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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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370 Wife

Chapter 370: Wife
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Book Mountain, the Cottage.

On the ancient summit surrounded by clouds, there was a patch of emerald-green grass, on which a handsome figure was sitting quietly. Beside him, there was a pile of books. The person was reading a book in silence at the moment.

On a huge boulder not far behind him, an elder was lying down quietly. He was holding a wine pot in his hand, from which he would take a sip every now and then. He looked extremely leisurely. The two were obviously Ye Futian and his master Mr. Du. After finishing the book, Ye Futian closed his eyes. Immediately, Spiritual Qi around him resonated. Wind whizzed in the sky and the entire atmosphere turned tense. Accompanied by ear-piercing noises, many sharp wind blades appeared in space which seemed to be interwoven in a messy manner. They swept forward and even space itself seemed to be entangled. More amazingly, the wind blades which were charging forward slowly converged together, eventually forming a straight line.

Boom! A loud noise erupted. A low mountain in the distance was cleaved into two pieces at the middle. The crack was as thin as a line and was hardly noticeable. The wind-elemental spell was as sharp as a sword.

Ye Futian opened his eyes, after which he started reading another book.

"Master, little brother, mealtime!" someone shouted from the distance. Ye Futian put down the book and turned his head. He saw Beitang Xing'er walking towards him with a lunch box. The old man on the huge boulder stood up. Smiling, he said, "Six, what good food is there today?"

"Master, take a look yourself." Beitang Xing'er jumped onto the boulder and opened the lunch box. Then, she took out the rice and dishes. At once, the aroma of food spread out. Ye Futian also stood up and approached Beitang Xing'er, feeling somewhat hungry.

The old man glanced at Ye Futian and said lazily, "Who asked you to stop?"

"Master, I have been practicing for quite long and feel really hungry now," Ye Futian said, feeling wronged. "Furthermore, I am almost done learning all the spells."

"Oh, Xing'er, later go to the Book Cave and pick some more spells for your brother to cultivate," the old man said, grinning.

"Some more?" Ye Futian said with a long face. "Master, these spells are all quite ordinary and not very useful. Moreover, they're not very hard to learn."

"Kid, what do you know? Reading a book is cultivation. It can allow you to find your true self. Just like the saying, the meaning of a book will become clear if you read it a hundred times. You only know so few spells so far, and yet you claim that these are useless. Since you have decided to become a sorcerer, you must be adept at least 3,000 spells. Otherwise, don't call yourself a Cottage disciple," Mr. Du said emotionlessly, but his hands had already started moving. As he ate and drank, he continued, "It's a rare chance that I am back, and I am using all my time on your cultivation. You don't know how much your brothers and sisters envy you."

"Master, I am willing to give this opportunity to them." Ye Futian was almost going to cry. 3,000 spells? I might as well die! Is this old guy going to ask me to cultivate all the spells in the Book Cave?

I will die.

Revenge…this is certainly revenge!

"No way. You are the youngest. I have taught all your brothers and sister before, so I cannot be biased. I am a man with principles," the old man said in a serious tone.

"It's fine. I don't mind," Ye Futian said.

"Alright then. Six, in the future you will copy books with him. After your fourth brother started copying books, he has learned many spells. I think that it's really helpful," the old man said casually.

"Master, I'm wrong. I will continue to cultivate spells," Ye Futian cried. Beitang Xing'er giggled, looking very charming. She looked at Ye Futian and said, "Little brother, come and eat. The dishes are getting cold.

"Thank you, sister Xing'er." Ye Futian was touched. The two sisters were really good to him.

"Little brother, you should stop complaining. Second sister and third brother are all hoping that the master can spend more time teaching them." Beitang Xing'er served the dishes to Ye Futian. Smiling gently, she continued, "Only after you learn many spells can you merge them and be an expert. You are talented in all elements, so you should naturally make full use of it. When you understand all spells, you can do whatever you want. You can cast spells simply with a thought."

"Listen to her. You are already not young. I really wonder how you used to cultivate in the past. Xing'er is younger than you but she knows more than you. You are really hopeless. Luckily, you have met me," Mr. Du said as he ate. Ye Futian felt speechless. Just now, Mr. Du called him 'kid', and now he said that Ye Futian was not young.

"I am only repeating what you have taught me," Beitang Xing'er said.

Ye Futian sighed. He felt unlucky that he had such a master.

"Master." From the distance, Yi Xiaoshi also walked over. Noticing that Ye Futian and the master were eating together, he looked at Ye Futian in envy. It seemed indeed that fat people had no rights.

"Fat boy, what is it?" the old man asked.

Cough, cough... Ye Futian coughed and glanced at Yi Xiaoshi. This nickname was fantastic.

Yi Xiaoshi widened his eyes at Ye Futian. He was brought to the Cottage when he was young, and since then the master had been calling him 'fat boy'. What could he do? Was it his mistake to be fat?

"Master, Goddess Wangyue had brought the disciples of Moon Clan here. She wants to see you," Yi Xiaoshi said.

"Didn't your big brother come back as well?" the old man asked.

"Nope. I think he should have returned to Sword Saint Mountain to prepare," Yi Xiaoshi replied. At the moment, the situation in the Eastern Barren Territory was extremely unstable, so even Sword Saint Mountain was unsafe. Therefore, he naturally had to gather everyone together. Book Mountain was undoubtedly the safest place. Both the Cottage and the College were situated here. The only place that Qin Dynasty did not yet dare to attack was Book Mountain. Otherwise, they would have made their attack long ago. They were clearly not very confident.

Beside them, Ye Futian's eyes glittered. Goddess Wangyue had led all the Moon Clan disciples here, so something bad must have happened in Moon Clan. The master indeed had some foresight; Qin Dynasty still touched Moon Clan after all. However, since big brother had been ambushing there, Qin Dynasty must have paid a huge price this time. Moon Clan was here, so obviously Jieyu was as well.

"I'm full. Master, I'll go and take a look." Ye Futian dashed out.

"Have your cultivation ended?" the old man roared.

"Master, what are you saying?" Ye Futian replied, but he was already very far away.

Humph, easy. Didn't you say that you don't know cultivation? Then come and chase me!

"Look at how much he values his girlfriend over his master. Why did three take in such a disciple for me?" the old man remarked, speechless.

"I totally agree. I think he should get some punishment." Yi Xiaoshi added oil to the fire.

"Alright. Fat boy, you can cultivate with him," the old man said casually. Yi Xiaoshi immediately kept quiet.

"Ask your second sister to go. I'll go and chat with my senior," the old man said, after which he turned around and left. Yi Xiaoshi nodded and went back.

At the entrance of Book Mountain, the huge square was filled with beauties of various kinds. There were so many charming ladies that even the entrance to Book Mountain was blocked. This was definitely a feast to the eyes of the College disciples. Countless people from the College had come here after receiving the news and were enjoying the sight.

"So many beauties."

"I heard that in the future, the members of Moon Clan are going to cultivate on Book Mountain?"

"I think so. I wonder if the chief is going to agree."

"Obviously he is going to agree. My mountain has a lost of empty space and can accommodate many of them."

"Same for my mountain."

The entrance of Book Mountain became extremely lively. The members of the College were almost going to drool. The scene before them was too beautiful and dazzling. In the College, there were far more male disciples than female disciples, so they had never seen such a large group of pure beauties. They felt that they were already in heaven.

"It's my first time seeing Goddess Wangyue. She indeed deserves the name of goddess, so pure and ethereal."

"That's the Virgin of Moon Clan, Chu Yaoyao. She is one of the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory."

"And there, so many beauties. Who is that?" Everyone turned to look in a particular direction. Not far behind Goddess Wangyue, there was a lady who was about nineteen years old. She was even prettier than Chu Yaoyao. Her face was stunning and flawless, and her skin was as smooth as jade. She was as exquisite as an elf.

"Yeah, who is that? Why have I never heard about her before? She is even more beautiful than Chu Yaoyao, so why is she not one of the top three beauties?"

Many people started discussing. The College disciples Tang Ye was also among the crowd. Knowing obviously who that lady was, he said, "She is Hua Jieyu." Hua Jieyu seldom showed up in the Eastern Barren Territory so not many knew her. Therefore, although her look was gorgeous, she was not as famous.

"Hua Jieyu," many people muttered. Then, they suddenly thought of a person: Hua Jieyu, Ye Futian's girlfriend. It seemed that they would not stand a chance at all.

Suddenly, a person arrived at the place from the distance. Ye Futian landed on the ground and similarly felt somewhat dazzled.

"Greetings, goddess." Ye Futian bowed at Goddess Wangyue who was in front of the rest.

"I have heard your name many times. Indeed, you look extraordinary," Goddess Wangyue said, smiling. She was being honest. Every Cottage disciple was incredibly talented. Ye Futian was not yet twenty, and yet his name had spread to every corner of the Eastern Barren Territory. Even Qin Li died to him. His future was certainly going to be bright and grand.

"Goddess, you flatter me." Ye Futian scratched his head as if he was feeling embarrassed. Then, he said softly, "I'm here to see my wife."

"Wife..." Goddess Wangyue blinked. Then, she smiled and turned around to look at Hua Jieyu. Hua Jieyu's face blushed at once as she noticed that many people around her were staring at her. She widened her eyes at Ye Futian. Can't this guy keep a low profile?

Ye Futian walked into the crowd and approached Hua Jieyu. Smiling, he said, "Jieyu, I miss you so much."

"Hey, do you think that we are non-existent?" Yun Rou, whom Ye Futian knew, said, smiling.

"Sister, in the future we will be a single family." Ye Futian grinned and looked at her, causing many Moon Clan members to laugh. Then, he reached out his hand towards Hua Jieyu's hand. Hua Jieyu dodged slightly, but then she allowed him to grab her hand. Another wave of uproarious talk and laughter erupted.

"What an animal..." Seeing the scene, countless College disciples could feel their hearts bleeding.

Suddenly, another group of people arrived at the place. It was Zhuge Hui and the rest. Zhuge Hui glanced at Ye Futian and smiled. This guy really could not keep a low profile!
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    《The Legend of Futian》