The Legend of Futian
363 Swordsman
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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363 Swordsman

Chapter 363: Swordsman
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While the disturbance at Sky Mountain had yet to calm down, the leader of Donghua Clan arrived at Qin Dynasty personally. It was said that he was invited by the king of Qin. This was the meeting between the leaders of two of the three top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory so clearly it had an extraordinary significance. In particular, it occurred during such a sensitive period. The people in the Eastern Barren Territory could not help thinking about what it meant. There was probably only one topic that would require these two leaders to meet up and discuss—unifying the Eastern Barren Territory.

Soon, Qin Dynasty also invited the cultivators from Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple. A big piece of news spread—Qin Dynasty opened the tomb of their ancestors and allowed the strongest members of these top forces to enter.

When people received the news, many realized that a real storm would sweep across the Eastern Barren Territory at any time. A few months ago, Qin Dynasty had invited many forces in the Eastern Barren Territory to a grand meeting, when Sword Saint appeared and shocked everyone present. However, at the moment it seemed likely that they would no longer be deterred.

But this was normal as well. Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple had already declared their position a few months ago. Therefore, they could only follow the Qin Dynasty as they had crossed the point of no return. In the Qin Imperial Palace, many people were in front of Qin Yu making a report.

"Has he descended from the mountain?" Qin Yu asked coldly.

"No." A person in front of Qin Yu shook his head. Although the people from various top forces had retreated from Sky Mountain, Qin Yu could obviously not tolerate Qin Li's death. He had still sent some cultivators below the Noble Plane to patrol at the foot of Sky Mountain and wait for Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian had actually not climbed down the mountain yet. It was also possible that he had descended from the mountain but in another direction so as to avoid any trouble. Sky Mountain was too huge and it was impossible for Qin Yu's men to surround the entire mountain.

"Did the people from Donghua Clan confirm that Chu Yaoyao indeed had to chance to kill Ye Futian at that time?" Qin Yu asked with a freezing look.

The person before him replied, "Yes. According to them, Ye Futian had already lost the ability to battle and Chu Yaoyao was right there at that moment."

Qin Yu clenched his fist and his expression was extremely icy. Chu Yaoyao was after all Qin Li's girlfriend. She was right there and certainly had the chance to kill Ye Futian, but she actually did not do so. Did she just watch Qin Li get killed?

"Has Chu Yaoyao come down from the mountain?" Qin Yu questioned.

"Yes, she has returned to Moon Clan with the others."

Qin Yu nodded and coldness was flashing in his eyes.

He would wait and see if Chu Yaoyao and Moon Clan would behave sensibly. If not, he would not mind destroying one more force.

His son Qin Li would not have died for nothing


The 10003rd year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar was approaching its end.

The leader of Fuyun Sword Clan, Han Ruoshui, had returned to the first summit of the clan. At the moment, he was holding a sword which was emitting a wave of coldness into the surrounding. He stared at the sword, where he could see his reflection as well as the sharp look in his eyes.

This was a famous sword named the Alkaid. It was used by the best swordsman in the Eastern Barren Territory a few hundreds ago. Nobody expected it to actually be kept in Qin Dynasty's tomb. Now, it belonged to him.

Qin Dynasty wanted to revive itself in the Eastern Barren Territory. He had already made some promises to Qin Dynasty. In fact, he had to make those promises; he did not have a choice.

"Senior." Many people whizzed over in the air and landed on the summit, looking at Han Ruoshui.

"Is he not here?" Han Ruoshui asked. There were seven summits on Fuyun Sword Clan but only six people present. The person who was absent was obviously the lord of the seventh summit, Gu Cheng.

The few people present remained silent. For a long time the leader, Han Ruoshui, and the lord of the seventh summit, Gu Cheng, had been the strongest cultivators in Fuyun Sword Clan. However, Gu Cheng was more withdrawn and also more focused on cultivation.

After the things regarding Ye Wuchen happened, the relationship between the two summits became more subtle, especially after Han Ruoshui expelled Ye Wuchen from Fuyun Sword Clan and commanded the rest to kill him should they encounter him outside. Gu Cheng was extremely dissatisfied with this decision.

"It seems like his heart no longer belongs to the clan," Han Ruoshui remarked emotionlessly. Just as he was talking, suddenly, an extremely sharp Sword Will erupted from the seventh summit. The Sword Will ascended into the sky and crushed everything in its path.

Countless people in Fuyun Sword Clan stared at that location. Then, they saw a figure walk in the air and step into the blade of light.

"It's the seventh lord." The disciples of Fuyun Sword Clan were all astonished. What was the seventh lord doing?

Han Ruoshui and the rest turned their heads and looked in that direction. He frowned slightly and was somewhat unhappy. In that direction, the person standing in the air swang his hand. Immediately, a beam of light charged towards the first summit.

"What's that?"

"It's a sword post!" someone exclaimed in shock. The beam of light penetrated across space and reached the first summit, continuing to fly towards the leader Han Ruoshui.

Han Ruoshui extended his arm and grabbed the post with his fingers. He stared at Gu Cheng emotionlessly.

"Gu Cheng, lord of the seventh summit of Fuyun Sword Clan, would like to challenge the leader Han Ruoshui." A loud voice spread across the whole Fuyun Sword Clan. At this instant, everyone in the clan was astounded. They knew that the seventh lord was unhappy with the leader but did not expect such a thing to happen.

"It's part of the rules of our clan for disciples to send sword posts in order to challenge one another. On the other hand, you are offending me by challenging me," Han Ruoshui said coldly. "Give me a reason."

"Swordsmen do not bow and scrape. As the leader of Fuyun Sword Clan, you received benefits from Qin Dynasty and want to listen to their orders. You are no longer suited to be a swordsman, and even more so to be our leader," Gu Cheng said from afar. His voice echoed within the seven summits.

Han Ruoshui sneered and said, "As the leader of Fuyun Sword Clan, my responsibility is to ensure that our clan is safe from danger. Under this general trend, a straight sword would break too easily.

"I would rather break than bend."

Gu Cheng said emotionlessly, "My disciple Ye Wuchen killed Qin Yuan because he deserved to die. Fuyun Sword Clan is weaker than the Qin Dynasty. It is alright for you to expel Ye Wuchen from the clan to protect us. It is also alright for you to send someone to bring him back. But now, you have deviated further and further from the right path. Instead of becoming a lackey for others and living a petty life, we might as well dismiss Fuyun Sword Clan. A swordsman who has a sword in his heart has a sword in his hand. A Fuyun Sword Clan disciple who has the summit in his heart is in the clan. I have already dismissed the seventh summit of Fuyun Sword Clan."

"You're not in the position to make that decision." Han Ruoshui stepped forward and Sword Will whizzed in the air.

"We who have different principles cannot work together. If I win, I will dismiss Fuyun Sword Clan; if you win, I die." Gu Cheng similarly walked forward. Two beams of light charged towards each other. Countless members of Fuyun Sword Clan stared at the battle and could not keep calm.

Today, the two most powerful cultivators in the clan were having a life-and-death battle because of differing values.

An extremely appalling sword storm erupted in the sky above Fuyun Sword Clan. The two stood opposite each other but did not attack directly. They merely stood in the air. However, even though they were not doing anything, an earth-shattering Sword Will was born and pressed down from the sky. Enduring the Sword Will, many people felt as if their bodies were going to be torn apart.

The two stood motionlessly in the air, but it was as if they had already fought countless times. They stared attentively at each other and were both very solemn. Although the two did not move, their eyes seemed to be filled with the reflection of swords.

Finally, two afterimages appeared in the sky, charging towards one another. The two afterimages flashed and vanished immediately. In the sky above Fuyun Sword Clan, it seemed like the two had not moved at all. Suddenly, however, a terrifying beam of Sword Will formed in the sky and turned into a beam of light, shooting towards one of the mountains. Immediately, the summit of the mountain glowed with a dazzling radiance. A crack appeared at the center of the summit and the beam of light cut the mountain into two pieces directly.

The people from various summits looked at that particular mountain. The blade of light at its center was not dissipating, as if it was going to exist forever. Then, they raised their heads and looked at the two people standing opposite each other.

Some people noticed that the sword-yielding arm of the leader Han Ruoshui trembled. Blood flew down from his arm and onto the famous sword, the Alkaid, which was glittering with light.

"You lost," Han Ruoshui said.

Gu Cheng glanced at the sword in Han Ruoshui's hand and sighed. "I did not lose. You indeed do not deserve to be the leader of our clan." After he finished speaking, many beams of Sword Will erupted from every part of his body.

Then, everyone saw Gu Cheng's body being crushed directly. A beam of light ascended into the sky and charged towards the distance like a bolt of lightning.

"He's dead." Everyone sighed.

What was the beam of light that left?

Han Ruoshui glanced at the distance and did not chase the beam of light. Turning around, he walked towards a palace on the first summit, remaining silent along the way. Blood flew down his arm continuously and dripped down from the sky.

At the mountainside of Sky Mountain, a few people were cultivating in the snow. Ye Wuchen was sitting down cross-legged and Sword Will was circling his body. Liu Chenyu and Liu Feiyang were also beside him. Suddenly, Ye Wuchen opened his eyes and gazed into the distance.

Feeling Ye Wuchen's abnormal breathing, Liu Chenyu looked at him and asked softly, "What is it?"

"I cannot remain calm. It's as if something is summoning and nearing me. I have a bad feeling," Ye Wuchen replied.

"Stop thinking too much," Liu Chenyu urged.

Ye Wuchen looked at her. Stoking Liu Chenyu's beautiful hair with his right hand, he replied, "Alright."

"Why has he not returned yet? Yi Xiaoshi went up to find him and is also missing now. I wonder if he has found him," Liu Feiyang said. Ye Wuchen looked at the top of Sky Mountain. Vaguely, he felt that Ye Futian had reached the peak of the mountain.

"Stop worrying. Let's just wait." Ye Wuchen stood up and walked on the snow. He went in front of a cliff and stared at the distance, feeling uneasy. That feeling was also becoming more and more intense gradually.

In the distance, a brilliant beam of light penetrated across endless space and charged into Sky Mountain with an astonishing speed. Ye Wuchen, who was standing there, suddenly felt his heart tremble. Then, he saw a blade of light charging right towards him.

"Be careful!" Liu Chenyu shouted. However, Ye Wuchen did not dodge. The beam of light charged into his mind directly. Immediately, a frightening wave of Sword Will erupted from his body.

"Wuchen!" Liu Chenyu's face turned pale as she ran towards Ye Wuchen. Liu Feiyang was also shocked. However, suddenly, a voice spread out from Ye Wuchen's body. "Wuchen, remember, a swordsman is neither arrogant nor impatient. A swordsman is brave and fearless. A swordsman never changes his original intention and always strikes forward!" This was what Ye Wuchen's master, the seventh lord of Fuyun Sword Clan, had said to him on the first day he became a disciple. Today, the same words sounded off again on Sky Mountain.

Hearing this voice, a drop of tear flew down from Ye Wuchen's eye and dripped onto the snow.
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    《The Legend of Futian》