The Legend of Futian
426 Secret Escape
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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426 Secret Escape

Shang Hai had never imagined that he would die here. He had been unpopular in his family and had, therefore, decided to follow Shang Yunfeng. However, not long after they left their family, both Shang Yunfeng and he were killed. All of this was an extension of the event in White Jade Tower.

The last picture he had in his mind was the restaurant in White Jade Tower, where he stood arrogantly and threw the spirit stones in front of Ye Futian. At that time, he was the prestigious genius of Yunyue Business Alliance. He had invited Sorcerer Wu and Demonic Swordsman to assist his family and the road before him seemed bright. Everyone thought that he would have a glorious future. However, everything changed because of the incident which he thought was insignificant. When he saw Ye Futian for the second time, Ye Futian was already on the Yunyue Battle Platform. He was elegant and unparalleled.

Now, it was the third time Shang Hai met Ye Futian. Ye Futian was following Wang Yuqing and had been keeping a low profile, unlike how he had behaved on the Yunyue Battle Platform. However, when he changed yet again, he seemed to be even more powerful.

Which one of them was the real him? Shang Hai wondered if Ye Futian would become his assistant if the incident in White Jade Tower did not happen. He wondered if his fate would be changed because of this.

There was no "if." Shang Hai's body fell onto the ground and he stopped thinking. He, the young master of Yunyue Business Alliance, would lie here for all eternity. The people from Yunyue Business Alliance might not even find out that he was killed by Ye Futian.

On the ground, Wang Yuqing saw the bodies of Shang Yunfeng and Shang Hai in the distance and was totally shocked. Just like her, Shang Yunfeng came from Yunyue City and was a genius who had entered the Top Three Schools. He had successfully changed his fate but died here.

Raising her head, Wang Yuqing looked at the brilliant and all-powerful figure and a strange thought appeared in her mind. The people from the Top Three Schools were all so outstanding and yet the mysterious person had attracted the complete attention of everyone. What kind of person was he?

At the moment, he was still charging forward on the back of the demonic bird. His music had turned into an appalling storm, affecting the demons and martial arts cultivators around him. When he attacked his opponents with his music, a destructive note would explode in their minds directly.

Around him, hundreds of demons were following and listening to his command. Moreover, most of these demons were in the Upper Arcana Plane. They had gone wild in the music and were destroying everything in their sight. Even the geniuses from the Top Three Schools could not block such a wave of demons.

Many people were hit by the demons, including the genius Jiang Nan who came together with Wang Yuqing. Of course, the same thing happened to the people from the other two schools.

In the sky, Ye Futian was showered in Emperor's Light. He had fused Emperor Will into the music and thus the music was just like a terrifying spiritual attack. It strengthened the demons around him and at the same time attacked his opponents. Furthermore, the Black Wind Condor had devoured the will of the demonic bird on Sky Mountain and had evolved, allowing it to turn into the demonic bird. In this state, its combat abilities would increase significantly.

Many cultivators were sent flying out one after another and nobody could stop the demonic bird from advancing. The demons helped to pave the path for the demonic bird which was charging directly towards the Dragon Grass.

Suddenly, a person flew over with the wind and was even faster than Ye Futian. With everyone's attention fully absorbed by Ye Futian, he extended his arm towards the Dragon Grass.

Some coldness flashed across Ye Futian's eyes. His fingers stroked fiercely across the strings of the guqin and countless notes danced simultaneously. Then, the musical storm in the sky converged towards the intruder. The intruder's expression changed drastically as he felt an immense might crushing towards him. Immediately, he let go of the grass and retreated, after which the musical attack also stopped.

Then, everyone realized that the demonic bird was already before the Dragon Grass. On its back, a divine tree seemed to have appeared on Ye Futian's body. It grew in size and many branches from it swept towards the Dragon Grass.

The illusory dragon in the Dragon Grass appeared again, but the branches of the divine tree blotted out the sky and engulfed the Dragon Grass directly. An extremely powerful willpower eliminated the original will attached on the grass. The illusory dragon gave out a low roar, after which the Dragon Grass was brought towards Ye Futian's body.

Although a long time seemed to have passed, in reality only a short while had passed since Ye Futian appeared. He charged through everyone with the help of the demonic bird and obtained the Dragon Grass.

Buzz! Immediately, the demonic bird turned around and turned into a black beam of light. With an incredible speed, it left. The people from the Top Three Schools only looked at the scene and actually forgot to intercept the bird.

The nobles were all injured and could only watch everything happen. At the moment, their faces darkened; the mysterious person only made his move after they were injured. However, there were even stronger cultivators above them. Why did he dare to snatch the treasure? Was he trying to kill himself? He would never be able to bring the Dragon Grass out of this place.

Roar! The howl of dragon shook the sky. The evil dragon knew that the Dragon Grass has been taken away and its enormous body started to tremble fiercely. Immediately, the entire mountain started shaking, producing a loud rumbling. Many huge boulders fell down and the mountain seemed to be collapsing.

"We can't wait anymore!" the cultivators from the Top Three Schools shouted. The terrifying rope earlier was activated again, tying up the dragon's body so that it could not go down. At the same time, the people from the Top Three Schools descended one after another. They broke the side of the mountain directly and charged inside.

Roar, roar! The evil dragon roared ferociously. The ground shook and the entire mountain seemed to be falling apart.

At the instant when the cultivators started moving, Gu Dongliu also moved. A dazzling radiance appeared under his feet and he charged out at an astonishing speed. The three cultivators who had intercepted him attacked at the same time in an attempt to stop him. However, the nine characters around Gu Dongliu turned into nine beams of light which shot towards the three and eliminated everything in their path.

The three people felt an intense threat from the attack and backed away one after another. Then, Gu Dongliu charged out and looked at the people who were entering the mountain.

At once, everyone there felt an invisible force approach them. Then, a row of brilliant ancient characters appeared, blocking their path. In addition, many warriors were also formed from the ancient characters.

Nobody wanted to waste any time with Gu Dongliu so many people descended one after another. The cultivators from the Top Three Schools already knew that someone not from them had taken the Dragon Grass.

Gu Dongliu's eyes turned increasingly demonic and terrifying as if the entire region was contained in his eyes. Behind him, the god-like figure released an eye-catching radiance which enveloped the entire space. Then, inside the space of Eye Sorcery, countless characters appeared and sealed the space, blocking everyone's path.

"Scram!" someone shouted and launched an attack towards the countless characters. However, every character released a brilliant beam of light, or an enormous amount of Sword Will, or a powerful spell towards the rest.

"What do you benefit from this?" Someone turned around and glanced coldly at Gu Dongliu. Someone had taken the Dragon Grass and they did not understand why Gu Dongliu was blocking them. Could it be that the person who had taken the Dragon Grass was his associate?

While Gu Dongliu was slowing down the cultivators, the demonic bird tried its best to charge out of the mountain. At the moment, the mountain was collapsing and the earth was cracking apart. The cultivators from the Top Three Schools and the demons were all in a mess.

Just when Ye Futian charged out of the mountain, many demons outside started gathering around him at the same time, as if they had gone wild simultaneously. In the meantime, a terrifying dark light surged on the demonic bird, covering the region around it. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were both hidden inside.

Buzz! A violent gust of wind swept past and a demonic aura ascended into the sky. Countless demons ran towards the distance at the same time, while a demonic bird tried to escape with a silver-clothed figure on its back.

Behind them, many people finally managed to charge out from the chaos. Looking at the mysterious person who was already quite far from them, their faces darkened. Why did the people at the peak not stop him?

"Why did you not intercept them?" Jiang Nan looked beside him, where Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Ye Futian appeared. Apart from them, the Black Wind Condor was also present.

It turned out that at the instant when the demonic bird charged out from the mountain and darkness enveloped all the demons, the bird turned back into the ordinary Black Wind Condor. Also, Ye Futian took off the silver cloak and naturally stood beside Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen. On the other hand, the wild demons continued running forward.

Of course, the escaping demonic bird and Ye Futian were formed with a water-elemental illusory spell. In such a chaotic situation, nobody would notice the difference.

"How do we intercept them with our levels?" Ye Futian smiled and looked at Jiang Nan. How could Ye Futian and his friends stop the intruders? Jiang Nan was probably just venting his anger at them.

"Humph." Jiang Nan gave a cold humph and stared at the figure in the distance. The Three Top Schools contested for the Dragon Grass but it was actually taken away by a stranger. Moreover, what exactly happened at the peak of the mountain?

Finally, loud roars were heard one after another. Many powerful nobles managed to break free from Gu Dongliu's binding and started to chase after the demons.

Light appeared below Gu Dongliu's feet as he was about to chase after them as well. He could not let anything happen to the little brother. However, just when he was about to leave, he seemed to have felt something. Turning his head, he looked behind him, when he saw Ye Futian standing there in one piece.

This caused a strange expression to appear on Gu Dongliu's face. What's happening? The music just now certainly felt like it was from the little brother. Coincidentally, Ye Futian was also looking at him and seemed to be smiling. Immediately, Gu Dongliu knew what had happened.

It was a secret escape.

It was indeed the little brother. Gu Dongliu had only managed to give Ye Futian a very short moment, and he already successfully escaped.

"Chase!" The most powerful nobles from the Top Three Schools charged out with an incredible speed. Soon, they caught up with the escaping demons but did not see Ye Futian and the demonic bird. The mirror images had already disappeared. Ye Futian's goal was to not leave any evidence. Since the mirror illusions had already vanished, nobody would know what had happened.

The cultivators who had caught up with the demons all gazed into the distance. Their Spiritual Energy spread out as if they were trying to find something, but clearly, they failed.

"Let's chase in different directions." The cultivators from the Top Three Schools charged out towards three different directions. However, the culprit Ye Futian was only standing quietly beside the mountain and watching everything that was happening before him. Clearly, he knew that the Top Three Schools would never be able to find anything.
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    《The Legend of Futian》