The Legend of Futian
406 Wang Linfeng’s Victory
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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406 Wang Linfeng’s Victory

Chapter 406: Wang Linfeng’s Victory
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Xing Feng, the genius whom Wang Yurou had personally invited, was sitting on her left.

At the moment, Xing Feng looked in front of him and said, "The battle has just begun. We shouldn't be too serious about some trivial stuff. After all, our aim is all the same, isn't it?" Then, he glanced at Ye Futian who was on the other side.

"Trivial stuff?" Ye Futian glanced coldly at Xing Feng and added, "It ends now."

Xing Feng gave a slight nod. "Although Zuo Xiaoyun has a small reputation, his power is mediocre and he is way too arrogant; he actually underestimated his opposite like this. Our real challenge is still to come. In all the four forces, there are powerful people that will only show up much later. Therefore, in the subsequent battles, you must cooperate with me and Yurou. Try your best to eliminate some people from the other three clans. As long as you can ensure that they have no more people than us in the end, you can leave the rest to me and Yurou."

Ye Futian was puzzled and glanced at Xing Feng in surprise, after which he looked at Wang Yurou, who looked calm and did not say anything. Clearly, she approved how Xing Feng had addressed her.

Smiling, Ye Futian immediately managed to guess certain things. After Yu Sheng displayed such a powerful combat ability, Xing Feng however only touched on this battle lightly. At the same time, he said those words to remind the people here that in Wang Family, he and Wang Yurou were the key players; the rest were only here to support them in the fights and only needed to try and eliminate the people from the other forces.

Xing Feng did not want Yu Sheng to steal his thunder and hinder him from chasing the beauty.

"No problem," Ye Futian replied, smiling. Yu Sheng fought in that way not to attract attention. It was his usual way of fighting.

In Ye Futian's opinion, they should try to keep a low profile. Thus, they only needed to win and did not have to display all their powers. Since Xing Feng had said this, he was obviously happy to agree.

Suddenly, Ye Futian thought of something and asked Wang Yurou, "If the other three parties have no people left before the twelve battles, what will happen?" They had agreed that if they could win twelve battles, Ye Futian would receive a Spirit-Refining Grass. However, if the eliminate tournament caused him to have fewer than twelve battles in the first place, he would obviously not meet the target.

"This would normally not happen. If the other forces have nobody left and among the three of you there is at least one left, you'll still get what you want," Wang Yurou replied. Ye Futian nodded lightly.

Ye Futian could clearly understand what Wang Yurou meant. Suppose they had the most number of people present, the other three parties would definitely not allow the situation to continue and would challenge them one after the other. Furthermore, Wang Yurou knew that apart from Xing Feng, many people would have been eliminated from the tournament towards the end. This meant that if Ye Futian and his team were still on the battlefield at the end, they would have enough fights.

At the moment, someone from Feng Family also walked onto the Yunyue Battle Platform and challenged Thunder Clan. It was as if they deliberately wanted to keep some kind of balance in the tournament.

In this battle, the cultivator from Feng Family lost. The person who walked out first would always be in a disadvantageous position as his opponent would choose someone who could fight him effectively.

Suddenly, someone near the battle drum said, "Wang Family, send someone onto the stage." It was the third battle and Wang Family's turn to challenge someone.

"Do you want to go?" Wang Yurou asked Ye Futian.

"Of course." Ye Futian nodded, after which he said, "Yu Sheng."

"Yu Sheng again?" Wang Yurou squinted. Yu Sheng stood up and Wang Yurou also did not say anything else. After all, she did not care about who Ye Futian sent, as long as they could ensure that in the last part of the tournament they would not be jointly attacked by the other three forces.

Yu Sheng walked towards the Yunyue Battle Platform slowly and a strange expression appeared on the faces of many. Only a short amount of time had passed since his last battle and many people were still thinking about it.

Wang Family had sent him out again.

The people from the other three forces also felt that something was amiss. In the first battle, he could be considered a surprise. However, it would be meaningless to send him again now. The party which he challenged would be prepared and send someone strong. What was Wang Yurou thinking?

At the moment, Wang Yurou was thinking about whether or not she could know how strong Yu Sheng really was in this battle. Although the battle just now looked very shocking, it was mainly due to the sudden change in the situation. Yu Sheng was so mighty and Zuo Xiaoyun made a mistake by going close to him, causing him to lose in a single hit. However, this battle would not be so easy again.

In the Wang Family, Wang Linfeng also did not understand why they had sent Yu Sheng. What tactic was this?

Little did they know that Ye Futian had not considered any tactics at all. Since everyone had seen Yu Sheng's combat power, he would send him again to defeat his opponent by force.

"Who wants to fight me?" Yu Sheng looked at Yunyue Business Alliance. He would not forget what happened in the White Jade Tower.

Shang Feiyu glanced at the burly figure. Beside him, someone said lightly, "Can I go?"

"It's not appropriate for you to fight now." Shang Feiyu shook his head. Then, he looked at a person behind him and said, "Li Kui, you go."

"Alright." Li Kui stood up and walked towards the Yunyue Battle Platform. He was half-naked and was not wearing any shirts, while his lower body was covered in armor. When he walked, even the ground seemed to be trembling. His enormous body seemed to be filled with wild power.

"It's him." Ye Futian had seen this person. When he just arrived at the White Jade Tower, two other people also walked into the restaurant. One of them was Fire Girl who had come on a Blue Phoenix, while the other person was precisely Li Kui.

Li Kui approached Yu Sheng. He looked serious and did not underestimate his opponent at all. After watching Yu Sheng's strike in the last battle, he could obviously feel how powerful Yu Sheng was.

This fight would not be easy.

Boom! A wild aura suddenly erupted from Li Kui's body. A golden radiance enveloped his body and behind him, a giant demon appeared. It was a golden bull that looked majestic and powerful.

An extremely violent aura swept across like a storm. Li Kui was at the center of the golden storm and he was filled with endless power. Looking at Yu Sheng, he said, "Release your Life Spirit and Dharma."

Yu Sheng glanced emotionlessly at Li Kui and said, "Make your attack."

Li Kui was stunned. Staring at Yu Sheng, he said, "Without your Life Spirit, how do you fight me?"

Yu Sheng was somewhat impatient and suddenly walked forward. Following a loud bang, even the battle platform seemed to be trembling.

Dong, dong, dong... Yu Sheng just started to walk directly towards Li Kui who was staring firmly at his opponent. Was Yu Sheng going to fight him without his Life Spirit and Dharma? Yu Sheng was really looking down on him.

"You'll regret this." The aura around Li Kui became even wilder and a golden current ascended into the sky. He stepped forward and faintly, a golden demon bull seemed to be charging out towards Yu Sheng. His body was covered with a huge golden bull which had given him an extremely wild power. Then, he charged towards the incoming Yu Sheng.

"Such a strong power." Looking at the battle platform, everyone was amused.

The two people approached each other and finally collided. At this instant, there seemed to be a real golden bull trampling and destroying everything in its path. Even Yu Sheng's burly body was enveloped by the terrifying golden storm and engulfed by the enormous illusion. However, inside the storm, Yu Sheng punched out.

"Scram!" Li Kui roared in anger. With his body covered in the illusory golden bull, he was like a gigantic demon bull which was charging forward, attempting to eliminate everything.

Looking at his power, everyone from the four forces could not keep calm. The people from Yunyue Business Alliance this time were all really strong. Li Kui was only the third strongest and there were two more people before him.

Yu Sheng's fist finally landed onto the huge demon bull. Dong... At this instant, Li Kui only felt his heart miss a beat. Then, the fist penetrated through the golden storm directly and the illusory golden bull was crushed into pieces. Yu Sheng's fist smashed onto Li Kui's chest.

Bang!! Accompanied by a loud bang, Li Kui felt his body fly into the sky and his bones all broken. He spat out a mouthful of blood, after which he fell down and landed in the Yunyue Business Alliance region.

Yu Sheng withdrew his fist. Turning around, he walked back and only left everyone with the elegant view of his back. Again, he easily instantly defeated his opponent in a single punch.

Shang Feiyu looked at the scene before him in bewilderment. Raising his head, he stared at the figure in the distance and his face darkened. Turning around, he glanced at Shang Hai and Shang Qing. At the moment, the two were also flabbergasted. However, Shang Hai and Shang Qing would still not admit their mistake in White Jade Tower. Instead of regret, their minds were only filled with cold murderous intent.

Looking at Yu Sheng, who was walking back, Wang Yurou's eyes were filled with astonishment. At this instant, she obviously realized that she had underestimated Yu Sheng's power. Yu Sheng was definitely a genius and it was very likely that nobody on the battlefield could compare with him in terms of just physical power.

Puff. She took in a deep breath. It seemed like she had to change her tactics as Yu Sheng had the chance to stay until the end.

Suddenly, on the Wang Family viewing platform, the leader of Wang Family asked, "Who is he?" Because he trusted Wang Yurou's abilities, he had handed everything regarding the Lower Arcana Plane fights completely to her and allowed her to use resources to invite cultivators. In any case, he still knew who Wang Yurou had invited. However, three of the participants were changed just before the fight and he actually could not recognize them.

The people around him all shook their heads; nobody knew who Yu Sheng was.

"I think that Wang Linfeng invited them for Yurou. Just now I saw him discussing this with Yurou," someone said. The eyes of the leader sparkled and he said, "Ask him to come."

"Wang Linfeng," someone said. Wang Linfeng who was immersed in excitement turned his head and saw many people near the leader of Wang Family looking at him.

"Come here," the leader said.

"Leader, yes." Wang Linfeng bowed and nodded. Then, he walked towards the leader of Wang Family.

At this moment, he knew that he had won.

Yu Sheng had only used two battles to win him the bet. Wang Linfeng, who was not in the main branch of Wang Family, had never been noticed by the leader. Now, he finally had the chance to walk towards the main stage of Wang Family.

Wang Linfeng could hardly contain his excitement at the moment. He had to thank Shang Hai and Shang Qing from Yunyue Business Alliance for this!
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    《The Legend of Futian》