The Legend of Futian
407 Keeping a Low Profile
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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407 Keeping a Low Profile

Chapter 407: Keeping a Low Profile
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On the Yunyue Battle Platform, the battle continued. It was the fourth battle and Thunder Clan's turn to challenge someone. As a reciprocation, Thunder Clan chose Feng Family and eventually lost the fight as its cultivator was being effectively targeted. Both clans had one victory and one loss each.

After one round of battle, Thunder Clan and Feng Family each lost a member; the Wang Family did not lose anyone, and Yunyue Business Alliance lost two.

The second round began and it was Yunyue Business Alliance's turn to send someone again.

"You go," Shang Feiyu said to a person whose hair was fire red. The person opened his eyes and a firebolt shot out from his eyes. Nodding gently, he stood up and walked towards the Yunyue Battle Platform.

Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun. Everyone's pupil contracted. This was one of the two most powerful Lower Arcana Plane cultivators in Yunyue Business Alliance. He was known as the Demonic Blood Palm because his palm techniques were extremely deadly and could instantly kill his opponents, shattering their organs into pieces. Furthermore, apart from possessing mighty close-combat abilities, he was also adept in wind-elemental spells and had cultivated agility skills.

In Yunyue City, Nie Yun was a famous genius. Nobody expected him to go onto the stage so quickly. However, everyone could understand why Shang Feiyu had decided to do so. This time, they had to challenge another clan and were still on the passive side. If Wang Family still chose to send Yu Sheng, Yunyue Business Alliance would lose three people and have a lower chance of winning in the end. He had to win one battle for now. Therefore, Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun walked out in advance.

With his eyes red as blood, Nie Yun stared at Wang Yurou and said, "I challenge Wang Family."

Countless people looked at the burly figure in the Wang Family's direction. Would he accept the challenge again? Many people guessed that Yu Sheng was a mysterious cultivator whom the Wang Family had invited. Indeed, he caught everyone by surprise and instantly defeated two people from Yunyue Business Alliance. However, at the moment Yunyue Business Alliance had sent Yunyue onto the stage. If Yu Sheng accepted the challenge, it would be equivalent to the two clans having their decisive battle in advance.

Yunyue Business Alliance was forced to make this move. Would Wang Family dare to accept it?

Ye Futian stared at Wang Yurou. Since Wang Yurou had said that she would decide on the order in which they would participate in the battle, he had no objections.

"Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun, a top genius," Wang Yurou reminded Ye Futian. Then, she said to a person behind her, "Lin Qing, go."

The person's face immediately turned pale. Did she just ask him to fight Nie Yun? The outcome of the battle was obvious. He clearly knew that he was sent only to lose. In addition, Demonic Blood Palm was an extremely dangerous person. He was ferocious and could kill his opponent in one hit. Nevertheless, since he had accepted Wang Family's invitation to the battle, he did not have any other choices.

The situation of any battlefield was indeed unpredictable. He also did not expect himself to fight Nie Yun. Standing up, he walked towards the Yunyue Battle Platform, looking somewhat desperate.

Ye Futian glanced at Wang Yurou. It seemed that after seeing Yu Sheng's powers, Wang Yurou had changed her plan. She wanted to keep Yu Sheng to the end instead of having the decisive battle in advance because she was also worried that in the latter case the other two clans would reap the spoils effortlessly. If Wang Family and Yunyue Business Alliance fought too hard at the start, causing their strongest members to be eliminated, Thunder Clan and Feng Family would target them at the end without hesitation.

What Wang Yurou did not know was that even Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun was completely no match for Yu Sheng.

Just like expected, Lin Qing lost terribly. After taking just a single strike, he was severely injured and taken down from the stage by others. Although there were generous rewards for participating in the battle of the four factions, there was also an intense danger.

Wang Yurou looked on calmly. Lin Qing was the weakest person in her party and therefore she had chosen him to be eliminated.

Every year during this battle, the four clans would fight each other with their wits and strengths. Even if Yu Sheng could really win Nie Yun, Wang Yurou would also not send him. Otherwise, she would destroy the balance and the other three clans would jointly target Wang Family. It was alright to have an advantage, but certainly not a huge one.

Li Kui was quite a powerful cultivator and indeed the third strongest in Yunyue Business Alliance. They had already gained a lot after Yu Sheng eliminated him from the tournament.

Just like the previous round, the Feng Family challenged the Thunder Clan and lost for the same reason.

Next, it was Wang Family's turn again. Wang Yurou still did not send Ye Futian or his friends onto the stage. Instead, she sent another person who was similarly among the weakest in her party. Shang Feiyu sneered and sent someone who won the fight easily.

"Yurou deliberately sent two people to lose." The cultivators from Wang Family naturally knew Wang Yurou's tactics. She had sent the weakest two onto the stage to keep the subtle balance on the Yunyue Battle Platform.

The leader of Wang Family nodded his head in satisfaction as he really liked Wang Yurou's decision. If they kept sending out strong people and gained a huge advantage, it would slowly turn into a disadvantage instead. She knew how to make a choice and keep a good balance in the arena.

After that, Thunder Clan also sent someone who lost to Feng Family.

After the second round, the four clans each lost two people in the tournament and everything seemed to have returned to its original state.

The third round began and it was Yunyue Business Alliance's turn again. This time, however, Shang Feiyu did not send Nie Yun. A person walked out from Yunyue Business Alliance and stood at the center of the platform, looking in Wang Family's direction. Obviously, he was here to challenge Wang Family. The four forces seemed to have reached a hidden consensus.

"Leng He mainly cultivates spells and is skilled in ice and metal elements. He is good in both offense and defense and is also quite a famous sorcerer," Wang Yurou introduced. Then, she turned her head and looked at Ye Futian. "Can you win?"

"No problem," Ye Futian replied.

"I'm not talking about Yu Sheng. I mean you," Wang Yurou added.

"Yes." Ye Futian still nodded.

"Alright, you shall go then." Wang Yurou turned her head back. Ye Futian stood up and walked to the center of the Yunyue Battle Platform. In Yunyue Business Alliance, many people saw Ye Futian and started paying more attention. He was with Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen and among them, he seemed to be the leader. Yu Sheng had already displayed his talents. What about him? Shang Hai, Shang Qing, Liu Lan, and Sorcerer Wu all seemed to be interested.

Apart from them, the people near the leader of Wang Family were also interested in Ye Futian's powers. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen were swapped into the battle just before it started. They wondered how strong Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen were.

In the next fight, they would see for themselves one of them.

Leng He and Ye Futian stood opposite each other. Suddenly, a golden and white radiance glittered around them and a wave of coldness swept past, along with a sharp aura.

On the other hand, Ye Futian's body was surrounded with a flame red radiance which was condensed from fire-elemental Spiritual Qi. It was as if his body was covered with fire which eliminated the coldness.

Leng He waved his hand and a spell was cast at once. Immediately, Ye Futian's surrounding was filled with Ice Will. Around him, many ice pillars appeared and actually started to wind like vines, attempting to engulf him.

Ye Futian walked forward, but the terrifying ice pillars blocked his path and sealed the space. However, Ye Futian did not stop at all and continued advancing. The fire on his body was like a furnace which melted the ice pillars. Soon, he walked out of the frozen space directly.

Buzz! Leng He waved his hand fiercely. Suddenly, many golden pythons swept towards Ye Futian, blotting out the sky. On Ye Futian's body, the frightening furnace-like fire was still burning wildly. He charged towards the incoming spells which were melted into nothingness upon touching his body. Therefore, he managed to dash towards Leng He directly.

Seeing the scene, Leng He's expression changed slightly. Then, he released his Life Spirit and Dharma, which was an enormous python. The gigantic python had two colors—gold and white—corresponding to the two elements.

The python breathed out and the ice-elemental Spiritual Qi around him charged wildly towards Ye Futian. The space itself seemed to have turned into a silvery world and even the audience could feel waves of coldness. After that, many monstrous golden pythons charged towards Ye Futian's body again.

Suddenly, a splashing sound was heard. In the silvery world, countless vines bloomed from Ye Futian's body and towards the huge pythons. The vines wound around the pythons and flames burst out from the vines, incinerating all of them. At the same time, the vines continued to extend wildly and broke out from the frozen world directly, sweeping towards Leng He's body.

"His spells are stronger than Leng He's." Everyone's eyes sparkled. The outcome of a battle between two sorcerers depended on the relative powers of their spells. Clearly, Leng He was suppressed.

The giant python charged out, but the countless vines wound around the python directly. Then, they continued forward and destroyed everything in their path. Soon, they wrapped around Leng He's body and lifted him into the air.

"What spell is this?" Leng He froze in his spot. Why is this wood-elemental spell so powerful?

"Lock of a Thousand Vines," Ye Futian replied.

"It can't be! That is only an ordinary wood-elemental spell and not this powerful." Although Leng He was not talented in wood-elemental spells, he still knew about them.

"It is this powerful in my hands." Ye Futian smiled. Then, the vines smashed Leng He towards the ground.

"I admit defeat!" Leng He shouted. His body stopped right before he was about to hit the ground, after which he was thrown in Yunyue Business Alliance's direction.

The spells disappeared. Ye Futian turned around and walked back to Wang Family.

Looking at his back, Shang Hai and Shang Qing's eyes were filled with coldness. Ye Futian was actually also quite strong. Although he was not as powerful as Yu Sheng, he was certainly not weak.

The people from Wang Family all nodded slightly. Although they were not too surprised, the outcome was still favorable.

After Ye Futian sat back down in his seat, Wang Yurou said softly, "Not bad."

Ye Futian smiled and did not say anything else. The battle continued and just like the previous rounds, after the third round ended the balance between the four forces was still maintained.

The fourth and the fifth rounds continued. Ye Wuchen also participated in one battle. Just like Ye Futian, this single-armed swordsman did not astonish everyone, but his sword skills were still commendable and he defeated his opponent.

After the five rounds, the four forces each had five cultivators left. The atmosphere around the battlefield turned even tenser. Everyone knew that after keeping the balance for five rounds, the cultivators who managed to remain were all very powerful. The situation could change at any time.

"Be careful. Next, the real battle is starting," Wang Yurou reminded. Apart from her, they only had four assisting cultivators left, namely Xing Feng, Ye Futian, and his two friends. Because Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen all had a good performance, Wang Yurou had decided to keep them until now.

It seemed that Wang Linfeng was indeed right in his choice.
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    《The Legend of Futian》