The Legend of Futian
386 Do You Deserve It?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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386 Do You Deserve It?

Chapter 386: Do You Deserve It?
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Hearing the Arhat's words and the inquiry of people from the Barren State, people all stared at Ye Futian. They had never expected that Ye Futian really reached the mountaintop and got the Sky Mountain's relics. For centuries, countless people had tried but failed. However, Ye Futian made it.

It was pitiful that he had such a great talent but encountered with strong cultivators from the Barren State. The Arhat had exposed the fact. Ye Futian was set in danger now. The Cottage was competent to confront with the Qin Dynasty, but it couldn't be these foreign forces' match at all.

At this moment, there was only silence on the Sky Mountain. Lady Yuxiao looked at Hua Qingqing and asked, "What exactly happened on the mountaintop on that day?"

Hearing what the Arhat had said, Lady Yuxiao guessed that there must be a story between her daughter and Ye Futian.

Hua Qingqing lowered her head and said lightly, "Someone wanted to kill me and Ye Futian saved me."

"Who was it?" Lady Yuxiao asked coldly.

"Mother, can we just skip over it?" Hua Qingqing looked at her mother with her beautiful imploring eyes. Things were getting more and more complicated. She didn't know what Ye Futian was going to meet but could only hope that her parents could stop entangling with Ye Futian. If the Donghua Clan was involved again, they would be in a very dangerous situation.

"Madame, we can talk about this later? If we don't handle the Cottage now, you know the result," Qin Yu said while coming up and glancing at Hua Qingqing.

Lady Yuxiao stared at Qin Yu coldly. If it weren't for Qin Yu, her daughter would not have gone to the Sky Mountain and been threatened by others. Ye Futian saved her daughter. Lady Yuxiao owed Ye Futian now.

Lady Yuxiao turned to Du Ao. From what they had said before, she inferred that Du Ao must be the killer. Lu Nantian's face grew livid. His body seemed to effuse dire flames.

"Sir, Madame, I didn't expect that, but it has happened. Good to hear that Miss Hua didn't get hurt," said Qin Yu, "With the Barren State's forces, we can very easily dominate the whole Eastern Barren Territory now."

Bang. The head of the Donghua Clan hit his scepter on the ground. Veins bulged on his face. As the head of the Donghua Clan, how could he stand with the fact that his daughter was bullied by others?

"Sir, think about the larger picture. We'd better act now. Ye Futian's group are doomed to die," Qin Yu kept saying. He gestured to the others and walked toward the Cottage. The Cottage's four famous disciples were surrounded near the Sky Mountain.

At this time, Ye Futian looked at Nan Feng and laughed. He walked back toward the Sky Mountain and turned around when arriving at the edge of the mountain. He smiled at Nan Feng and said, "Why should I tell you what I got on the Sky Mountain? It's none of your business."

Hearing Ye Futian's words, people all sneered. It's not about who you are. It's about what you got. Can't you understand?

"What a fool!" Nan Yu looked at Ye Futian disdainfully. It's none of my business? He sneered and moved toward Ye Futian. "The relics on the Sky Mountain are not something that you can take. Just tell everything and you can still live."

"Really?" Ye Futian looked at Nan Yu and said, "Even though you believe me, you are still going to kill me after I tell the truth. To tell or not, what's the difference?"

"I'll still offer you the chance to join the Nantian House. You follow me, be our guard, and I'll let bygones just be bygones." Nan Yu walked to Ye Futian as if he was trying to save him.

Seeing Nan Yu walking forward, the people of the Nantian House became vigilant. They surrounded the Sword Saint's group quietly to get the upper hand. They probably didn't dare fight back though.

What Ye Futian got was the Sky Mountain's relics; no one could save him now.

Zhuge Hui turned to Ye Futian and Nan Yu disdainfully. Nan Yu thought he was smart enough? She knew what kind of person Ye Futian was. Nan Yu wanted to bribe her little brother? Was he serious?

"Follow you?" Ye Futian smiled at Nan Yu. "Do you deserve it?"

Hearing Ye Futian's provocative words, Nan Yu blanched but then smiled more brightly. His body effused some extremely sharp aura which made him look like he was wearing a suit of silver armor. He reached out his hand and then a silver spear condensed with bright cold light. In an instant, Nan Yu became very powerful with his opulent armor.

"I can give you one last chance. If you don't cherish it, there is no more." Nan Yu smiled.

Ye Futian laughed and turned to the Sky Mountain. Suddenly, Nan Yu rushed toward Ye Futian very fast like a lightning. The others didn't intend to assist Nan Yu because they thought it was beyond doubt that Nan Yu would defeat Ye Futian anyway.

Seeing this, Qin Yu smiled with satisfaction. Now that the Barren State was attacking Ye Futian, the Cottage would definitely go to help. A wonderful show was right away. Perhaps the Barren State could do all the things he wanted this time.

Whoosh! The silver spear pierced toward Ye Futian directly with a stunning speed. It seemed that Ye Futian didn't notice what was happening. He didn't turn around. But with a stomp, some blazing light projected from his legs as if all wind and thunder gathered around him.

With a buzz, his body disappeared, leaving only a blue electronic light in the air. The spear pierced nothing. Standing on the Sky Mountain's precipice, Ye Futian turned around slowly and looked at Nan Yu.

"It's Shadow Step." Gu Dongliu's eyes flickered. His little brother was really talented. Within such a short period, he had mastered this spell to such an extent. Gu Dongliu also practiced the Shadow Step. He knew it was not easy, but Ye Futian could use this spell to escape Nan Yu's attacks so easily. Obviously, he had reached the proficiency or he wouldn't use it in such a situation.

"Nice try." Nan Yu glanced at Ye Futian and then his body rushed toward Ye Futian again like a straight silver lightning.

Just at this moment, there were rustles. Countless golden vines appeared around Ye Futian and rushed toward Nan Yu very fast like countless golden spears. More horrible was that those golden spears twisted like vines and overshadowed the sky. They twisted randomly.

It was the spell, Death Coil.

Nan Yu was forced to stop. He brandished his silver spear and a silver curtain appeared around him, demolishing those vines rushing toward him. His arms waved with an amazing speed. In an instant, silver light blazed and all the vines were cut off. But soon, people found that the vines seemed endless. They suffused the whole space and threatened Nan Yu.

"What is this?" The Barren State's strong cultivators were stunned, especially Nan Feng. He knew Nan Yu's strength. Nan Yu was the Nantian House's talent. His level was much higher than Ye Futian's. Though both were at the lower Arcana Plane, Ye Futian had only reached the first plane. And yet Ye Futian could still cast a spell and trap Nan Yu. What did it mean?

At this time, Nan Yu was vexed. Blazing light burst from his spear into the sky. Every move he made pierced the air with incredible mighty force. When his spear pierced those vines, metallic sounds were heard.

Blazing light projected behind Nan Yu. His life spirit burst out. It was a figure of the god of war with a spear in hand. Nan Yu and his life spirit waved spears synchronously. Everything around them was shattered. The Death Coil couldn't get close to them now.

"Die!" Extremely cold light flashed in Nan Yu's eyes. He turned into a flash of silver lightning and shattered all the coming vines.

"Nantian House's talent is forced to release his life spirit?" The Barren State's people didn't doubt the result they expected but were still a little surprised by the process. They looked at Ye Futian on the precipice. Ye Futian reached out and blazing purple lightning soared like thunder chains. His body bathed in this brilliant purple light like a god.

The sky changed color. People at the foot of the mountain looked at the sky with astonishment. They had never seen purple lightning.

"Your defense is really strong." Ye Futian's eyes turned demonic. Purple light flickered in his eyes. His mentality had melted in the spell. Then the brilliant purple lightning flashed through the sky and squarely hit the incoming silver figure.

Nan Yu growled and his silver spear pierced toward the coming purple lightning. That lightning was conducted through the spear and shocked Nan Yu's body. In an instant, he was shocked and shook violently. His mentality was also attacked by the lightning.

It was a mixed spell named Divine Thunder Kill.

Bang, bang, bang. While Nan Yu was numb, more purple golden lightning came down and hit him. Nan Yu's body kept shaking. He totally lost consciousness. With some rustling, the Death Coil came again and entangled his body. Nan Yu's body was pulled up into the sky and hovered before Ye Futian.

Countless people were stunned at this scene, especially the Barren State's strong cultivators. Nan Yu was defeated in such a miserable way, but he was supposed to be stronger than Ye Futian.

"You still want me to follow you?" Ye Futian looked up at Nan Yu in the air.

Nan Yu stared at Ye Futian with vicious eyes. Blazing light appeared again, but soon the vines smashed him onto the precipice.

"How dare you!" At this time, a strong cultivator in Noble Plane stepped out from the Nantian House. He rose into the sky and reached out his hand, wanted to catch Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at him coldly and said, "Go away!"

Clang! As soon as he spoke, the bell tolled and a horrible invisible storm demolished everything. With a loud explosion, that cultivator in Noble Plane paled and was thrown back in the air!
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    《The Legend of Futian》