The Legend of Futian
402 Battle of the Four Top Forces
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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402 Battle of the Four Top Forces

Chapter 402: Battle of the Four Top Forces
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian's group turned to leave. Yang Ting and Yang Yi stared at Yu Sheng with shock. Yang Yi said, "Big Brother Ye, Yu Sheng is so powerful."

"Of course he is." Ye Futian smiled and nodded.

"Then what about you?" Yang Yi asked curiously.

"I'm obviously not as powerful as him," Ye Futian said, chuckling.

"Oh. Big Brother Ye, will you fight for the Wang Family?" Yang Yi asked.

"We'll see." Ye Futian patted Yang Yi's head. "You have so many questions."

Yang Yi giggled. "Thank you, Big Brother Ye." When she heard Ye Futian mention medicine to the Wang Family, she knew it was for her.

Hearing it, Yang Ting figured out that Yang Yi had told Ye Futian about it. He gazed at Ye Futian and said, "Thank you, Brother Ye."

No matter if they succeed or not, he was still grateful.

"No need to thank me. I still have to trouble you. Since we were kicked out, may we stay in your home?" Ye Futian asked.

"Okay." Yang Ting nodded, his heart feeling warm.

The group climbed onto the Black Wind Eagle who spread its wings and flew somewhere.

Countless days later, Yunyue City was even busier. In the Yang residence's yard, music streamed like godly music. Ye Futian was sitting cross-legged in the yard, playing a calming melody. Playing the guqin could help him focus and raise his spiritual energy. Sorcerers could cultivate this way; it went without saying for musical sorcerers too.

The music slowed down and stopped. The echoes remained and the people were still mesmerized. Loulan Xue sat near Ye Futian with her eyes closed. When the music stopped, she opened her pretty eyes. She felt extremely calm.

Yang Yi was beside Ye Futian. Moving her hands from her knees, she looked up at Ye Futian. "Big Brother Ye, how come you can do everything?"

These past days, Ye Futian often talked to her brother about cultivation. Yang Ting was very impressed. Ye Futian's music was also very beautiful. She'd never heard something so calming. It made her heart relax and she could almost forget everything. The feeling was great.

"Of course. That's who I am," Ye Futian joked.

Yang Yi giggled. With her ponytail, she was filled with youthful spirit. She gazed at Ye Futian, not wanting to look away at all. These days were probably her happiest days. There were no frustrations or worries; it was peaceful. Before, she always had some worries from struggling to survive with her brother. She was lonely too. After all, she was just a girl.

Ye Futian added liveliness to the home. He looked so nice when he smiled too. His unique charisma could spread to the others, calming them. She wished Ye Futian could be her real brother. That would be great.

Ye Futian obviously didn't know what she was thinking. In reality, he didn't even know that he felt reliable to Yang Yi. He was used to relying on others. Now that he was out here by himself, he was changing without realizing. Perhaps he was transforming without even himself realizing.

"Brother Ye." Yang Ting walked over now. His brows were furrowed and seemed to be worried.

"What's wrong?" Ye Futian asked.

"I just went to get information. The news about Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman joining the Yunyue Merchant Union has spread through the city. The other three forces became desperate and paid a lot to invite many people in the Arcana Plane. Many of them are well-known. The news is spreading like wildfire. This year's battle might be the most intense yet. All who will represent the forces will be extremely strong."

As the battle was drawing near, Yang Ting obviously had to go get news. After all, Ye Futian had already agreed to fight for the Wang Family.

And there were risks. If he had a cruel and powerful enemy, the consequences would be horrible.

"Oh?" Ye Futian smiled at Yang Ting. "Yu Sheng is strong too."

"Brother Ye, I'm serious. Don't joke." Yang Ting had to panic a bit at Ye Futian's careless attitude. "The Yunyue Merchant Union will see you represent the Wang Family and send the people after you to protect their ego."

"I'll keep that in mind," Ye Futian said when he saw Yang Ting's serious expression. He knew that Yang Ting was trying to help.

"Brother Ye, you can give up if you want. We can go to the trading post. If we're lucky, we might get a map."

"Then what about the medicine?" Ye Futian asked. Yang Yi needed the medicine to be cured. Her injury was on the spiritual level. For a sorcerer, that was a catastrophe. He played music all the time to help her compose her spiritual energy.

Hearing this, Yang Ting fell silent. This was always on his mind, but there was no other chance to get something so valuable. Even if it appeared on the market, he had no money.

"Don't worry. It'll be fine," Ye Futian said.

Yang Ting nodded. He would remember this. While getting news, he understood that this battle had nothing to do with him anymore. Even if he stayed in White Jade Tower, he would be eliminated from fighting for them.

The days passed. Yunyue City became livelier and livelier. People from outside hurried over without stopping for this feast. The battle of the four top forces was always the most anticipated event. They could watch the most powerful people of the Arcana Plane in the Yunyue City fight each other.

The day was finally here. The entire city shook.

Countless people and demons flew toward the same direction. In the center of Yunyue City, there was an ancient battle platform. All battles had taken place there.

Somewhere, a Black Wind Eagle flew in the air. Ye Futian's group stood on it, gazing around. There were all types of people and demons around them, hurrying forward. Everyone had the same destination.

The huge crowd had a powerful force as they went in the same direction.

"We're here at the Yunyue Battle Platform. The four forces have already entered," Yang Ting said. The people descended and then started walking.

Now, the four top forces of Yunyue City had already arrived. Each force took up one corner with great distance between them. Between them was an ancient matrix battle platform formed by two half-moons. There was also an ancient battle drum.

In the Wang Family's place, Wang Linfeng was a bit worried. The person he was waiting for hadn't come yet.

A beautiful girl stood before him. She was Wang Yurou, one of their prides. She was very talented. Wang Linfeng was a disciple of the main lineage, but he worked for Wang Yurou.

They had the same lineage but had different statuses. Otherwise, Wang Linfeng wouldn't have been sent as a spy. As Ye Futian had guessed, he didn't have a high position.

There were others beside Wang Yurou, all with extraordinary auras.

"Still not here?" Wang Yurou asked.

"He promised me he would be here." Wang Linfeng was panicing. His future relied on Ye Futian. He didn't have a high status in the Wang Family and couldn't receive many resources. He relied on Wang Yurou. She also had much stress about this battle. She personally went to find people to fight for her. Last time, Wang Linfeng told her that he'd found at least one person and maybe even more. But now, they weren't here yet.

"If you ruin it for me, you're dead," Wang Yurou said coldly. She glanced at the people beside her. Thankfully, she had backups and had brought many people here. She didn't lack people to fight for her. What she lacked was people at the top.

Wang Linfeng was covered in cold sweat. He knew that Wang Yurou looked pretty but was the strictest. If he affected her this time, he would have a horrible ending.

I hope I'm not wrong, he prayed. He gazed into the crowd. More and more people were here. Even if they came, they would be easy to miss.

He was usually right about people. Otherwise, he wouldn't be sent as a spy. Ye Futian's group were proud, confident, and calm. People like that should keep their promises.

Ye Futian had arrived now. He was asking Yang Ting where each force was. The people of the four camps were all serious. The atmosphere was suffocating. Clearly, they placed heavy importance on this.

He saw the Yunyue Merchant Union. They had the most people. In the crowd, he could see the Shang siblings in elegant clothing. Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman were beside them.

On the other side was a group of strong cultivators in purple robes. They were from the Thunder Clan. The people who were dressed differently were there to help them. They were easily distinguished.

Across from the Yunyue Merchant Union, there were many armored guards. They had sharp and cold auras. Yang Ting told him that that was the Wang Family.

They went over. Seeing Wang Linfeng, Ye Futian called, "Wang Linfeng."

Wang Linfeng turned. Seeing Ye Futian, his eyes flashed. "You're finally here!" he said quietly.
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    《The Legend of Futian》