The Legend of Futian
415 Correction
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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415 Correction

Chapter 415: Correction
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Wang Yurou looked at the battle, nervously biting her lips.

Ye Futian looked at her side profile and weakly proclaimed, "I have a girlfriend."

Wang Yurou clenched her fists in frustration. She had an urge to violently bash Ye Futian.

"Are you going to state your request?" Wang Yurou said unfeelingly.

"I haven't thought of it yet, you owe me one for now," Ye Futian casually replied. His bet with her just now was just in the heat of the moment, he did not really have a request since the Wang Clan had already accepted Yang Ting and Yang Yi into the clan.

Wang Yurou did not say anything, her gaze continuing to stare at the battle. Everything started to quieten down.

Ye Futian raised his head towards the battle, which was continuing under the same rules, except the fighters were of the Middle Arcana Plane. Apart from that, this battle was no longer determining the allocation of the spirit stone mines' benefits, but some of the resources allocation in Yunyue City.

In this battle, Ye Futian only recognized the participants from the Yunyue Business Alliance: Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman, Fire Girl Liu Lan and Black Sorcerer Xi Mu. These were all people he had met in the White Jade Tower. Moreover, the leader of their team was Shang Hai. Evidently, he was one of the more talented cultivators in the Yunyue Business Alliance, and among the elites in the Middle Arcana Plane, and had specially invited Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman to support him in battle.

"Where are you all from?" Wang Yurou asked Ye Futian after her brief moment of silence.

"A small place very far away, you've never been there," Ye Futian replied softly.

Wang Yurou was astonished by his answer. With the strength that Ye Futian and his friend's had demonstrated, she was not expecting them to be from such an insignificant place.

Just then, the Black Wind Condor and Loulan Xue came over, the Black Wind Condor standing beside him and Loulan Xue sitting down.

Wang Yurou glanced at Loulan Xue and asked, "Your girlfriend?"

"No," Ye Futian shook his head and replied, "just a friend."

"Looks like you aren't a decent gentleman either," Wang Yurou criticized, smiling. Since Ye Futian claimed that he had a girlfriend, why was he bringing another beautiful lady friend by his side?

Loulan Xue glanced at Wang Yurou and explained, "Maidservant."

"...." Wang Yurou was speechless. Her gaze returned to the battle and she said, "the Demon Swordsman is going up. I heard what you said before about Shang Hai chasing you out of the White Jade Tower because of him and Sorcerer Wu?"

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"What do you feel about his strength?" Wang Yurou asked. The Demon Swordsman had drawn his sword, and his blade was quick. One strike of his sword felt as though tens of thousands of Sword Qi erupted at the same time. Among the dazzle of countless Sword Qi, an unpredictably ethereal sword was hidden, swiftly severing the opponent's neck and causing blood to spurt uncontrollably.

The loser was greeted with death.

"*sshole." Wang Yurou's demeanor became unforgiving. The Demon Swordsman had killed one of the Wang Clan's prodigy aides.

The Demon Swordsman Duan Que turned towards the Wang Clan's viewing gallery after killing his opponent, and his gaze landed where Ye Wuchen was, as though on purpose. Following which, he walked back to where he was. Standing in wait there was Shang Hai, with an equally cruel expression. He also looked at the Wang Clan, and his gaze stopped where Wang Yurou and Ye Futian were. He was unmistakably targeting the Wang Clan.

"Looks like the battle's become relentless." It was no surprise to the countless onlookers who were watching the Yunyue Battle Platform. It was a common sight every year for the first battle to be relatively peaceful. As the battles progressed, they would get more fired up and killing would become more rampant.

In the first battle, the Wang Clan and the Yunyue Business Alliance went head-to-head with each other and caused the Yunyue Business Alliance to lose face. They naturally wanted to get their revenge, and so the Demon Swordsman Duan Que was sent out prematurely and slew his opponent in one strike.

As predicted, the battles progressively intensified and there were more experts dying and getting seriously injured. Each time it came to a duel between the Wang Clan and the Yunyue Business Alliance, the battle would be exceptionally brutal.

Of course, the unlucky ones were the aiding experts from both sides, especially those whose battle ability were not strong enough.

Sorcerer Wu, whose expertise was in sorcery, went up to battle as well. His entire body clad in robes, he had a terrifying battle ability. His eyes seemed to have Dark Demonic Flames in them and one gaze from him could cause his opponent to ignite. His Flame Spell was as scary as Demonic Flames, as they were inextinguishable and could burn his foe to death.

"Looks like we're going to lose quite badly this round," Wang Yurou said. The Wang Clan had lost the relaxed attitude they had just now and were watching the battle platform grimly.

Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman were extremely famous, therefore they had caused quite an uproar when the Yunyue Business Alliance had invited the two of them, causing the Four Clans to scramble to invite even stronger prodigies to aid them.

With regards to the duo's battle ability, the inner circle of the Four Clans did not underestimate them. They were not from their sects, and they were also juniors. This limited the Four Clans' understanding of them.

Now, after witnessing the duo's strength, the Wang Clan felt as though things were going to go south, especially since they were being targeted. All the experts assisting the Wang Clan had a high possibility of being wiped out by the two of them, causing the Wang Clan to lose all support.

Over at the Yunyue Business Alliance, the Alliance Leader and many of the alliance members were visibly happier. Shang Hai had not let them down in this battle and had salvaged some of their prestige. If they could get first place in this battle, they would have redeemed themselves.

"Big brother, Shang Hai being young and prideful, it can't be avoided that he would make some mistakes. However, it seems that he really did it for the Yunyue Business Alliance. Under those circumstances, for him to get on the good side of prodigies like Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman, he would naturally ignore some other people." One of the elders beside the Alliance Leader said. He was Shang Hai's grandfather; he had no reason to speak up for Shang Hai's mistake just now. However, he could now help to clear Shang Hai's name.

"Indeed, Shang Hai has good insight, the experts supporting the Wang Clan are too arrogant. They're evidently insistent on getting revenge on our Yunyue Business Alliance," another person spoke up, causing the Alliance Leader to nod his head and say, "If Shang Hai can get first for this battle, I'll let the matter rest."

The remaining people nodded their heads and turned their attention back to the battle.

As the battle progressed, the Wang Clan and the Yunyue Business Alliance continued to be at loggerheads. There was still no one who could deal with Sorcerer Wu and Duan Que. Eventually, the Wang Clan gave up the right to challenge someone, but the Yunyue Business Alliance did not let up and the two continued to eradicate their competitors.

The supporting experts were all eliminated.

"What's the wager for this battle?" Ye Futian asked.

"The operating rights for various industries in Yunyue City next year," Wang Yurou replied. The four clans were the strongest establishments in Yunyue City, and so they had a firm hold over the best resources in Yunyue City. The only people who could compete for these resources were the four clans.

"What will happen to the last place?" Ye Futian asked again.

"They can only manage the industries with the lowest profit margin," Wang Yurou replied.

Ye Futian did not say anything. Judging by the situation on the Yunyue Business Platform, the last place would definitely be the Wang Clan.

The Yunyue Business Alliance was picking on them and the other two clans were inadvertently letting them be and watching from the sidelines. The Wang Clan had gotten the most benefits from the first battle, so they would definitely not let the Wang Clan obtain a good placing in this battle, or it would cause a shift in power balance among the four clans. However, even after the Yunyue Business Alliance had eliminated the Wang Clan, they did not let up and continued to challenge the Feng Clan and Thunder Clan's support experts. Similarly, all of them were eliminated and ultimately, only the duo from the Yunyue Business Alliance was left standing.

"This looks very similar to the previous battle." The audience felt a ripple in their hearts. In the last battle, Ye Futian and his friends had been unbeatable. In this battle, it was Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman's turn. The two of them had helped Shang Hai get into the finals in dominating fashion, and even when they were up against the other three clans, they had not been afraid of a three-on-three. Similarly, they had defeated all three clans with their strength alone.

After the battle, the people from the Feng Clan and Thunder Clan looked at Shang Hai, and heard him say, "In this battle, the Wang Clan will be last place. You all decide who will be second and third." His words were identical to what Ye Futian had said, as though it was a tit-for-tat.

Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman stepped forward, heading towards a Wang Clan prodigy. The Feng Clan and Thunder Clan experts were a little hesitant, but they did not interrupt them. They were not confident in winning a three-on-three. In the earlier battle, Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman had been too overbearing.

"Forfeit the match." The Wang Clan leader saw the two of them heading towards the Wang Clan juniors and said to them. If they did not forfeit the match, the duo would definitely be ruthless.

"I forfeit." The Wang Clan prodigy had an extremely grim expression. The match that Wang Yurou had been in had been extremely impressive. However, this battle had been extremely humiliating.

The Demon Swordsman had a mocking smile, following which he turned around to look at the other two people. The Thunder Clan and Feng Clan experts immediately broke into a fight, which eventually ended in the Thunder Clan's victory.

The cultivator in front of the drum announced the end of the battle. The Yunyue Business Alliance representative shouted, "This battle, the Yunyue Business Alliance is first."

"The Thunder Clan, second."

"The Feng Clan, third."

"The Wang Clan, last."

The four voices sounded out and in the Yunyue Business Alliance's direction, the Alliance Leader and the members all looked joyful.

The Demon Swordsman Duan Que raised his head in Ye Futian and his friends' direction and smiled, "It seems as though it was nothing special, the opponent was simply too weak."

What Ye Futian and his friends had done, he and Sorcerer Wu had done as well.

Turning around, he walked towards the Yunyue Business Alliance, looked at the Alliance Leader and said, "I don't think that Shang Hai made a mistake, what does the Alliance Leader think?"

Shang Hai had forcefully evicted Ye Futian and his friends because of him and Sorcerer Wu. Before this, Shang Hai's decision had been questioned by many. Even though it did not affect him, but it did not reflect well on him.

The Alliance Leader looked at Duan Que and thought, what a presumptuous individual. Of course, he had the right to be arrogant. He let out a hearty laugh and said, "Of course looks like it was a misunderstanding on my part. What Shang Hai did at the White Jade Tower was right."

"Thank you, Great Elder." Shang Hai bowed, and a glint appeared in his eyes. This meant that the Alliance Leader would no longer pursue the matter.

"How can he do this?" Yang Yi had a gloomy look. She had brought up the matter in public to redress Big Brother Ye's grievance. Yet, the Alliance Leader had corrected his words. Wasn't this to say that Shang Hai was right to humiliate them?

"Little Yi, he's driven by profit, this is nothing to be surprised over." Ye Futian said, smiling and accepting it casually. He was on the Wang Clan's side, while Duan Que and the rest were supporting the Yunyue Business Alliance. Which side would the Alliance Leader be on? There was no doubt about it. Even if it made Ye Futian unhappy, what could he do about it?
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    《The Legend of Futian》