The Legend of Futian
417 Don’t Insult a Swordsman
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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417 Don’t Insult a Swordsman

Chapter 417: Don’t Insult a Swordsman
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Like Wang Yurou had said, Duan Que had been intentionally provoking Ye Futian and his friends in preparation for this moment. Shang Hai had told him that he wanted Ye Futian's life and had promised him many benefits for it. The best chance to kill Ye Futian was naturally on the Yunyue Battle Platform. Therefore, both Duan Que and Shang Hai were intentionally using provocative language to anger Ye Futian and his friends, and Duan Que had even gone to the extent of insulting Ye Wuchen.

Everything had been for this moment.

To their surprise, Ye Futian and his friends had been unable to withstand the taunting and had accepted the battle.

What a way to court death.

"Grand Elder." Shang Hai looked towards the Business Alliance Leader. Previously, the conflict with Ye Futian had nearly ruined his future prospects. Now, he was going to reclaim what was rightfully his.

In this battle, not only was he going to kill Ye Futian and his friends, but he would also win back everything he had lost in the first round. Hence, it would be equivalent to the Yunyue Business Alliance coming in first for both rounds, surpassing the Thunder Clan to become the real winner.

The Alliance Leader looked at Shang Hai and said, "Alright, everything will be up to you to decide." After saying that, he took a seat again, and the Yunyue Business Alliance members around him all sat back down and looked towards Ye Futian and his friends.

Just like how Shang Hai had imagined, they also felt that, regardless of how strong Ye Futian and his friend's battle capabilities were, the large gap in cultivation levels was not something that could be bridged by raw talent and fighting ability. Moreover, Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman Duan Que were both already extremely talented cultivators, which was apparent from their performance in the second battle. Under these circumstances, the Wang Clan was as good as giving them the win on a platter.

"Thank you, Grand Elder." Shang Hai was ecstatic, and he looked towards the opposite side where the Wang Clan members were all sitting back down too.

The Thunder Clan leader frowned and looked towards the Wang Clan and said, "Brother Wang, do not make a foolish decision. 40 percent of the spirit stone mines' profits are not a joke."

The Thunder Clan had already cemented its position as the biggest winner this time, and evidently, they did not want their position to be replaced by the Yunyue Business Alliance.

The Yunyue Business Alliance was already in an advantageous spot and showed signs of becoming the strongest among the four clans. If this trend continued, the power balance among the four clans would eventually crumble. Now, the Wang Clan was about to give the Yunyue Business Alliance a generous gift, something that he did not wish to see.

"Naturally, I'm not joking," the Wang Clan leader said. "My decision is final, let the four clans witness the gamble showdown."

"What respectable resolution." The Business Alliance Leader chuckled. "If anyone violates the rules of the four clans battle, everyone has the right to execute them."

"Go forth," the Alliance Leader said to Sorcerer Wu and Duan Que. "After this battle, the two of you will be well-rewarded."

Sorcerer Wu stepped forward in silence, while Duan Que marched forth with a grin, both of them stepping foot on the Yunyue Battle Platform yet again. The rays of the setting sun showered down upon them. The two of them were among the most dazzling cultivators among today's four clans battle. Now, they were going to battle the three most dazzling Lower Arcana Plane cultivators from the first round.

On the other end, Ye Futian and his friends slowly walked down the viewing gallery. Wang Yurou was there too, and she softly whispered to them, "With my strength, I'm simply unable to help the three of you in this match." Even though she had absolute confidence in her strength, she also knew her limits. Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman were both exceptional individuals in Yunyue City, how was it even possible to surpass the level boundary and defeat them? She was definitely not a match for them.

"It's alright," Ye Futian replied. Wang Yurou glared at him, how could he still be so nonchalant at this point in time, did he not know the dangers that awaited him in the upcoming battle?

The four of them stepped onto the Battle Platform where Duan Que was smiling while looking at them. He had been waiting a long time for this.

"You stay here and watch," Ye Futian said to Wang Yurou in a hushed voice. Wang Yurou was stunned for a moment and felt anger after she recovered. This *sshole was doing the same thing again.

Ye Futian also stopped walking forward. He turned to Ye Wuchen who was beside him and said, "Wuchen, you deal with him."

Since Duan Que wanted to witness what a swordsman could do, Ye Wuchen would grant him that honor. Ye Wuchen continued stepping forward. Seeing him come closer, Duan Que had a grin on his face, and asked, "You want to die one by one?"

"Sure, I'll grant your wish." The Demon Swordsman Duan Que smiled, and similarly walked forward, a terrifying Sword Will surrounding his body, resonating with the universe.

He stretched out both arms. In an instant, tens of thousands of Sword Wills roared simultaneously, hovering around the vast Yunyue Battle Platform. The Sword Wills formed a horrifying sword-shaped air current, gliding towards where Ye Fuchen was. It was a deadly yet elegant sight. Just like his nickname, the Demon Swordsman had a magical command over his swordcraft, causing his sword techniques to be unpredictable and ethereal.

"A Lower Arcana Plane fighting a Middle Arcana Plane, unable to withstand just a few sentences of provoking. An idiot like you, how did you live to cultivate until today?" Duan Que appeared as though he was embracing tens of thousands of swords in both arms. He raised his head and had a look of intoxication on his face. The moving sword current drowned out everything, enveloping Ye Wuchen in it.

Feeling the aura of his sword current, the Wang Clan did not appear optimistic. What on earth was Ye Futian thinking, letting Ye Wuchen face the Middle Arcana Plane Duan Que alone?

The Business Alliance Leader also felt Duan Que's Sword Will and a glowing smile appeared on his face. This battle would definitely restore the Yunyue Business Alliance's reputation, as well as all the resources that they had lost. He simply could not understand why the shrewd fellow from the Wang Clan would agree to such a ludicrous gamble showdown. Even the most crafty person would commit such mistakes once in a while.

Shang Hai's performance now was indeed commendable.

Duan Que's body rose into the air, ascending towards the sky alongside his sword. His gaze fell onto Ye Wuchen and he said, "Even though your sword techniques are speedy, but you're not a qualified swordsman after all. It's your honor to be able to die at my hands." As his voice landed, he waved his arm, and in an instant, countless Sword Wills turned into real blades and rained upon Ye Wuchen's body.

Watching the figure with one lone arm shrouded in Sword Wills, many people gave silent sighs. What a pity, Ye Wuchen's strength was not to be underestimated, but alas, he was too rash.

At that moment, Ye Wuchen stepped forward. In that split second, it was as though he was not a human being, but rather a sword; an indestructible sword.

At the same time as he stepped forward, a formless Sword Will charged straight ahead, cleaving the sword current. His foot took yet another step forward. Around his body, an intense sword veil formed around him. When the Sword Will that Duan Gang had released rushed towards him, it permeated the sword veil and flowed along the sword veil. Contrary to what the audience thought, it did not break through the defense of the sword veil, but rather it encircled the sword veil.

"Invoking the Sword Will." Duan Que gazed upon Ye Wuchen bewilderedly. It seems like he has some strength, Duan Que thought to himself.

Both his arms swinging around, countless Sword Wills moved in tandem with his arms, as though all the Sword Qi in the world were under his command. Following up, Duan Que waved his hand and dealt one blow with his sword.

When the sword struck, it was as though the void had split into two by the Sword Will, and words started to appear in front of Ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen treated it as though he saw nothing, and took another step forward, the words exploded in front of him, and ended up as remnants of Sword Will, continuing to flow around his body, unable to break through his defenses.

Many people had surprised expressions. The Demon Swordsman had already dealt two blows, yet he was still unable to break through or even cause damage to Ye Wuchen.

Duan Que squinted, and his palm stretched out. Immediately, an even stronger Sword Will was manifested and he resonated with the Worldly Sword Will. After that, his fingers moved, and a sword sliced towards Ye Wuchen.

Bang. The harsh blade of light was stopped in its tracks, but Duan Que's movements did not stop. His fingers continued to brandish even more killing blades as though they were bolts of lightning.

The waves of dazzling blades of light seemed to slice the void apart into countless pieces, and Ye Wuchen's body was completely engulfed within, enduring the countless Sword Qi's killing intent. Waves of horrifying light blades submerged his body, blocking everyone's field of vision. However, seeing those dazzling blades of light, many people felt pity for Ye Wuchen.

In all likelihood, he would have been decimated by these sword techniques.

Among the Sword Qi's screeching, Duan Que's movements finally came to a halt, and he looked towards the scary sword storm that Ye Wuchen was trapped in. A cruel smile appeared on his face as all he could feel there was Sword Qi. He could almost see Ye Wuchen's body being impaled by tens of thousands of Sword Wills.

In the brilliant storm, a fleeting glimpse of Ye Wuchen's body could be seen. Everyone's gaze focused on that figure. They saw countless Sword Qi intersecting Ye Wuchen's body. There was no longer any sign of human life, only the aura of swords.

"Why…" many people sighed. How could it be possible for Ye Wuchen to defeat Duan Que. The Wang Clan leader's expression was pale. Even though he had joined in on Ye Futian's insanity, but he still felt terrible seeing this kind of ending. Conversely, the Business Alliance Leader's face had a resplendent smile. This battle was already half won.

Everyone had differing emotions, but suddenly, the body that had been penetrated by countless Sword Qi moved again. He took another step forward. Even though it was just one step, everyone's expression froze.

Duan Que was also dumbfounded. Could it be that he was not dead yet? At the moment that he was dumbstruck, Ye Wuchen's body disappeared, transforming into a blade, an indestructible blade, encompassing the countless Sword Wills that had been attacking him just now and penetrating the void.

Duan Que's expression changed, following which he saw a pair of eyes, and in his mind, a killing sword figure appeared.

"Get out!" Duan Que angrily shouted. He drew his sword, a sword that was aided by the heavens, slicing through the void.

That strike was extremely beautiful, and it rendered the figure that had appeared in his mind in half. As the blade was striking through the void, he felt a sense of extreme danger. An unstoppable sword was headed straight for him while his sword was already in motion and could not be withdrawn.

"How could this be…" This was the last thought in Duan Que's mind as the blade severed his throat.

Duan Que's body quivered uncontrollably, as a figure that appeared to be formed out of Sword Qi stood upright before him. The figure only had one arm and was standing quietly as always, but the sword in his hand had already cut through Duan Que's throat.

"Don't insult a swordsman." This was the last voice that Duan Que heard as his body was torn into smithereens by Sword Qi!
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