The Legend of Futian
425 Death of Shang Hai
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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425 Death of Shang Hai

On the peak of the mountain, the demonic dragon was using its huge body to block the entrance. Around the dragon, many dazzling figures were standing and staring coldly at it. Suddenly, the mountain trembled, as if it was going to collapse soon. The dragon knew that it was no match for so many cultivators and thus used this to threaten the rest.

Gu Dongliu was standing not far away and he was being intercepted by three powerful cultivators.

"If you scram now, we can still spare your life. Why do you have to find trouble yourself?" a cultivator from Blazing Sun School warned the dragon.

The demonic dragon only stared back at the cultivator coldly. It had been the king of this vast region for its whole life and had been commanding the other demons. Never had it suffered such a humiliation. It was a proud dragon, after all, and had been protecting for many years the Dragon Grass which was nurtured by its blood essence. Why would it give the treasure to these cultivators for free? The arrogant dragon clearly could not take such humiliation. Moreover, these cultivators actually believed that the people below could obtain the Dragon Grass. How funny.

The cultivators from the three schools stared coldly at the dragon, but they were not in a hurry. The people from the three schools had already broken into the mountain. Once they obtained the Dragon Grass, the rest could slay the evil dragon directly. In this way, the Dragon Grass would not be damaged. The Top Three Schools could then discuss who would eventually get the treasure.

At the moment, an intense battle was happening in the Dragon House. Everyone wanted to obtain the Dragon Grass first. Even some demon kings became greedy and wanted to get the treasure, causing a wild battle to erupt between all the people and demons around the Dragon Grass. Countless people were injured as a result.

On the other hand, the Dragon Grass was still wildly engulfing the Spiritual Qi around it like a black hole as if it was trying to suck all the Spiritual Qi in the world. The dragon-shaped grass swayed in the air. Finally, a cultivator and a demon managed to break through many obstacles and approach the Dragon Grass. The person reached out his hand towards the Dragon Grass, while the demon also extended its claws. Noticing the scene, all the nobles started to charge towards them. However, suddenly, the Dragon Grass started swinging.

Sizzle... Flame red radiance erupted from the Dragon Grass and an illusory fire dragon actually appeared, charging into the foreheads of the noble and the demon king in an instant. Then, both of them gave a miserable cry, after which they covered their heads with their hands and backed off quickly. Soon, they collapsed onto the ground and their wills were severely damaged.

An illusory dragon appeared on the Dragon Grass and scanned around it with a cold look.

"That dragon attached its will onto the grass so that it can use its power to initiate spiritual attacks." The people in the Dragon House were all astonished. The dragon was indeed cunning and had actually left such a surprise.

The illusory dragon stared coldly at the crowd. Then, the Dragon Grass continued swinging. Many terrifying illusory figures erupted from the grass and charged towards the nobles and greedy demon kings which actually dared to disobey its orders. Did they think that the dragon had been nurturing the Dragon Grass for nothing?

The nobles and demon kings who were still battling saw the attacks charging towards them and their expressions changed at once. They tried to escape, but the frightening spiritual attacks were unavoidable. The attacks charged into their minds directly, causing many people to fall onto the ground.

"I'll kill everyone who dares to try and take the grass," the illusory dragon said coldly, but it was already becoming blurry. The many cultivators and demons around stared at the figure above the Dragon Grass. Then, a noble who was lying on the ground said, "It's going to disappear soon. Take the grass."

The disciples of the Top Three Schools walked up one after another. Finally, a brave person cast a spell at the Dragon Grass. A brilliant radiance was released from the swaying Dragon Grass, incinerating the wood-elemental spell. However, the illusory figure seemed to be too weak to cast another attack.

"Let's go." Seeing that the threat was gone, the disciples of the three schools walked forward towards the Dragon Grass. Immediately, many spells swept toward the grass simultaneously. A cultivator also used a wind-elemental spell to get closer to the grass. However, when he approached the Dragon Grass, many spells flew towards him directly, causing to he to be blown away in severe injury.

Then, a few cultivators who tried to get closer to the Dragon Grass were hit as well. When all the spells had been cast, the disciples of the three schools stood in a circle around the Dragon Grass.

They would attack anyone who tried to approach the grass.

Around them, there were still demons charging towards them continuously. The battle had never once paused.

Suddenly, a loud rumbling was heard and many demons charged out from the caves. They actually charged towards the Dragon Grass at the same time. Meanwhile, a completely black demonic bird enveloped in terrifying Demonic Will charged out from somewhere like a bolt of lightning. On the back of the bird, there was a mysterious figure covered in a silver cloak.

At the moment, the mysterious figure was sitting down cross-legged on the back of the bird. His fingers stroked on his guqin and a powerful music was released.

"Who are you?" The cultivators from the Top Three Schools all frowned. The person did not seem to be a member of the three schools. They had not seen him earlier and he suddenly appeared here, so it was likely that he had been hiding somewhere near all along.

The music suddenly turned sonorous and caused everyone listening to feel annoyed and manic. When the demons around heard the music, they started to roar wildly, as if they had turned insane. A group of demons started charging towards the crowd directly.

A monstrous stone ape descended from the sky along with a terrifying aura towards the crowd. Some spells flew towards the ape, but they were crushed directly. Its enormous body continued falling down.

At the same time, many powerful demons attacked simultaneously, as if they had an unspoken agreement.

"How dare you!"

A person turned into a bolt of lightning and with an incredible speed, he passed through all the demons. Then, he struck out his sword towards the person in a silver cloak on the back of the demonic bird.

The person in the silver cloak was clearly Ye Futian. The cloak he was wearing was given to him by the king of Liu. Ye Futian, however, did not even seem to have noticed the incoming attacker at all. An extremely dazzling golden radiance was released from Ye Futian's body as his fingers stroked across the strings of his guqin. Music erupted and charged into the mind of the attacker directly, severing injuring his Spiritual Will. The attacker went blank momentarily and even his sword was tilted.

With an astonishing speed, the demonic bird turned into a black bolt of lightning. At the instant when the attacker was stunned, it struck out with its sharp claws, causing the attacker to fly out.

The demonic bird was precisely the Black Wind Condor. At the moment, its eyes were filled with darkness. As it glanced at the crowd with its frightening eyes, everyone could feel an appalling Demonic Will.

The radiance around Ye Futian grew brighter as if he was being showered in divinity. His temperament was particularly outstanding, but his music was like the howls of demons, causing everyone to feel manic. The demons around him had all gone insane.

"Beastmaster..." Everyone's face darkened. The mysterious person could actually control the demons with music.

"Stop him!" an injured noble shouted. Everyone could feel the threat of Ye Futian and the demonic bird.

The disciples from the Top Three Schools dashed towards Ye Futian one after another. However, many powerful Upper Arcana Plane demons surrounded Ye Futian, helping him to pave the way. At the moment, Ye Futian was partially burning Emperor Will and even his blood seemed to be boiling. This was indeed a very rare chance. If he could get the Dragon Grass, everything would be worth it. Even if he could not, he believed that his third brother would still be able to bring him to safety.

Just like what he thought, when Gu Dongliu heard the music inside the mountain, he knew that it was Ye Futian. A dazzling light glittered on Gu Dongliu's body as he released his Life Spirit and Dharma. Nine eye-catching characters circled around his body, causing the three people intercepting him to become tense immediately. Was he going to make his move?

However, although Gu Dongliu had released his strong aura, he did not make any attack. Since little brother was inside, Gu Dongliu believed that he could settle everything in the mountain. All that Gu Dongliu had to do was to keep a close watch on the situation on his side.

Ye Futian rode on the demonic bird and many demons charged towards the crowd. Many spells flew towards him, but he only played the guqin in silence. His temperament was superior, while his music was violent and sometimes sharp, bringing pain to the cultivators attacking him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Violent collisions could be heard continuously. A group of cultivators from Starry School charged towards Ye Futian, which of course included Wang Yuqing. She raised her hand to cast a spell. Immediately, flames started to dance in the sky. However, the person in silver cloak only glanced at her emotionlessly and stroked casually on the guqin. Her spell was eliminated at once, after which an ear-piercing sound invaded into her ears directly. She trembled and fell down helplessly from the sky. Raising her head, she looked at the unstoppable figure in the sky.

The entire space was enveloped in an invisible musical storm. All the injured nobles stared at Ye Futian. He was outstanding and actually had Emperor's Light around his body. Who was he?

Suddenly, a golden lightning struck towards Ye Futian. It was Shang Yunfeng.

Ye Futian started to play the music at a faster rate. The music turned into a beam of dazzling golden light which charged into Shang Yunfeng's mind. At this instant, Shang Yunfeng felt a superior might and an even more destructive power trying to crush his Spiritual Will.

A demon leaped into the air and grabbed one of Shang Yunfeng's legs, causing him to be immobilized.

Shang Yunfeng's expression changed drastically. Then, he saw a monstrous pair of eyes. In Shang Yunfeng's eyes, a calamitous, enormous demonic bird appeared, destroying everything in its path. His will trembled and was severely damaged. Suddenly, a sharp claw landed on his head, producing a clear cracking sound. Immediately, cracks appeared on his head which was showered in golden radiance.

The demonic bird stared coldly at Shang Yunfeng. It could still remember Shang Yunfeng's arrogance earlier. Indeed, it was the type that would hold a grudge.

Bang. The demon which had leaped into the air brought Shang Yunfeng's body down and smashed him onto the ground. Then, Shang Yunfeng lied motionlessly there.

"No!" Shang Hai's expression changed drastically. He saw Ye Futian glance coldly at him, after which music spread again. Many terrifying waves of music flew out and charged into Shang Hai's mind directly, ignoring all of his defense and causing his body to tremble fiercely. The demonic bird whizzed over and grabbed his head with its claws just like it did to Shang Yunfeng, after which it threw him downwards.

"Are you happy now?" Shang Hai heard a cold but somewhat familiar voice in his mind. At this moment, he could only feel waves of coldness running down his spine. He widened his eyes and stared firmly at the figure in silver cloak before him as if he could not believe the reality.

It was no wonder that the mysterious person only tried to kill him and Shang Yunfeng. However, how could the all-powerful mysterious person be him?
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    《The Legend of Futian》