The Legend of Futian
387 Final Day for Qin Yu
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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387 Final Day for Qin Yu

Chapter 387: Final Day for Qin Yu
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Not only did the windstorm force back the Noble, but it also swept through Sky Mountain and the void. Light flowed through many strong cultivators. They had to shield themselves with their hands but still let out grunts, faces paling. Those above the Noble Plane all retreated. From the Barren State camp, dragons roared and the Golden Raven screamed. The boundless sky shook.

After a long while, the bell faded, sweeping towards the west of the Eastern Barren Territory. Echoes sounded below the mountain.

Everyone looked up at Ye Futian. He stood proudly in the air, looking down at everyone. They all understood now that Ye Futian controlled the bell, just like the bell at the foot of the mountain last year. He truly controlled the will of Sky Mountain.

The Noble from the Sacred Fire Sect lowered his head and arched his back. Then his head rose slowly, looking at Ye Futian with a horrible expression. That one utterance had forced him back.

The eyes of the other Barren State cultivators shone. It was as the Arhat had said.

Qin Yu's expression was ugly and then he sneered. This way, no one could protect Ye Futian. He would die today. No matter what happened, he wouldn't be able to escape. With his power, he didn't qualify to control Sky Mountain yet. The Barren State forces wouldn't let him go. The Cottage wouldn't be able to protect him either.

Ye Futian's eyes fell on his seniors. Zhuge Hui grinned at him. "Junior, you're pretty good."

"Senior Sister, that was an accident." Ye Futian shuddered when he saw Zhuge Hui's smile. That wasn't on purpose.

"I was wondering which b*stard did it last time. Didn't think it was you." Zhuge Hui had a faint smile in her eyes. She'd guessed it, but it was still shocking to witness. Of course, she wasn't really blaming Ye Futian.

"Senior Sister, I'm not filial. How about I leave the Cottage? You can all go back. I won't return," Ye Futian said. The Sword Saint and the others were all shocked. They gaped at Ye Futian but quickly understood. This guy…was worried he would involve the Cottage so he tried to separate himself. After all, the opponent was no longer the Qin Dynasty but the Barren State. Ye Futian knew that his seniors wouldn't watch without doing anything, but that would offend the Barren State forces.

Hearing these words, Zhuge Hui flashed and walked to Ye Futian with a smile.

"Senior Sister," Ye Futian called.

Smiling, Zhuge Hui reached out and pulled Ye Futian's ears. "Say that again?"

"Senior, I'm sorry." Ye Futian was about to cry. He was an adult now. Did she have to do this in public? His perfect image was destroyed.

"Good." Zhuge Hui let go and patted Ye Futian's head. "Don't say those things anymore."

Ye Futian really wanted to cry. Couldn't she take care of his ego?

Without him realizing, the Sword Saint and Gu Dongliu had also walked over. They didn't say anything, but just standing there showed their stance. Ye Futian felt warm inside. His seniors were great.

"Let go of me," a cold voice came, shattering the moment.

Ye Futian turned. Nan Yu had been immobilized by the mountain with the spell, seemingly tied up like a hog. His extremely dark eyes glared at Ye Futian. He was humiliated in front of everyone.

"Do you know what you're doing? I am from the Nantian House of the Barren State." Nan Yu's voice was frigid. If people heard that the descendant of the main lineage of the Nantian House was humiliated in a place like the Eastern Barren Territory, he would become a laughingstock.

"You asked why I didn't challenge you at the College. Do you know why now?" Staring at Nan Yu scornfully, Ye Futian mocked, "A failure like you can't even take a hit. It's meaningless to defeat you, other than making you threaten me with your family. Do you know what 'insulting' is?"

Nan Yu's immobilized body trembled. His expression was extremely dark. He couldn't refute Ye Futian's words.

"Enough," Nan Feng said from a dragon. "Let go of him."

Ye Futian gazed coldly, ignoring him.

"Are you willing to join the Mortal World? We are a clan. You are talented and will find a place there," Chu Shang suddenly said, inviting Ye Futian to the Mortal World.

Ye Futian smiled at her. Would he still be free after joining the Mortal World? He would be handing his fate over.

"Thank you, Fairy Chu, but I like the clan I'm with now," Ye Futian said, smiling. "I received the Sky Mountain relic by chance. It belongs to me. Can you take your people away now?"

Chu Shang studied Ye Futian. He was too naïve. The relic was Ukiyo, one of the ten top musical pieces. Ye Futian couldn't keep it. Even if Chu Shang agreed to leave, the other forces wouldn't.

It wasn't that simple.

"What about you all?" Ye Futian looked at the other forces. They looked back without saying anything. "I'll attack if you try to rob me. Will we just stay here in a stalemate?" Ye Futian asked. He hated how low his level was. Otherwise, he could just kill whoever wanted to rob or kill him. There was no need to be so careful. He knew he couldn't do things out of loyalty. It would be better if he was alone. He could escape after killing. But with the Cottage, College, and his family, how could he escape? He couldn't only think about himself.

"Everyone, he can attack using the Sky Mountain's will. He would be useless without it. If you go to the Cottage, he will return," Qin Yu said, expression cold. Since Ye Futian had Sky Mountain's will, it would be hard to kill him here. If they went to Book Mountain, it would be easier.

"The bell doesn't affect people of the Arcana Plane as much. They can take him," the Arhat said from the Golden Raven. He obviously felt the bell earlier, but he could bear the reverberations. Many Arcana Plane cultivators had come from the Barren State. They could capture Ye Futian easily. As for Nobles, Ye Futian's side only had three. How could they fight back? If Ye Futian used Sky Mountain's will to fight, all Nobles would be hurt, including his seniors.

"That works." Qin Yu's eyes flashed.

"Take them," Du Ao said coldly. Strong cultivators of both the Noble and Arcana Plane walked forward.

"Senior Sister, I want to start killing," Ye Futian said.

"Me too." Zhuge Hui scanned the crowd coldly.

"Let's kill Qin Yu first," Ye Futian said. He looked at Qin Yu as if the man was already dead.

"Okay." Zhuge Hui nodded.

Ye Futian looked over at Qin Yu and then saw the leaders of the Donghua Clan with Hua Qingqing. The girl looked at him and said, "Mother, Father, can you not fight?"

"Qingqing, go back." The leader sighed. He wanted to step out, but that was impossible now.

The Barren State was involved now. Ye Futian and the Cottage had their fates decided. The Eastern Barren Territory would belong to the Qin Dynasty now. How could they step out now? Emperor Qin and the Qin Dynasty would wipe them out.

"Clan Leader, the Donghua Clan will become the top clan after this battle," Qin Yu said. He knew that Lady Yuxiao didn't like him.

The clan leader nodded and stepped forward. Countless strong cultivators charged towards Ye Futian's group. Below the mountain, everyone watched this with shaken hearts.

"Seniors, if I do anything, I swear it's not on purpose," Ye Futian pleaded. Zhuge Hui glared. Was he going to do it again?

"Don't use too much force," Zhuge Hui said.

"Of course…" Ye Futian smiled tremblingly. Then he soared into the air, eyes turning cold while looking at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, Sky Mountain will be your burial ground." With that, he started communicating with Sky Mountain's intent.

That moment, the snow fell stronger from Sky Mountain. They swept towards Ye Futian and everyone felt a terrifying Spiritual Qi. All the snow on the mountain turned into Spiritual Qi, filling the space. Every snowflake contained Spiritual Qi.

"He can use Sky Mountain's Spiritual Qi." Everyone's expressions changed. Now they understood that people of the Arcana Plane couldn't kill him.

Golden vines suddenly extended from Sky Mountain, reaching above everyone. They expanded wildly and quickly, covering the sky and even the snow. Ye Futian stood there with his handsome eyes shut tightly. He quietly sensed everything.

Qin Yu's group looked up. "Retreat," he said.

Rustles sounded endlessly as the vines covered the heavens. Qin Yu tried to retreat, but then the bell started ringing again. The rings swept through. That moment, an ancient bell appeared in everyone's minds.

The bodies in the air shook and grunted. Qin Yu's face turned white.

Clang… The bell rang again. A huge bell fell from the sky in their minds, shaking everything. With a grunt, Qin Yu spat out blood. His face was white. In addition to him, all Nobles on Sky Mountain were like this. Blood seeped from many mouths. The powerful figures of Barren State were pained.

The Sword Saint, Zhuge Hui, and Gu Dongliu sat before Ye Futian with closed eyes. They didn't have to care about anything other than fighting against the power so it was easier.

Qin Yu roared. Golden light covered him. He wanted to escape.

Clang, clang… The bell kept ringing and he kept spitting out blood. His body fell while endless vines fell too. They wrapped around his body and brought him towards Ye Futian.

"No…" Qin Yu was actually terrified. He couldn't control his own body!
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    《The Legend of Futian》