The Legend of Futian
372 Training
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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372 Training

Chapter 372: Training
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After Moon Clan, Sword Saint Mountain also shifted entirely to Book Mountain. The whole Eastern Barren Territory was astonished by this. As the two large forces moved to Book Mountain, a super-being was born on Book Mountain, one formed from the College, Sword Saint Mountain, and the Moon Clan. More importantly, the Moon Clan was forced by Qin Dynasty to move.

Just like what happened on Book Mountain, Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple had also officially shifted to Qin Dynasty. Clearly, these two forces knew that it would be a disaster for them should the Cottage send Sword Saint to attack their clans, just like what Qin Yu had done to the Liu Kingdom. How could they not guard against this?

At the same time, the Qin Dynasty had sent many people to watch over the places outside Book Mountain and in the Ancient Barren Territory to prevent the College from attacking them or Donghua Clan suddenly.

The Eastern Barren Territory had entered an era where the two super-forces stood opposite each other. This would be a key stage in the development of the Eastern Barren Territory. Once one of the two forces won, it would very likely become the king of the Eastern Barren Territory. The remaining three top forces, namely Qianqiu Temple, Witch Clan, and Ji Family, did not dare to get involved easily; they just observed the situation carefully.

Because of the Moon Clan's current situation, the Qin Dynasty would naturally not deal with them anymore. Otherwise, they would probably achieve a directly opposite effect. That time Qin Yu decided to attack Moon Clan because the four major forces had already allied and they all thought that Moon Clan would be easily defeated. In addition, Qin Yu wanted to deal with Chu Yaoyao as well as Ye Futian by dealing with Hua Jieyu.

Therefore, Qin Yu decided to go to the Moon Clan and eliminate them if they were disobedient. He did not expect Sword Saint to be waiting in ambush there.

In that battle, a few summit lords from Fuyun Sword Clan and a few lords from Royal Xuan Temple were killed, officially starting the prelude to the final battle. Thus all the forces chose to shift one after another. However, after the battle in the Moon Clan, both parties turned quiet instead. There had been no fights between them since then.

It was said that the Qin Dynasty was allowing the most powerful people from various forces to enter their tomb to cultivate and breakthrough. Clearly, they wanted to end the era in a single battle.

Book Mountain was also very lively. The three major forces had combined together and interesting events were happening every day. Many young people in the College became much more motivated to cultivate. Furthermore, many people from Moon Clan were also being pursued, especially the prettier ones.

The last day of the 10003rd year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar approached quietly without any disturbances. In this year, too many major events had happened in the Eastern Barren Territory. The peaceful year-end drew a period to the entire year. Of course, it meant in no way that everything was ending.

In the Cottage, Ye Futian had not actually been spending his days in peace. He was mistreated and forced to cultivate spells every day. Luckily, Jieyu had been cultivating with him at the moment. Whenever he was tired from the cultivation, he would look at her and feel much better. Who asked Jieyu to be so beautiful?

"Master, can't I even rest on the last day of the year?" Ye Futian complained to Mr. Du who was sitting on a cliff, drinking and enjoyed the sight of the cloud sea. This is too much…

"You're so weak and yet you are thinking about resting every day," the old man replied in contempt without even turning his head around. "How're the spells?"

"Master, these spells are so easy to learn. Do you not believe in my talents?" Ye Futian replied in a depressing tone.

"Talents? You have talents?" the old man said in disdain. Then, he stood up slowly and walked to Ye Futian. "You think that you're very outstanding? I wonder where you got that confidence."

"But these spells are really easy!" Ye Futian argued. "Tell me that you are not really planning to ask me to learn all the spells in the Book Cave."

The old man took out a thin book from his shirt and threw it in front of Ye Futian. "Since you feel those are easy, try this spell."

"No problem," Ye Futian nodded. Then, he picked the book up and started reading. Slowly, his expression changed. He stopped smiling and his look turned serious as he frowned every now and then. Hua Jieyu who was beside him watched the scene curiously. What exactly did the master give him?

After Hua Jieyu arrived at the Cottage, she had been cultivating under Mr. Du together with Ye Futian. Both of them were Full Attribute Sorcerers and were also at the same level, so it was easy for Mr. Du to teach them together.

Suddenly, Ye Futian raised his head. "Is it really an actual spell?" he asked the old man who had returned to the cliff and sat down.

"If you cannot do it, don't suspect it. Didn't you think that you are very good? Just like this?" the old man remarked with contempt.

Ye Futian widened his eyes at the old man. He is definitely doing this on purpose!

Ye Futian was totally speechless. Since he started cultivating with Mr. Du, he had been humiliated every single day... Was this really his master? Although his father-in-law would also humiliate him sometimes, Mr. Du was way worse.

Thinking of this, Ye Futian lowered his head and continued to read the book. Then, he closed his eyes and tried to cast the spell. Wood-elemental vines swept towards the sky with a splashing sound. Vaguely, there was a golden radiance attached on it and the power of the wind was also following along.

"No..." Ye Futian shook his head and continued to try. He failed again and again but continued to try.

Beside him, Hua Jieyu took the book and read through it. Her eyes were immediately filled with surprise. Although she had heard about merging different spells and casting together or even merging spells with martial arts, she had never seen such a spell before. Was it really possible to cast the same spell with Spiritual Qi of different elements simultaneously?

Each type of Spiritual Qi existed independently of the other types. In a sorcerer's battle, he would often cast two spells simultaneously to increase their powers. For example, when he was casting an aggressive spell, he would attach a wind-elemental spell on it to increase its speed and power, or perhaps attach the power of lightning. All these could be done rather easily.

However, the spell that Mr. Du had given Ye Futian was different. The spell should be formed by condensing Spiritual Qi of three different elements together. Perhaps they would be able to do this when their levels got higher. But could this really be done by an Arcana Plane cultivator?

Ye Futian had become totally serious as if he was trying to beat himself. Mr. Du, on the other hand, lied down on the ground and drank his wine casually. He would occasionally glance at Ye Futian and smile to himself.

After a long while, Ye Futian stopped trying. Looking at the cliff, he questioned suspiciously, "Did you just give me a spell which can only be learned by a person with a level higher than the Arcana Plane?"

"If you can't do it, just admit it. With only such talents, I really don't know where your arrogance came from. I wonder why I even have such a bad disciple," the old man sighed. Ye Futian gritted his teeth. This old b*stard...

The old man squinted his eyes. Grinning, he asked Ye Futian, "Do you want to learn?"

"Yes." Ye Futian was cursing Mr. Du in his heart, but his face was filled with a bright smile.

"That's it?" the old man asked.

"I know that I am not talented enough. Master, please teach me."

I will tolerate this for this time...

"Since you know that fact, you can still be saved." The old man stood up slowly. Approaching Ye Futian, he said, "Although you are a sorcerer, you are but a beginner. You don't even know what is a real spell. Using Spiritual Energy to communicate with Spiritual Qi and combining them in a simple way would only produce the easiest spells and most useless sorcerers.

"Spiritual Qi in the world is like different strokes. You need to combine them into characters, and then turn them into a language. There are countless ways to combine them and different combinations will produce different spells. An outstanding sorcerer is skilled at controlling every single character and can form them into various spells with ease. Therefore, you need to know thousands of spells. Only when you are familiar with them, you can be more creative, or even create a new spell." the old man said slowly. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu both listened very attentively.

"Spiritual Energy is the bridge between sorcerers and the characters. An Arcana Plane cultivator has already merged his will with the world and can sense his surroundings much better or resonate with Spiritual Qi around him. You need to be able to see all the Spiritual Qi characters in your mind at the instant when you release your Spiritual Energy. They are like the extenders to your arms and legs. Your Spiritual Energy will then be everywhere. With just a thought, all the characters will move.

"Do you understand?" the old man asked.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were both deep in thought. They need time to digest the information and put it into practice.

"Haven't you comprehended Noble Will already? Can't you even understand such a simple reason?" the old man added in disdain.

Ye Futian was stunned. He thought about the powers contained in fire-elemental Noble Will, where he could feel an invisible power of flame. Maybe this was similar to what the master had just said. On Turtle Mountain, he had felt an even more mysterious power. It was like the rules of the world.

"How about a sage?" Ye Futian suddenly asked in curiosity.

"Sage?" The old man looked at Ye Futian and said, "A sage can kill you with a single thought."

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled.

"You don't believe it? Your big brother is here. I'll ask him to let you experience the Broadsword Will of a half-sage." Mr. Du looked at the distance. The Sword Saint walked over and smiling. He said, "Master, today is the last day of the year. Are you still teaching little brother?"

"This guy is untalented and yet supercilious. To prevent him from causing me to lose face outside, I can only endure the tiring process of teaching him," Mr. Du sighed. "You heard me just now. Let him feel it."

"Alright," Sword Saint nodded and looked at Ye Futian. "Little brother, be careful."

"Yup. Big brother, please," Ye Futian nodded.

Sword Saint released his will. Immediately, Ye Futian felt an endless coldness seeping into his body. He froze at the spot, not daring to move as cold sweat broke out from his forehead.

At the moment, he was engulfed by Broadsword Will. He felt that even his body was going to be crushed under the will. If Sword Saint wanted to kill him, he did not even have to move. The feeling only continued for an instant before disappearing. In this short while, Ye Futian's back was totally wet with sweat, as if he had just returned from hell.

Seeing Ye Futian's expression, Mr. Du said, "Work hard, and don't be lazy." Then, he and Sword Saint left the place together, while Ye Futian was still standing motionlessly at the spot.

In the distance, Sword Saint laughed and said, "Master, little brother is already very outstanding. Why do you have to give him an emotional blow like this?"

"He is too arrogant and needs to learn too many things!" A meaningful smile appeared on Mr. Du's face.
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    《The Legend of Futian》