The Legend of Futian
433 The Celestial Pavilion’s New Owner
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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433 The Celestial Pavilion’s New Owner

It was already dark and Long Ling'er had fallen asleep peacefully under Ye Futian's guqin melody. As the music stopped, Ye Futian stood up, bid goodbye to the two maids and left. After he had left, the two maidservants looked at each other and one of them said, "The young lady's mood has been better these past few days."

"Indeed. Even though the young lady argues with him every day, she seems to be enjoying the process. Ever since that incident a few years ago, there hasn't been anyone playing with the young lady like this. The old master and mistress have become strict, the young lady's temper has become worse, and there haven't been any other members of the clan that have been as daring in front of the young lady. They're either jealous or afraid. Even though the young master dotes on the young lady, but his character…" The other maid shook her head lightly. They had watched Long Ling'er grow up and they knew that ever since the previous Clan leader had died, many things had changed, and they had not seen the young lady act like that for a long time.

"But that fellow sure is daring, to mess around with the young lady like that. Doesn't he know the young lady's identity?" the first maid replied, smiling. "Moreover, his looks and talent appear to be very outstanding."

Ye Futian did not know that the two maids were discussing him. Even though he did not know the little girl's identity, he could guess. A teenage girl who dared to easily say that she would buy the Celestial Pavilion, how could she come from a simple background? However, he did not treat things like background and identity too seriously. He knew that the little girl was seriously lacking love, which was why he decided to play along with her for a few days. However, many other things were crystal clear to him. For example, when he arrived at the building he was staying in, an elderly figure appeared in front of him. Ye Futian was not surprised. He walked forward and bowed, saying, "Ye Futian greets senior."

"You're also a Dragon Master?" the incoming person asked. It was the elderly person that had been teaching Long Ling'er the guqin.

"No, I'm not." Ye Futian did not hide the fact that he had been teaching Long Ling'er, and he never had any intention of doing so. After all, he had been secretly learning from the elderly person as well. He might as well come clean. If it was discovered by someone else later, it would cause them to loathe him instead. It just so happened that he had the ability to teach the little girl.

"How then are you able to learn my guqin piece?" the elderly person asked curiously. Anyone who was not a Dragon Master did not have the unique talent, and by all standards meant that they were not able to learn it. Even if they were well-versed in the guqin melody, they weren't able to communicate with demonic dragons.

"I'm a Musical Sorcerer, at the same time, I'm also a beastmaster. That's why I'm able to imitate the ability of a Dragon Master, but not truly own it. I didn't mean to learn from you secretly, I hope senior can forgive me." Ye Futian said. The ability he had revealed was slightly different from Dragon Masters; he had controlled the demonic dragon by establishing a connection with it, while Dragon Masters took a more direct approach by resonance.

"I understand." The elderly person nodded his head, and in a flash, he had already vanished.

So fast Ye Futian thought to himself, but he did not dwell too much on it. At the elderly person's level, he would not do anything to Ye Futian over such a small matter, moreover, Ye Futian had graciously admitted it.

When the elderly person went back to the waterfall mountain that he had left from, the guards that were following Long Ling'er previously were already waiting here. When they saw the elderly person, they bowed and addressed him, "Senior."

"How is it?" the elderly person asked.

"There shouldn't be a problem. Their meeting this time was a coincidence, his comrades are all from foreign lands," replied the guard.

"Okay, originally it shouldn't be a problem, but because this involves little Ling'er, we ought to be more careful. Since there isn't anything wrong, everything will revert to normal. We don't need to interfere, and little Ling'er seems to like him quite a bit. It's good to have someone to accompany Ling'er in her cultivation." The elderly person waved his hand and said, "You can go now."

"Understood." The guard nodded. "Should we find a way for him to enter the Starry School to accompany the young lady to cultivate?"

"We can discuss this in the future. We still don't know how he feels about it yet, maybe his original intention of coming to the Divine Sky City is the Top Three School as well. To learn the guqin piece in only a few days, his potential is definitely not a problem. Also, this incident should only reach the ears of the Madame, there's no need to let too many people know about it," the elderly person replied.

"Understood. I'll take my leave then." The guards bowed and left.

The next day after Long Ling'er had woke up, she called Ye Futian to go together to the waterfall mountain to cultivate and learn the guqin. Like always, the elderly person was waiting there to teach Long Ling'er. There was nothing different from usual.

Ye Futian understood that it was the elderly person's acknowledgment of him being there. Therefore, even though Ye Futian's supposed identity was a musical attendant, he was, in actuality, learning the Dragon Master guqin melody.

After they had finished learning, he would teach Long Ling'er. In the following days, the happiest person was naturally Long Ling'er, having two people teaching her at the same time. Grandpa Feng being the main teacher, and Ye Futian correcting the details and mistakes. This caused her to learn very quickly.

The days in the West Court were peaceful and simple, Long Ling'er's attitude towards Ye Futian had changed a lot for the better, but the two of them still argued occasionally.

Outside, a sensational event happened in the vicinity of the Starry School. One of the three famous inns of the Divine Sky City, the Celestial Pavilion, was changing owners. It had been bought by someone and the handover was taking place.

As a top-quality inn in the Divine Sky City, the Celestial Pavilion had strong backing and the person behind it did not lack financial wealth. Those who stayed or drank at the Celestial Pavilion were of a certain stature. All this had a special meaning, yet under such a strong backing, the Celestial Pavilion was bought over by someone else. This naturally caused quite an uproar.

Not long after, there was news that the ones who had bought the Pavilion were that clan from the West Mountain. Majority of the people became less shocked upon hearing it. Since it was that clan, it was but a small issue for them to buy over the Celestial Pavilion. Many people were still curious, what did that clan buy over the Pavilion for?

There were rumors that at the start of next year, that person would be entering the Starry School to cultivate. Could it be that it was bought for her to live in? However, near the Starry School, there was the West Court, which was also the private property of that clan. An extremely powerful person already lived there, so what was the point of buying the Celestial Pavilion?

Many people could not understand why, but after much debate, the masses just gave up guessing. They just lamented that the people in power were just that wilful, why would they need a reason to do so?

Even if they racked their brains, they could probably never guess that buying the Celestial Pavilion was just tomfoolery between the little girl and a scheming fellow. The origin of it was because that fellow had been looked down upon by a pretty lady working at the Pavilion and had been bearing a grudge.

Apart from the Celestial Pavilion, the Starry School's end-of-year examinations also raised quite the ruckus, especially so within the Starry School. This was one of the biggest event organized by the School every year.

Back at the West Court, Long Ling'er had learned yet another guqin piece and looked extremely exhilarated. She smiled at Ye Futian and asked, "Big brother Futian, aren't I great?"

"So-so. The main reason is that you have two good teachers," Ye Futian replied lazily.

"Hmph, can't you give me some encouragement?" Long Ling'er glared savagely at Ye Futian.

"Wouldn't your ego skyrocket then?" Ye Futian stared back at the little girl with disdain in his eyes.

Long Ling'er crossed her arms on her hips, following which she took out a badge from her pocket. she pouted and passed it to Ye Futian. "For you."

Ye Futian took the badge in his hand and saw the words Celestial Pavilion inscribed on it. Although he had guessed that it would not be hard for Long Ling'er, he did not expect that it would be this simple. When the two of them were fooling around, Long Ling'er had said that as long as he taught her, she would buy the Celestial Pavilion as a gift for him. In just a few days, she had really bought it…

Ye Futian sighed in his heart. She was really rich beyond human reasoning. Faced with such a person, Ye Futian really wanted to say If there's such a good thing in the future, remember to look for me.

"..." The little girl looked at Ye Futian, blinking her eyes. After being stunned for a few seconds, she opened her mouth and asked, "Nothing to say?"

"Good girl." Ye Futian rubbed the little girl's head.

The little girl's face darkened. She questioned him angrily, "Shouldn't you at least pretend to be modest and reject my offer, keep it after failing to persuade me, then praise me?"

"Little kids shouldn't think that much." Ye Futian patted her lightly on the back of her head.

"I can't believe that you're this kind of person." Long Ling'er was close to crying.

"Oops, looks like you found out," Ye Futian replied shamelessly.

"Boohoo…" Long Ling'er turned around and walked to her two maids and said, "I want to go out and play."

Ye Futian was dumbfounded. He thought that the little girl had felt hurt, but he had underestimated her.

"Young lady, we can't decide this," the maid replied.

"Uncle Yang." The little girl shouted loudly and soon the middle-aged man appeared, saying, "Did the young miss look for me?"

"I want to go out," Long Ling'er declared seriously.

"Young miss, the Madame has already said that cultivating is your priority in this West Court until you enter the Starry School," Yang Xing explained patiently.

"I've already been learning so fast. Today I want to thank big brother Futian. Can't I go to the Celestial Pavilion to celebrate? Moreover, I promised to give the Celestial Pavilion to big brother Futian, so I should naturally go and take a look." Long Ling'er justified for herself and Ye Futian unknowingly became a scapegoat.

"This…" Yang Xing was in a dilemma.

Long Ling'er ran to Ye Futian's side, cradled his arm and said, "Don't worry Uncle Yang, with big brother Futian around, I definitely won't create trouble."

Ye Futian had a headache. This was one burden he could not get rid of.

Yang Xing looked at Ye Futian, nodded his head gently and said, "Alright then."

"Thank you, Uncle Yang." The little girl smiled radiantly. She had finally gotten her way.

At the Celestial Pavilion, it had been exceedingly busy the past two days for two reasons. The first was because the Celestial Pavilion had been bought by that clan from the West Mountain and was changing owners. This naturally attracted a lot of attention. The second was the upcoming Starry School end-of-year examinations. Many disciples who had done well in the examinations would come here to celebrate.

At this moment, there were many Starry School disciples outside the Celestial Pavilion. Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing were also among them. Wang Yuqing raised her head and looked at the flashy main door of the Pavilion, feeling mixed emotions in her heart.

Although she was a core disciple of the four clans of Yunyue City and could be considered as wealthy, but to her, coming to the Celestial Pavilion was still something that could be deemed as a luxury. Be it accommodation or dining in the Pavilion, they were all paid in ritual implements, not spirit stones. To come to the Pavilion was a symbol of one's status.

Wang Yuqing had never been here. To her, such extravagance was not a must. Even if she met some important people in the Pavilion, the difference in their status meant that they would not have much interaction. Today, however, because of Jiang Nan's outstanding results in the end-of-year examinations, they were here to celebrate.

"Let's go, I'll bring you to experience the atmosphere of the Celestial Pavilion," Jiang Nan smiled while saying. He walked forward and continued, "I hear that the Celestial Pavilion has since changed owners, and has been bought by that clan from the West Mountain. Many people are here to join in the fun today, I wonder if we'll get the chance to meet some famous people."
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    《The Legend of Futian》