The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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436 Genius

A group of figures walked through the covered bridge by the Fairy Pool. Everyone in the Fairy looked over. The group walked down the bridge towards the independent building ahead. Regular people couldn't go in. Enjoying a meal in the Celestial Pavilion was already luxurious. Entering the pavilion in the Fairy Pool was something else. But the people didn't find it strange anymore when they saw the group. It was the little princess of the Dragon Clan.

Long Ling'er was around 13 or 14 years old. She was still young, but from her features, it was clear she was already pretty. After a few more years, the Divine Sky City would have another skilled and rich beauty.

Everyone had heard of the West Mountain Dragon Girl's talent. She was a Dragon Whisperer and had a Dragon Master's talent. When she was a child, her family had captured a young dragon for her to become familiar with them.

Some people were born to be envied. If the most powerful of the West Mountain hadn't died, Long Ling'er's life would probably be even more amazing. After all, when he had been alive, there were few who could fight him in the entire eastern Barren State. His loss was a disaster to the Dragon Clan and had taken years for them to recover from.

Everyone gazed at the people around Long Ling'er and saw Ye Futian. They were confused. Wasn't he the one who had been insulted earlier? And the woman who had been with Ye Futian was beside Long Ling'er now. Was she a servant?

This made many people curious. They looked to Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing. Right now, those two were stunned, gaping at Ye Futian. What was happening? When did Ye Futian get with the West Mountain's Dragon Clan? They knew Ye Futian and obviously knew he couldn't be from the Dragon Clan.

Ye Futian didn't look at them. They entered the pavilion directly.

Jiang Nan tapped the table rhythmically and chuckled. "No wonder he can live in the Celestial Pavilion. He's joined the Dragon Clan."

"What do you mean?" Wang Yuqing asked.

"The princess of the Dragon Clan is young and she will soon join the Starry School. It's normal for the family to find people to study with her. I'm sure your 'friend' is smart and took this chance. Don't you find this scene familiar?" Jiang Nan laughed softly.

"Are you talking about the Wang Family?" Wang Yuqing asked, understanding Jiang Nan.

"What do you think?" Jiang Nan laughed. "I've underestimated him. He truly is skilled in this aspect. He could get with your family in the Yunyue City and win your grandfather and sister's favor. Now, it's the same in the Divine Sky City. He went straight to the Dragon Clan. I'm impressed."

"It's not easy to join the Dragon Clan though. How did he do it?" someone beside him whispered. The Dragon Clan was in the building. It was a bit far away, but they still didn't dare to gossip loudly.

"There are high and low ways. I wouldn't know the specifics." Jiang Nan laughed meaningfully. "So when he said that he'll stay a few days here, he was purposely showing off to you."

"The West Mountain Dragon Clan," Wang Yuqing mumbled. She still found it strange.

"They may be one of the top families in the Divine Sky City, but he's only a study attendant. There's no need to worry. He may be good at this, but he doesn't know that he's already fallen. A truly strong cultivator wouldn't willingly be someone else's servant," Jiang Nan said. "Any disciple of the Top Three Schools is better than that."

"Yes." Wang Yuqing nodded. She didn't want to discuss Ye Futian anymore. She'd thought that they would have nothing to do with each other anymore, but she didn't expect to see him with the Dragon Clan. It shocked her.

Ye Futian didn't know or care about Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing's thoughts. To him, those two were only passersby in his life. After entering the pavilion, he realized it contained many hidden magic arrays. Standing before the mirror-like floor-to-ceiling window, he could see the outside, but the outside couldn't see in. Not only that, but the noise outside had softened too. They wouldn't be disturbed. It was quiet.

"Brother Futian, the food here is good. They're all made with spiritual herbs. If you feast here every day, it will help with your cultivation," Long Ling'er said. "But I still want Brother Futian to be with me." With that, she gazed pitifully at Ye Futian again.

"There aren't any outsiders here. Stop acting." Ye Futian could see through her acts.

The girl glared at her and then sadly shook Ye Futian's arm. "I'm serious."

"Uh…" Ye Futian just found it strange for the little girl to whine. He knocked gently against her head. "Where did you learn all these tricks?"

"How did you find a girlfriend? You don't know how to take care of girls at all," the girl said with disdain, letting go of Ye Futian.

"Miss, you can fool around before us, but please don't do that before outsiders or your family. You'll hurt Mr. Ye." Beside them, Yang Xing was in cold sweat. This girl was too strange.

"I know, I know. I'm not stupid." Long Ling'er glared at Yang Xing.

"Okay, good." Yang Xing nodded.

"This place is no fun." Long Ling'er looked sad, but then her eyes lit up. "Oh, Brother Futian, I heard that the Starry School has a bunch of pretty girls."

"Not interested." Ye Futian wouldn't get tricked.

"I'm not lying. The famous beauties of Divine Sky City are there too," Long Ling'er kept saying.

"I have a girlfriend," Ye Futian replied.

"Liar," the girl muttered.

"I heard that Ling'er is here. I wonder how old she is now. Can I see her?" a voice said from the outside. He seemed to purposely send his voice here. The sound was softened but was still clear.

Everyone looked toward the window and saw a few people standing before the building. The leader wore an extremely glamorous robe. It dazzled with gold light. The clothing seemed to be made with a roc's feathers. It was both elegant and sharp.

The youth's temperament was also shocking. He was around 20 years old. Other than black, his hair also shimmered with gold. His features were defined and he was extremely handsome. He looked extraordinary.

Right now, everyone in the Fairy Pool was attracted by him. They were shocked that he'd come to the Celestial Pavilion that the Dragon Clan had bought.

"Jin Yunxiao." Seeing him here, Wang Yuqing and Jiang Nan's expressions changed. They looked up to him.

Jin Yunxiao was a pride of the Starry School. He'd performed well in the final exam and entered the Starry Rank. Other than that, his background was also powerful. He was from the Jin Clan.

The Jin Clan Nine Cloud Palace was a powerful family in the Divine Sky City like the West Mountain Dragon Clan. They were also rivals. Countless years ago when that legendary man from the Dragon Clan had been alive, they'd repressed the Jin Clan. After he'd died, the tides were turning. Now, the disciples of the Jin Clan weren't as obedient before the Dragon Clan.

The other people beside Jin Yunxiao were also talents from the Starry School.

"It's Yuan He and Mu Jiangxue," Wang Yuqing called when she saw the other two. They were all people she looked up. They were younger than her, but their statuses were completely different. But even Yuan He and Mu Jiangxue had to stand behind Jin Yunxiao.

"Senior Brother Jin, Senior Brother Yuan, Senior Sister Mu," Jiang Nan stood up and greeted. He was older than them, but he'd entered later, so he had to call them seniors.

Many powerful people joined the Top Three Schools in their childhood. For example, how old was Long Ling'er? But she would join the Starry School next year.

Jin Yunxiao glanced over and then looked away to the pavilion. Mu Jiangxue's expression was cold. Yuan He nodded slightly when he saw Jiang Nan. "Jiang Nan," he said, "you did well in the exam."

"Thank you, Senior Brother." Jiang Nan looked proud that Yuan He actually replied. Jiang Nan was a genius, but he didn't stand out in the Starry School. Yuan He and Mu Jiangxue were the true prides. It was a feat to get a praise from them.

"I've interacted with Senior Brother Yuan," Jiang Nan whispered. "You can say we know each other."

Wang Yuqing nodded. Interacting with them was something to be proud of in itself.

At that time, inside the pavilion, Long Ling'er's pretty eyes filled with disgust when she saw Jin Yunxiao. "I don't like him." She clearly knew Jin Yunxiao. Their families were both top families of the city. They obviously had interacted before.

"Who is he?" Ye Futian asked.

"He's from the Jin Clan. They're presumptuous. Look at his clothes. So unfashionable." Long Ling'er pouted. "They even turned their home into the Nine Cloud Palace. It's the most luxurious place in the city. They love to show off. When I was young, they wanted an arranged marriage with me, but my uncle told them to scram. I've only heard of that before though. I don't know the details."

"Of course it's real," Yang Xing said. "When you were born, the Jin Clan came to congratulate your parents. They wanted an arranged marriage, but the family leader told them that they were a group of failures and told them to get out. He forced them out and the Jin Clan didn't even dare to fight back." Thinking back to the previous family leader's glorious history, he felt honored.

At that time, the family leader had still been alive. But sadly, the heavens were jealous of geniuses!
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    《The Legend of Futian》