't give up.

Suddenly, the Arhat frowned and a blazing Buddha light flashed in his eyes as if his eyes were consecrated. He saw endless Spiritual Qi flicker in the air. Those snowflakes falling from the top were transformed from Spiritual Qi. He even perceived an invisible mental power.

"Who is it?" the Arhat cried out. There was only silence in the air. The Arhat hesitated, thinking that it must be an illusion because of his tiredness on the road.

At this time, the Spiritual Qi above his head gathered in frenzy. In an instant, endless snowflakes condensed into an iceberg. The Arhat's face changed. At the next moment, rumbling sound was heard. The iceberg fell down toward him with tremendous pressure.

The Arhat was worn out by the deterrent force from the Sky Mountain when climbing. Now, another formidable pressure came down to him, setting him into an extremely dangerous situation. He yelled and began to recite scripture. Buddhist symbols appeared together with blazing Buddha light. He was about to attack, but suddenly, an invisible artistic conception descended. All Spiritual Qi froze, moving at an extremely slow speed. The attack couldn't be formed.

"How can that be?" The Arhat's face changed. His consecrated eyes saw the endless Spiritual Qi get controlled by an invisible power and flow very slowly. His mental power didn't work and that dreadful iceberg was to come. He yelled angrily and his physical strength broke out with dazzling Buddha light. He raised his hand and sent out a violent Buddha Handprint.

Bang. The Arhat's body was crushed and he rolled down the mountain. He groaned and spat a mouthful blood.

He was irked. Who is the enemy? Only three people surpassed him. They were Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Hua Qingqing. Who could it be? If it was them, how could they use the Sky Mountain's Spiritual Qi?

While he was thinking, the piercing cold wind storm rolled toward him. He trembled and stood up, scurrying down the mountain. He didn't even figure out his enemy. In such a case, he could only escape.

While he was running, the snowflakes around him thawed and chased behind him. At this time, countless sharp golden knives rushed toward him. He was going to be killed. The Arhat leaped and rose into the air. He didn't rise up high. Instead, he nosedived to escape.

The pressure on the Sky Mountain went from top to bottom. Therefore, it was a wise choice of the Arhat to escape downward, because he could even be faster in that direction.

The knives pierced toward him. The Arhat stepped firmly in the air and left an immense golden footprint. With a loud explosion, those sharp knives and golden footprint were all shattered. The Arhat used that force to continue escaping. He dared not to stop until he felt the snowflakes around him return to normal. He turned around and gazed at the mountaintop. Not knowing who wanted to kill him, he was vexed.

Suddenly, the surrounding Spiritual Qi seemed to flow again. His face changed. He turned into a flash of golden lights and escaped with no more hesitation. On the Sky Mountain, Ye Futian was playing the song. His face looked cold. Of course, he was the one that attacked the Arhat. He'd just made use of the Spiritual Qi through the music. However, his senses hadn't extended everywhere of the Sky Mountain yet. It still needed a while. But he found that, by means of the music, he could communicate with the two Emperors' remaining will to control the whole Sky Mountain.

As time passed, more and more people gathered at the foot of the mountain. Ye Futian's sensory range also became wider and wider. Gradually, he could see that Magical bell clearly. That transparent golden bell enveloped the whole mountain as if it was part of the mountain, safeguarding the Sky Mountain invisibly. However, Ye Futian also perceived a dreadful evil air. He saw the Demon Bird.

An enormous Demon Bird's illusion overshadowed the whole mountain from bottom to top. It felt like the enormous Demon Bird was buried by the Sky Mountain and oppressed by the Magical bell.

Ye Futian knew that it was not the real Demon Bird but something transformed from the Demon Bird's will after it died and melted into the mountain. What surprised Ye Futian most was the enormous Demon Bird's head was right below his feet.

"Little eagle?" When Ye Futian finally figured out the Sky Mountain's secret, he saw that his little eagle was under the Demon Bird's head. It was entangled with a horrible demonic will as if it was going to become evil and transform into a Demon Bird.

He saw a narrow pass linking the mountaintop to the inside. The Black Wind Eagle seemed to enter the mountain through that way. At this moment, that narrow pass was blocked by snow.

An invisible storm penetrated that pass and made it full of Spiritual Qi. Ye Futian's will also entered the mountain, and then he perceived an extremely demonic intent. The further inside he went, the stronger it grew. Finally, Ye Futian's will came to the Demon Bird. Ye Futian felt that demonic intent was going to devour his will.

"Little eagle?" Ye Futian called. Endless devil intent enveloped the Black Wind Eagle. It had grown horrible demonic wings. The Black Wind Eagle was going to become a demonic roc.

Its eyes had become extremely evil. They were not the Black Wind Eagle's original eyes anymore. That pair of cold vicious eyes looked directly to the front as if it could perceive Ye Futian's presence.

Whoosh. A terrifying dark wind swept past everything and devoured Ye Futian's will immediately.

On the mountaintop, the music suddenly stopped. Ye Futian groaned and his face paled. He stood up and moved to a corner on the mountaintop. He stomped on the snow on and the pass appeared. Ye Futian glanced at the pass from above and began to play the music again. His music resonated with the world. Endless Spiritual Qi fell down toward that pass. Then Ye Futian stepped forward and jumped down. The music could still be heard. Ye Futian carried the guqin in his arms and moved straight toward the Black Eagle. Soon, he arrived.

The exceedingly frightening demonic intent enveloped him immediately. Before him was the illusion of that enormous Demon Bird!
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    《The Legend of Futian》