The Legend of Futian
440 Extreme Price
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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440 Extreme Price

Long Yan didn't understand music, so he went out to ask. It would be embarrassing if he gave a common musical piece as a gift.

"What level can it be if an Arcana Plane cultivator released a Noble Plane spell?" an ancient voice came from the room on the second floor.

Long Yan smiled and nodded. "Understood."

The musical piece was extraordinary, but the player's ability was limited.

"The musical piece is called Elegance and is written by himself. If anyone is able to buy it, you may become one of the few who can understand this piece," the old man said, smiling. Powerful musical sorcery was the same as other spells and martial arts techniques. It obviously couldn't be spread carelessly. Spells were usually given in exchanges. Musical pieces were the same.

"Okay, the auction rule is to exchange with items. Everyone can report their prices," the elder said, gazing at everyone present.

Ye Futian sat behind the magic array, watching everything happen. The array before him was transparent. He could see everything clearly, but the others couldn't see him. This was a water-elemental spell.

"Lower-Noble ritual implement," someone said. Using ritual implements as an exchange was the most common.

Ye Futian was slightly disappointed. Was the musical piece only worth a lower-Noble ritual implement? He had to see the others.

"Three lower-Noble ritual implements," someone else said.

Many people joined the bid. However, the musical piece was from an unknown source. It was an original creation, but no one knew the composer and was only in the Arcana Plane. No one knew what it would be like once they got it. Thus, most people were careful when bidding. Of course, it would be different if this was from a famous composer. The price would shoot up. After a while, the bid had reached two mid-level ritual implements. This was quite a high cost. It meant that most of the people here knew what was good. Otherwise, they wouldn't bid so high for something performed by an Arcana level cultivator. But Ye Futian was still a bit disappointed.

The auctioneer was the old man who had listened to him play earlier. Now, he smiled slightly. If there wasn't a suitable bid, he would buy it himself.

"Three mid-level Noble ritual implements," Long Yan said lazily from the third level. He didn't understand music, but since people were bidding, he would buy it and then see.

After Long Yan bid, many people fell silent. But then, an old voice said from the second floor, "One upper-level Noble ritual implement."

"Upper-level Noble ritual implement." Many people's eyes narrowed. This was an unknown piece they'd only heard once. This cost was very high.

"Two pieces," another voice said from the second floor.

"Three pieces," yet another said. The people in the main hall were shocked. Was it that they didn't know what was good?

Now, people from the second-floor rooms kept bidding.

"A set of seven-elemental Noble ritual implements, both defense and offense, with ten lower-level Noble spell decree, five mid-level spell decree, and three upper-level spell decree," a gentle voice announced from the third floor. The entire building became quiet.

"This price…" The building was silent. It was hard for anyone under the Sage Plane or from a wealthy top force to bid like that. But the voice was beautiful and moving. The person must be very young. Clearly, it was the daughter of some wealthy family.

Even Ye Futian's heart jumped at the bid. He knew his musical piece was extraordinary, but he wasn't famous and he was only in the Arcana Plane. It was an impossible price. He looked up to the room on the third floor. But just as the other couldn't see him, he also couldn't see her. He didn't know who had raised the bid to this level.

"Anyone else?" the elder asked. No one replied so the elder chuckled. "In that case, the bid is over."

In the room, Long Yan gazed at the other room and asked, "I am Long Yan from the Dragon Clan. May I ask for your name?"

One must have an extraordinary background to be able to pay this price. He could talk to her. If the musical piece really deserved that price, he could buy it from her.

No one replied. Inside the room, a beautiful face was looking in Ye Futian's direction, wondering who was selling this piece.

"Let's go," her gentle voice said. She turned and walked out, ready to exchange for the musical piece.

Ye Futian also rose and left.

A while later, Ye Futian's group appeared outside on the street.

"Let's go." Ye Futian started walking away. Earlier, he'd kept anonymous because he was low-key. Now, he really couldn't reveal himself because people could kill him for what he'd earned. Now, he was curious who had gotten the piece. She didn't even humor Long Yan.

After strolling down Qingyun Street, Ye Futian returned to the Celestial Pavilion. After all, he'd promised a certain girl to accompany her. However, when he returned, he was notified that someone was waiting. This person's identity seemed to be special.

Beside the Fairy Pool, a figure sat inside the Covered Bride Pavilion with many strong cultivators with him. He looked very young and was studying Ye Futian who'd just entered.

"Ye Futian?" the youth asked.

"You are?" Ye Futian asked.

"I am from the West Mountain." The other chuckled. Ye Futian was confused. He'd heard this voice earlier at the music workshop. A voice from a room had called himself Long Yan from the Dragon Clan. The other had arrived at the Celestial Pavilion first, appearing before him.

"Can I help you?" Ye Futian asked. He'd actually guessed the other's motive. He'd gone to the music workshop for the same reason.

"The Celestial Pavilion was bought with the Dragon Clan's resources," Long Yan said as expected. "Sister Ling'er is still young and doesn't understand things. This pavilion is nothing to the Dragon Clan, but given without any reason… Do you understand?"

"No." Ye Futian shook his head with a smile.

Long Yan chuckled. Tapping the table, he continued, "Then I'll make myself easier to understand. I don't care how you tricked Ling'er, but we will take this back. However, I don't want Ling'er to feel bad. Thus, you can continue taking care of the Celestial Pavilion, but you must give up 90 percent of profits. I will take it. The remaining ten percent is enough for you to get rich."

Long Yan's smile was confident. He'd heard that Ye Futian was only a musical student and in the Arcana Plane. With that status, ten percent of Celestial Pavilion profits should definitely be enough. Ye Futian should understand that if he refused, he would have nothing. He had no reason to refuse these conditions.

Ye Futian looked at the confident smile. He'd understood many things from Long Yan's words. He had to give up ninety percent of the profits while still keeping this a secret from Ling'er. Also, Long Yan would be the one taking the money. He didn't know if this was the Dragon Clan's idea, Long Yan's, or a small minority of the family. This wasn't important though. He'd expected this would happen from Long Mu's attitude.

"What, you still have to think about it?" Long Yan asked, frowning. He was pressuring Ye Futian. "You should know how much ten percent of the profit is."

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. "I understand."

"And?" Long Yan asked.

"You will know my answer tonight," Ye Futian said.

"Okay. I will give you one day to think and come back tomorrow," Long Yan said. He took his people and left.

Ye Futian watched his back and smiled, shaking his head. The man didn't have any patience. Ye Futian hadn't finished speaking. He didn't have to come tomorrow.

"The taker has the disadvantage," Ye Futian laughed at himself. He tossed the Celestial Pavilion's badge up and then it fell down in his hand.

The Western Court of Divine Sky City was abnormally lively at the end of the year. Many from the Dragon Clan came from the West Mountain, shattering the quietness. To them, this wasn't only the end of the year. It was also the princess' birthday. Long Ling'er of the Dragon Clan was cultivating at the West Court and preparing to enter the Starry School. They didn't plan on making a big deal over her birthday. Most remained in the West Mountain for the New Years, but most lines of the family sent youths to celebrate Long Ling'er's birthday.

By evening, a banquet was prepared. At this time, a dragon-pulled chariot was in the sky. A beautiful figure sat in it. She was a woman of around 30-years-old. Her skin was youthful and white as snow. Her features were extraordinary and she looked wise. She gave off a noble aura just by sitting there.

"The Lady is here." Many people looked up. She'd come to celebrate her daughter's birthday while the family leader stayed in the West Mountain. He was growing stricter towards his daughter these years.

The dragon chariot landed and the woman walked out. Long Ling'er called out, "Mother." Her voice was slightly disappointed. She knew her father wouldn't come celebrate her birthday.
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    《The Legend of Futian》