The Legend of Futian
422 Fight for I
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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422 Fight for I

Chapter 422: Fight for It
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Ye Futian's eyes later focused on another hill. There, an icy glare swept towards him. It was Shang Hai from the Yunyue Merchant Union.

Shang Hai clenched his fists. His eyes were extremely cold and filled with murderous intent. After the battle of the top four forces, he'd been neglected by his family. His status had plummeted. During this time, his cousin Shang Yunfeng returned. He begged his uncle to come out and practice with Shang Yunfeng. They had been close when they were young. Thus, Shang Yunfeng took him along. He prepared to leave his family forever and follow his cousin to the Divine Sky City. Even if he wasn't talented enough to enter the Top Three Schools, he would still rather make a living in the Divine Sky City instead of home. He knew his grandfather didn't like him anymore. He wouldn't have his previous status.

"What are you looking at?" an older youth beside Shang Hai asked. Following his gaze, he looked at Ye Futian's location. "Those are from the Starry School. Wang Yuqing from the Wang Family is cultivating there. You must have met them before."

"The people beside Wang Yuqing are Ye Futian's group," Shang Hai said coldly.

Shang Yunfeng's eyes flashed as he scanned Ye Futian's group. His expression was calm. After returning, he'd heard that his family had been defeated miserably in the battle. He was curious. It seemed that the Yunyue City still had some talented people.

"He's following Wang Yuqing. It seems that he wants to use Wang Yuqing to enter the Starry School. But the Top Three Schools isn't that easy to get into. Wang Yuqing is an average disciple. She isn't that powerful," Shang Yunfeng said. "Since he's here, I can help you kill him when the chance comes. I can take revenge for you."

"He's with the Starry School. Will that cause trouble?" Shang Hai asked.

"He's not a disciple. There's nothing troublesome," Shang Yunfeng said calmly. The Top Three Schools had a special status in the eastern Barren State. What was wrong with killing an unimportant figure?

Wang Yuqing and Ye Futian's group also noticed Shang Yunfeng and Shang Hai. Wang Yuqing told Ye Futian, "That's Shang Yunfeng from the Yunyue Merchant Union. He's from the Blazing Sun School."

"Oh." Ye Futian nodded and looked away from Shang Yunfeng. Clearly, he didn't care. As for Shang Hai, his eyes were extremely sharp. He couldn't hide the murderous intent and kept staring.

Ye Futian coolly gazed at Shang Hai and looked to the Beast Mountain. "What kind of herb is the dragon protecting that the top three forces have come?"

"The Dragon Grass is born with a dragon and needs to be nurtured with dragon blood," Wang Yuqing said. "Filled with the essence of nature, this grass is extremely fragile. Only a dragon can grow it. Thus, the Top Three Schools never touched the dragon. They just guard it so others can't take it."

"What is it used for?" Ye Futian asked. Since his third senior brother wanted it, it must be beneficial towards his cultivation.

"It can raise a dragon's wisdom. For cultivators, it can strengthen one's spiritual energy. For powerful Nobles, not only does it raise their spiritual energy, it can also increase their perception of Spiritual Qi."

"In other words, if a low-level sorcerer uses Dragon Grass, they can possibly break into the next level? And a high-level cultivator increases their perception, so they can also enter the next level?" Ye Futian asked.

"You can say that." Wang Yuqing nodded. "In addition, if the Dragon Grass is matured, the demons that guard here can benefit too."

Ye Futian gazed at the countless demon beasts on the mountain before him. As demons became higher level, their intelligence would increase too. Noble demons could even speak in human tongue.

The Dragon Grass could raise their intelligence. No wonder it created such a crazy situation.

"So what will we do now?" Ye Futian asked.

"Wait. The promised day is tomorrow. The strong cultivators of the Top Three Schools should arrive soon," Wang Yuqing said. Ye Futian nodded and stopped asking. He just waited quietly.

Cultivators not from the Top Three Schools were waiting too. They mostly came today to watch and see if they could benefit in some way. The Top Three Schools cared about the herb. But to the other people, even the corpses of the demons were precious. Of course, some wanted to capture a beast to ride too.

Four hours later, more strong cultivators descended. Their auras were terrifying. They looked around and landed directly somewhere. The strong cultivators of the Blazing Sun School had arrived soon.

After, the strong cultivators from the other schools arrived too and landed in their respective camps.

"Mu Shi and Senior Brother Tan are here."

The people of the Starry School were surprised. Of the two at the head of the incoming group, one was older and one was younger. The older was Master Mu, a famous elder at the Starry School.

The younger wore a headpiece. His aura was extraordinary. This was Tan Zhong, a popular genius disciple of the school. Today, he came with Master Mu to the Dragon Zone. It seemed that the Starry School would definitely get the Dragon Grass.

Of course, the Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School were powerful too. Clearly, this fight would be intense.

"Him?" Tan Zhong asked, looking up at Gu Dongliu on the lonely mountain.

"Yes." Master Yun nodded.

Tan Zhong gazed up and said loudly, "The Dragon Grass has long been discovered and protected by the Top Three Schools. No matter who you are, please leave now and everything will be alright."

There was barely anybody in the eastern Barren State who dared to anger the Top Three Schools.

On the mountain, Gu Dongliu opened his dark and deep eyes. He looked at the Starry School and asked, "Did the Top Three Schools plant it?"

Tan Zhong furrowed his brows. Someone from the Blazing Sun School said, "No, but we've protected it for many days. It naturally belongs to us."

"It grew naturally and you haven't taken it yet. Why does it belong to you? According to your logic, if I stand guard outside the Top Three Schools for many days, will the school become mine?" Gu Dongliu asked the Blazing Sun School. His voice was emotionless. He was just stating facts.

The people of the Top Three Schools frowned and their expressions turned cold. It seemed that this man was set on stealing the herb.

"This has nothing to do with you," Tan Zhong said coldly. "If you don't leave, be prepared for the consequences.

Gu Dongliu looked away from the Top Three Schools.

At this time, there was suddenly a dragon's roar from the mountain's peak. It shook the sky. A burst of demonic aura surged forth. Everyone saw a huge dragon in the sky. Its cold eyes gazed at them.

It was a black demon dragon while its large body shone with dark gold light. It looked even more menacing and terrible. Its eyes were filled with aggressive light. The Dragon Grass was close to maturing now and these damn human cultivators wanted to steal it. They were horrible.

"There seems to be a cave there." Ye Futian looked at the dragon. It had come from inside the mountain.

"If anyone takes my Dragon Grass, I will destroy it." This dragon actually spoke in the human tongue. Its voice was frigid and vaguely threatening. It knew what the humans wanted so it threatened them with it."

"It's yours if we don't take it. Even if you destroy it when we take it, we can still take your corpse away. How should we choose?" a strong cultivator said coldly as he looked at the dragon. "You have committed sins. If you leave voluntarily and scram off to the demon region, we can spare your life."

With that, strong cultivators stepped into the air and rose up to the mountain's peak. Someone looked at Gu Dongliu and asked coldly, "Are you sure you're not going scram?"

Gu Dongliu opened his eyes and looked coolly at the other. He remained sitting there, unmoved.

"Take care of him first," someone said.

Then there was a sun in the air. An elder from the Blazing Sun School wielded a sun sword. Sunlight splashed down and reflected on the sword. It sliced down on Gu Dongliu. Fiery sword light appeared in the air, burning everything.

The attack was extremely fast. Gu Dongliu stood up at some point and stepped forward. His feet glowed brilliantly and his body flashed like lightning, immediately teleporting.

The sword fell down, splitting the mountain. The entire peak burned with flames from that crack, but Gu Dongliu still stood quietly to the side.

The strong cultivator with the sword sun kept striking. This time, beams of sunlight pierced through the sky, sealing that space.

Gu Dongliu's body transformed into afterimages. His feet shone brightly and his footsteps were thunderous. He streaked among the sunlight and his techniques were amazing.

"Such precise steps," someone praised. Ye Futian knew that it was their teacher's Thunder Shadow Steps. He was also cultivating it.

The Blazing Sun School's cultivator kept attacking, but Gu Dongliu just dodged instead of fighting back. Seeing this, the strong cultivator frowned. "His body is very agile. It's very hard to kill him if he dodges. We can't waste more time. Each school send one person to stop him and then kill him."

The Top Three Schools had no objections. A strong cultivator walked out from each school and faced Gu Dongliu. The others kept pressing up towards the mountain.

"We will attack from the middle," a Noble from the Starry School said.

The strong cultivators had to deal with the dragon without completely angering it. Otherwise, it would destroy the Dragon Grass and everything would have been in vain.

"Follow closely," Jiang Nan said. Then Wang Yuqing and Ye Futian's group walked forward, running straight for the demon beasts in the mountain. The other disciples of the other two schools also prepared to enter the middle of the mountain. The Dragon Grass was growing there!
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    《The Legend of Futian》