The Legend of Futian
366 Arriving in Moon Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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366 Arriving in Moon Clan

Chapter 366: Arriving in Moon Clan
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Luo Fan and Xue Ye finished cooking. Everyone ate while chatting.

"Girl, you've comprehended a bit of Saintly Will?" the old man said.

"Yes." Zhuge Hui nodded. "Yes, but I don't seem able to make the step."

"It's not easy. As the ancient books say, a Saint knows the world and all creatures. He has an open heart. That is why I tell you all that you should cultivate your heart as well. Your heart has nothing to do with your plane, but it can determine your level. Some do not have great talents but have an extraordinary heart. Thus, they can still reach extremely high planes. In contrast, if your heart is not enough, your limit is already determined, no matter how talented you are."

The elder spoke while eating. Ye Futian and the others listened carefully. No wonder his senior brothers and sisters respected their teacher so much. He wasn't very attractive—he looked careless and even a bit trashy—but when he spoke seriously, he was like a true master.

"Teacher said before that a Saint isn't only a saint in their cultivation plane," Zhuge Hui said seriously. "In that case, why can evil people reach this level too?"

Ye Futian had never seen his second senior sister ask for advice so seriously. This was the first time.

"An evil person doesn't necessarily have a closed heart," the elder said. "Everyone holds onto their own views and has their own desires based on that. You may think he is evil, but in his eyes, his actions are just. For example, many people think that there are too many cultivators in the world. They think the resources are limited and should belong to the strong cultivators. Those who aren't ambitious are like ants who shouldn't be pitied. The weak should become slaves. Do you agree?" Everyone started pondering about the teacher's words. They seemed simple but were actually quite deep.

"Of course not," Zhuge Hui said. "There are many forces in the Divine Prefecture. For example, the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory take up different types of cultivation resources. A regular person isn't even able to find a simple battle technique. If they aren't lucky, they will be ordinary for their entire life. Not everyone in the world can find a good teacher."

Everyone nodded, agreeing with their second senior sister. Her words resonated with Ye Futian deeply. He'd started in Qingzhou City of the Hundred Lands. The people of Qingzhou didn't even know what the outside world was like. How could they compare in worldview and resources?

"I won't find it strange if other people think like this, but I'm surprised you think this way." The elder smiled at Zhuge Hui. "Then, let me ask you, would you like for everyone in the world to have equal resources or for only you all to be part of the Cottage?"

Zhuge Hui obviously understood what he was saying. She also knew that equality didn't exist in the world. All forces would only choose the most talented. Oftentimes, one's birth decided their starting point.

"Emperors and saints are only human. No one can think all this through. Many times, people will treat something differently if they look from a different angle. Thus, I hope that none of you will go to the extreme. Only someone with an open heart can see the world clearly.

"I cannot teach everyone in the world, so I chose you all. In the future, each of you will influence more people. For example, your first senior brother established the Sword Saint Mountain. That is heritage too. Those who are talented and work hard will naturally receive more. However, those with ordinary talents should be treated equally as well. At least, no one has the right to rob them of their efforts to change their fates."

The elder continued, "Back then, the Divine Prefecture was in chaos. The weak were treated like ants. The two emperors ruled the world and taught them the way, establishing academies. This gave everyone an equal chance. Everyone had the chance to change their fate."

Ye Futian seemed to understand. It was too complicated.

The elder chuckled. "I'm off topic again. In the future, you'll have more thoughts after leaving the Eastern Barren Territory. My third, fourth, and fifth disciples, tell me about your cultivation. Did you slack off while I wasn't here?"

"Teacher, I am untalented and only entered the grade one Noble Plane," Gu Dongliu said. Ye Futian looked at him speechlessly. Was he seriously calling himself "untalented" while in grade one Noble Plane? When Gu Dongliu fought with Lu Nantian at the beginning of the year, he was still in grade two. It seemed that the battle had helped him improve a lot.

"I am in grade four," Xue Ye said.

"Teacher, I'm in the middle tier, though only grade six," Luo Fan said with a smile.

"Teacher, I'm still in the lower Arcana Plane," Beitang Xing'er mumbled.

"I'm in upper Arcana Plane." Yi Xiaoshi scratched his head.

"Yu Sheng and I broke into the Arcana Plane on Sky Mountain," Ye Futian said, smiling. Would the teacher praise him for entering the Arcana Plane before he turned 20?

"You're almost 20 years old and only just entered the Arcana Plane?" The elder stared at Ye Futian with an exaggerated expression.

Ye Futian blinked. "Teacher, I'm only turning 20 next year."

"That doesn't matter. Xing'er is younger than you, but her plane is higher. I don't know how you're cultivating," the man said mercilessly. "But thankfully, you're lucky. You aren't as talented, but I'm your teacher. You still have a chance."

"I…" Ye Futian wanted to argue, but he saw that Zhuge Hui was smiling at him and Gu Dongliu looked serious. His temper died out. They'd told him before to respect the teacher! But his talent had been looked down on!

"Teacher, what plane are you in?" Ye Futian asked curiously.

"I don't cultivate." The elder shook his head.

"Teacher, do you think I'll believe that?" Ye Futian asked.

"Didn't you see at Sky Mountain? Did the bell have any effect on me?" the man continued. Ye Futian froze. He hadn't thought of this, but it seemed to make sense now.

"Maybe it's because your plane is too high?" Ye Futian asked, blinking.

"You think so?" The man ate with his head down. He didn't look like it.

Ye Futian was confused. So was he wrong and the teacher really didn't know how to cultivate?

Yi Xiaoshi tried not to laugh. Ever since Ye Futian came, his status had been dropping. Now, the teacher was back and this guy would finally get a taste of things. Ha!

"Even though your cultivation is low and you aren't talented, don't give up. I'm done eating, so you can come with me. I'll teach you well. I treat all my students equally." The man stood up and dusted himself.

"Ah…" Ye Futian was perplexed.

"You aren't coming?" the man said, walking away with his hands behind his back.

Ye Futian scratched his head. He glanced at his seniors and saw them all looking at him, so he stood up. Yi Xiaoshi finally couldn't keep his laughter in. The day had finally come. But then everyone turned to look at him and Yi Xiaoshi felt that the mood was strange. Seeing all their strange eyes, he froze and looked to Ye Futian.

"Wait for no," Yi Xiaoshi mumbled. "Teacher just came back and he's going to help Junior?" Since when was the teacher so diligent?

"You finally realized?" Beitang Xing'er asked.

Yi Xiaoshi went completely blank. What…was happening?

"Xiaoshi, you can't figure out the teacher," Zhuge Hui said, chuckling. She obviously knew Yi Xiaoshi had been gloating.

In the Moon Clan, it was the annual banquet for testing the accomplishments of the disciples for this year. Right now, it was very lively. Many beauties were together, all looking to the beautiful battle before them.

Both sides of the battle were gorgeous. One was Chu Yaoyao, the Virgin of the Moon Clan. The one fighting her was equal in both looks and talent. It was Hua Jieyu who had been cultivating at the Xiaoyue House. After returning from the Hundred Lands, Hua Jieyu had been working hard. She'd improved greatly and was now in the Arcana Plane.

"Yaoyao hadn't improved a lot this year. What happened?" someone asked. Chu Yaoyao was at this level last year and was still here now.

Many people nodded. Maybe it was because of her relationship with Qin Li that caused her to slack in cultivation. Otherwise, no matter how talented Hua Jieyu was, she couldn't catch up in one year.

Right now, a muffled grunt came from the battlefield. A spell hit Chu Yaoyao. Just as she was about to escape, endless vines restrained her, anchoring her to the ground. Before her, Hua Jieyu stood with a crown. She was as brilliant as a queen. That was her life spirit. Powerful spiritual strength radiated from her, influencing her every attack.

"Defeated." Chu Yaoyao looked depressed. She'd lost to the beautiful girl before her.

Hua Jieyu retracted her spell and gazed at Chu Yaoyao. Not wanting to compete, she'd only wanted to cultivate quietly before. But she couldn't forget how Ye Futian had been treated when he came last time. She didn't want Ye Futian to go through that if he came to find her again. Thus, she had to compete.

The surrounding people fell quiet. They knew what it meant if Chu Yaoyao lost. Many people looked over to the leader of the Moon Clan. She had witnessed this herself.

"Hua Jieyu will replace Chu Yaoyao as the Virgin," she said.

The crowd was in an uproar. How long had Hua Jieyu been here? She'd already replaced Chu Yaoyao.

At this time, people from the distance were hurrying over. Goddess Wangyue looked over and asked, "What's going on?" As soon as she spoke, she looked to the distance. There was a powerful aura coming from there.

"Qin Yu of the Qin Dynasty has come for a visit," a voice said. A short while later, Qin Yu arrived with a dragon. He looked down at Goddess Wangyue and smiled. "I'm sorry for the disturbance. Please forgive me."
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    《The Legend of Futian》