The Legend of Futian
423 Dragon Residency
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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423 Dragon Residency

Chapter 423: Dragon Residency
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The strong cultivators of the Top Three Schools led the way to the mountain. Descending from above, there was a horrible demonic aura. Various demons guarded the cave, roaring at the people. There were many demon kings present, commanding the demons.

"Kill. Other than the Dragon Grass, anything you take is yours," someone from the Starry School said. Demons grouped in this mountain and there were demon kings guarding it. There was also a horrible dragon close to the Sage Plane. There must be some precious items inside.

As soon as he spoke, there were Noble cultivators killing towards the Noble demon kings. Spiritual Qi went crazy and spells swept through the sky.

Strong cultivators from the Top Three Schools all started attacking from different places.

"I've warned you of the dangers before. Since you wanted to come see, you must be responsible for your own consequences. I am busy and can't take care of you," Wang Yuqing told Ye Futian's group. "Of course, you can leave before it's too late." With that, she walked forward, going to kill the demons on the slope with the Starry School cultivators.

Beside Ye Futian, the Black Wind Eagle flapped its wings, wanting to try. Ye Futian gazed at it. "Calm down. It's not your time to show off yet."

At Ye Futian's scolding, the Black Wind Eagle lowered its head sadly. It looked dejected.

"Yu Sheng, Wuchen, Loulan, come with me to hunt some upper-Arcana demons. I want live ones," Ye Futian murmured. The others nodded. They started walking in the air towards the slope. They released their auras. Loulan Xue's cultivation was the highest. She was in the mid-Arcana Plane.

Back when Ye Futian's group had just entered the Dharma Plane and entered the Loulan Relic, Loulan Xue had already been at the peak of the Dharma Plane. She was able to fight with Li Daoyun and get the Sage Book from the Empress. Her cultivation obviously wouldn't be lower.

Now, the Sage Book was already part of her dharma.

Before them, Wang Yuqing was already fighting on the mountain. She killed a demon and looked back at Ye Futian's group. They weren't weak, but their planes were a bit too low. It was still dangerous. She'd thought that Ye Futian's group would give up.

Boom. An icy arrow shot towards Ye Futian's group. Yu Sheng stepped forward and punched. The icy arrow instantly shattered. Then a snowy white ice wolf pounced towards them. The coldness froze the air into frost. This demon wolf was in the mid-Arcana Plane. Seeing that Ye Futian's group was weaker, it dared to come over.

"Don't keep those under the upper-Arcana Plane," Ye Futian said. Yu Sheng punched and broke the ice wolf's claws with brute force. Then he ripped its head apart.

The group advanced and continuously killed demons. When they stepped onto the mountain, they heard many booms. A horrible stone ape was striding over. It was huge with horrible strength. Using its aggressive power, it slapped towards Ye Futian's group with a terrifying pressure.

Demons were good with Spiritual Qi and knew how to cultivate. They had inherited skills and knew some spells. The more intelligent the demon, the more powerful they were. When they reached the level of demon kings, they could learn human spells.

Yu Sheng's body glowed with golden light. Demonic intent wrapped around. The Demonic Tripod appeared in his hands. It enlarged and he slammed it towards the stone ape.

Boom. With the loud sound, the stone ape's arm shook and forced Yu Sheng away with the Demonic Tripod. After all, he was in the lower-Arcana Plane. The difference in plane was too much. He was naturally weaker here.

Loulan Xue gripped her icy scepter and walked forward. Endless snow flew towards the stone ape. The iciness covered it immediately, making it into a huge statue-like thing. At the same time, Ye Futian's golden vines snaked up, tying around the stone ape.

The stone ape was extremely violent. It raised a hand and grabbed them. His harsh eyes were filled with wildness.

"Blind one of its eyes," Ye Futian said coldly. This demon was too wild.

Loulan Xue released her dharma. A snowy mountain appeared behind her as if there was a mysterious apparition. She reached out her icy scepter. Endless icy intent descended, covering the surroundings in white frost. Ye Futian felt his movements slow. Thankfully, this spell was targeted at the stone ape. It didn't affect him that much.

The stone ape's body turned white. Its arm slowed down.

Then Ye Futian flashed. He unsheathed a soft sword. Its light was cold and reflected in the stone ape's eyes. The stone ape grabbed at the sword in its eyes. It thought that it grabbed it, but then felt something extremely dangerous. With a squelch, blood flowed out and its vision blurred.

There was a shocking roar. The stone ape grasped its eyes, its hands dyed red.

Icy intent was still descending on him while golden vines wrapped around its neck. It roared and moved its hands. But it saw a youth with a sharp sword close to him. The sword light pressed down. Above its head, there was someone with a Demonic Tripod that could fall down at any time.

"Submit or die," Ye Futian said coldly. After that, his eyes turned very strange. His orbs were like a boundless abyss. They seemed to transform into a bottomless storm that people would drown inside. The stone ape felt its spiritual intent get swept into that storm. A hallucination appeared in its mind. Ye Futian's figure seemed to become extremely huge before it.

Its burly body trembled. It wanted to fight back, but it felt an intent snake into his mind. It told him that if it fought back, he would die.

The stone ape lowered its head. It knew that it would definitely die if it fought back. A spiritual mark was planted in its mind. It knew then that its life didn't belong to itself anymore.

"Lay down," Ye Futian ordered. The stone ape immediately followed the order.

Loulan Xue had a strange expression. Ye Futian was a beast trainer too? He hadn't displayed that kind of talent before.

Even Ye Wuchen didn't know this. It was his first time seeing Ye Futian train a beast.

The Black Wind Eagle flew wildly before hem, crashing against other demon beasts. Its opened wings covered the sky, almost purposely blocking the scene. They were in the back. Everyone else was going towards the middle of the mountain. No one would notice.

"Let's go." Ye Futian continued staying in the back and looked for upper-Arcana Plane demons.

Ye Wuchen and Loulan Xue vaguely understood Ye Futian's plan. It seemed that Ye Futian wanted the Dragon Grass too. Otherwise, he wouldn't be controlling demon beasts here. They were both lower in number and cultivation plane. If they really wanted to get the Dragon Grass, they wouldn't be able to fight at all. Clearly, Ye Futian was planning.

He clearly had thoughts. He had the same opinion as Gu Dongliu. He didn't care about the Top Three Schools. Since this herb was natural and so valuable, why wouldn't he fight for it if he had the chance?

The Dragon Grass fight might not have anything to do with them, but no one knew about the future. It was better to be prepared. Even if they couldn't use the beasts, it was still protection. Shang Hai really wanted to kill him and he had the Blazing Sun School with him.

The strong cultivators of the Top Three Schools continued forward. Ye Futian's group purposely hung back. Many demon beasts pounced and all who were below the Arcana Plane were killed immediately.

Their planes weren't high, but they worked together seamlessly. Even demons in the upper-Arcana Plane were quickly taken. Gradually, demons were controlled by Ye Futian. Some lay down while others remained in the demons beasts, but they didn't chase the Top Three Schools.

Boom. A huge explosion came from the mountain. Ye Futian's group looked up. They saw that the mountain had been exploded by the Noble figure. The mountain was actually hollow.

Some Noble figures flashed and rushed inside. There were many horrifying beastly roars. Some Nobles were actually blown out. Some were even covered in blood and had menacing claw marks on their bodies. They were greatly injured.

"Be careful!" someone roared. Various horrible demon kings walked out of the mountain. They gazed coldly at the crowd and guarded the place.

"Enter! It's empty!" someone said. Everyone agreed and their bodies glowed. They crashed directly toward the mountain. Countless figures passed into the mountain.

Boom, boom, boom… The stone cracked open continuously as people from the Top Three Schools entered the mountain.

Ye Futian's group was behind them. After the Starry School opened up the mountain and entered, they quickly entered as well.

It was indeed empty inside. The vast space was brilliant and filled with Spiritual Qi. The glow lit up the entire mountain.

Ye Futian looked down and saw piles of spiritual stones. There were also rare gems and ritual implements like small hills.

"This…" Ye Futian was quite speechless. This was an entire dragon residence and it was so opulent. The dragon was too rich.

"It's rumored that dragons are greedy and like treasures. Seems to be true," someone said coldly. They looked up. There was a dazzling jade stone with an herb growing. It snaked upwards in a dragon-shape and shone like a rainbow. The Spiritual Qi around it was extremely thick.

"Dragon Grass." Everyone looked there. There were a few horrible demons guarding it!
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    《The Legend of Futian》