The Legend of Futian
427 Unscathed
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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427 Unscathed

Very soon, the cultivators from the Top Three Schools returned. Apart from a group of wildly escaping demons, they did not find anything. All their faces darkened. The culprit actually escaped right before them. How did he manage to do it?

The mountain was still collapsing and many people ascended into the sky. The whole place was still in a chaos. Ye Futian and his friends stood quietly at a corner and he was not worried that he would be discovered.

Before he decided to make his move, he had already planned everything. The third brother had heard his music before and would definitely know that it was him after hearing the music. Indeed, Gu Dongliu had helped Ye Futian to delay the most powerful cultivators for a short while, which was sufficient for him to carry out his plan. Everything was in entire chaos and all the demons had gone wild. Ye Futian and the rest escaped from the mountain with the group of demons, after which he used a mirror spell to create an illusion that he was still trying to escape. Everything was done flawlessly and secretly. At that time, the entire region was filled with demons and a demonic aura. Nobody would suspect him at all.

His face was still exposed after wearing the silver cloak, but the ritual implement changed his appearance. In addition, the demonic bird was too conspicuous. Nobody would think that it was him and the Black Wind Condor.

The only being which might have felt something, namely the willpower of the evil dragon, had also been eliminated by him from the Dragon Grass. Next, Ye Futian only had to behave normally.

The cultivators from the Top Three Schools stood in the air and their faces were all very gloomy. Many people were severely injured and were carried out of the mountain by others.

The Top Three Schools had sealed the Evil Dragon Zone for a very long time to allow the Dragon Grass to mature. They were very determined to obtain it.

At the moment, the Top Three Schools had sent such a powerful team, but the Dragon Grass was snatched by someone right before their eyes. How embarrassing that was.

In the sky, the most powerful nobles glanced at the cultivators below them. At first, they thought that by intercepting Gu Dongliu and the evil dragon, the people inside the mountain could certainly get the Dragon Grass. However, the disciples of the Top Three Schools had disappointed them. The disciples also felt somewhat embarrassed.

"Who is that?" Tan Zhong from Starry School asked the disciples below.

"A very strong beastmaster. He controlled all the demons and used musical spells to drive the demons wild and make them attack," Jiang Nan said. "We were no match for him. Some people from Blazing Sun School were even killed on the spot."

"He is indeed very strong. His music contained an extremely powerful spiritual attack which could ignore any defense. Nobody could stop him," Wang Yuqing also said. They had all experienced it just now and nobody could be blamed. The mysterious person was too mighty.

"You know him right?" Tan Zhong said coldly, looking at Gu Dongliu.

The cultivators from the Top Three Schools also looked at Gu Dongliu. If Gu Dongliu did not intercept them just now, the mysterious person would not have escaped successfully.

Gu Dongliu glanced at Tan Zhong emotionlessly and his body was still glittering in a brilliant radiance. Turning around, he was ready to leave.

"You want to leave just like this?" Tan Zhong shouted coldly. Stepping forward, he penetrated across space and walked towards Gu Dongliu. He extended his fist and clenched in the air. Immediately, the endless earth-elemental Spiritual Qi in the sky raged and converged towards Gu Dongliu. The limitless Spiritual Qi turned into many meteorites which circled around Gu Dongliu.

"Star Burial."

The disciples of Starry School were all surprised. It seemed like Tan Zhong was really angry.

Tan Zhong was an outstanding talent in the school and was extremely strong. He came here to contest for the Dragon Grass so that he would have a slight chance of breaking through his current level, in which case it would be more likely for him to enter the Sage Plane in the future. However, before the Top Three Schools could begin the internal contest, the Dragon Grass was already taken away by an outsider. This was clearly unacceptable for Tan Zhong who was proud and powerful.

Countless people looked at the scene in the sky. The faces of those from the Top Three Schools were all very cold. Previously, Gu Dongliu attacked out of a sudden and blocked their path by cutting off the space, but that did not mean that they were weaker than him.

At the moment, they were clearly already enraged by Gu Dongliu.

Around Gu Dongliu, the star-like meteorites formed continuously. The region around him was filled with a suffocating gravity and pressure as if it could make the sky collapse. The white-clothed figure inside seemed to be exceptionally small and lonely.

"Bury!" Tan Zhong said coldly. Right away, the countless meteorites floating in the sky converged in an instant with Gu Dongliu's body as the center. The scene was very frightening.

Bang! Bang! Bang... The meteorites were as quick as lightning and buried Gu Dongliu's body directly. They seemed to have turned into a star which started to rotate rapidly.

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. It was indeed a powerful spell. However, he was not worried. Although Tan Zhong was a genius noble from Starry School, he knew very well about his third brother. Moreover, he did not think that the things Mr. Du had taught the third brother would be weaker than those in Starry School. After all, Mr. Du was brought away by someone sent by Donghuang the Great himself.

Tan Zhong's fist was still clenched and meteorites collided onto the star continuously. As the star rotated, it also started to contract. If Gu Dongliu was not dead by now, he would be crushed into pieces.

The rapidly spinning star released a bright radiance. However, suddenly, a crackling sound was heard and the star was penetrated. Immediately, many loud sounds spread as countless holes appeared on the sphere. The entire star was enveloped with an even more dazzling light, in which an illusory figure could be vaguely seen.

Boom! Accompanied by an earth-shattering bang, the starry sphere exploded. Gu Dongliu's body was covered in an eye-catching divine light as the nine characters circled around him.

Tan Zhong frowned gently. Just then, a cultivator from each of Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School stepped forward. An extremely freezing aura was released from the cultivator from Bright Moon School. Immediately, the entire place was covered in frost, slowing the actions of everyone. As the vast space suddenly turned cold, many people below the Noble Plane shivered uncontrollably.

Gu Dongliu could feel his senses and movement become slower. In the other direction, a sun seemed to have appeared on the cultivator from Blazing Sun School. In the sky, the light from the Sun poured onto the sun behind him, after which countless beams of light shot towards Gu Dongliu, incinerating everything in their path. The freezing and blazing techniques were indeed destructive when combined.

"Hand him over, and we'll spare your life," the cultivator from Blazing Sun School said coldly. Three cultivators from the Top Three Schools were jointly attacking Gu Dongliu.

Gu Dongliu's expression was calm as always. The nine characters around his body rotated wildly and the illusory figure behind him seemed to have turned divine and merged with his body. At this instant, Gu Dongliu looked even brighter and more powerful. Many traces of Sword Will were born and span around his body, denying all spells.

Gu Dongliu suddenly moved forward. He turned into a bolt of lightning and passed through space itself. As he guarded against the attacks of the three cultivators, he quickly approached Tan Zhong.

Gu Dongliu punched out his fist which turned into a terrifying mudra. He looked all-powerful as if he was the emperor of the world. It was one of the Nine Seals, the Junlin Mudra.

In response, Tan Zhong lifted his hand and punched out. A star seemed to be flying out. The attacks from the two collided and the entire sky trembled, giving out a rumbling sound.

The Nine Seals converged again and turned into a second mudra, the Douzhan Mudra, which was even more powerful. It then charged towards Tan Zhong.

Tan Zhong's expression changed slightly. Giving out a loud roar, he continued to block.

However, after the Douzhan Mudra, there were still the Pomie Mudra, the Jingang Mudra... Finally, when the Jingang Mudra landed, the enormous palm print crushed everything. Followed by a loud bang, Tan Zhong was sent flying out and collided fiercely onto the wall of the mountain.

The expressions of the people from Starry School changed. Did Tan Zhong actually just lose?

Gu Dongliu turned around and glanced at the other two cultivators. The Nine Seals circled around him, after which they converged into many mudras. He raised his hand and the mudras flew out towards the two simultaneously.

The faces of the two darkened and they cast various spells to block the attack.

Gu Dongliu ascended slowly into the sky. Scanning coldly at the cultivators from the Top Three Schools who were trying to stop him, he said coldly, "Stop wasting your time. If I want to leave, you can't stop me." After he finished speaking, he turned into a white beam of light which flew into the distance. He was so fast that many people could not even follow him.

The faces of the people from the Top Three School all turned gloomy. They stopped and stared at the slowly disappearing beam of light.

Today, the Top Three Schools had lost all their faces.

"Bring that dragon back," someone said coldly. Then, a few cultivators went to deal with the dragon and successfully defeated it, after which the most powerful people from the Top Three Schools left the place directly. They did not even pay attention to the disciples of the three schools as they were too embarrassed to stay.

At the moment, the dragon had been brought away and the mountain had also collapsed, leaving everything in a mess. Looking at the scene, the disciples of the Top Three Schools and the people in the distance all felt very emotional.

It turned out that even the Top Three Schools would fail sometimes.

Who was the scholar in the white clothes? And who was the young man in the silver cloak? Perhaps, they are the disciples of some mysterious place or person in the Barren State, many disciples of the three schools thought.

Many disciples had learned something from the journey. They had always thought that the Top Three Schools would be able to easily obtain anything in such an isolated place and it would only be an internal contest. However, two outsiders had appeared and they had grabbed the attention of everyone.

"Let's go. There are still many treasures in the Dragon House," someone said. At once, many people walked towards the Dragon House.

On the other hand, Ye Futian and his friends left quietly. Nobody paid attention to such an inconspicuous group.

They advanced forward and walked into the beast forest. After a while, they stopped in front of a quiet stream.

"Third brother, are you here?" Ye Futian shouted.

"Yup," someone said. Then, Gu Dongliu landed before them. Looking at Ye Futian, he asked, "Why did you come to the Barren State so early?"

"It's meaningless to stay in the Eastern Barren Territory, so I came here to follow your footstep," Ye Futian said, smiling. Then, he took out the Dragon Grass and added, "Third brother, can this help you to break through?"

"It's not so easy to enter the Sage Plane. I can only say that it helps." Gu Dongliu took over the grass, after which he divided it into two portions and said, "All of you should have some yourself as well. It should be able to help you break through."

"Is it enough for you? We can break through later," Ye Futian said. Since the third brother wanted the Dragon Grass, he would not be greedy. Gu Dongliu's level was higher and so should clearly have the priority. Cottage disciples would not make distinctions among themselves.

"If half of it doesn't help, it would be the same even if you give me everything," Gu Dongliu said. "You should have it now before it attracts the attention of demons."

"Alright," Ye Futian nodded and accepted the item.
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    《The Legend of Futian》