The Legend of Futian
385 Exposed
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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385 Exposed

Chapter 385: Exposed
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Zhuge Hui's whip swept through the air at the cultivators headed for Ye Futian. All their faces dropped before backing up quickly. The whip was extremely quick. The bright light illuminating the weapon seemed to have transformed into a sharp blade, cutting through the air.

SNAP! The whip landed directly on one of the cultivators. Along with a horrid scream, everyone froze as the witnessed the noble's body split in half under the impact from the whip. The whip dancing in the sky now seemed like the sharpest, most powerful weapon in the world.

Zhuge Hui flung his body off to the side before she rushed over in Ye Futian's direction, leaving only split images of herself. At the same time, the Sword Saint's weapon came down with a terrifying force, giving the Fuyun Sword Clan's leader and the first lord of the Royal Xuan Temple no choice but to move back. The Sword Saint distanced himself under the power of Sword Will as well. As for Gu Dongliu, Qin Yu had no ability to stop him from leaving the battle at all.

The battles halted abruptly as Zhuge Hui, the Sword Saint, and Gu Dongliu were now all standing in the air in front of Ye Futian. They weren't going to allow the cultivators of the Qin Dynasty or the Donghua Clan to get close to him. No one from the Donghua Clan seemed to be in rush to continue the battle either.

Clan Leader Hua and Lady Yuxiao's eyes drifted over to Hua Qingqing. "Qingqing, come here." The young girl made her way over to Lady Yuxiao.

A look of confusion crossed the couple's faces when they saw the white robe she was wearing. Lady Yuxiao voiced her confusion, "Qingqing?" Her curiosity on the subject was evident in her eyes. She had seen the same white robe on Ye Futian. He was no longer wearing it, making it obvious that his clothes were now on Hua Qingqing.

Nan Feng, Chu Shang, and the others all focused on Hua Qingqing. She probably didn't know how to open up about the humiliating and hurtful things that were done to her. It was something that would be difficult for any female. As for Du Ao, he kept up his cold demeanor as he bathed in the light of the holy fire. The fire in his eyes seemed to be masking a hint of mockery.

"Father, Mother, let's go home," Hua Qingqing said suddenly. It was indeed something she couldn't talk about. This wasn't only a matter of her reputation, but also, how was she going to explain Ye Futian's clothes? Was she supposed to tell everyone that he saved her? That would only hurt him because then the people of the Barren State would find out that Ye Futian was responsible for what happened with the Demon Bird. That was exactly why Hua Qingqing wished for the battles to end here and she would explain everything to her parents once they returned home.

"Go home?" Clan Leader Hua was confused. "Nantian, bring Qingqing over to the side." Things with Hua Qingqing could wait until they got home. Finishing this battle was the important thing right now. The three Cottage disciples were much too capable. If they let them go, there would be unthinkable repercussions. Clan Leader Hua knew that if the disciples got a couple more years to cultivate, the three of them would be at the top of the Eastern Barren Territory. This was the reason why Emperor Qin was in such a rush.

Hua Qingqing looked at her father, not knowing what to do. If she confesses that Ye Futian saved her, it would put him in danger, but if she didn't say anything, her parents would kill him. As for telling her parents the truth about what Du Ao did to her, what would happen if she did? Would her parents declare war on the powers of the Barren State? It may lead to the end of the Donghua Clan at the end.

From her eyes, one could tell that Hua Qingqing was extremely conflicted. She didn't know what to do.

At this moment, Qin Yu was staring at her. She was actually wearing Ye Futian's clothes. It seems this girl isn't as pure and innocent as she lets on. Qin Yu's younger sister Qin Mengruo married Qian Shanmu of the Donghua Clan and was killed. What did Hua Qingqing do? She hid the truth about what Ye Futian did on Sky Mountain. It looked as if something they weren't aware of definitely happened on Sky Mountain last year. However, Qin Yu did not come out to point fingers at Hua Qingqing right now. It could be dealt with later. What he needed now was to use the abilities of Clan Leader Hua and his wife to defeat the Sword Saint and his juniors.

Just then, the Arhat noticed the stalemate they were in from where he stood at the Qianqiu Temple campsite. He looked up at the cultivators from the Barren State and asked, "Have you guys been on Sky Mountain?" Those from the Barren State turned to look at the Arhat, listening as he continued to speak. "With two people who have been on the mountain before leading the way, there's no way you guys wouldn't be able to make it up Sky Mountain."

"We were attacked by a Demon Bird," said Nan Feng.

"Demon Bird?" A look crossed the Arhat's face before his eyes moved toward Ye Futian. That's when he noticed that Ye Futian was also looking at himself with chilling eyes.

In this instant, Ye Futian suddenly realized who had tattled. He never thought it would be the Arhat of the Qianqiu Temple. He should have guessed.

"I get it now," said the Arhat. His eyes moved away and folded his hands. He chanted the name of Buddha and said nothing else.

"What does that mean?" asked Nan Yu.

"I can't say." The Arhat shook his head.

Nan Yu's brows knit together in confusion. Han Lan of the Taixuan Mountain spoke next, "If you know something, say it."

"You wouldn't believe it even if I were to tell you. Also, I wouldn't be very well-liked after saying so. I am not yet a very experienced monk and can't take the hatred that would result from telling," the Arhat shook his head once more.

"Kongming," the Qianqiu Temple's abbot looked at the Arhat and called out for him. The Arhat's monastic name was Kongming.

Du Ao moved toward the Qianqiu Temple group while the Three-legged Golden Raven and the cultivators of the Holy Fire Clan followed behind him. Looking down at the Arhat, Du Ao said, "Say it and I can guarantee that no one will be able to hurt you."

"The abbot forbids me from speaking about it," the Arhat shook his head yet again. "I'm afraid that the abbot would be held responsible for what I have to say. How would I continue to cultivate at the temple after that?"

"You can come with me to the Barren State and join our Holy Fire Clan for cultivation," said Du Ao.

The Arhat looked around and saw that Nan Feng had also approached. "I can also guarantee not to let anyone hurt you." The Arhat bowed his head slighting and then bowed deeply at the Qianqiu Temple's abbot. "Abbot, monks don't lie. I have to speak the truth." After that, he turned back to Du Ao. "There is no Demon Bird on Sky Mountain."

"Do you think we're blind?" Nan Yu spoke coldly. He was attacked by the Demon Bird and also suffered injuries.

"The Qianqiu Temple has been in the Western Region, facing Sky Mountain, for years now. No one is more knowledgeable on the matters of Sky Mountain. There is only the will left by the Demon Bird, but it's not actually here. If you guys don't believe me, you can ask the abbot," said the Arhat. Everyone's attention shifted to the abbot immediately. All they saw was that he had his hands clasped tightly and that he was chanting the name of Buddha. He was greatly disappointed.

"Wise monk," Nan Yu called to the abbot.

"Observing Sky Mountain can help you understand your heart and see who you really are. For the looks of it, Kongming, you already know your own heart," said the abbot.

The Arhat nodded and replied, "I do."

"If so, then you can go now," said the abbot.

"Thank you for everything." The Arhat bowed again. Of course, he understood his own heart. The more he cultivated in Buddhism, the clearer things became. Buddha says that all living creatures are equal but where was this equality? People only respected those of high status. Cultivating Buddhism was simply a pursuit of power for him.

Now that it was clear to him that the Qianqiu Temple had no ambitions, there was nothing left for him there. Plus, there were also the changes in the Eastern Barren Territory. Buddha talks about chance. His chance was here now.

"Let's go," said the abbot. He turned to leave, leading the others of the Qianqiu Temple with him. Many of them looked back at the Arhat. His comprehension of Buddhism was so great. The Arhat was able to comprehend the true meaning of scriptures easily and was even given the title of Arhat because of that. However, it seemed like he was also extremely capable in hiding who he really was. What a pity.

The people from the Barren State watched as all this unfolded and knew that what the Arhat said must be true. Du Ao spoke, "Continue what you were saying."

"I already said that Hua Qingqing was not the only one who had made it onto Sky Mountain, so had Ye Futian. In reality, they weren't the only ones." He moved on to explain further, "When Ye Futian tried to kill the Qin Dynasty's Qin Li on Sky Mountain, he was already at wit's end. He couldn't fight anymore and was being chased by Hua Qingqing. There to protect Ye Futian, was fellow Cottage disciple, Yu Sheng. In his group, was also a demon beast, the Black Wind Eagle. The beast turned into the Demon Bird in order to protect Ye Futian. It wounded Hua Qingqing and I before flying onto Sky Mountain. Then, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng continued onto the mountain as well. Hua Qingqing also resumed her chase, following behind them."

The Arhat continued, "If you don't believe me, you can ask Qin Li's father, Qi Yu. It was him that told you guys Hua Qingqing made it onto Sky Mountain. Then again, you can also ask Hua Qingqing, but in my opinion, something must have happened between her and Ye Futian on the mountain. Otherwise, there is no way his clothes would end up on her."

Abruptly, Du Ao's face turned green. As did, Nan Feng and Nan Yu's faces. After listening to the Arhat's explanation, they believed a good half of what he said. So, there wasn't a Demon Bird on Sky Mountain at all. Then where did the one they saw come from?

"That Demon Bird saved Hua Qingqing," muttered Du Ao. Nan Feng and the others felt enlightened as everything suddenly seemed so clear.

The Demon Bird appeared suddenly on Sky Mountain and saved Hua Qingqing. Then, Ye Futian put his clothes on her. How funny. They had thought that Ye Futian was simply being a gentleman. It seemed as if they were too naïve. They had been played by a youngster from the Eastern Barren Territory.

Interesting. Nan Yu clapped and turned around slowly. His eyes stared in Ye Futian's direction. Interesting indeed. He brought them onto Sky Mountain and had the Demon Bird attack them, wounding them. No wonder he kept trying to get them to keep climbing up.

Du Ao's eyes were chilling and radiated with a murderous intent.

That Demon Bird almost killed him. Maybe Ye Futian wasn't gutsy enough to kill everyone, but if just one person was killed, there was no way anyone would suspect it was his doing. Plus, there were others present. Who would have thought that he almost died in the Eastern Barren Territory?

Ye Futian didn't look at them because his eyes were trained on the Arhat. After the Arhat spilled the beans, everything was now out in the open. Ye Futian could no longer hide anything. Why did he do this?

Zhuge Hui and Gu Dongliu were also staring at the Arhat with a cold demeanor. However, the Arhat had already hopped on the Three-legged Golden Raven along with Du Ao. He had betrayed the Qianqiu Temple. He saw this as his chance to leave the Eastern Barren Territory and was now heading to the Barren State for cultivation.

"You tricked me and got me on Sky Mountain. Then, the Demon Bird attacked. Did you want me dead?" Nan Yu asked Ye Futian. His smile was ingenuine.

"Are you serious?" Nan Yu's eyes filled with a murderous intent.

Cultivators of various Barren State powers moved toward Ye Futian. That was when Nan Feng spoke up. "And we thought you didn't get the relics of Sky Mountain. Looks like we underestimated you. What did you get from Sky Mountain?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》