The Legend of Futian
432 Swindled
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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432 Swindled

To become a Dragon Master required a unique talent, and that was to be a Dragon Whisperer. Ye Futian stood at the side, quietly listening. He realized that the melody being played was like a dragon's whisper, and it resonated with the dragon's spiritual energy.

As the elderly person continued to play, the giant purple dragon started to dance and move forward in tune with the music. It could also cast spells from its mouth, as though the spells were cast together by the dragon and the elderly person.

Ye Futian thought to himself, if a Dragon Tamer could resonate with dragons and make use of the dragon's body to cast powerful spells, coupled with the demonic dragon's biologically strong build, it would be like the person and dragon combined into one entity. This would definitely be much stronger than a Dragon Knight and a dragon joining forces.

After the elderly person's performance, Long Ling'er started to practice. Although she could play the entire piece without any problem, her attainment and level were evidently too low, causing her to be unable to resonate with the giant ice dragon. At her current level, the best she could do was to establish a connection. However, she was still young. Ye Futian had not even started cultivating at her age, and the difference from birth made a vast difference to the starting point for cultivators.

Although this little girl was a little pitiful, she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, and naturally had the talent of a Dragon Master. If she wanted to learn, she could easily find a strong Dragon Master to teach her. It was no wonder that she dared to call the Top Three Schools run-down places. How could an ordinary person compare with her?

The elderly person patiently taught her, while she diligently tried to learn. Even though she claimed that she did not like cultivating, it looked like she put in a lot of effort into it.

Ye Futian silently waited at the back, sitting on a rock and diminishing his existence. In reality, every time the elderly person played, he would be attentively watching and listening.

Without them noticing it, a few hours had gone by. Long Ling'er finally stood up and said, "Grandpa Feng, I'll come by again tomorrow to consult you."

"Alright. Little girl, you have a good amount of talent, you just need a little bit more patience. Go back and practice more," The elderly man replied while smiling.

"Okay." Long Ling'er nodded her head, following which she turned to Ye Futian and said, "Let's go."

Both of them then climbed onto the giant ice dragon to leave. On the demonic dragon's back, Long Ling'er looked at Ye Futian proudly and asked, "How was it? Wasn't it an eye-opener for you? Did you manage to understand the guqin piece?"

"It was fine, it's pretty simple to understand," Ye Futian replied nonchalantly.

Long Ling'er's gaze fixed on him and she looked at Ye Futian, astounded. She then replied in a small voice, "You're unbelievable."

Ye Futian shrugged. He was often misunderstood anyways.

In the next few days, Ye Futian accompanied Long Ling'er in her studies. The little girl was improving bit by bit, and it became natural for them to argue constantly.

One day, while Long Ling'er was in the yard, a crisp voice was heard. Long Ling'er's palm struck the edge of the guqin, and she dispiritedly said, "I don't want to learn anymore."

"Why, not learning because you're lacking in talent?" Ye Futian retorted lazily from the side. Something he enjoyed recently was to rub her misfortunes in her face.

"You're saying it as if you can learn it," Long Ling'er quipped disdainfully.

"I can." Ye Futian nodded while smiling.

"I trust you." Long Ling'er's smiled cynically, her tone full of sarcasm.

What is that expression for? Ye Futian thought to himself. In his dismay, he asked her, "What if I can do it?"

Long Ling'er looked at him and asked, "What do you want then?"

"I want to stay at the Celestial Pavilion for a year. You pay for it." Ye Futian was still bitter about that incident to date. He looked at the little girl and wondered if his request was too much for her. To be fair, one year's stay was an astronomical sum.

"No problem," the little girl agreed readily. She even looked at Ye Futian with some contempt. What low standards he had. Looking at the little girl's expression, Ye Futian knew that he had asked for too little. He tried to change his condition and said, "I made a mistake."

"You're not allowed to go back on your word. Are you sure you can do it?" the little girl looked at Ye Futian and questioned.

Ye Futian glared at her. She dared to question if he could do it? How could she.

"Get your to dragon cooperate with me." Ye Futian stepped up and Long Ling'er looked at him with suspicion. He was actually going to do it?

She stood up and passed her guqin to Ye Futian, turning to the giant ice dragon and instructing it, "Listen to him."

The giant ice dragon nodded and its big eyes stared at Ye Futian. Ye Futian gracefully took a seat in front of the guqin. His fingers moved along the strings, and a crisp melody started playing, as though a dragon's roar was echoing throughout the heavens.

In an instant, Long Ling'er started to tremble, and her vision focused on Ye Futian.

This was … As the melody continued, it was like a demonic dragon's dance, causing a storm to emerge. The Qi flow around Ye Futian formed the shape of a dragon, and at the same time, a peculiar spiritual energy assimilated into the music and rushed into the giant ice dragon's brain.

At that moment, the curled-up body of the giant ice dragon started to gradually straighten, and its giant head lowered to look at Ye Futian. An image appeared in its brain, of a person playing the guqin. There was a mysterious Spiritual Will communicating with it, trying to establish a connection.

From the Spiritual Will in the guqin melody, it could feel a sense of danger. As a demon king, it had considerable intelligence, so it naturally understood that Ye Futian was a beastmaster and could control demonic beasts. However, Ye Futian's intention was not to control it. The melody was friendly and only wanted to establish a link with it.

"Senior dragon, can you cooperate for a bit?" Ye Futian lifted his head and smiled at the giant ice dragon, his smile full of goodwill.

The giant ice dragon nodded and released its Spiritual Will, in an instant Ye Futian's guqin melody was absorbed into its Spiritual Will. At that moment, its giant eyes and brain were filled with Ye Futian's figure. It spiraled upwards and Long Ling'er raised her head, stunned at what she was witnessing. Following which, Ye Futian's hands vibrated vigorously on the guqin.

"Roar…" An astonishing dragon roar sounded out, and even the air trembled forcefully. The house tremored and Long Ling'er covered her ears with her hands, sitting back on the ground, her brain vigorously pulsating. The dragon roar was actually the Cangshan Dragon Chant, emitted through the mouth of a dragon. Ye Futian withdrew his Spiritual Will and the melody gradually stopped.

Long Ling'er sat there, staring blankly at Ye Futian. "How did you do it?"

"Cause I'm not stupid like you," Ye Futian replied, smiling.

The little girl's eyeballs rolled in their sockets, and she walked towards Ye Futian and started cradling his arm.

Ye Futian saw her smiling gently and involuntarily stepped back. He looked at her cautiously and questioned, "What are you doing?" For things to deviate from the norm, there must be a reason.

The little girl stepped forward, hugging Ye Futian's arm and gently shaking it. She tenderly said, "Big brother Futian, can you teach me how you learned it?" The atmosphere changed too quickly, the wilful little princess suddenly changed into a gentle and adorable girl.

"Hmmm, this is a little hard." How could Ye Futian cave so easily?

"Big brother Futian, just take pity on me, please." Long Ling'er's tears welled up in her eyes.

Life is but an illusion Ye Futian thought to himself, then said, "Trying to trick me?"

The little girl's tears suddenly disappeared. She let go of Ye Futian's hand and clenched her teeth, saying, "Didn't you want to stay in the Celestial Pavilion? If you can teach me, I'll buy the Celestial Pavilion as a gift for you."

"…" Ye Futian went silent for a few seconds, following which he looked at the little girl and said, "Do you think I'm this kind of person?"

The little girl stared at him and wanted to open her mouth again, but Ye Futian folded before her and said, "Deal."

Ye Futian had a bright grin on his face now. He was already intending on teaching her, but hearing that he could get the Celestial Pavilion for it, Ye Futian was looking forward to seeing the look on the Celestial Pavilion's staff member's face. She had dared to look down on him…

"When can you start teaching me?" The little girl looked at Ye Futian grudgingly… This shameless fellow.

"Now, of course," Ye Futian replied. His road to riches depended on the little girl now, thinking of the cost of staying at the Celestial Pavilion for one day, if the Celestial Pavilion was his…

Ye Futian was already starting to imagine his wonderful life ahead.

"Start off by playing the piece ten times." Ye Futian instructed.

"Huh…" Long Ling'er's mouth hung wide open. She looked at Ye Futian then glared even harder. "You're not lying to me, are you?"

"Are you going to learn?" Ye Futian replied. The little girl's fundamentals were weak, if she wanted to bypass that to learn harder guqin pieces, her level would not be able to keep up. What she needed was to beef up her fundamentals. Moreover, the elderly person had already taught her very well, he was just lacking a little bit. There were some crucial things that the Freedom Meditation could see that the elderly person could not. That was why he had the ability to teach Long Ling'er.

"I'll trust you just this once," The little girl looked at Ye Futian and replied, starting to play the guqin piece.

After ten attempts, Ye Futain started to correct her mistakes, asking her to try to contact the dragon and attempt to resonate through her guqin melody. At the same time, he started his Freedom Meditation and channeled his Spiritual Will into her melody as well.

The first time was a failure. "You're too nervous and taking it to heart. Your Spiritual Will is being messed up. Try again," Ye Futian said.

Long Ling'er continued trying.

"The musical notes are jumbled up. Try again. Your intent has to be one with your heart, let go of all distracting thoughts and let yourself be free. Imagine yourself as the dragon, not it as you. Try again." Ye Futian corrected her time and again, and the little girl started to get into the rhythm.

This guy seems to be really good, the little girl thought to herself.

The failures continued. In the evening, a dragon's roar sounded yet again in the yard. What followed was a shrill scream. The little girl jumped off the seat and onto Ye Futian. He hugged her and heard the little girl say, "Big brother Futian, I really did it."

"Yup." Ye Futian saw her innocent smile and was happy for her. No wonder she was so nervous, looking at how excited she was after learning it.

"I'll definitely become a strong Dragon Master," Long Ling'er exclaimed loudly.

"Definitely. But shouldn't you be getting off now?" Ye Futian replied.

The little girl blinked her eyes and got off Ye Futian. "I'm such a huge beauty, it's advantageous to you," she replied, not minding it at all.

"What are you thinking about?" Ye Futian rubbed her head forcefully, messing up her hair.

The little girl turned back and stared at him viciously, then smiled sweetly and said, "Big brother Futian, why don't you continue to accompany me and cultivate in the future? I'll buy a few more Celestial Pavilions for you."

"Such a handsome person like me accompanying you? You must be dreaming," Ye Futian knocked on her forehead and said.

The little girl's expression looked upset. It was really too cute.

"Then can you celebrate the new year with me this year? My parents said that they won't be accompanying me this year," the little girl asked again.

Ye Futian looked at the little girl's expression, then nodded his head and replied, "Okay."

"Thank you, big brother, Futian." The little girl's way of addressing him suddenly become a lot closer, as though it was natural to her!
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    《The Legend of Futian》