The Legend of Futian
419 Wang Yuqing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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419 Wang Yuqing

Chapter 419: Wang Yuqing
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The Wang Family followed Ye Futian's group away. Under the sunset, their shadows dragged. Countless gazes from around the Yunyue Battle Platform were still gazing in that direction in shock.

The leader of the Merchant Union stood up straight, also watching the silhouettes of the Wang Family as they left. The battle was over and the final divisions had been announced. The Yunyue Merchant Union would barely get anything next year.

If one looked closely, one would see that his hands, hidden in his sleeves, were trembling. He turned to gaze coldly at Shang Hai who was pulling himself up.

Right now, Shang Hai seemed to have wilted. His face was colorless while blood still flowed from his lips. His organs seemed to have been shattered by that hit. He was badly hurt. However, no one came to help him away. Seeing their leader's expression, no one dared.

They all knew that Shang Hai had messed up this time. The leader wouldn't forgive him. He'd already redeemed himself and the leader had planned on letting him go. But he wanted to take revenge and taunted Ye Futian while they were leaving, thus causing this destructive attack. He'd dug his own grave.

The Thunder Clan and Feng Family all looked at Shang Hai with disdain. He didn't know his own strength and couldn't even take a single hit. However, that youth was honestly too powerful. He would definitely become an important figure in the future.

The Thunder Clan and Feng Family were obviously happy to see this result. The most powerful Yunyue Merchant Union was repressed. To the Thunder Family, the Wang Family winning the most was less threatening than the Yunyue Merchant Union. It was the same for the Feng Family. They weren't last place anymore.

Under these circumstances, the Yunyue Merchant Union probably wouldn't be able to change anything.

In the direction of the Wang Family, they orbited around Ye Futian's group. Wang Yurou's pretty eyes gazed at Ye Futian beside her. "Are you better at sorcery or martial arts?" She was curious. Earlier, Ye Futian's sorcery had been crazy. Despite his low plane, he could defeat Sorcerer Wu. Ye Futian's sorcery was too powerful to be a regular sorcerer.

Everyone had thought he was a powerful sorcerer; Shang Hai thought so too, so he launched a close attack. But that last strike had been fatal. The one strike had carried immense power and flattened Shang Hai, the pride of the Yunyue Merchant Union. There hadn't been any suspense. His martial arts skill was undeniable.

"Guess." Ye Futian smirked.

Wang Yurou glared, but heard Yu Sheng say nonchalantly, "He isn't the strongest at sorcery or martial arts."

"Then what?" Wang Yurou froze and looked at Yu Sheng in confusion.

Yu Sheng gazed at Wang Yurou with a meaningful expression. Seeing his eyes, Wang Yurou instantly understood. She was forced to look away in silence.

Ye Futian glared at Yu Sheng. This guy had changed too much. What was he thinking now? Ye Futian wasn't like that.

"Little Yi," Ye Futian called.

Yang Yi walked over and greeted, "Big Brother Ye."

"After I leave, remember to cultivate well," Ye Futian said, smiling.

Wang Yurou glanced at him. Was he talking to her? This time, Ye Futian had displayed such great talent. He guessed that the Wang Family would try to keep him, so he made some hints to keep them from asking.

Wang Yurou sighed inwardly. The Wang Family couldn't keep someone as talented as Ye Futian. She knew that there was no point. Ye Futian didn't think too highly of her.

"Big Brother Ye, are you going to leave?" Yang Yi looked up, gazing at Ye Futian.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. "I still have many important things to do."

"What things? I want to go too," Yang Yi said innocently.

"You dummy." Ye Futian patted her head.

At that time, the Wang Family's leader walked over. Glancing at Ye Futian and Yang Yi, he smiled. "Don't worry. We won't mistreat the Yang siblings after you leave."

"Thank you, senior," Ye Futian said.

"You won so many things for the Wang Family and helped us take revenge. This is nothing. We owe you. Do you have any requests?" the family leader asked.

"No." Ye Futian shook his head, smiling. "I didn't know anyone after coming to Yunyue City and met the Yang siblings by fate. I only wish that you will help me take care of them."

"Alright. Yurou, Yang Ting and Yang Yi will cultivate with you from now on. Yang Yi will be like your sister," the family leader said to Wang Yurou.

"Yes." Wang Yurou nodded. She naturally wouldn't argue. Ye Futian had helped her greatly this time.

"I won't keep you, but please stay a few days so I can be a good host," the family leader said. Ye Futian gazed at him, but he continued in a light tone, "Kid, help preserve my image. Don't reject me in front of so many people."

"Okay." Ye Futian smiled wryly and nodded. The family leader was truly powerful. Ye Futian couldn't reject him.

The family leader finally smiled. He nodded and patted Ye Futian's shoulder.

It was nighttime when they returned to the Wang Family. They held a big celebratory feast. Ye Futian's group were obviously the stars. Many people wanted to meet them.

After the feast, they arranged a place for Ye Futian's group to stay. It was where their core disciples lived and were right next to Wang Yurou.

Right now, moonlight splashed down. A map was placed on a stone table in the courtyard. Ye Futian sat on a stone stool, looking quietly.

"What's the plan?" Ye Wuchen asked, walking over.

"I plan on going to Divine Sky City," Ye Futian said. "That is the main city of the Barren State's east. It will have the most resources, people, and news. We will cultivate there and reach the Noble Plane. What do you think?"

"Whatever you say," Ye Wuchen said. He sat beside Ye Futian and looked up at the full moon. He completely trusted Ye Futian. The journey from the Cangye Kingdom had given them tacit understanding.

"I don't dare go anywhere with a low plane. If we reach the Sage Plane someday, we can go anywhere," Ye Futian sighed. He gave himself a small goal: the Noble Plane.

Only if he reached the Noble Plane would he be able to travel through the Barren State.

The Arcana Plane was honestly too weak. It was difficult to forge ahead without the help of a powerful force. But now, he didn't want to rely on another force. Nowhere could be like the Cottage. Even if something existed, it wouldn't have that feeling.

"Thinking of Chenyu?" Ye Futian asked Ye Wuchen who was spacing out.

"A little," Ye Wuchen said softly. She must hate Ye Wuchen for leaving her in the Eastern Barren Territory.

Noble, Sage…he still had a long way to go, but his heart was growing more determined.

Ye Futian chuckled. His Guqin Spirit appeared and music flowed under the moonlight. It was calm and peaceful, making one feel a slight longing for home.

Days later, Ye Futian prepared to leave that day.

Many people were walking somewhere in the Wang Family. A while ago, a figure had entered, causing an uproar. Wang Yuqing, the princess, had returned.

Many elders sat before the main pavilion. Even the family leader came to welcome her personally. Seeing the group walking over, he smiled gently.

The leading woman was beautiful and cold. Both her features and temperament were similar to Wang Yurou. She was even more handsome and seemed more powerful. Wang Yuqing was Wang Yurou's true sister.

Beside her was a group of boys and girls. They all had extraordinary temperaments and were spirited. They gazed at the Wang Family with cool eyes. They clearly had special backgrounds.

"Grandfather," Wang Yuqing called to the family leader. However, her tone wasn't as respectful as the other members. To most people, the family leader wasn't only the family leader. He was also the most powerful and naturally should be revered. If he couldn't cultivate, who would revere him?

But Wang Yuqing was different. She'd seen many people at her grandfather's level out there. In fact, she learned from people of the Sage Plane. After some time, she wouldn't feel as reverent as the others in the family.

"You're back," the family leader said, smiling.

"Yes. These are my senior brothers and sisters," Wang Yuqing said.

"They look extraordinary. As expected from the Top Three Schools of the Divine Sky City," the family leader said, smiling. "The banquet is prepared. Welcome."

Everyone walked forward. Wang Yurou walked to Wang Yuqing and called, "Sister."

"How is your cultivation?" Wang Yuqing asked.

"Third-level Arcana Plane," Wang Yurou answered.

"Keep working hard and try next year at the Divine Sky City," Wang Yuqing said. "Where are Mother and Father?"

"They're coming," Wang Yurou said.

"Yurou, call Futian over," the family leader said.

"Okay." Wang Yurou immediately understood. She left and went towards Ye Futian's yard.

"Futian?" Wang Yuqing asked. "Grandfather, who's that?"

"A very talented junior. I would like you two to meet each other. Maybe you can recommend him to the Top Three Schools. His talent shouldn't be a problem."

"The Top Three Schools isn't that easy to enter," a youth beside Wang Yuqing said.

"I know that. I wouldn't say that if he wasn't talented," the family leader said, chuckling.

It was undeniable that it was already a miracle for the Wang Family to have Wang Yuqing. If they had another so-called pride, how powerful could he be? The family leader was probably ignorant and didn't know what true talent was!
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    《The Legend of Futian》