The Legend of Futian
375 A Person Who Can Change the World
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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375 A Person Who Can Change the World

Chapter 375: A Person Who Can Change the World
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After Donghuang the Great and Emperor Yeqing united the Divine Prefecture, many people began to follow their trail. A lot of people knew that Donghuang the Great and Emperor Yeqing spent some time in the Eastern Barren Territory during their upbringing, which was why so many wanted to step into the Eastern Barren Territory. However, the two emperors put out a ban stating that non-native Sages were not allowed to enter the Eastern Barren Territory.

They had united the Divine Prefecture and were peerless existences. Who would dare to challenge the ban? Even to this day, there were many who didn't quite understand the reason for the emperors' ban. Despite this, there still many people who followed their footsteps in those days. Naturally, they all knew about Sky Mountain, but no one was ever able to reach the top, especially Nobles.

Last year, however, the people heard that bells rang out from Sky Mountain. Powerful cultivators from all over the Eastern Barren Territory gathered to climb the mountain, as there was a chance they might find relics left by the two emperors on the mountain.

On the Responding Dragon, the two people leading the group were clad in silver. Looking at Sky Mountain, one of them spoke, "I heard that many people made attempts here. No one succeeded?"

"That's correct. No one was successful and after time everyone simply gave up. The number of people coming to the Eastern Barren Territory also greatly decreased. I speculate that the emperors' wills have assimilated into Sky Mountain and only Sages have a chance of withstanding the power, making it possible for them to make it onto the mountain. However, because of the ban, Sages can't enter the territory and no one dares to sneak in. No one knows for sure whether or not the will of Donghuang the Great can oversee everything happening on the Sky Mountain," explained a Noble standing beside the youth. He was more knowledgeable in events from all those years ago.

"Did the two emperors actually leave anything behind on Sky Mountain?" The youth was getting curious. Almost everyone in the world was curious about everything regarding the two emperors. They were true legends.

"Who knows. But since the bells rang, there might actually be something."

"You guys came quick." The voice came from afar. A flame-like red light was suddenly emitted from the skies, melting all the falling snow. A group of shining figures descended from above. The light was blinding, just like the sun.

It was a large Sun Bird, the Three-legged Golden Raven. Its body was engulfed in flames and its eyes filled with a wild look. On the raven's back was what seemed like a sun carriage. On the two sides of the carriage stood many powerful cultivators, protecting the person seated in between. Just like the previous group, it was definitely a majestic sight.

All this commotion... Everyone standing at the foot of Sky Mountain were in shock. That was two powerful groups in a row. With such eye-catching entrances, they didn't seem like any powers of the Eastern Barren Territory. They were much more dazzling. With a pounding in their chests, many speculated, could they be outsiders? How many years has it been since the last time an outsider set foot in the Eastern Barren Territory?

"Let me give it a try," said the youth in the silver. Without sparing a glance at the person who had previously spoken, he headed straight for Sky Mountain. Many youths beside him also stepped up to join him. They were all cultivators in the Arcana Plane. Nobody above the Noble Plane was allowed on Sky Mountain. They were all very clear on this o rule.

Youths from the carriage pulled by the Three-legged Golden Raven also made their way toward Sky Mountain. The Responding Dragon and the Three-legged Golden Raven stopped in the skies, attracting a lot of attention.

The happenings of the next few days had the audience at the foot of the mountain feeling unsettled.

In the next few days, people continued to arrive at Sky Mountain. Some people came in a flying battleship. This ship was quite intimidating. It flew in the skies and was carried by the winds. Obviously, it was an extremely powerful ritual implement used for flight. However, the people of the Eastern Barren Territory had never seen or even heard of anything like it. Same as the other groups, this ship carried many powerful cultivators. Among them, were a few beauties. They had long, slim legs, beautiful, pale skin, and exquisite features. They also made their way onto Sky Mountain. There were also cultivators that arrived mounting large demon beasts. Their demonic auras filled the skies and frightened those at the foot of the mountain.

More and more cultivators gathered. Even those from the Qianqiu Temple were feeling unsettled. The huge war of the Eastern Barren Territory could break out at any moment. Nobody would have expected for outside powers to arrive at Sky Mountain because of the bells at a time like this.

From what they knew, the Eastern Barren Territory hadn't had these many outside visitors in many years now. After all, people aimed to reach high places. An extremely small percentage of those who left were ever willing to return. Had it not been from the relics of Sky Mountain left by the two emperors, the resource-lacking Eastern Barren Territory really didn't hold much appeal to the outside world.

As the news of Sky Mountain spread, the Western Region was stirred up. Then, it continued to spread all throughout the Eastern Barren Territory.

On Book Mountain, at the Cottage, Ye Futian was the first to get the news, with the exception of those who set camp at the foot of Sky Mountain. As soon as those cultivators set foot on Sky Mountain, he knew. The Black Wind Eagle was still cultivating on the mountain.

"Teacher, outsiders of the Eastern Barren Territory have arrived at Sky Mountain." In the back mountains, Ye Futian spoke to Mr. Du who was drinking while seated on a cliff.

"I know," the elder answered as he stared into the distance. He never expected that the bells of Sky Mountain would not only stir-up the Eastern Barren Territory but also pique the interest of the outside world. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? He was very clear. Ever since the two emperors established the ban, there had been little to no contact between the Eastern Barren Territory and the outside world. Now, the territory had once again attracted the attention of the outside world. This was a big change.

"Come sit," said Mr. Du. Ye Futian nodded and sat down beside him. Mr. Du didn't seem like he was in the best mood.

"Do you know why there were only seven disciples in the Cottage before you?" Mr. Du asked suddenly. Ye Futian shook his head. Although this old man was unlikeable at times, there was no doubting his teaching abilities. It was evident based on his own thoughts after these days of cultivation and also through the abilities of First Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister.

"Because I'm lazy. Humans are the most complicated. Not even the disciples that you have taught yourself will agree with everything you teach them. Especially as time goes on, it is so easy to throw away things you used to feel so strongly about. I'm just one person, there's only so much I can do. How can I influence many? All I can hope for is that the disciples I teach can influence even more people in the future." As he spoke, he took another drink of wine. This is the first time Ye Futian had seen him like this and so he spoke, "I heard from First Senior Brother that you had your own dreams. That must be your reason for starting the Cottage. What are your dreams?"

"What dreams could a person like me possibly have?" Mr. Du shook his head and continued, "Do you know why Donghuang the Great and Emperor Yeqing gave orders for martial arts schools to be set up all around the world?"

"To help martial arts thrive," Ye Futian answered. This was what it said in the history books.

"300 some years ago, the Divine Prefecture was in complete chaos. There were countless strong powers and each of them controlled a different location. Or they started family clans, some tried to develop their own religion. These people were their own masters, but was the existence of these powers a good or bad thing for the people," questioned Mr. Du.

Ye Futian didn't reply. He simply sat and listened.

"Of course, there was nothing wrong with families and clans. However, when you had something they wanted or if you became a threat to their interests, somethings became inevitable. For example, why did the Qin Dynasty want to take down the Cottage?"

Naturally, Ye Futian understood why. The Cottage was strong and powerful which the Qin Dynasty felt was a threat. That was why they were so set on destroying the Cottage.

Mr. Du continued, "In the vast lands of the Divine Prefecture, formidable beings that could greatly affect us were born. When they appear, you would be able to imagine things you've never been in contact with before. Take the many cultivators who arrived in the mountains today for example. What would happen if they knew that someone had made it to the top of Sky Mountain and received the relics of the two emperors?"

Ye Futian looked at his teacher. The elder still had his eyes focused ahead. He didn't know if there was a hidden meaning behind what Mr. Du said, but Ye Futian understood.

When these formidable beings appeared, they would most certainly gain the support of the best of the best and be able to receive the best resources. Nobody would be able to restrict them from doing anything they wanted. This was something both the teacher and Second Senior Sister had reminded him twice of. It was the same logic as a person with a weapon will produce the killing thoughts. Wasn't that exactly what Emperor Luo did to him all those years ago?

"The Divine Prefecture has always been run this way. It hasn't changed in millions of years. It's the same even today. Even so, there are always some who have remained untouched by the dirty ways of the world despite the hardships they have been through and instead; they dream of changing the world. And that is how the two emperors of the Divine Prefecture were born." The elder looked serious. His tone was filled with admiration and respect. "How could someone become a leader of the world without having the people of the world at heart. That is why martial arts schools were established. It was to try to give everyone in the Divine Prefecture a fair chance."

"However, it's not that easy, changing the world. Even for the emperors. It would be difficult to simply change the Eastern Barren Territory, so forget about the Divine Prefecture." The elder seemed to be laughing at himself. It was then that Ye Futian withdrew his playful attitude and became serious. He was now also filled with admiration and respect.

So, this was the teacher's dream. Wanting to change the world. It sounded like a laughable thing, but at the same time, it was sad.

"So many people in history have wanted to change the world. However, when they reached a certain status, their mindset changes. If you were the College Chief, would you want the other powers of the Eastern Barren Territory to overpower the College?" The elder continued, "So, Futian, sooner or later, you'll step out of the Eastern Barren Territory and you'll witness crueler things. You'll see the black and whites of the world. I hope that no matter what you experience, you'll stay true to yourself and remember your beginnings. If one day, you can become a person who influences the world, even if it's nothing bid, never forget your initial intentions. Never became the type of person you once despised."

"I understand," nodded Ye Futian.

"Alright, go cultivate," said the elder.

Ye Futian lifted his head slightly to look at the older male with a smile. "Teacher, after all that, I see you in a whole new light."

"Scram," the elder gave him a glare.

"And there goes your good image again." Ye Futian sighed and turned to leave. He would place the elder's words deep in his heart. Even if he couldn't become a person who could affect the world in the future, he would most definitely not become a person who did bad things.
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    《The Legend of Futian》