The Legend of Futian
369 Move Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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369 Move Clan

Chapter 369: Move Clan
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Qin Yu and the other strong cultivators looked at the Sword Saint with uncomfortable expressions. They'd brought people from four top forces, overestimating the Moon Clan's power.

But they didn't expect that the Sword Saint would be here too.

They had strength in numbers, but the top force determined everything. If either the Sword Saint or Goddess Wangyue went after Qin Yu, no one could stop the other.

The Sword Saint had killed countless nobles with a bit of Broadsword Will.

"Goddess Wangyue," Qin Yu said coldly, "you didn't want to enter the battle because you've already become allied with the Cottage."

Goddess Wangyue gazed at him coldly. The Sword Saint had chatted with her before. She didn't wish to enter this storm and wanted to stay neutral. However, the Sword Saint didn't like this. He thought that the Qin Dynasty would come. And just as he'd predicted, the Sword Saint really did come. She couldn't even take a step back. If she didn't agree, her clan would be destroyed.

In that case, she could only joint the battle.

"Their safety is on you." Goddess Wangyue looked down. Her life spirit flashed, shining onto Qin Yu. He was instantly isolated. A cold intent seeped into his bones.

The spell Ice Sorrow was cast again. This time, it was targeted at Qin Yu alone instead of the group.

Qin Yu felt his spiritual energy about to be frozen. Both his senses and movements slowed down. Iciness attacked him, about to cover his body.

Dazzling golden light shone. His body seemed to turn to gold like he was a god of war. Endless light shot through everything, roaring in the world of ice and snow, tearing the iciness.

Goddess Wangyue reached out, closing her eyes. The entire world seemed to slow.

Boom. A shocking windstorm was born. A boundless hurricane enveloped her and Qin Yu. If one looked down from the air, they would see a vortex of wind. Goddess Wangyue melded into the windstorm and circled around Qin Yu incredibly fast.

Qin Yu held his dragon spear in preparation. He was a powerful martial arts cultivator and had extreme power. However, Goddess Wangyue was a pure sorcerer. She couldn't fight him directly.

That horrible windstorm spun crazily. Qin Yu felt that he was spinning with the air too. He couldn't see the outside world clearly.

The Moon Clan looked up to the windstorm. It could destroy everything and rip this clan apart. But now, it rose up into the air, leaving the Moon Clan. It was clear that Goddess Wangyue was worried this wild battle would hurt her disciples. For someone at the pinnacle like Qin Yu, no one could stop him if he wanted to kill. She could only move the battleground.

As for the Moon Clan, she handed it to the Sword Saint. She clearly trusted him more than she trusted herself. She believed the Sword Saint could protect the Moon Clan more. Thus, she brought Qin Yu away.

The Sword Saint looked up to the sky. Broadsword Will filled the sky, coming out of his body and going in many directions. Gradually, the entire air was sliced by them.

"Die!" he uttered coldly. As soon as he spoke, those beams of Broadsword Will transformed into bolts of lightning. They shot across the sky. Dragons roared, the Broadsword Will cut, and the dragons were split apart, crying out.

Powerful nobles used their spells to fight back, but the Broadsword Will seemed undefeatable. There were various squelches. People in the sky were continuously sliced; they couldn't fight back at all. Sorcery and sword light cut towards the Sword Saint and the Moon Clan at the same time.

"Stand there and don't move," the Sword Saint said to the Moon Clan disciples who wanted to fight. He shot into the air, grasping a bit of Broadsword Will, cutting through the air. The Broadsword Intent used his body as the core and spread out. Instantly, a dazzling broadsword enchantment shone in his surroundings. Endless sorcery and sword light shone down, trying to destroy the enchantment.

Just then, beams of sword light descended like lightning. It drowned everything, almost breaking the air as it went straight to the Sword Saint. These were from the leaders of the Fuyun Sword Clan.

The Sword Saint looked but didn't move. Beams of Sword Will cut down, blasting on his body. However, terrifying broadsword light flowed across his body, almost transforming into solid armor. Sharp sword aura descended but couldn't cut through the armor.

There was a huge difference between someone almost in the Sage Plane and at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane.

"Retreat," the leaders of the Fuyun Sword Clan said. They knew that even if they had more people, the Sword Saint was enough by himself, even if he had to protect the Moon Clan too.

People retreated hurriedly, soaring into the sky.

"I'd warned you at the Qin Dynasty last time. Since you didn't listen, why don't you stay now?" the Sword Saint said. The broadsword enchantment around him shrieked and transformed into boundless light. It broke through the air, chasing after the escaping figures.

"Hurry!" someone yelled.

They were fast, but the Broadsword Will was faster. It streaked across the sky, destroying all defensive spells. Many people became helpless. They watched the Broadsword Will descend and cut through their bodies. Faced with this Sage broadsword light, they couldn't fight back at all.

Only the leaders of the Fuyun Sword Clan could block the attack. But then, the Sword Saint's body seemed to transform into light. He was even faster than the Broadsword Will. Reaching out his right hand, dazzling light consolidated into a blade.

"No!" someone yelled in fear when he saw the Sword Saint. However, the man didn't charge at him. He just walked past and halved the person. He wasn't the only one. When the Sword Saint walked past those escaping, blood would bloom in the sky.

The strong cultivator with Chu Yaoyao twisted his features. Just as he wanted to kill Chu Yaoyao, the sword light descended. His dragon was killed and then it fell upon him.

Chu Yaoyao fell down with the destroyed dragon's corpse. Looking at the Sword Saint who passed her, she felt reverence. With his sword, the nobles were like ants. He was so powerful. She thought she would die today. She didn't expect that she would be saved by Ye Futian's senior brother. Of course, she knew that the Sword Saint wasn't here for her. He was here for Ye Futian's lover—Hua Jieyu was at the Moon Clan.

Dazzling sword light bloomed in the air, accompanied by fearful begs for forgiveness. Chu Yaoyao fell through the sky. She felt indescribable emotions as she looked up at that scene. Below her, the Moon Clan also saw that dazzling light. The sky seemed to be sliced apart. They felt yearning. Was this a truly top battle? A single man could destroy an entire army.

"Yan Feihong," a cold voice said. Then figures flashed, flying towards Yan Feihong.

The Sword Saint didn't kill her. This was the private matter of the Moon Clan so the clan would solve it.

Yan Feihong's face paled instantly. She looked to the furious crowd around her. "I was thinking for the Moon Clan too. Was I wrong?" she asked. "The clan leader knew that the Sword Saint was here. Why didn't she tell us?"

"I knew," an old woman said. "I saw the clan leader with the Sword Saint. He guessed that the Qin Dynasty might attack the Moon Clan and asked for our opinion. The clan leader didn't wish to be involved. The Sword Saint was fair and respected our choice. However, he didn't leave, preparing to fight the Qin Dynasty. If they didn't come, none of this would happen. If more people knew about this and the Qin Dynasty heard about it, we would be forced to enter."

"Stop wasting time with her. Wait for the clan leader to return and punish her," others said. Yan Feihong's face was pale.

In the air, the Sword Saint killed everyone and rose up again, going to another battlefield. He saw Goddess Wangyue in the sky, but Qin Yu wasn't there.

"He escaped," Goddess Wangyue said. "He must have known that it would be dangerous once you were free so he gave up."

"Yes." The Sword Saint nodded. Qin Yu had saintly ritual implements too. It would be hard for Goddess Wangyue to keep him here.

"Thank you." After all, the Cottage and Moon Clan didn't have much of a relationship.

"You're welcome. The Qin Dynasty is working with everyone to attack the Cottage. Helping you is helping the Cottage," the Sword Saint said as they returned to the Moon Clan.

"However, the Moon Clan won't be safe anymore," he continued.

Goddess Wangyue knew this too. She gazed at the green mountains and smiled bitterly. "Since the Qin Dynasty is forcing the Moon Clan to choose, there's nothing else I can say. Is there room on Book Mountain?"

"Welcome." The Sword Saint nodded with a smile.

Looking down at the people, Goddess Wangyue said, "You have all seen what happened. There is no need for me to speak further. I will move the clan to Book Mountain. If anyone wishes to leave and stay away from this storm, I will not force you. Those who wish to go, please gather your belongings and get ready to leave."

The Moon Clan was in an uproar, but they understood that their leader was helpless. They had no other choices. If not for the Sword Saint, the Moon Clan would have either gone to the Qin Dynasty or been destroyed.
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    《The Legend of Futian》