The Legend of Futian
428 Divine Sky City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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428 Divine Sky City

One day later, Ye Futian and his friends returned to the mountain where the evil dragon had been at. At the moment, the entire mountain had already collapsed, but many people had yet to leave.

On a huge boulder somewhere on the mountain, Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing were sitting down cross-legged with their eyes closed. Just before this, they had had a conflict with the disciples of Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School and many were injured. Of course, it was the same for the disciples of the other two schools.

"It seems like we have no more business here." Ye Futian looked before him. The place in the Dragon House where treasures had been piled up was completely empty now. Anyhow, it was within his expectation.

The nobles had already left the day before, and the people who had remained were all Arcana Plane juniors.

Ye Futian and his friends had already eaten the Dragon Grass and successfully broke through their current levels. Apart from their sorcery, their martial arts levels increased as well. In addition, they managed to reach the peak of the third level, that was, the peak of the Lower Arcana Plane.

Dragon Grass was indeed a treasure that even top nobles would contest for. It had refined their bodies completely. Of course, the person who benefited the most was not Ye Futian or Yu Sheng, but rather the Black Wind Condor. Dragon Grass could increase the intelligence of its consumer and that particular piece was nurtured by the evil dragon. At the moment, even the eyes of the Black Wind Condor became brighter. Ye Futian exclaimed in his heart about how lucky the condor was to get such an outstanding master.

As for the third brother, he had gone to search for a place for seclusion. In any case, even if Gu Dongliu did not do that, Ye Futian would also not leave together with him. The goal of Gu Dongliu at the moment was to enter the Sage Plane and his path was different from that of Ye Futian and his friends. If they were to follow him, they would not experience enough toughening.

Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu agreed that they would meet in the Central Region of the Barren State in the future.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said softly.

"Where do we go now?" Loulan Xue asked.

"Divine Sky City," Ye Futian replied, ready to leave. However, suddenly, Wang Yuqing who was on the boulder in the distance looked at him and asked, "Ye Futian, where have you been to?"

Ye Futian turned around and looked at Wang Yuqing. Smiling, he said, "You were here contesting for the treasures and we could not participate. Therefore, we went to the demon forest to do some training."

Wang Yuqing did not suspect him at all. Standing up, she added, "We are going to return to the Divine Sky City. You should come with us."

Beside her, Jiang Nan looked at her and said softly, "Why are you still bringing him along?" Before they came here, Ye Futian said that he wanted to see the bigger world. Now, he had seen it for himself, but the people from the Top Three Schools were all disgraced. The Dragon Grass was taken by a mysterious person and the disciples of the three schools were easily defeated by him. Jiang Nan clearly felt unhappy.

Jiang Nan did not like Ye Futian in the first place; Ye Futian was too good-looking and his smile always caused Jiang Nan to feel uncomfortable. In addition, he saw the awkward side of the Top Three Schools. Hence, Jiang Nan disliked Ye Futian even more.

"That day, my grandfather asked me to take care of him. Senior, let's bring him to Divine Sky City," Wang Yuqing asked. That day in Wang Family, the family leader had asked her to look after Ye Futian.

"Alright then." Jiang Nan glanced coldly at Ye Futian. Although he was chasing Wang Yuqing, he could not interfere with her issues.

In that case, they would just bring Ye Futian back.

Ye Futian stared at Wang Yuqing, thinking about whether he should follow them.

"My grandfather asked me to take you to Divine Sky City. Let's go," Wang Yuqing said again. Hearing her words, Ye Futian nodded. Since it was an order from the leader of Wang Family, he would follow them, which he did not mind. By having someone to lead him, it would also save him the trouble of asking for directions himself. In addition, these disciples from the Top Three Schools all had traveling ritual implements with them.

When they reached Divine Sky City, they would part. Ye Futian could clearly feel the distance between him and Wang Yuqing, but this was normal anyway. The disciples of the Top Three Schools all had their own pride.

Ye Futian walked up to Wang Yuqing when Jiang Nan took out a ritual implement. This ritual implement could be expanded and contracted, and when it expanded it turned into a fish-shaped flat object which also seemed to have two wings. It was a ship-like ritual implement. It could accommodate tens of people.

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. A powerful wind-elemental Spiritual Qi was spreading out from the ritual implement. Clearly, there were matrices carved in the implement and it needed spirit stones to activate. Then, he also thought about the treasures in the Dragon House earlier. The Eastern Barren Territory was indeed barren as it only had basic offensive and defensive ritual implements. On the other hand, in the Barren State, there were different kinds of ritual implements. The difference between the skills of the armorers in the two regions was too huge.

In the Eastern Barren Territory, Ye Futian had never heard of any master armorer. However, on the map of the Barren State, Ye Futian saw a capital called Alchemy City.

Jiang Nan glanced coldly at Ye Futian, after which he said to everyone, "Let's leave." Everyone stepped onto the ship, including Ye Futian.

Jiang Nan really seemed to hate Ye Futian.

The ritual implement ascended into the air, after which it shot towards a certain direction.

The Barren State was vast and boundless. Even the Eastern Region of the Barren State was very extensive. Divine Sky City was the only capital city of the Eastern Region. It was certainly the center of the Eastern Region, but its position was not at the geographic center. Instead, it was closer to the Zhongzhou City region, which meant that it was closer to the Central Region of the Barren State.

Yunyue City and Divine Sky City both belonged to the Eastern Region, but the distance between them was still incredibly long.

Even with the help of the ship ritual implement, the team still spent one month to reach Divine Sky City, demonstrating well how far the two places actually were. After all, they were on a noble-level ritual implement.

In the sky above Divine Sky City, a ship flew past swiftly.

On the ritual implement, Ye Futian looked down at the extremely magnificent view of the capital and was filled with excitement.

The Barren State, I'm coming.

In the sky, there were many different ritual implements and powerful demons flying past. Below them, many buildings towered into the clouds, along with numerous eye-catching and unique architectures. They were grand and majestic and Ye Futian had never seen such a scene before.

"A capital city is indeed different." A smile appeared on Ye Futian's face as he recalled how he and Hua Fengliu entered Donghai City. As he grew, he was also walking towards further and better places step by step. In the past, although he was also supercilious, it was only because he was young and arrogant. He had never expected himself to actually travel to such a far place. As he recalled the past, it felt as if a long time had passed.

Wang Yuqing glanced at Ye Futian and said softly, "In Divine Sky City, try to keep a low profile. I heard that you have performed very well in the battle of the four factions in Yunyue City, but here there are many more geniuses. People who are more talented and powerful than you can be seen everywhere. If you keep making trouble, you may not end up well. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I always keep a low profile." Ye Futian smiled and nodded. Before him, many disciples of Starry School glanced emotionlessly at Ye Futian. Jiang Nan did not turn around, but a mocking sneer also appeared on his face.

Ye Futian had no background and was so weak. He would almost certainly have a difficult time in Divine Sky City.

"In Divine Sky City, you can only rely on yourself. Don't have any other expectations," Wang Yuqing added.

"Don't worry." Ye Futian smiled. Was Wang Yuqing actually worried that Ye Futian was going to follow her?

In that case, Wang Yuqing was only having an overactive imagination.

Jiang Nan turned around and asked, "Where do you want to alight?"

"I'll follow you for a while. When you reach Starry School, I'll alight as well," Ye Futian replied.

The Top Three Schools were at the center of Divine Sky City. Since they had come here anyway, it would, of course, be better to alight at the central area.

Jiang Nan smiled lightly and did not say anything. The ritual implement continued its journey in the sky above Divine Sky City.

"This year is going to end soon. At the start of the next year, the Top Three Schools will recruit disciples again. If you want to try, you can do so next year. You wouldn't have any chance this year," Wang Yuqing said calmly, looking in front of her.

"Alright," Ye Futian replied, but he did not have such a plan. Perhaps, Wang Yuqing thought that he wanted to join Starry School.

Wang Yuqing nodded gently and did not say anything else. She had already done what her grandfather told her to, which was to bring Ye Futian to Divine Sky City. Whatever Ye Futian may choose to do in the future was none of her concerns. After all, she was also only an ordinary disciple of Starry School. She needed hard work to follow in the footsteps of the geniuses there and did not have time to take care of Ye Futian.

"The school exams are coming again at the end of the year. Are you confident?" Jiang Nan asked Wang Yuqing who walked beside him.

Wang Yuqing shook her head gently and said softly, "The school exams do not belong to me. Senior, you should try to display yourself during then."

"Yup," Jiang Nan nodded.

Finally, an enormous and spectacular group of buildings appeared vaguely in sight. Pointing in that direction, Wang Yuqing said to Ye Futian, "That is Starry School, a holy land of cultivation in the Eastern Region of the Barren State. Even the most powerful families in the Barren State will send their descendants into the Top Three Schools."

"Let's go down." Jiang Nan controlled the ritual implement to descend. Soon, they landed outside Starry School.

Outside the school, there were many people, all of whom were young. Some were the disciples of Starry School, while others came here to visit, dreaming that one day they could enter as well.

"We're here," Wang Yuqing said to Ye Futian.

"Junior, let's get going," Jiang Nan said.

"Yup," Wang Yuqing nodded. Then, she said to Ye Futian, "Take care."

"Of course," Ye Futian nodded. Jiang Nan, Wang Yuqing, and their team walked towards the college when Ye Futian shouted again, "Wait."

Wang Yuqing turned around and said to Ye Futian, "What is it?" She seemed to be somewhat impatient.

Ye Futian walked up to her with a bag in his hand. He handed the bag to Wang Yuqing and said, "Travel fees."

Wang Yuqing frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

"This journey has been long and the ritual implement needs spirit stones to activate. I should give you this. I don't like to owe other people anything," Ye Futian said, smiling.

Wang Yuqing was somewhat unhappy. Since she had promised her grandfather that she would bring Ye Futian to Divine Sky City, she would naturally not ask for any payment. Ye Futian's action seemed to be disrespectful towards her.

"Since he gave it, you should take it," Jiang Nan said, smiling. Was Ye Futian trying to clear everything between them?

Wang Yuqing gazed at Ye Futian, when he smiled and said, "The ritual implement is his. You can give the spirit stones to him if you want. Goodbye."

After that, Ye Futian and his friends turned around and left.

If they were really friends, Ye Futian would clearly not mind about this. However, he could feel the attitudes of Wang Yuqing and Jiang Nan. It was as if they were helping him only because he was poor. This being the case, he decided not to owe them anything.

"He has his moral principles." Jiang Nan smiled and said, "Maybe he still does not understand what the Top Three Schools mean."

Did Ye Futian not want to owe them anything?

Ye Futian did not know that by doing so, he would never be able to be friends with the disciples of the Top Three Schools.

In the future, he would naturally understand it. Young people who just reached Divine Sky City were always very ardent. After a while, their passion would be extinguished by reality. However, it was none of Jiang Nan's concerns anyway. After all, Ye Futian's life and his life would just be like two parallel lines in the future. They would never have any relations again.
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    《The Legend of Futian》