The Legend of Futian
416 Gamble Showdown
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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416 Gamble Showdown

Chapter 416: Gamble Showdown
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Yang Yi naturally understood what Ye Futian was saying, but it did not reduce her unhappiness. She angrily looked at the Business Alliance Leader and said, "I thought he was a good person, but it seems I was wrong."

"This girl…" Ye Futian let out a bitter smile while shaking his head. He fondled her head, thinking, it looks like Yang Ting really protected his younger sister very well, allowing her to be so innocent.

As the Alliance Leader of one of the four clans, how could the Yunyue Business Alliance Leader be described simply as good or bad?

"Duan Que seems to be intentionally provoking you and your friends," Wang Yurou said. Ye Futian was aware of that too. After defeating his opponent, the Demon Swordsman Duan Que's gaze would look towards them. By claiming that his opponents were too weak, and making the Alliance Leader correct his words, even though he had not officially spoken with Ye Futian, he had already taunted Ye Futian.

"Leave him be," Ye Futian said indifferently, not caring much. Shang Feiyu and his supporting experts had also been arrogant, but it did not mean that Ye Futian needed to prove them wrong every time. To be honest, it was quite boring to do so.

Yunyue City was just a pit stop for him. If it wasn't for Yang Ting and Yang Yi, he would probably have left the moment he got the map, and not be wasting his time trying to improve relations with the Wang Clan. By doing so, after Yang Ting and Yang Yi entered the Wang Clan, they would be able to lead better lives.

The third battle went on after that, and the atmosphere got even tenser.

As though to prove the audience right, the fights got even more merciless, and no one was able to get off the battle platform unscathed. Every battle resulted in either serious injuries or death. Even battles between the Thunder Clan and Feng Clan had also become relentless. It was apparent that the Feng Clan had been dissatisfied with the second battle's results, and wanted to make a comeback in this round.

This round, the Thunder Clan and Feng Clan broke away from their earlier low-profile actions and became immeasurably wild, showing their overbearing attitudes.

In the earlier two battles, the Yunyue Business Alliance and Wang Clan had both gotten one victory each in domineering fashion, and their clans had only been able to fight for second or third place. To the other two clans among the four clans, this was not a glorious feat, as it made diminished their presence. The Thunder and Feng Clan did not want to leave this kind of impression on the inhabitants of Yunyue City. What kind of prodigy would want to work for them in the future if this continued?

The first battle had been unexpected and shocking.

The second battle left people marveling at the Yunyue Business Alliance's might. In this battle, the residents of Yunyue City truly witnessed the strength of all four clans, as the four clans were matched in strength and put up an entertaining display.

Finally, the Thunder Clan dominated the other three clans and got first, the wealthiest among the four clans, the Yunyue Business Alliance came in second, showing off the strong foundations of the Alliance.

The Wang Clan only came in third, and the Feng Clan came in miserably at last.

At the end of the three battles, the Feng family had the short straw, drawing second in the first battle, coming in third in the second battle and last for the third round, doing worse each round.

It was only until it ended that the audience came to a sudden realization that the biggest winner this time was not the Yunyue Business Alliance or the Wang Clan. Although these two clans had been competing fiercely, the eventual winner was the Thunder Clan, drawing second in the first battle, coming in second in the third battle and first for the third round, getting even more dominant each time.

The Yunyue Business Alliance had come out on top of the Wang Clan.

As such, the Thunder Clan leader was beaming from year to year, his commanding gaze circling the surroundings, as he said with a chuckle, "This year, my Thunder Clan and the rest of you have put up a fantastic display. This can be considered a good end to the year, from tomorrow onwards, let us all make preparations for all the matters that need to be handed over next year."

In contrast to the Thunder Clan leader, the Feng Clan leader's expression was gloomy. "Looks like you've made sufficient arrangements to discreetly become the biggest winner." In the direction of the Yunyue Business Alliance, the Alliance Leader said coolly. Last year, his Alliance was the biggest winner.

This time, his all-out war with the Wang Clan ended up helping the Thunder Clan.

"The Yunyue Business Alliance did quite well too," the Thunder Clan leader said, laughing. He looked up at the sky, it was already evening and the setting sun's rays showered upon the Yunyue Battle Platform, with several rays of golden light. It was indeed a beautiful day.

"What wonderful weather. Let us let this year's four clans battle end here," The Thunder Clan leader proclaimed.

"Is it over already?" Around the Yunyue Battle Platform, the endless Yunyue City citizens felt as surrounding the area did not feel a sense of closure. With the ending of the four clans battle, they felt a sense of loss. To them, battles of this standard could only be seen once a year, for them to witness the potential of these prodigies standing above all other cultivators.

"It has ended," The Wang Clan leader said in a soft voice. Many had even stood up. Wang Yurou and Ye Futian were also among those that stood up.

"Has it ended yet? I don't think so." Suddenly, a voice sounded out, and many of those who had already stood up looked towards the person who said that. Surprisingly, it was Shang Hai from the Yunyue Business Alliance.

Shang Hai's gaze swept across where Ye Futian was standing for a moment, following which he said to the audience, "the four clans battle decides the allocation of resources in Yunyue City. However, after the three rounds of battle have ended, there's still one more chance to change the allocation."

The audience's eyes lit up as they all looked towards Shang Hai. They knew what Shang Hai was referring to. This time, even though the Yunyue Business Alliance was not the biggest winner, but besides the Thunder Clan, they were in second place. Even so, they were still not content?

"You want to start a gamble showdown?" the Thunder Clan leader questioned.

The crowd all had astonished looks. Everyone in Yunyue City knew that apart from the three rounds of battle, there was still the gamble showdown. As the name suggested, a gamble showdown was a gamble.

After the three rounds, the clans' benefits had already been allocated. The four clans could then use the resources that they had gotten, and use it as a wager to start a gamble showdown against those who had participated in earlier battles.

Shang Hai turned around and said to the Alliance Leader, "Great Elder, I am bitter about the results of the first round that I lost. I would like to win back what I have lost, and I hope that Great Elder can give me this chance."

The Business Alliance Leader's eyes glimmered, and a sharp glint appeared in them. He scrutinized Shang Hai and asked, "How do you want to gamble?"

Shang Hai's gaze fell in the direction where the Wang Clan was, and callously replied, "I will use what I have won in the second round, to wager for what the Wang Clan has gotten in the first round."

The Wang Clan leader frowned, looking at Shang Hai, and he asked, "What do you mean?"

"Me, Sorcerer Wu and Duan Que were the victors of the second round. We challenge Wang Yurou and her three supporting experts," Shang Hai said mercilessly. Everyone who heard his words had weird expressions, they thought Shang Hai was out of his mind. Three Middle Arcana Plane cultivators, challenging Lower Arcana Plane cultivators?

"Are you joking?" The Wang Clan leader rebutted emotionlessly. "Even though the four clans have the gamble showdown rule, but there has never been such an unfair battle. I will not accept it."

"It is indeed rather unfair. As such, I will not participate in the battle, only Sorcerer Wu and Duan Que will. As for the wager, I will add on the 10 percent profits of the spirit stone mine from the first round." Shang Hai announced in a clear voice, "How about this?"

"Hmph." The Wang Clan leader snorted. "Ridiculous." He knew that Ye Futian and his friends had talent, but Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman Duan Que, were also exceptional people in the Middle Arcana Plane. Sorcerer Wu was in the fifth level of the Arcana Plane while Duan Que was at the pinnacle of the Middle Arcana Plane, the sixth level. How could Ye Futian and his friends' cultivation level even compare to them?

Apart from Ye Wuchen and Wang Yurou who were in the third level of the Arcana Plane, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were only in the second level of the Arcana Plane. Three to four levels of difference was not something that could be neutralized merely with numbers. Even if the other party raised the wager, there was no meaning in accepting if defeat was beyond doubt. Moreover, if he accepted the battle, Shang Hai would definitely be gunning for Ye Futian and his friends' lives.

"Go back," The Wang Clan leader said. The rest of the Wang Clan stared at Shang Hai expressionlessly. What an imagination he had, to come up with such ludicrous terms for a battle.

Ye Futian and his friends also turned away. They had no intention of fighting.

"Don't you want to prove me wrong?" Shang Hai said deliberately, looking at Ye Futian, whose back was facing him. "You were so arrogant before this, do you want to just walk away in dejection?"

"This *sshole," Yang Ting said coldly, "he knows no shame."

A Middle Arcana Plane cultivator trying to taunt Ye Futian into accepting the showdown. Shang Hai was the epitome of shamelessness.

"Brother Ye, don't fall for it," Yang Ting said to him.

"I know." Ye Futian nodded lightly, not taking it to heart.

"Oi." Another voice sounded out. It was Duan Que, he smiled and said, "A swordsman that is willing to demean himself, is not worthy to hold a sword."

Ye Wuchen's footsteps slowed down. Duan Que's words were evidently referring to the incident in the White Jade Tower where Ye Wuchen had stooped to pick up the spirit stones on the floor.

Ye Futian's footsteps slowed down as well, and he suddenly smiled brightly and asked, "Why do you do this to yourself?" Saying that, he looked towards the Wang Clan leader and asked, "Senior, do you trust me?"

The Wang Clan leader's eyes gleamed, and he looked towards Ye Futian. "You mean to say, you want to accept the battle?"

Ye Futian nodded lightly.

"Are you out of your mind? I know that you're very strong, but that is the Middle Arcana Plane. His fighting ability is at the peak of the Middle Arcana Plane. He's intentionally trying to taunt you, not just to get the resources from the Wang Clan, but also your lives," Wang Yurou said in a hushed voice.

"I know." Ye Futian was still looking at the Wang Clan leader.

The Wang Clan leader looked Ye Futian in the eyes, and guffawed, "it's been a long time since I've seen such a wild teenager. I'll accompany you in your insanity this time. What we won in the first round, was originally won for us by you. So, I leave it up to you to decide."

"Thank you, senior." Ye Futian nodded and shifted his gaze towards Shang Hai's direction.

At this moment, Shang Hai was beaming brightly. Duan Que also had a radiant smile. He looked towards Ye Futian, saying to Shang Hai in a faint voice, "Don't forget what you've promised to give me."

"I'll give you double," Shang Hai said with a piercing gaze.

"Good. I'll help you to reap their lives." Duan Que's smile got even more radiant!
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    《The Legend of Futian》