The Legend of Futian
367 Mockery
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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367 Mockery

Chapter 367: Mockery
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Everyone in the Moon Clan looked up at the incoming figure. Their expressions changed slightly.

Qin Yu came with a dragon without any prior notification. Standing arrogantly in the air, he was being very impolite. He wasn't the only one here either. There were also various dragons and strong cultivators. The people of the Moon Clan instantly felt pressure.

The Qin Dynasty wanted to ally with the entire Eastern Barren Territory against the Cottage. They wanted to become the king. If not for the Sword Saint's arrival months ago at the banquet, the alliance would have been formed already. Now, the Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple were apparently fully allied with the Qin Dynasty. In this situation, the Moon Clan naturally wished to remain neutral, but it seemed difficult now.

"Since the crown prince is here, please take a seat." Goddess Wangyue's voice was gentle and her eyes were calm. No one could guess what she was thinking, but actually, she was sighing inwardly too.

The three top forces of the center were already at the peak. Now, two were allied and the Qin Dynasty had excavated their ancestral tomb. There would be no suspense if they attacked the Moon Clan. The Liu Kingdom had set the example.

"No need. I came today to say something," Qin Yu said nonchalantly. He made a direct rejection and remained in the air, looking down at Goddess Wangyue.

Many Moon Clan disciples were upset at this. Their pretty eyes turned cold, but no one dared to do anything. The Qin Dynasty wouldn't dare to do this to the Cottage. When Qin Ge had brought his men to the Cottage, Gu Dongliu had killed them all outside Book Mountain. That had been so powerful.

Sometimes, people envied how free and chivalrous the Cottage could be. Even their enemies probably both feared and respected them.

"Crown Prince, please speak," Goddess Wangyue said calmly.

"Chu Yaoyao." Qin Yu's cold gaze fell to Chu Yaoyao who was still on the battle platform. "Ye Futian killed my son Qin Li on Sky Mountain. You are his fiancée. Why did you just stand there?"

Chu Yaoyao's face paled instantly. What must come would always come. Many people had seen Qin Li die before her. She couldn't refute Qin Yu's accusations.

Everyone in the Moon Clan looked to her. All the pressure in the world fell onto her at this moment.

"Why aren't you speaking?" Invisible might came from Qin Yu's body.

"I cannot explain," Chu Yaoyao said, looking up.

Qin Yu's expression turned frigid. Did she think that was enough?

"The Moon Clan did not wish to see the death of the royal grandson," Goddess Wangyue said. "I can understand your feelings too. However, Ye Futian is responsible. You should go to him, rather than take your anger out on a woman."

"I naturally won't take my anger out on an unrelated person," Qin Yu said. "However, she is my son's fiancée, but she didn't do anything. She didn't kill Ye Futian even after he lost the ability to fight. I have to suspect her. My son is dead but the marriage still stands. Chu Yaoyao is still the daughter-in-law of the Qin Dynasty. Goddess, you won't mind if I take her to the Qin Dynasty, right?"

Everyone in the Moon Clan was aghast. Since Qin Li was dead, the marriage naturally should be canceled. But Qin Yu still wanted to take Chu Yaoyao away? He clearly didn't want to forgive her. They didn't know how she would be treated if she really went to the Qin Dynasty. Qin Yu would do whatever he wished.

"Crown Prince, don't you think your words are a bit bizarre?" Goddess Wangyue said. "He is dead but the marriage still stands?"

"So are you saying that if my son is dead, there's no need to search for the reason? There is no need to investigate what his fiancée did either?" The dragon under Qin Yu huffed. He stood on the dragon's head and his voice grew colder. Invisible might radiated from him. It seemed that if the Moon Clan dissatisfied him today, he would attack directly.

The Moon Clan all looked uncomfortable. Chu Yaoyao looked around. She knew that they couldn't save her. Since Qin Yu had brought his men here, the result was already decided. Who in the Eastern Barren Territory could counter the Qin Dynasty other than the Cottage?

"I'll go," Chu Yaoyao suddenly said. Her pretty eyes were determined. When she spoke, she looked relieved. She had chosen this path. Since it was the wrong path, she would pay for it. She naturally had her own motives when she'd accepted Qin Li's pursuit. Now, she had to bear the consequences.

Hearing Chu Yaoyao's words, many people went to look at her. She smiled faintly as if she didn't really care. Looking up at Qin Yu, she said, "I am willing to go to the Qin Dynasty with you. Qin Li's death has nothing to do with me and I couldn't kill Ye Futian, but all of this is meaningless. I'll go with you." With that, she rose into the air. She looked down at Hua Jieyu with some envy.

A dragon moved forward to take her. However, Qin Yu didn't show any sign of leaving.

Goddess Wangyue gazed at him. "Anything else we can help you with?"

"There is indeed. It is my main reason for coming," Qin Yu said. "Goddess, I've heard of you and look up to you. I didn't come here today just for myself. I also bring the wishes of my father and the leaders of the Donghua Clan and Fuyun Clan to invite you to join us in ruling the Eastern Barren Territory." Since he came, he must take care of Chu Yaoyao's matter. However, he wouldn't do all this just for her. The one he wanted to kill was Ye Futian; he wanted to destroy the Cottage.

"I do not have that ambition. Crown Prince, please tell Emperor Qin and the other clan leaders that I must disappoint them." Goddess Wangyue's voice was gentle.

"The Cottage is unjust and murders the innocent. Many royal lives of the Qin Dynasty were lost in their hands. The Eastern Barren Territory will attack them together. Goddess, you are one of the leaders of a top force. How can you sit without doing anything?"

Qin Yu continued, "Goddess, do not worry. To show our sincerity, we wish to have a marriage alliance. My son is dead, but there are still many excellent juniors. Coincidentally, the Moon Clan chose a new Virgin today. She can marry into the Qin Dynasty. What do you think?"

The disciples of the Moon Clan stared. This was Qin Yu's true motive today. He wanted to force the Moon Clan to choose. As for the marriage, it was even more of a joke. They were sure that Qin Yu knew who the new Virgin was. The only reason he wanted to take Hua Jieyu away was to provoke Ye Futian.

Relatives shouldn't be involved in these things. Hua Jieyu was only a girlfriend and was also a disciple of a top force Qin Yu's words were extremely impolite, even a bit insulting. He was clearly pressuring the Moon Clan, wanting to take over them. Further, it wasn't just the Qin Dynasty pressuring the Moon Clan now. It was the alliance of four top forces.

If they agreed, they would live.

If they refused, they would die.

The Moon Clan was facing what the Liu Kingdom had faced. Last time, the Qin Dynasty found an excuse to attack. This time, they were even more direct. The Qin Dynasty was stronger now too. They wanted to destroy two top forces in a row. They were so cruel.

Hua Jieyu gazed at Goddess Wangyue. Obviously, she wouldn't go with Qin Yu.

Goddess Wangyue fell silent. Then she looked to Qin Yu and said, "The Moon Clan doesn't wish to be involved in the rivalry between the Qin Dynasty and Cottage. Hua Jieyu is our Virgin. I will ask of her opinion on the marriage. If you have nothing else to say, please return."

She rejected him.

All Moon Clan disciples present held their breaths. An invisible force enveloped them. They knew what Goddess Wangyue's rejection meant. It was highly possible they couldn't bear the consequences.

"Goddess, do you not care about justice?" Qin Yu asked coldly. He scanned the others and said, "I believe that not everyone in the Moon Clan is as confused as Goddess Wangyue. Does anyone wish to accomplish something great with the Qin Dynasty?"

Many hearts trembled. Before the Qin Dynasty destroyed the Liu Kingdom, they'd separated many lords and officials of the Liu Kingdom. Apparently, those traitors were in charge of the current Liu Kingdom. Now, Qin Yu clearly wanted to attack the Moon Clan. He asked who wished to follow them to divide them.

"Junior Sister, the crown prince's words aren't completely illogical," someone suddenly said. It was Yan Feihong, leader of the Qianyue Pavilion, master of Chu Yaoyao. Her status was very high. She was Goddess Wangyue's senior sister.

Goddess Wangyue gazed at Yan Feihong, her eyes turning cold. Yan Feihong's eyes flitted away. She didn't dare meet Goddess Wangyue's eyes. Though she was older, her junior sister was more excellent and had a very decisive personality. However, faced with the Qin Dynasty's pressure, the Moon Clan had no other choices. She had to think for herself.

"Senior Yan knows how valuable justice is. People like you should be the leader of the Moon Clan," Qin Yu said. "Anyone else?"

"Shut up," Goddess Wangyue said coldly to Qin Yu. As soon as she spoke, the air turned chillier.

Qin Yu's smile froze. He stared down at Goddess Wangyue. He grasped the dragon spear and a dragon's image wrapped around the tip.

Goddess Wangyue stood up. Her robes fluttered without any wind. She wasn't young but she only looked around 30 years old. Her aura was cold and cool. She had once been the beauty of the Eastern Barren Territory, but she was still single now.

"Qin Yu, how did you feel to be whipped like a dog by the Cottage's second disciple at the foot of Sky Mountain?" Goddess Wangyue mocked. "The one who killed your son is Ye Futian of the Cottage. You don't dare go to him, so you come to flaunt your power here. Don't you think it is embarrassing for someone so cowardly to become the king of the Eastern Barren Territory?"

Since they would fight, there was no need to be polite. As the Goddess Wangyue, she was as pure as jade. But this didn't mean that she was soft!
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    《The Legend of Futian》