The Legend of Futian
381 The Demon Bird on Sky Mountain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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381 The Demon Bird on Sky Mountain

Chapter 381: The Demon Bird on Sky Mountain
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Is he acting like this deliberately? Nan Feng thought, gazing at Ye Futian. His words had indeed been very provocative and had lured them all the way here. However, even if Ye Futian did this on purpose, what could they do? They could give up anytime. Because Nan Yu was unwilling to give up, he had reached his extreme at the moment and was injured. It seemed likely that he would not be able to continue.

How about the rest? How long more could they endure? Could they reach the summit of the mountain?

Ye Futian had been claiming that they would reach soon, but nobody knew how far away the summit was exactly.

Suddenly, Du Ao from Sacred Fire Sect walked up to Hua Qingqing and asked, "Hua Qingqing, how long more do we need?"

Hua Qingqing felt somewhat disgusted—Du Ao had been following her all along.

However, Sky Mountain this time felt different from the last. She was also enduring a great amount of pressure. The willpower that had merged into the mountain seemed to have revived, as well as the evil thoughts. She was similarly reaching her extreme and could not keep her distance from him.

"We still have some distance to go. You should give up. Although I did manage to reach the peak the last time, I indeed walked up myself. This time, however, it seems to be tougher." Hua Qingqing turned her head and glanced at everyone.

"Alright." Du Ao's body was covered in dark light, while his eyes were burning with an evil flame, in which some darkness could be seen. He took another step closer to Hua Qingqing. Then, he suddenly reached out his hands and grabbed towards Hua Qingqing's arms.

Hua Qingqing's expression changed; this was already the second time. With her body showered in sacred radiance, she released a strong wave of Spiritual Energy towards Du Ao while trying to avoid the grab. However, Du Ao's arms became covered in terrifying flames as he struck his hands towards Hua Qingqing's body. Under the pressure of Sky Mountain, she could not dodge the surprise attack at such a close range. Thus, Du Ao still grabbed the upper parts of her arms.

"Follow me down the mountain," Du Ao said as he started to descend. It was challenging to climb Sky Mountain, but right the opposite for descent.

"Let me go!" Hua Qingqing's Guqin Spirit appeared behind her, and the music immediately tried to attack Du Ao's Spiritual Will.

Boom. Du Ao's eyes were covered in dark flames, and a sacred fire-like radiance enveloped the two. He was in the Upper Arcana Plane, while Hua Qingqing only the Middle Arcana Plane. Clearly, she could not fight back.

"I'll go down first." Grabbing Hua Qingqing with his arms, Du Ao turned around and ran down the mountain. This unexpected event caused everyone to be momentarily stunned. Everything just happened in an instant. It was as if Du Ao had already planned long ago that if he could not make it to the top, then he would bring Hua Qingqing down with him.

Ye Futian took a step backward and wanted to chase them. He squinted, and coldness filled his eyes.

"It's none of your business. We'll continue forward." Han Lan from Taixuan Mountain was releasing an extremely wild aura, as if he was a human-like demon, as he stared at Ye Futian with his monstrous eyes. Evil thoughts had entered his minds and activated the wildness in him. Therefore, he wanted to continue the ascent.

In this short moment, Du Ao had already brought Hua Qingqing down the path for quite a distance. Ye Futian could see Hua Qingqing staring at him like she was asking for help. She knew that Ye Futian could save her.

"Let's try again. If we really cannot do it we'll give up," Nan Feng also said to Ye Futian. Although he despised Du Ao for his action, it was none of his business as well.

Ye Futian glanced at everyone and nodded. "Okay then." After that, he turned around and continued the climb. His will, however, began to envelop Sky Mountain and he could see Du Ao bring Hua Qingqing all the way down. Their speed during the descent was unrestricted at all and extremely fast, while the evil thoughts were also weakening. However, the evil flames in Du Ao's eyes were not extinguishing at all; instead, they were growing more intense. Looking at the pure and flawless lady before him, his eyes were filled with greed. If he could bring her to Sacred Fire Sect, she would be his in the future.

"B*stard!" Ye Futian's heart was filled with coldness. At the moment, there was a monstrous dark figure inside Sky Mountain. The endless Demonic Will circling Sky Mountain turned into an illusory Demon Bird and engulfed the region of darkness.

Suddenly, however, a pair of eyes opened in the darkness. The pair of eyes looked unruly and unrestricted as if they were from the Demon Bird itself. At this instant, the endless willpower on Sky Mountain gushed towards the illusory Demon Bird that had just formed. The willpower from Sky Mountain and the Demonic Will turned into two forces that tried to eliminate one another. Then, some coldness flashed across the demonic pair of eyes.

Buzz! A figure charged out towards the sky like a dark bolt of lightning. It kept ascending and flew out of Sky Mountain directly, while an endless amount of Demonic Will circled around its body. At this instant, an enormous Demon Bird appeared on the summit of Sky Mountain.

The Demon Bird dived down from the summit with a striking speed, like a bolt of lightning.

At the moment, Ye Futian and the rest were still climbing the mountain with much difficulty.

"Why are the evil thoughts getting stronger?" Chu Shang said. Her wonderful body was covered with protective light, but suddenly she could feel the evil thoughts increasing rapidly.

Apart from her, the rest also felt it and were puzzled.

"Above us!" Suddenly, Nan Feng raised his head and saw a Demon Bird which had blotted out the sun and the skydiving down towards them. His face immediately turned very pale.

"Run!" Without any hesitation, Nan Feng turned around and ran down the path. Clearly, he did not want to climb Sky Mountain anymore. The Demon Bird which he saw was the one that had appeared in their minds. It actually existed!

Everyone did not hesitate and turned around to run directly. However, the Demon Bird was too fast and reached them in a flash. They could only take out powerful ritual implements to protect themselves.

The enormous Demon Bird swept past them, and it was as if the end of the world was coming. They were all blown off into the air directly as they coughed much blood. Then, they fell back onto the ground and still kept rolling downwards. However, the Demon Bird dived past them directly, as if it was not interested in them at all.


Nan Feng spat out a mouthful of blood which colored the snow below him. The hit just now was too terrifying. Turning around, he saw Ye Futian also lying down on the ground and yelled coldly, "Bastard! Why didn't you say that there is actually a Demon Bird on the mountain?"

"I didn't see it the last time here," Ye Futian replied.

"Idiot!" Nan Yu was even more severely injured. Just now, he was already reaching his extreme, and furthermore, the sharp claws of the Demon Bird landed on his chest directly. If he did not have a ritual implement, he would either be dead or disabled by now.

Chu Shang also looked at Ye Futian but did not say anything. Nobody had expected such an outcome, one that was even more miserable than the last. It seemed that they would never be able to make it to the summit.

Ye Futian sneered in his heart. Since these people wanted to climb Sky Mountain, he would accompany them and entertain them well.

Of course, he would not really kill them here.

Otherwise, if he and Hua Qingqing returned alive but the rest were dead, the top forces from the Barren State would certainly not let them off.

At the mountainside of Sky Mountain, Du Ao chose not to continue the descent. On the other hand, he brought Hua Qingqing to an isolated corner on the mountain and injured her. The resistance from her had caused him much trouble.

Lying in the snow, Hua Qingqing's face turned miserably pale. Never had she expected such a thing to happen.

The evil flames in Du Ao's eyes were still burning as he stared at Hua Qingqing on the ground. He walked up step by step and said, "Your body really suits me. Don't worry. In the future, I'll bring you back to Sacred Fire Sect. Perhaps one day you'll become the wife of the Son of Sacred Fire Sect."

"Scram!" Hua Qingqing's eyes were filled with murderous intent as her Guqin Spirit appeared again. Obviously, she was unwilling to be humiliated like this.

"Why are you even resisting?" A flame god seemed to have appeared behind Du Ao, protecting him from the music. Then, a horrifying Flame Intent landed on Hua Qingqing's body which caused her shirts to start burning in the dancing snow. Her white and smooth arms were displayed in his sight.

"You'll not get what you want," Hua Qingqing said with resolution.

"Even if you kill yourself, I'll still not let you go." The evil within Du Ao was ignited. Hearing his words, tears flew down from Hua Qingqing's eyes.

Seeing Du Ao walk towards her step by step, she was desperate.

Du Ao produced evil laughter. Suddenly, he seemed to have felt something and shouted coldly, "Who's there?"

Turning around, he saw wind whizzing wildly in the distance and snow sweeping towards him along with some dark light. Then, he saw a monstrous Demonic Bird.

"What's that?" Du Ao's expression changed instantly as the Demon Bird charged towards him at an astonishing speed. He grabbed Hua Qingqing and backed quickly.

The Demon Bird swept out its wings and slapped onto the two. At once, the two were separated and fell onto the ground.

Du Ao glanced at Hua Qingqing who had fallen to a place far from him and was unwilling to give up. However, he suddenly noticed the Demon Bird staring at him and charge towards him again.


Seeing the Demon Bird rushing towards him, Du Ao immediately took out a spell scroll and crushed it. His speed increased significantly, and he flew towards the side of the mountain like a gust of wind. He wanted to leave Sky Mountain.

The Demon Bird flapped its wings and neared Du Ao rapidly. His face turned pale as he took out another scroll. The scroll was crashed under fire and turned into a flame guardian.

Bang! The sharp claws of the Demon Bird struck out, and even the flame guardian was smashed into pieces. The frightening power caused Du Ao to be blown away and spit much blood in the air. Using this force, he retreated from the mountain hastily with the aid of wind.

The Demon Bird continued forward, but Du Ao was already at the edge of Sky Mountain. He immediately charged down, leaving the mountain.

Only then, the Demon Bird stopped and did not continue to chase. Its body made an arc in the sky as it made its way back. When it passed by Hua Qingqing, it glanced at her with its unruly eyes, after which it flew past her.

Hua Qingqing stared at the Demon Bird and shouted, "Thank you." She had vaguely guessed a few things. Since the willpower on Sky Mountain had been controlled by Ye Futian, he would be able to control the Demon Bird as well.

Du Ao descended from the mountain, looking extremely injured, and soon he returned to the foot of Sky Mountain. Seeing Du Ao's appearance, the people from Sacred Fire Sect asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing. There is a demon on Sky Mountain. I was assaulted by it," Du Ao replied emotionlessly. The evil thoughts in his eyes slowly dissipated.

The cultivators from Mortal World walked up and asked, "Where's the lady?" The people from Nantian House who were on the back of the dragon also asked a similar question.

"I don't know. We were separated," Du Ao replied as he glanced at the crowd. He seemed to be looking for Qin Yu and the family members of Hua Qingqing, but he realized that they were no longer here.

In the distance, however, a group of cultivators was heading towards Sky Mountain on the back of a dragon.

The composition of the group was astounding—Its members included Qin Yu, Donghua Clan leader and his wife, Lu Nantian, Fuyun Sword Clan leader, and the lords from Royal Xuan Temple!
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    《The Legend of Futian》