The Legend of Futian
364 Set-up
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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364 Set-up

Chapter 364: Set-up
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Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu both stood beside Ye Wuchen. They heard the voice and were filled with deep respect.

A swordsman should indeed be like that.

Liu Chenyu saw the tears at the corners of Ye Wuchen's eyes and felt pain for him. Immediately, she correctly guessed what had happened. A man would not shed tears easily. It was obvious to her why Ye Wuchen would cry at the moment.

An extremely powerful Sword Will was circling around Ye Wuchen so Liu Chenyu could not go near him even though she wanted to. This Sword Will should be the last gift from his master. The Sword Will flew on Ye Wuchen's body and turned into a strong sword aura. Ye Wuchen closed his eyes and the snow falling down was crushed by the Sword Will near his body. He was like a sword standing in the snowstorm.

After a long while, the Sword Will on Ye Wuchen finally dissipated. Liu Feiyang discovered that Ye Wuchen's temperament changed again. Ye Wuchen no longer felt as sharp, as if he was totally natural and had merged with the sky and the earth. This was because he had made a breakthrough. The Arcana Plane was where cultivators would coordinate with heaven and earth continuously in order to create a resonance between their powers and the natural forces in the world.

Ye Wuchen lifted and head and allowed snow to fall onto his face. He did not mourn and did not even feel any sadness. On the contrary, he would only remember what his master had said. He would become the swordsman that his master hoped to see, one that would only advance forward.

On the peak of Sky Mountain, Ye Futian was playing a piece of music, while Yu Sheng was sitting before him, cultivating. The music entered Yu Sheng's ears continuously. The snow that filled the sky turned into an endless amount of Spiritual Qi which poured down and enveloped Yu Sheng. However, a violent dark golden current was spreading out from Yu Sheng and resonating with the sky. A dark golden demonic power had buried him.

Boom! Suddenly, a frightening current erupted and Demonic Will filled the region. Yu Sheng opened his eyes and the darkness in his eyes slowly faded. The might from his body felt even stronger at the moment. Just like Ye Futian, both his martial arts and sorcery had broken through into the Arcana Plane. Although he did not main spells, he had never stopped cultivating his Spiritual Energy.

"You're awake." Ye Futian stopped playing the music and smiled. Finally, they had settled everything on Sky Mountain.

"Yup." Yu Sheng nodded and stood up. He looked around Sky Mountain and asked, "What happened here? And what is this music? It has such a strong artistic conception."

"Ukiyo. It was left behind by the two emperors," Ye Futian replied. "We have already been on Sky Mountain for very long. I wonder what the situation in the Eastern Barren Territory is like now. We should go back."

"Alright. Where is the condor?" Yu Sheng asked.

"It's staying on Sky Mountain to cultivate. The environment is very beneficial for it," Ye Futian responded. Yu Sheng asked no more.

Snow turned into a wind-elemental spell which enveloped the two. Then, they flew down from the mountain along with the snow. They could clearly see every corner of Sky Mountain and so could find their friends easily.

At the foot of Sky Mountain, there were still many people who had chosen to stay despite the fact that countless had left. From the mountain path, a group of people was walking down in the snow. They each had an outstanding temperament and were all very young, therefore attracting the attention of many. As the people below chatted, they all noticed the handsome young man at the center of the group.

Ye Futian had come down from the mountain.

The Cottage disciple Ye Wuchen had killed Qin Li and a few others from Qin Dynasty on Sky Mountain. Yu Sheng who was beside him had also killed Qin Mengruo, causing a great battle between Qin Yu and Zhuge Hui. At the moment, this group of people was walking down from Sky Mountain just like this.

"It seems like all our seniors have left." Ye Futian looked at the massive crowd before him. They had stayed on Sky Mountain for very long. In addition, he had created the bell rings previously. It was obvious that his second sister and third brother were also injured by the ringing. Should he keep this a secret?

Among the crowd, an old man who was sitting in the snow stared at the group of people walking down the mountain. He squinted slightly and smiled. It was his first time seeing that guy. The girl in the green dress was still beside him. She also looked at those people and said, "So they are the legendary Cottage disciples."

Cottage disciples were absolute legends to many in the Eastern Barren Territory, especially the first three disciples. They were already among the most powerful people in the Eastern Barren Territory.

The old man stood up and said to the girl, "Look at them. Do you think they have my temperament?"

"You..." The eyes of the girl in green dress were filled with disdain as she said, "Elder, you are certainly a powerful cultivator, but don't try to boast."

The old man pointed at Ye Futian and his team and said, "You don't believe me? Look at the pretty girl there. That's my sixth disciple. The fat guy beside her is my seventh disciple. The one in the middle who is the most-looking should be the eighth."

"Elder, I didn't expect you to be so thick-skinned. From what you have said, the second daughter you were talking about is the second disciple of the Cottage. So you're Mr. Du from the Cottage?" the girl in a green dress said with much contempt.

Cough, cough! The old man patted his shirt to remove the snow and said in a serious tone, "Let's stay low."

The girl blinked her eyes, after which she burst into laughter.

Seeing her reaction, the old man widened his eyes. Did she not believe him?

All of a sudden, a group of people walked out from the crowd and towards Ye Futian's team, blocking their way.

"Elder, look. I think they are from Qin Dynasty." The girl in the green dress looked nervous. If Qin Dynasty did leave anyone behind, their task would definitely be to kill Ye Futian.

The people who appeared before Ye Futian were indeed from Qin Dynasty. Seeing them, the disciples from Sword Saint Mountain similarly walked up. Clearly, Sword Saint Mountain had also left quite many people behind at the foot of Sky Mountain. This was the Western Region after all, and Sword Saint Mountain was the closest force.

"If you attack them, you will not be able to leave the Western Region alive," a cultivator from Sword Saint Mountain warned. The eyes of those from Qin Dynasty sparkled and their looks turned cold. Behind them, two people stepped forward and released an appalling aura. They were both nobles.

"Kill him."

The two people charged towards Ye Futian in the air. A terrifying might swept out and engulfed Ye Futian. Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at them with some sharpness in his eyes. Suddenly, a powerful current started to flow on Sky Mountain.

Clang! The bell rang again and its sound turned into a gigantic wave, sweeping across the foot of the mountain. The two nobles lifted their heads and looked at Sky Mountain. They could feel an invisible magical bell crushing towards their bodies along with the ringing.

Bang! The horrifying sound wave passed through their bodies. The two nobles gave a muffled humph each and fell from the sky immediately. Their faces turned pale as they spat out much blood.

Clang! Clang… The bell on Sky Mountain rang continuously. Even the vast earth seemed to be shaking along with it. Countless people closed their eyes and put their hands in front of them as they tried to stand still. However, even so, they still felt a strong impact and their hearts raced.

The shirt of the old man standing in the snow danced in the air. At the moment, there seemed to be a beam of light flowing on his body, protecting him from the sound. At the same time, he looked up at Sky Mountain.

Was it a coincidence that the bell on Sky Mountain rang now? He would not believe so.

The two nobles were impacted by the sound waves continuously and spat much blood. They both felt somewhat numb from the impact and could not stand properly. Just now when the bell on Sky Mountain rang, all the nobles left. However, in order to kill Ye Futian, Qin Yu had sent them back again. Little did they expect the bell on Sky Mountain to ring again when they were about to make their attack.

Just when they were feeling dazed, they suddenly felt an imminent danger approaching them from the front. Lifting their heads, they saw a blade of light striking towards them.

Clang! The ringing came again. The two nobles could not stand still and felt as if their minds were going to explode. The blade of light flashed and blood bloomed out.

The two nobles extended their arms and held their throats with their hands. They widened their eyes, not resigned to their fate. How could they die like this?

The ringing finally stopped. The crowd slowly recovered from the shock. When they saw the two nobles lying on the ground, they were all astonished. Was this fate? The two nobles actually died in such a ridiculous way. Moreover, after they died, the ringing stopped immediately.

If this was not fate, someone on Sky Mountain must be helping Ye Futian. But that was clearly even more impossible.

The people from the Qin Dynasty walked up to the two corpses. Their faces were as dark as they could possibly get.

"Let's go." Ye Futian and his team were also not bothered to fight the rest and they simply ignored the people from Qin Dynasty. The members of Qin Dynasty also did not dare to stop them anymore. The two nobles were all they had to kill Ye Futian.

As Ye Futian walked, suddenly, another person blocked in their way. A strange expression appeared on Ye Futian's face. The person before him was an old man in ragged clothes. He put his hands at his back and stared at Ye Futian with an interested look.

Beitang Xing'er wanted to walk forward, but Yi Xiaoshi pulled her back and hinted at her. Seeing Yi Xiaoshi's evil grin, Beitang Xing'er widened her eyes at him. Yi Xiaoshi was trying to set Ye Futian up.

"Elder, what is it?" Ye Futian asked with a weird look.

The old man did not speak and continued to look at him. His eyes were becoming brighter and brighter. Ye Futian was totally speechless. Then, he tried to bypass the old man. However, the old man moved and continued to block his way, after which he asked, "Where are you from?"

"A far, insignificant place," Ye Futian replied. "Elder, are you looking for me?"

"Your age?" the old man asked again.

"..." Ye Futian's face darkened, but he still replied, "About 20."

"20, 20." The old man seemed to be thinking about something. Then, he smiled at Ye Futian. "Call me master."

"Err..." Ye Futian did not know how to react. Was this old man crazy?

"Sorry, my old man is mad." The girl in green shirt beside them ran up and wanted to pull the old man to the side. The old man's face immediately darkened.

Cough, cough. The old man cleared his throat and looked at Beitang Xing'er and Yi Xiaoshi. He stood there with his head held high and acted like he was a famous person.

"Take care of him properly. Don't let him come out like this again." Ye Futian smiled at the girl in the green dress. The old man was too funny.

Suddenly, Beitang Xing'er pulled Ye Futian's sleeve.

"Sister Xing'er, what's up?" Ye Futian asked.

Beitang Xing'er signaled at Ye Futian with her eyes. Then, she walked up and said to the old man, "Master, why are you here?"

Yi Xiaoshi also ran up and said in a charming tone, "Master, how are you recently? I miss you so much!"

Ye Futian blinked his eyes only to realize that the old man was smiling and staring at him. Immediately, his expression changed drastically. Now it was really awkward for him...

Yi Xiaoshi, this b*stard! Now I'm done for!
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    《The Legend of Futian》