The Legend of Futian
395 The Reappearance of Donghuang
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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395 The Reappearance of Donghuang

Chapter 395: The Reappearance of Donghuang
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The cultivators of the Barren State stared at the beautiful girl in shock. Perhaps the name 'Zhuge Mingyue' was unfamiliar to many of the younger cultivators but they were aware of the background she came from just by hearing this name.

Zhuge Qingfeng was the top dog of the Zhuge Family. He made his name many years ago, proving himself to be more capable than all others his age. Presently, he was already a great legend in the Barren State.

Zhuge Canyang was the most outstanding cultivator among the newest generation of the Zhuge Family. He had already reached the Sage Plane a couple years ago. A true talent indeed.

These two people were known as the most outstanding of the entire Zhuge Family in the last thousand years. The former was Zhuge Mingyue's father. The latter, her older brother.

With a background like that, not even the Sages of the four great Barren State powers could compare. As for Nan Feng, Nan Yu, and Du Ao, they were merely young prodigies of the Barren State powers. They weren't even the very best. So, they obviously couldn't be compared to Zhuge Mingyue. And just like that, they realized that a person of such high status was hidden within, what they considered, an inferior clan.

Nan Yu and Du Ao had an awkward look on their faces. Just by hearing this name, they knew that there was nothing they could do about the beating they just received. They weren't going to get revenge and there was absolutely no one who dared to do it for them.

Hearing their words, Zhuge Hui turned to the disciples of the Cottage with a great smile. "Remember my real name, Zhuge Mingyue."

Seeing that she had just admitted her identity, the Barren State Sages were shaken. The Sage of the Nantian House spoke, "Who would have thought that the daughter of the Zhuge Family ran away and ended up in the Eastern Barren Territory. A place cut off from the Barren State and where Sages were forbidden. You even changed your name. No wonder the Zhuge Family was unable to find you even though they searched high and low in the Barren State."

Not only did Zhuge Mingyue change her name, but she also rarely left the mountain. Before Ye Futian was attacked in Chaoge City, there weren't even many people in the Eastern Barren Territory that knew of her existence. All they knew was that no one had ever seen the second disciple of the Cottage.

"I heard that Zhuge Qingfeng had originally intended to send Zhuge Mingyue to cultivate at the Holy Zhi Palace. Why did you choose to run away here to the Eastern Barren Territory instead of joining the most sacred group of the Barren State? You even found yourself a teacher here," asked a Sage of the Holy Fire Clan. The Holy Zhi Palace was the holy land of the Barren State. It was a place where many demon beasts could be found. Every great power in the Barren State wished to send their younger generation cultivators to the Holy Zhi Palace. Zhuge Hui, on the other hand, chose to run away.

"Because that's where the Young City Lord of White Cloud City cultivates," said a Mortal World Sage. Everyone's eyes rounded immediately. They shivered at the thought of that person. As Sages of the Barren State, they had obviously heard some of the Barren State's stories. The city lord of White Cloud City once cultivated at the Holy Zhi Palace with Zhuge Qingfeng. The two of them were the two most outstanding disciples and were closer to each other than anyone else. Naturally, they had hoped for their descendants to come together as well. However, the daughter of the Zhuge Family was rebellious by nature and hated having her fate decided by the family. Eventually, she ran away from home. She definitely had a strong personality.

"Are you done?" Zhuge Mingyue smiled at those who had spoken.

Looks like Miss Zhuge is ready to return to the family. Now that Zhuge Mingyue had revealed her identity, the Zhuge Family was obviously going to be sending for her. Then again, her identity might have been revealed even if she hadn't done so herself. After all, all this happening in the Eastern Barren Territory wasn't exactly something that went down quietly. The Zhuge Family was bound to take notice.

"Get out of here if you're done. You guys already got the musical score. From now on, you're all forbidden from stepping onto Book Mountain. If I find out in the future that anyone makes a move for Book Mountain, they won't be stepping outside ever again. Otherwise, it'll be an impending death," Zhuge Mingyue announced as her eyes swept across the crowd. She continued with a smile, "You should all know that I can kill any one of you, but your clans wouldn't dare lay a finger on me."

Du Ao clenched his fists tightly and a fire was lit, engulfing his body. His eyes shot out flames of rage. He couldn't believe he was being bullied in such a way.

SNAP! The long whip swung out and landed on Du Ao. His skin split open. He had once again been attacked and was now growling with pain on the ground.

Oh, the hatred he felt. He couldn't believe he wasn't ever going to be able to get revenge for this brutal beating.

"Everyone knows how to bully others. How does it feel?" Zhuge Mingyue smiled big. These people had descended on Book Mountain, arrogant and oblivious to anyone else. Even with a Sage on Book Mountain, Du Ao led the Holy Fire Clan here to stir up trouble. He was so sure that no one from the College dared to hurt him. He was the same on Sky Mountain. He was the only one allowed to hurt others. No one was allowed to retaliate. She knew how to bully people with power, too.

"We will take our leave now," the Sage of the Mortal World said his farewells before leading his people off Book Mountain. They had not suffered any losses and even got the score. There was no need for them to linger. If it hadn't been for Nan Yu of the Nantian House and Du Ao of the Holy Fire Clan, Zhuge Mingyue wouldn't have been provoked. They were asking for it.

The Nantian House and the Holy Fire Clan also gradually began to leave Book Mountain. They came with arrogance and left with panic. Very quickly, those arrogant Barren State cultivators had all left.

Countless pairs of eyes landed on Zhuge Mingyue. No one would have expected for the Cottage's second disciple to have such a strong background. She had completely overpowered those from the Barren State. Of course, they were also surprised by just how powerful Mr. Du was. He threatened to kill a Sage if he made another move. This teacher and disciple were truly a well-hidden pair.

Zhuge Mingyue walked over to Ye Futian who stood not too far to the side. "Why are you looking at your second sister like that?" she asked with a soft chuckle.

Ye Futian's eyes were frozen on the beautiful face in front of him. A bright smile then lit up his face. "Because my second sister is so pretty."

Zhuge Mingyue laughed lightly at his words. Reaching out a pale finger, she knocked him on the head. He knew now that her identity was revealed, she would probably have to leave the Eastern Barren Territory and return to the Barren State.

"Don't look so sad, kid. Let's go," she said. She then walked over to Mr. Du. "Teacher."

He nodded his head knowingly and announced to everyone, "Today, my eldest disciple gains control of the College and will begin to teach here. The Cottage is officially disbanded. From here on out, there is only the College and no more Cottage."

Hushed whispers erupted at his announcement. Was the Cottage that was renowned all throughout the Eastern Barren Territory for so many years really going to be history now?

The disciples of the Cottage were saddened by Mr. Du's words and all lowered their heads.

"I'm leaving," said Mr. Du. Other than the Sword Saint, all the disciples of the Cottage followed him up the mountain.

"Teacher, both you and Senior Sister are so powerful. Why did Little Brother still have to give out the score?" asked Luo Fan. He wasn't too happy about what happened today. Although the teacher and his senior sister were able to kick those people off Book Mountain, it still didn't feel all that satisfying.

"Are we able to protect you guys forever?" asked Mr. Du. "Never underestimate those who are willing to sacrifice everything for benefits. She was able to scare them, yes. However, if your Senior Sister and I weren't here and if they didn't get the score, who's to say they wouldn't have made a move for your Little Brother? They got something that they wanted. The Sages knew that we had already made a compromise and knew when to take a step back."

"Teacher, leave things on Book Mountain to me. Go," Zhuge Hui said to Mr. Du.

"It's been so many years. There's not much more keeping me back anymore. Your teacher's lazy and doesn't want to run around anymore," Mr. Du replied, shaking his head.

"Teacher, who are your enemies?" asked Ye Futian.

"Don't think too much, kid. Focus on cultivation. I will leave you some books. Be good and finish all of them," ordered Mr. Du with a glare.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded obediently.

Sometime after all that, the College had finally been settled. However, it was still pretty lively as many people from all around the Eastern Barren Territory came, wishing to meet the Sage. However, the back mountain where the Cottage was located was quiet. The atmosphere was different there.

On this day, a bright, blinding ray of light suddenly broke through the clouds in the sky above Book Mountain. Many people lifted their heads to the sky and watched as a group descended from where the light shined through. Bodies clad in armors approached like a group of divine generals.

In the midst was a beautiful young girl. The female wore a crown and a robe. Basked in a divine light, she looked just like a goddess from the heavens.

Ye Futian, who was in the middle of cultivating, looked up as well. Seeing the group, his heart rate sped up and he felt short of breath. How could it be? How could it be them? He had seen this girl before. It was in his younger days, on Mount Yao in Qingzhou City.

This girl's surname was Donghuang.

Mr. Du leaped into mid-air and stared at the incoming group. He seemed calm and unbothered as if he already knew they were coming.

The disciples of the Cottage stepped outside one by one, looking up at the sky. They were taken aback by the blinding sight of this divine army. They could all feel that the teacher was waiting for these people. This was probably why he didn't leave. If he left, what would they do?

"Excuse me, are you the princess, Her Highness?" Mr. Du asked the girl. She nodded her head lightly. A smile reached Mr. Du's eyes before he kneeled down completely. "Greetings to the Princess from a sinner."

"If you know you have sinned, then get up and leave with us," said a soldier behind the girl. Mr. Du nodded and stood. He smiled at the girl. "Your Highness, you should be 20 this year, correct?"

"Yes," nodded the girl.

"Good, very good." Mr. Du was actually smiling in this situation. He lowered his head to look down at the Cottage. "I won't be around to guide you guys from now on. Remember to take care of yourselves."

"Teacher..." the disciples called out one after another.

"I'm going now." Mr. Du gave them all one last smile and he was high up in the sky in a flash.

The girl lowered her head to look down on Book Mountain and her eyes landed on Ye Futian. After all these years, they have finally met again. A couple years ago they were 16 years old. Now, they were 20!
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    《The Legend of Futian》