The Legend of Futian
362 The King of Qin
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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362 The King of Qin

Chapter 362: The King of Qin
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The cultivators from various top forces retreated from Sky Mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there were still countless figures, but they were all below the Noble Plane. Only a minority of them was from top forces.

People on Sky Mountain made their descent one after another. Slowly, those at the foot of the mountain also started to leave. After trying, they knew that even if the bell ring from the mountain was really the call of the emperors, they would not be able to get anything in the end. Of course, they were still many who were unwilling to leave, especially those from the Western Region of the Eastern Barren Territory. This towering Sky Mountain was a sacred land of the Western Region.

Time passed by slowly. Many rumors spread at the foot of Sky Mountain. According to those who had just climbed down the mountain, they could hear an extremely elegant music coming from the snow dancing in the sky. That was due to the artistic conception that had fused with Sky Mountain when the two emperors played the piece in the past.

There were also people who claimed that the bell ring from Sky Mountain, as well as the music, was formed because Donghuang the Great missed his best friend Emperor Ye Qing with whom he explored the world. Therefore, his will crossed over an endless amount of space and time and reached this place, affecting Sky Mountain and producing the ringing.

Legends about the two emperors started to spread around again. Even today, many people still did not understand why Emperor Ye Qing died all of a sudden, and why Donghuang the Great ordered everyone to destroy Emperor Ye Qing's statues around the world. Was it because of his position?

"Sigh. The two intimate friends who had once roamed around the world together eventually stood opposite each other because of power, and it all ended with the death of one of them. However, even though Emperor Ye Qing had failed and died, Donghuang the Great would probably still miss him sometimes." People at the foot of Sky Mountain were chatting.

"I wonder what kind of people they are exactly. Too bad I was not born during that era to witness their legends," a young man said, smiling. The two emperors unified the world and must have experienced many difficulties.

Suddenly, someone said, "Obviously they are people who care about the world." The few who were chatting turned their heads and saw an old man in ragged clothes walk beside them. He had a wine pot hanging on his shirt. The old man walked towards the foot of Sky Mountain and stood there with his hands behind his back. Staring at the summit of Sky Mountain, he actually seemed to possess an extraordinary temperament.

"Elder, why do you say so?" the young man asked, smiling.

"If they do not care about the world, how can they become the masters of the world?" the old man said emotionlessly.

"I don't believe that." A young man in blue shirt shook the folding fan in his hand and said, "The rules of the world are set by strong cultivators. They can unify that world obviously because they have the absolute power to do so. The so-called 'care about the world' is too hypocritical. Moreover, if you are speaking the truth, why did Emperor Ye Qing become a taboo?"

The old man smiled and shook his head but did not argue with the young man.

"Elder, so here you are. I have spent so long looking for you." Suddenly, a girl in a green dress walked over from the distance. She was delighted upon seeing the old man. Seeing the girl, the old man shook his head and smiling, he said, "Girl, the fate between the two of us has ended. You don't have to look for me anymore in the future."

"What fate are you talking about? I don't believe in that. Elder, I'll follow you in the future. Don't leave me behind," the girl said affectionately. "Don't worry. In the future, I will cook nice food for you every day."

The elder shook his head. "My fifth son can cook very well. I have not tasted it for too long. I'm going back."

The girl froze and seemed very upset. "Elder, so you're going back home." The old man was lazy and had been wandering outside. She always thought that he did not have a home.

"Yup." The old man smiled and nodded.

"Then allow me to go to your place. I can massage you," the girl said, grinning.

Smiling, the old man replied, "My sixth daughter has also grown up by now and she is very obedient. My second daughter is very mischievous, but she will massage me as well." The girl stared at him with her eyes widened? Sixth daughter? He has so many children?

"Based on your appearance, I am definitely better-looking than your second and sixth daughters," the girl said with her eyes widened.

"My second daughter is really beautiful. I'm sure nobody in the Eastern Barren Territory will object to this after seeing her. My sixth daughter is also prettier than you." Thinking about those two girls, the old man smiled.

"Then why are you here instead of at home?" The girl pouted and was somewhat unhappy.

The old man looked at Sky Mountain and said, "I am waiting for someone whom I may be waiting for." This sentence sounded very awkward. The girl did not know what he meant and also looked up at Sky Mountain. Waiting for someone whom he may be waiting for? Who is that?

The young man beside them had been listening to their conversation all along. He looked at the old man in bemusement and said uncontrollably, "He's mad."

The girl blinked and found his words very reasonable. This old man had been speaking ridiculous words every day. He must be mad.

"I..." The old man stared at the young man, stunned. Then, he shook his head, feeling speechless. Am I mad? The young people nowadays...

The year 10003 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar was slowly coming to an end. In this year, many major events had happened in the Eastern Barren Territory. At the start of the year, Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan allied through marriage and established Dongqin College, while Gu Dongliu won Lu Nantian in the challenge. Then, Ye Futian encountered an assassination and Qin Dynasty officially started on their path to revive their kingdom. In this year, much blood had been shed in the Eastern Barren Territory.

An ultimate battle almost broke out at the foot of Sky Mountain. The second disciple of the Cottage was dominant enough and actively fought against Qin Yu, shocking all the forces including Qin Dynasty itself. Otherwise, many people in the Eastern Barren Territory would have been killed.

Nevertheless, everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory could feel that it was destined to be a rough year. The storm would sooner or later sweep across the Eastern Barren Territory. Qin Li's death was certainly a cause of this.

Qin Yu returned to Qin Dynasty and reported to the king of Qin. At that moment, the king of Qin was sitting in front of the pool in his pavilion and fishing. Listening quietly to Qin Yu's report, his expression did not change much. In fact, he knew about Qin Li's death even before Qin Yu did. He was, after all, in the Qin Imperial Palace.

On Sky Mountain, one of his daughters and one of his grandsons died.

Qin Mengruo and Qin Li were different from Qin Yuan. Qin Yuan was the son of his concubine and his talent was actually bewitchment, which was really embarrassing. In addition, he even wanted to inherit the throne, which was ridiculous. However, because that particular concubine was really good at a certain area, he had always been pretending to love Qin Yuan. Cultivators had to enjoy themselves sometimes, after all, but in reality, among all his children Qin Yuan was the one most disliked, or even hated, by him.

On the other hand, Qin Mengruo was his youngest daughter and also one of the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory. He had always loved her. She was married to someone in Donghua Clan for a purpose, and because of this he always thought that he owed her much.

Qin Li was his favorite grandchild.

Qin Ge was also very outstanding among his offspring.

They all died because of the Cottage.

"We have been doing many things to the Cottage, but it seems that we're always the one that loses ultimately. Now, Mengruo and Li'er have both died," the king of Qin said. His tone was very calm, but there was some coldness hidden in the calmness. Qin Dynasty had indeed shocked the other forces in the Eastern Barren Territory by destroying the Liu Kingdom. However, they seemed to have lost in all their encounters with the Cottage.

"Although the power of the second disciple of the Cottage is beyond our expectations, it is actually normal that she can defeat you. After all, she is ranked above Gu Dongliu. If she similarly has a sage ritual implement, she can obviously defeat you. It is only that I did not expect you to lose so badly," the king continued. "Of course, you should understand that we have never really been afraid of the second disciple, or Sword Saint."

Qin Yu stood beside the king, listening quietly to his words. His father had conferred him as the crown prince and he had been managing Qin Dynasty from then on, while his father stopped managing all the issues. However, he knew clearly that his father was the real backbone of the Qin Dynasty.

"Many people in the world claim that Mr. Du does not know how to cultivate. But how can someone who does not know this teach such a group of disciples? Furthermore, these disciples are so obedient. Do you believe in that?" The king of Qin glanced at Qin Yu. Smiling, he shook his head, as if he was mocking something.

"Moreover, he is a person who does not seem to have existed at all. Over these years, we have tried many times and failed. I think that Mr. Du from the Cottage is not only very strong, but also very skilled in hiding himself, or maybe camouflage. Perhaps, even if he stands right in front of you, you will not be able to recognize him."

The king of Qin sighed. "We have such an opponent who has been watching in darkness. If he does not show up, how can I make my move? However, until today, many of my children and grandchildren have died. We have not even seen Mr. Du for once, not to mention about finding out how strong he is. Just the Cottage disciples alone have brought us much trouble." The king gave a self-mocking smile and shook his head. "Nevertheless, we finally have a piece of good news."

"What news?" Qin Yu asked. He did not see any good news at all.

"Every time, the Cottage displays its overpowering dominance and shocks everyone else. The appearance of Sword Saint, Qin Ge's death, and the counterattack from the second disciple. Every time, the Cottage is telling us not to move easily. But this is also precisely telling us that the Cottage has its own concerns. It seems like Mr. Du is not invincible after all." The king of Qin smiled. His eyes were filled with intelligence and insight. He indeed seemed to be circumspect and farsighted.

Then, he ordered coldly, "Go and invite the leader of Donghua Clan here. Then, go to Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple. Since they have stepped onto our ship, they can stop thinking about muddling through." His eyes were filled with coldness. Sometimes, when one declared one's position, many things would be destined.

Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple already had no other choice.

"Alright." Qin Yu's eyes sparkled with sharpness. It seemed that his father was really going to make a move this time. Even the king of Qin could not tolerate the death of Qin Mengruo and Qin Li.

"Ye Futian is from the Hundred Lands. According to Qin Li that time, he has some seniors and friends there. Should we..." Qin Yu's eyes were flashing with coldness.

"That's an ungentlemanly trick." The king shook his head. "Destroying the Liu Kingdom can prove the power of our dynasty. On the other hand, what can killing those people do apart from making us feel better? Since Qin Li was killed by Ye Futian in a battle, we'll kill Ye Futian. You need to remember that in the future, you will be the king of Qin, the king of the Eastern Barren Territory. Some things will bring disgrace to your position. Do not let the others have a chance to laugh at you."

"Yes, I get it." Qin Yu nodded. Then, he turned around and left the place.
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    《The Legend of Futian》