The Legend of Futian
383 Battle Between the Bes
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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383 Battle Between the Bes

Chapter 383: Battle Between the Best
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At the foot of Sky Mountain, the wind was blowing and snowflakes were dancing wildly in the air. In the distance, there was a group of cultivators. Many people looked in that direction and were astonished.

The group consisted of Qin Yu, the crown prince of Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan leader and his wife, Lu Nantian, Fuyun Sword Clan leader, the lord from Royal Xuan Temple, as well as several elders from Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan.

So many strong cultivators had appeared at Sky Mountain and they were heading directly towards the place where the three strongest disciples of the Cottage were at.

The Eastern Barren Territory was about to change drastically.

The long-awaited battle was about to erupt at the moment. Nobody had expected it to happen neither at the College nor at Qin Dynasty, but rather at Sky Mountain.

The only question was why the king of Qin was not present.

Sword Saint, Zhuge Hui, and Gu Dongliu also noticed the group. Standing proudly in the air, their eyes were only filled with coldness. It seemed like the group was aiming directly at them. At the other side, the cultivators from various top forces of the Barren State all seemed to be interested in the situation. It seemed to them that the Eastern Barren Territory was not in a peaceful state.

They would probably be able to see how strong the best cultivators of the Eastern Barren Territory were.

The crowd beside Sword Saint and the other two retreated as far as they could. Qin Yu and the rest had arrived and the final battle was imminent, so clearly they had to avoid it totally. Therefore, shortly afterward only three people remained quietly in that region as if they were isolated by the entire world.

The snow fell down continuously from the sky, onto the three who were standing straight at their spots. Sword Saint looked majestic, Zhuge Hui cold and proud, while Gu Dongliu extremely sharp.

This was the first time the three eldest disciples of the Cottage stood together to fight their enemies. Many people turned very emotional; these three were the legends of the Eastern Barren Territory. They were the models for countless many. However, this time, their enemies were way too strong—Donghua Clan leader and his wife, Fuyun Sword Clan leader, Royal Xuan Temple lord. All of them were very influential figures in the Eastern Barren Territory.

How would the Cottage disciples fight them?

"It seems like someone has a poor memory. Or perhaps, those hits from my whip that time simply aren't painful enough." Zhuge Hui smiled coldly as she glanced at Qin Yu. Immediately, Qin Yu's face darkened. The battle at Sky Mountain last time was the biggest humiliation he had experienced in his life.

Looking down at Zhuge Hui who was wearing a white shirt and standing in the snow like a fairy, Qin Yu said, "The second disciple of the Cottage indeed looks elegant. I heard that you're still single now. How about marrying into Qin Dynasty? Coincidentally, I need a concubine." After that, he looked at the other people beside him and said, "Be gentle later and don't injure her." Qin Yu really wanted to clear himself of the humiliation he had experienced at Sky Mountain on that day. The only way was for Zhuge Hui to submit herself below him and be played by him. She would use her entire life to repent for that battle.

Lady Yuxiao glanced emotionlessly at Qin Yu and felt somewhat disgusted. Qin Yu was humiliated because he was weaker, and yet he wanted to humiliate Zhuge Hui in such a way, which was really distasteful.

That day at Sky Mountain, Qin Li was killed and Qin Yu lost badly in the battle, which totally shattered his confidence. His mentality, therefore, became somewhat distorted. This could also be seen from his act of using Hua Qingqing to get closer to the people from the Barren State.

At the moment, Qin Yu would achieve his goal at all costs. However, Lady Yuxiao did not say anything. Donghua Clan had also crossed the point of no return.

Just as Qin Yu finished speaking, an extremely sharp aura bloomed from Gu Dongliu and ascended into the air, charging towards Qin Yu. His murderous intent filled the sky.

Hearing Qin Yu's words, Zhuge Hui suddenly laughed. Concubine? She then put her hand near her waist. Following a soft noise, her long whip appeared in her hand.

Zhuge Hui's arm trembled slightly. The whip rotated and flew into the air, turning into a white bolt of lightning which penetrated across space. In the sky, thunder roared and lightning flashed. Immediately, countless lightning flew on the whip as it swept towards the sky. It was as if the whip had turned into a lightning storm that was attempting to engulf the entire region. Every lightning in the storm held a destructive power. Anyone who got trapped in the storm would almost certainly be destroyed.

"Back!" The people in the distance had already retreated a huge distance, but feeling the power of the storm, they ran back again as they still felt unsafe. Zhuge Hui's casual action actually caused the whole region to be enveloped in such a devastating power.

Beside Sky Mountain, the people from the Barren State were all surprised by the scene. It seemed that they had indeed underestimated the power of the College. At least the lady before them was very strong. This lightning spell was definitely one that had exceeded the noble-level.

In the sky, the expressions of Qin Yu and the rest all turned dignified. Zhuge Hui had only cast one spell, and it already caused them to feel some pressure. This lightning spell was cast by the whip, a sage ritual implement. At the moment, all the lightning forces in the world had been brought together and the catastrophic storm was charging towards them, trying to engulf every person.

"Leader." Qin Yu held his dragon spear in his hand, but he looked at Donghua Clan leader who was beside him. The previous battle already proved that he was no match against Zhuge Hui.

Donghua Clan was a force which was as famous as the Qin Dynasty and the College. Thus, the power of its leader was undoubtedly very strong.

Donghua Clan leader stared below him. He was holding a scepter in his hand, the Earthly Scepter.

Donghua Clan was well-known for its spells, and its leader cultivated both martial arts and sorcery. At the moment when he held the Earthly Scepter, an invisible gravity enveloped the region. Accompanying a violent rumbling, brown-colored radiance stared converging wildly around him. It actually turned into many enormous meteorites which were as huge as mountains. Then, they dropped down wildly towards the lightning storm.

Rumble! The sky cried and the battlefield turned into an actual doomsday. Bolts of lightning and meteorites collided into each other. Under the endless purple lightning, the meteorites were crushed continuously, but they seemed to be endless as well. They dropped down continuously, trying to fill the storm.

Zhuge Hui's rotating arm suddenly pointed directly at the sky. At once, the lightning storm engulfed the sky and stopped gathering any powers.

The shirt of the Donghua Clan leader swang in the air and his long hair danced. He pointed his scepter downwards and immediately, a terrifying gravity stopped the storm from ascending. Suddenly, a whip struck out from the storm towards Donghua Clan leader.

The expression of Donghua Clan leader did not however change and a sacred, illusory figure appeared beside him. The figure looked huge and burly as if it was a divine being. He pointed his scepter out and immediately, many enormous palm prints appeared in the sky. They blotted out the sky and grabbed towards the whip, sealing the entire space. Like an agile snake, the whip suddenly changed its direction and charged towards Qin Yu.

Qin Yu's body turned into a golden beam of light which dodged to the side. Then, the whip swept towards the dragon Qin Yu was on, causing it to howl ferociously. The whip wound around its huge body directly, after which the lightning storm appeared again. Zhuge Hui's arm trembled suddenly. Right away, the radiance circling around the dragon in the lightning storm turned into many lightning swords and cut the dragon into countless pieces.

The dragon gave out cries of misery and roared continuously. Seeing the scene, the crowd in the distance was astounded. The dragon was a noble-level one, and its physical defense was extremely strong. However, it was cut into many pieces directly by Zhuge Hui's whip. It was then easy to imagine what the lightning storm could do to a human.

All of a sudden, a wave of Sword Will bloomed in the sky as Fuyun Sword Clan leader stepped forward. Holding the famous sword the Alkaid, he turned into a blade of light and descended from the sky. The silvery light reflected from his sword lit the entire sky as he struck directly towards Zhuge Hui who was attacking Qin Yu.

Sizzle... An extremely appalling Broadsword Will also bloomed. Sword Saint turned into a bolt of lightning and his Broadsword Will penetrated across space. It cut through the silvery blade of light and ascended straight upwards, charging towards Fuyun Sword Clan leader Han Ruoshui.

That year, Sword Saint became famous after battling Han Ruoshui in Fuyun Sword Clan. At the moment, the two were fighting again. Sword Saint was actually more famous than Han Ruoshui now. However, Han Ruoshui had a famous sword, but the Sword Saint did not have any ritual implement.

At the instant when they started fighting, even the sky seemed to be split into pieces. Broadsword Will and Sword Will filled the entire sky. Even though the onlookers were very far from the battle, they could still feel how dangerous the situation was. Sword Saint did not have a ritual implement, but he chose to have a forceful close-ranged combat.

Gu Dongliu's body flashed as he charged towards Qin Yu directly. His speed was extremely fast, like a mere illusion.

Clang! A violent sound erupted. The first lord of Royal Xuan Temple struck down with a golden bell, blocking Gu Dongliu. The golden bell flew in the sky and a frightening pressure was spreading from it.

"Another sage ritual implement. Does Royal Xuan Temple also have one?" Many people were shocked.

"Maybe it was from Qin Dynasty's ancient tomb and somehow Royal Xuan Temple first lord got it. Perhaps the sword of Fuyun Sword Clan leader came in the same way."

"All the three of them have ritual implements. In addition, Qin Yu, Lady Yuxiao, and Lu Nantian had not participated in the battle. It's no wonder that they dare to come here directly with so much confidence."

Many people discussed. Nevertheless, the three Cottage disciples were indeed very strong. To deal with them, Qin Dynasty needed so many powerful cultivators as well as the aid from sage ritual implements.

"Look at Sword Saint!" someone exclaimed. The melee combat between Sword Saint and Han Ruoshui even caused space to split apart. As they battled, they rose higher and higher into the sky and were hardly visible. The rest could only see blades of light, as well as the Broadsword Will and Sword Will that had filled the place.

However, Sword Saint's actions suddenly became much slower, but the Broadsword Will from his body grew in intensity. A broadsword appeared in his hand and his every move looked all natural as he turned the forces in the world into Broadsword Will. When he struck out, a straight beam of light appeared, cutting the sky into two halves. Han Ruoshui struck out wildly with the Alkaid, but his attacks were crushed in the Broadsword Will. Hence, he could only retreat and his situation looked bleak.

"Go and help him," Qin Yu shouted at the lord from Royal Xuan Temple. On the other hand, he tried to block Gu Dongliu with the dragon spear in his hand.

Gu Dongliu was as famous as him and that time Gu Dongliu even won Lu Nantian, but at the moment Qin Yu had a ritual implement.

"Alright." The lord from Royal Xuan Temple flashed and struck out at Sword Saint with the golden bell.

Looking at the battle in the sky, many people were speechless. Fuyun Sword Clan leader and the lord from Royal Xuan Temple both had sage ritual implements, and yet they could only barely fight against Sword Saint!
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