The Legend of Futian
389 Is It Not Good To Be Alive?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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389 Is It Not Good To Be Alive?

Chapter 389: Is It Not Good To Be Alive?
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Sky Mountain fell into a deafening silence. After killing Qin Yu and the others, the vines dancing in the sky slowly disappeared. Snow fell down from the sky, along with waves of coldness. Countless people gazed at Ye Futian. At the moment, the handsome young man seemed to be the only person left in the world. Qin Yu had died, so had the Fuyun Sword Clan leader and the lord of Royal Xuan Temple. Donghua Clan leader and his wife announced that they would live in seclusion in the future.

The final battle in the Eastern Barren Territory ended in a way that nobody had expected. It felt somewhat unreal, but certainly very shocking. After this battle, nobody in the Eastern Barren Territory would be able to fight against the Cottage. Of course, the forces from the Barren State were not counted.

However, Ye Futian had done more than just kill Qin Yu and the others. He had also greatly offended the people from the Barren State. He injured Nan Yu and killed the Arhat right before Du Ao. He had suppressed all the nobles from the Barren State and all of them looked weak and dying at the moment. Even strong demons such as the dragon and Three-Legged Golden Raven were exhausted. It was thus obvious how much Ye Futian had offended the rest.

The ringing finally stopped and the echoes also gradually dissipated. Only then, many people could relax. The nobles stood up one after another, all seemed to be injured, after which they stared coldly at Ye Futian. Although Ye Futian did not aim this attack at them, the unexpected calamity still caused them to be extremely furious. They were humiliated in such a ridiculous way, so of course, they would feel unhappy.

"Are you not going to let him go?" Nan Feng said to Ye Futian. At the moment, his tone was not as domineering as it had been. He had witnessed everything that had happened. If they really forced Ye Futian too hard near Sky Mountain, their ending would be more or less the same as Qin Yu.

Ye Futian was stunned, after which he turned around and looked at Nan Yu who was still nailed to the cliff. Smiling, he said, "Sorry. I forgot about you." Then, golden vines shot out towards Nan Yu's head like lightning.

Ah! Blade-like vines magnified rapidly in Nan Yu's eyes. His body trembled fiercely and he could not help screaming in horror. Fear even caused him to close his eyes and his bound body kept spasming He saw for himself how Ye Futian had killed those people just now. Seeing the vines charging towards him, he obviously thought that Ye Futian was going to kill him.

Bang! The golden vines pierced into the cliff beside Nan Yu which exploded. Then, the vines swept towards his body and Ye Futian asked, "What is it?"

Nan Yu opened his eyes and realized that the vines on his body had all vanished. Ye Futian was staring at him innocently. Seeing Ye Futian's expression, Nan Yu knew at once that he had been fooled.

Following a cracking sound, Nan Yu looked at Ye Futian coldly as a strong aura spread from his body. However, when he saw the swaying golden vines around Ye Futian, he only felt somewhat powerless.

"In any friendly fight, accidental injuries cannot be avoided. I believe that as a genius from Nantian House, you will not be so stingy." Ye Futian smiled and said, "Please."

At the moment, Nan Yu even felt like he wanted to kill somebody immediately. Looking at Ye Futian's mocking look, he turned around and walked up to Nan Feng and the rest.

This time, they would admit defeat.

"Do you really not want to join us in Mortal World?" Suddenly, Chu Shang looked at Ye Futian and said, "I am being very sincere. With your talents, you will definitely be valued in Mortal World."

"Thank you for your kind will, but I will not," Ye Futian replied, smiling.

"Alright." Chu Shang took a deep look at Ye Futian. What a pity, she thought. Turning around, Chu Shang brought her people and left the place. In addition, the people from other forces also took their leave one after another.

On Sky Mountain, who could defeat Ye Futian?

Ye Futian stared emotionlessly at the disappearing figures. He knew that the entire issue was far from being over.

"Not resigned?" Suddenly, Zhuge Hui opened her eyes and smiled at Ye Futian.

"Somewhat," Ye Futian said. He had the ability to kill everyone on Sky Mountain, but he could not. Instead, he could only let all of them go, so he would, of course, feel dissatisfied.

"If you are not resigned, then become stronger. When you are more powerful than everyone else, you don't have to be scared of anything anymore," Zhuge Hui said, smiling. The world was just so cruel and real. The people from the Barren State could threaten Ye Futian in so many ways, but Ye Futian could not kill them even though he had the ability to.

Nan Yu was so supercilious and arrogant, but only because he had Nantian House behind him. Otherwise, who would he be compared to Ye Futian?

Looking at the handsome young man before her, Zhuge Hui smiled brightly. He was so clever and talented. One day, he would stand way above those from the Barren State.

"Yup. I'll try my best." Ye Futian grinned and nodded. If he was alone and had no families, perhaps he would kill all the people from the Barren State, but he was not.

"Okay. Next, it's time to clear the debt between us." Zhuge Hui smiled and stared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian blinked his eyes. Then, he raised his head to look at the snow on Sky Mountain and remarked, "Sister, the snow scenery on Sky Mountain is really beautiful, just like you."

Zhuge Hui was still looking at him, smiling.

"Big brother, third brother, are you feeling better now?" Ye Futian said again.

In the pavilion on the first mountain of Book Mountain, two people were sitting there, playing a game of chess. In the sky, there were many cultivators. Some were from Qin Dynasty while others from the College. They were all staring nervously at the two. At the moment, the game between the king of Qin and Mr. Du seemed to have reached its climax, especially after the sentence from Mr. Du. He said that it would be difficult for Qin Dynasty to leave Sky Mountain in one piece. Was he saying that a battle had already erupted at Sky Mountain? Could the three disciples from the Cottage really kill Qin Yu and his team?

Taking a chess piece in his hand, the king of Qin stared at Mr. Du. His look was extremely sharp. However, Mr. Du only smiled gently, as if he had taken control of everything. This caused the king of Qin to have a bad feeling.

"Mr. Du, are you joking?" the king of Qin asked, smiling.

Mr. Du shook his head. "I usually don't joke."

"Perhaps you have seen wrongly," the king of Qin said again, after which he put down the piece in his hand. With this move, his pieces on the board were connected once again. The situation on the board changed and a terrifying force seemed to be gathering.

"Life is just like a game of chess. Take a step back, and conflicts will automatically be resolved. Retreating does not mean cowardice. It's merely a way to live," Mr. Du said in a calm tone. Without any hesitation still, he made his next move.

Beside them, College Chief Xiao was astonished. He did not expect Mr. Du to be so skilled in chess. Mr. Du had thoroughly displayed his attitude towards life on the chessboard. Previously, his moves had all been retreating and defensive. On the other hand, the king of Qin followed him closely and was very aggressive. However, at the moment, Mr. Du's move changed his stance drastically, as if he had inverted the world. In an instant, he ended the game. The pieces of the king of Qin seemed to be destroyed totally while Mr. Du's pieces were like sharp blades which annihilated everything in their path.

A cold sweat broke out from the king's forehead and he felt somewhat uneasy. Life was just like chess, and chess was like life. Mr. Du's game caused him to feel frightened. This was not just a game of chess, but also a game of the Eastern Barren Territory.

The king of Qin held a piece in his hand as he stared at the chessboard before him. After a long while, he still could not make his move. He actually did not know how to continue.

"This game has already ended. We don't have to continue," Mr. Du said softly.

"I don't believe you!" The king of Qin looked coldly at Mr. Du as he continued his next move as if he was making his final struggle.

Mr. Du shook his head and also made his next move. The king's face turned extremely pale. Suddenly, a powerful aura spread out from the back of Book Mountain, along with many loud roars. A battle seemed to have happened.

Then, everyone saw a few people charging towards them. College Chief Xiao frowned; that was the entrance to the Ancient Barren World. Did a group of people just break through by force?

"Your Majesty, the spiritual imprint of the crown prince is... destroyed!" someone shouted. His words entered the ears of the king of Qin like a bolt out of the blue. His hand froze in midair and his body started trembling.

His son Qin Yu had died.

Boom. In the sky, all the people from the Qin Dynasty were bewildered. The crown prince Qin Yu had died. What did this mean? Qin Dynasty probably had a miserable defeat at Sky Mountain. But how could that be?

Donghua Clan leader and his wife, Fuyun Sword Clan leader, Royal Xuan Temple Lord, Qin Yu, and Lu Nantian were all very powerful cultivators. Furthermore, they had brought several sage ritual implements. How would they lose?

Puff. The king of Qin took a deep breath and closed his eyes, after which he opened them again. The piece in his hand fell down onto the chess board. Raising his head, he looked at the old man before him and asked, "Mr. Du, you have already set up your plan at Sky Mountain? So who is that sword?"

The king of Qin pointed at a piece on the board. He did not understand why he would lose.

"Is it important?" Mr. Du shook his head.

"Then how about Book Mountain? Who will stop me from destroying the place?" the king of Qin said coldly, pointing at the chessboard. He slowly stood up and an extremely frightening aura erupted from his body. Apart from him, the two elders from Qin Dynasty also released their auras. The auras from them engulfed the vast Book Mountain. In the sky, the cultivators from Qin Dynasty also released their auras and pressured the rest. The disciples from the College, Sword Saint Mountain, and Moon Clan all ascended into the sky. They similarly released their auras to fight against the incoming pressure.

"Are you still unrepentant?" Mr. Du asked.

"Do I have a choice?" The king of Qin picked up his piece and put it onto the chessboard. That was a place of no return. He was making his last stand.

"I have taught a few disciples on Book Mountain. I want neither fame nor wealth, not to say the ambition to unify the Eastern Barren Territory." At the moment, Mr. Du was still sitting there quietly, as if he was muttering to himself. "All I wanted was to influence a few people so that they can inherit my ideology. Slowly, they can influence the entire Eastern Barren Territory. Why is it so difficult?"

"I don't care about your ambitions. Rumors claim that Mr. Du does not know cultivation. Today, I want to see for myself if you really know how to cultivate or not!" the king of Qin said coldly as his might pressed onto Mr. Du.

Mr. Du raised his head to look at the king of Qin and asked softly, "Is it not good to be alive?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》