The Legend of Futian
410 Avatar of God
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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410 Avatar of God

Chapter 410: Avatar of God
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The atmosphere on the Yunyue Battle Platform became even tenser.

At the moment, everyone was well aware that the phase right before the final battle had already begun. From this instant on, every step that a force took would be of paramount importance as they might lose everything should they make a single mistake. All the four clans did not dare to be careless.

Below the battle platform, the cultivators from the four forces all seemed to be rather anxious. The ranking in this tournament would determine the resource allocation in the next year which was instrumental to them.

Nobody in Wang Family had expected Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen to stay until the very end. Nobody had met them before or knew who they were. On the other hand, Xing Feng, the most powerful person Wang Yurou had invited, was eliminated early. It seemed that the situation at the moment was not favorable towards Wang Family.

Wang Linfeng was also staring at the battle platform. What exactly happened there? Why did Xing Feng participate in the previous fight? What would happen next? He had a feeling that whatever that was about to come would very likely change his destiny.

Beside the crowd, Yang Ling and Yang Yi stared at the Yunyue Battle Platform nervously. They did not expect Ye Futian and his friends to be so strong. They had not even lost a fight yet.

Yang Ling clenched his fists tightly as if he was even more anxious than he would be should he be the person on the battlefield instead. At the moment, Ye Futian had already won over six battles and could get the map he wanted. In the following battles, Ye Futian would be fighting solely for the Spirit-Refining Grass. Moreover, every battle that followed would be extremely dangerous.

On the Yunyue Battle Platform, Wang Family, Feng Family, and Thunder Clan each had three cultivators left, while Yunyue Business Alliance had two. There seemed to be a subtle balance once again. However, the three forces had displayed their intention to target Wang Family earlier. Would they continue?

It was Feng Family's turn to challenge someone. Countless people looked at the cultivators from Feng Family. This time, the person from Feng Family in the Lower Arcana Plane tournament was Feng You, a genius from the family.

Feng You's eyes sparkled as he stared at the three other forces before him. It was now his turn to challenge someone. No matter which clan he chose to challenge, the person whom he sent would be targeted and he was not confident that they would certainly win. The only possible weaker force was Wang Family, but of course, it was only a possibility. After all, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen had yet to fight anyone who was sufficiently powerful.

"We give up our rights to challenge the others," Feng You suddenly said, causing many people to be shocked.

Was Feng Family giving up their rights so early? This would mean that from now on, Feng Family could no longer challenge any other forces and only passively accept challenges.

Of course, it may seem on the superficial level that giving up would be beneficial as Feng You did not need to send anyone out only to be targeted. Instead, he only needed to send someone to respond to challenges based on the strength of his opponents. This was clearly advantageous. However, in the previous tournaments, no force would give up so early. Nobody was stupid and all the forces knew the benefits of giving up.

The only time when a force would choose to give up early was when it was jointly targeted by the other three, or when all the four forces had decided to give up and enter the group battle phase directly.

Nevertheless, it was actually a good time for Feng Family to give up. At the moment, they were not on the losing end and had also not exposed their most powerful cultivators so the other forces would not dare to challenge them easily. There was already resentment between Wang Family and Yunyue Business Alliance. Therefore, it was highly unlikely that Feng Family would be targeted by anyone else. The more probable situation was that all the four parties would give up and start the final battle directly.

Once they entered the final stage, one of Yunyue Business Alliance and Wang Family would definitely be eliminated first. Feng Family and Thunder Clan had always had an unspoken agreement on it.

Feng Family gave up. Therefore, the pressure they were experiencing was transferred onto Wang Family, or more specifically Wang Yurou.

Wang Yurou looked in front of her and started to think quickly. Even if she chose to challenge someone, who should she choose? Wang Family would be targeted anyway.

"I also give up," Wang Yurou said. Just after she finished speaking, many people took a deep breath. Was the final battle coming early?

Feng Family and Wang Family had given up one after another. It was likely that Thunder Clan and Yunyue Business Alliance would do the same.

Ye Futian glanced at Wang Yurou in surprise. Nevertheless, from Wang Yurou's perspective, this was the most appropriate strategy.

"Next, it'll be time for you to prove yourself," Wang Yurou said to Ye Futian. No matter how much she was unhappy about Ye Futian earlier, they would be fighting alongside each other in the following battle.

"Prove myself?" Ye Futian smiled and said, "Your encouragement seems so fake."

What did he need to prove?

After Wang Yurou gave up, countless people stared at Thunder Clan. Lei Xingtian glanced at everyone and grinning, he said, "I also give up."

At such a time, nobody was willing to send someone onto the stage only to be targeted. Otherwise, they might lose the person and be eliminated earlier in the final battle. They would rather have the final battle early. Therefore, in the end, it was Yunyue Business Alliance's turn again.

As long as Yunyue Business Alliance also gave up, the last phase of the tournament would begin immediately.

It was too fast. Nobody expected the final battle this time to come so quickly.

On the battle platform, the four forces still had a total of eleven assisting cultivators. Shang Feiyu was still sitting on his seat. With a cold expression on his face, he raised his head and stared at Wang Yurou and Ye Futian who were opposite him. If they were to enter the final battle now, Yunyue Business Alliance would only have two assisting cultivators, while the others each had three.

What would happen then?

Shang Feiyu did not know, but he would not bet.

The other three forces wanted Yunyue Business Alliance to enter the final battle with a disadvantage. Was it possible?

"Feng Family, Thunder Clan, I'm afraid you have to eliminate another person from your side so that you are in the same situation as me," Shang Feiyu said. Everyone's eyes sparkled as they stared at Shang Feiyu. How domineering he was…

"As for Wang Family, don't even think about keeping a single person." Shang Feiyu glanced at Wang Family coldly. Then, he looked at Feng Family and said, "Feng Family, do you have any objections?"

Feng You's face darkened. Beside Shang Feiyu, both Ye Xiao and Nie Yun stood up. Clearly, if he chose not to agree, Shang Feiyu would challenge Feng Family directly.

If Feng You sent the weakest person he had, he would surely lose. If he sent someone stronger, what if he lost?

The people from Yunyue Business Alliance were all satisfied with Shang Feiyu's performance. He was domineering in the first place. Yunyue Business Alliance would never be on the weaker side.

"It seems like Feng You's plan failed," many people muttered to themselves. Feng You would definitely not bet.

"Alright." Indeed, Feng You smiled and nodded at one of the cultivators. The person's face turned pale and turning around, he left directly. He did not even fight, because he would certainly lose. He could obviously beat neither Ye Xiao nor Nie Yun.

Then, Shang Feiyu looked at Thunder Clan and asked, "How about Thunder Clan?"

At the moment, the other three forces had given up. Therefore, Yunyue Business Alliance had the initiative and could challenge others continuously.

"Fine, I agree." Smiling, Lei Xingtian nodded and also gave up a person.

The forces had the same number of cultivators left again, except for Wang Family. Just now, Shang Feiyu had said that he would not allow Wang Family to have anyone left.

Realizing that Shang Feiyu was staring at her, Wang Yurou's face turned pale. Turning around, she looked at Ye Futian. It Ye Futian was really so strong, this would be the time for him to display it.

At the moment, Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun had already walked to the center of the Yunyue Battle Platform and was staring at Wang Family.

"You go?" Wang Yurou said to Ye Futian.

"No need." Yu Sheng stood up directly and walked out, causing Wang Yurou to be stunned. She looked at Yu Sheng, and then at Ye Futian.

No need? The words were simple and yet filled with confidence. Was Yu Sheng confident that he could win Nie Yun? He said that there was no need for Ye Futian to go, which meant that Ye Futian was very strong as well.

Wang Yurou realized that Ye Futian was only looking at Yu Sheng. What a mysterious guy... she thought. She felt that she could no longer understand Ye Futian.

Seeing Yu Sheng walk out, many people said to themselves, "It seems like Wang Family does not want to give up."

Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun looked at Yu Sheng coldly. Terrifying blood-red light flashed in his eyes.

Nie Yun reached out his hand, which were glittering with a bright red radiance that looked like the color of both flame and blood.

This time, Yu Sheng would really face a powerful cultivator. It would be impossible for him to win the battle like he did before.

"Your battle will end here," Nie Yun said coldly. Around him, a frightening blood-red radiance spread and enveloped the entire region. Even the people from afar could feel a terrifying aura. Then, everyone saw Nie Yun charge towards Yu Sheng. His speed was incredibly fast.

Nie Yun withdrew his palm slightly towards himself. With his palm red as blood, he suddenly struck forward. At once, an enormous, monstrous red palm print appeared in the sky. Standing at his spot like a solid tower, Yu Sheng raised his arm and punched towards the incoming red palm print directly without any hesitation.

"Idiot," Shang Feiyu said coldly. Reacting to Nie Yun's palm print by force?

Yu Sheng was only trying to kill himself.

Noticing the scene, the rest also felt that Yu Sheng was going to have a miserable ending. The two fists finally collided with each other. Immediately, a frightening power from the blood-red palm print charged into Yu Sheng's arm. Yu Sheng's face was still emotionless. A force flew in his body and eliminated the foreign power. On the other hand, Nie Yun only felt an extremely overpowering force penetrate through his fist. His arm trembled and he felt as if it was going to split apart. He backed off like the wind, but Yu Sheng took a step forward and grabbed Nie Yun's wrist with his hand.

"He wasn't blown backward?" Many people looked at Yu Sheng's hand in astonishment. Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun's palm print did not send Yu Sheng flying. Instead, Yu Sheng did not seem to be affected at all.

Nie Yun's expression also changed drastically as he looked at the scene before him, totally bewildered. He punched out with his other hand, but at the same time, Yu Sheng also moved. Yu Sheng ascended into the sky directly, bring along Nie Yun's body. At this instant, Nie Yun actually felt that he could not resist at all.

Buzz! Nie Yun's body was tossed about in the air, while Yu Sheng walked towards Yunyue Business Alliance. Then, he suddenly descended and smashed Nie Yun's body towards the ground like he was the avatar of God.

Bang!!! The Yunyue Battle Platform trembled violently as Nie Yun's body landed in front of Shang Feiyu. At this instant, Shang Feiyu's heart skipped a beat. Apart from him, everyone could not help but be totally startled.

The burly figure standing on the Yunyue Battle Platform only looked like the invincible God at the moment. Wang Yurou's body trembled uncontrollably. At the instant when Nie Yun was smashed onto the ground, she felt as if her heart was being punched heavily.

That was Nie Yun, Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun.

However, was there any difference between this battle and the previous ones?
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    《The Legend of Futian》