The Legend of Futian
399 Common Man
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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399 Common Man

Chapter 399: Common Man
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yang Ting wasn't surprised. Since Ye Futian wanted to explore the Barren State, he obviously couldn't stay in one place.

"Brother Ye, the Yunyue Merchant Union controls many auction and trade buildings," Yang Ting said. "They will definitely have the map you want. You don't want to join, but there's another way. You can rent yourself to fight for them and receive what you want."

"You can do that?" Ye Futian was interested.

"Of course," Yang Ting explained. "For their battles, if you help them win a round, there will be rewards. The exceptionally talented can beat more opponents and receive more rewards. Otherwise, how can they attract people to fight for them? You must know, injuries and deaths are common. That is why they won't send all their people. Otherwise, it's easy for an uncontrollable battle to erupt. It had happened before."

"I see. I'll consider it." Ye Futian nodded. He looked into the distance at Crescent Lake. There was a slight breeze. The view was so nice.

At that time, loud noises came from behind. Ye Futian turned around and saw two figures step onto the battle platform in the center of the wine house. They were getting ready to fight.

The place was big, so the platform wasn't awkward. The two shot into the air and started fighting there and then. They were both in the lower Arcana Plane.

"Doesn't the White Jade Tower care?" Ye Futian asked.

"Standing onto the platform means that both agree to the fight," Yang Ting said. "The White Jade Tower purposely supplied this place and likes seeing this. It helps them rate the people's abilities. Especially during these times, most everyone who lives in White Jade Tower is for the battle. They naturally wish for the White Jade Tower to see their performance. The tower will naturally report to the Yunyue Merchant Union."

As expected, the battle was endless. More people stepped onto it to fight and more people gathered around.

Ye Futian saw an elder in a long black robe. He was in mid-Arcana Plane and was very powerful. He controlled a fire spell. He must not be as talented to be in the Arcana Plane at his age. But because he'd cultivated for so long, he'd studied sorcery more and had better control.

The black-robed sorcerer beat many people. Gradually, more powerful people challenged him. Now, Ye Futian saw the female knight with the Blue Phoenix walk on. A fiery spear solidified in her hands. Flames covered her, making her seem very handsome. In her clothing, she also looked sexy.

"I know who they are," Yang Ting said. "Fire Girl Liu Lan and Black Sorcerer Xi Mu are both quite famous here."

The two had an intense battle. Liu Lan was skilled in fire and wind but was a female knight who cultivated martial arts. Her combat ability was very strong. She added her elemental talent to her spear technique. Each attack was beautiful. Sometimes, she would use spells for aid. However, she often missed. Black mist would cover Xi Mu and then he would teleport. This shocked Ye Futian. He used Freedom Meditation and Xi Mu's actions became clear. No move could escape from his eyes.

The black mist was just a cover-up. Xi Mu actually used a water elemental spell. He must have added spiritual sorcery as well to create an illusion while moving with a spell. However, he looked mysterious to people of the same level.

"Brother Ye, who do you think will win?" Yang Ting asked.

"Fire Girl," Ye Futian replied.

"But Xi Mu has the upper hand now." Yang Ting was surprised. Xi Mu used his technique to restrict Liu Lan.

"What determines victory is still one's ability. Some methods are interesting, but Xi Mu is a sorcerer and not a martial artist. He can't attack suddenly. His attack is comparable to the Fire Girl, but his defense isn't. He will lose but can drag it on for a while."

Yang Ting looked to the battlefield curiously. Xi Mu still had the upper hand. But as time passed, changes occurred. The Fire Girl became more intense, making Xi Mu panic. After a while, he lost miserably.

"Big Brother Ye is so powerful," Yang Yi praised. Yang Ting also looked to Ye Futian, impressed. He was quite observant.

"Big Brother?" Ye Futian smiled at Yang Yi with her ponytail and pure features. She couldn't be 20 yet. Ye Futian really was old now. He thought of his little sister Ye Xiaoqin. She must have grown up now. He wondered how she was now. Was she still in Donghai?

"Yeah. Can I call you that?" Yang Yi asked, smiling.

"Of course." Ye Futian nodded.

"Big Brother Ye, has anyone ever complimented your looks?"

Ye Futian blinked and then nodded seriously. "I'm used to it."

Yu Sheng looked away with disdain. He was tricking little girls again and Yu Sheng couldn't stand it.

Ye Wuchen was quiet the entire time and didn't have much presence. Yang Ting would sometimes look over. He had a unique feeling by just sitting there.

"Incredible. I've heard of you two long ago," someone suddenly praised. Ye Futian's group looked over and saw a young man and woman. The man was handsome. The woman, in a pale blue dress, was sexy but still elegant—very attractive. There were also servants and guards behind them. Clearly, they had a powerful family. Their appearance attracted many eyes. Xi Mu and Liu Lan nodded politely.

"That is Shang Hai and Shang Qing, siblings from the Yunyue Merchant Union. Their father is in charge of White Jade Tower," Yang Ting murmured to Ye Futian. "I'm going over."

With that, Yang Ting went to the Shang siblings. He bowed slightly and then hovered around the two. He looked submissive.

"Why is he like this?" Yu Sheng asked Yang Yi. He was confused. If he wanted to join the union, he should use his power. Being submissive like this detracted from his strength.

Yang Yi bowed her head.

"Yu Sheng." Ye Futian glared at him. They'd only just met Yang Ting and didn't know each other. They had no right to interfere with how the other acted.

"Yang Yi, we'll go down now," Ye Futian said.

"Okay." Yang Yi nodded. Ye Futian's group walked down the steps and left the wine house.

Back at the courtyard, Ye Futian sat before Crescent Lake, thinking about the battle.

Xi Mu and Liu Lan were quite powerful. Ye Futian guessed that their abilities were equal to some of the talents in the College. Thus, he guessed that the talents in Yunyue City wouldn't be stronger than the best in the Eastern Barren Territory. This was normal though. Yunyue City wasn't a main city and there were many cities of this scale. The truly best would definitely go to the bigger cities. Furthermore, even though the Eastern Barren Territory didn't have many resources, the best were still quite talented. They were at least equal to the best in Yunyue City.

"The Spiritual Qi is very heavy here," Ye Futian said, smiling. He closed his eyes to cultivate.

A while later, a voice said, "Big Brother Ye, can I come over."

"Yes." He nodded. "Yang Yi, come over." As soon as he finished, a figure descended from the wall. She said, "Big Brother Ye, you can call me Little Yi."

"Little Yi," Ye Futian called.

Yang Yi smiled. "Were you looking down on my brother?"

"No." Ye Futian shook his head. That was the truth. Everyone lived differently. He didn't know Yang Yi well so he had no right to comment.

"Our parents were killed while trying to enter a relic when we were young. After that, we had to survive alone. In a conflict after that, we were both injured. I was heavily injured and can't cultivate as well as before. My brother works hard and wants to join the battle so he can find a spiritual medicine for my injury. The Yunyue Merchant Union controls many trades. They'll definitely have the medicine. That's why he's so submissive with them."

Yang Yi continued softly, "We'd also used all our savings to live here. All of this is for me. My brother is actually quite talented, but he was restricted by me. Big Brother Ye, I don't mean anything. I just hope you won't look down on my brother." With that, she smiled and turned to leave.

After she left, Ye Futian smiled wryly and turned to Yu Sheng. "Did you hear that?"

Yu Sheng scratched his head and said, "I'll apologize."

Ye Futian looked into the distance. "The Barren State isn't all top forces like the Nantian House and Sacred Fire Sect. There are many common men with common lives, working hard for their goals like us."

"Brother Ye," another voice said. Yang Ting came over directly with a smile. "I asked earlier. They do have a map. If you're chosen to fight and perform well, you'll have the chance to get it."

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng gaped at him. He'd just come back. Yang Yi had come earlier in secret.

"Okay, I'll consider it seriously." Ye Futian smiled and nodded. He didn't mention Yang Yi.

"Let me know when you decide. I'll register for you," Yang Ting said before leaving.

"Thank you," Yu Sheng said.

Yang Ting halted and looked at him, surprised. This burly youth always followed Ye Futian but didn't speak until now. "Since we're friends, we should take care of each other," Yang Ting smiled and returned to his courtyard.
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    《The Legend of Futian》