The Legend of Futian
441 Birthday
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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441 Birthday

The beautiful lady walked up with a smile and patted Long Ling'er's head. "Ling'er is one year older now."

"Mother, I don't like celebrating like this," Long Ling'er muttered, looking at the crowd. She only wanted to celebrate with people close to her, but because of her status, she had few true friends. Many came to her birthday, but they weren't genuine. It was just because of her status.

"Silly girl. You must remember that whether you like it or not, the Dragon Clan is one complete piece," the beauty said gently. The girl was still too young. She couldn't understand many things.

Long Ling'er nodded, half understanding.

"Auntie, Ling'er." Long Mu walked over now.

"Hmph." Long Ling'er glared at him and then looked away, ignoring him.

"You're still angry at your brother?" Long Mu asked helplessly.

"Ling'er, don't do that." Madame Long's voice turned serious. Long Mu was the descendant of her elder brother.

"Mother, you always side with him," Long Ling'er said, pouting.

"What's wrong? What did your brother do?" Madame Long said.

"Ask him." Long Ling'er seemed upset.

"Auntie, do you know about Ling'er buying the Celestial Pavilion?" Long Mu asked.

"Yes, I've heard about it." Madame Long nodded. How could she not know about something like that?

"I went to the Celestial Pavilion and told the person to leave, so Ling'er became upset," Long Mu said, smiling wryly.

"Mother, Brother Futian is so nice to me. He even taught me how to play the guqin. I became a Dragon Master thanks to him too," Long Ling'er said.

Yang Xing stood to the side in shock. Long Ling'er hadn't been so nice when Ye Futian was here.

"I've heard of this too. Senior Feng is modest. You really think that it was all due to him? You have to know who your teacher is. That was just a coincidence," Long Mu said. He obviously didn't think that a youth in the Arcana Plane could teach Long Ling'er. It was most likely because Senior Feng had done most of the work and Ye Futian came at the right time.

"You don't know anything," Long Ling'er said, pouting.

"Alright, alright," Madame Long said gently. "You're the birthday girl today. Don't get angry. Since everyone's here, let's start the banquet."

Long Ling'er still let out an upset huff. She didn't know if Brother Futian would come. He'd promised. He wouldn't go back on his words, right?

When the banquet started, Madame Long and Long Ling'er sat in the main seats. Long Mu sat on the side. The others were all from the Dragon Clan and they came up with gifts.

Long Yan was one of them. He couldn't buy that musical piece from the workshop and the West Court had many guqins. Unless it was a famous one, it was meaningless. Thus, he'd bought a necklace from Qingyun Street. It was pretty and also a defense ritual implement. It could protect the wearer. Long Ling'er always wore a dragon necklace, but it was still well-meaning. He honestly couldn't think of what to buy since Long Ling'er didn't lack anything.

Long Ling'er was emotionless when she accepted Long Yan's necklace. She put it to the side and reached out a small hand to caress the dragon necklace on her neck. It glowed softly and was warm. Long Ling'er smiled. Her uncle had given this to her.

Raising her head, Long Ling'er looked into the distance and then pouted. Did that guy lie?

"Madame," a voice said now.

Madame Long looked up. "Yes?"

"A guest is here," the person said.

Long Ling'er's eyes brightened. "Let him in."

"Who is it?" Madame Long asked.

"Gu Yunxi from the Gu Clan," the person replied. "She said she's here for the miss's birthday."

When Long Ling'er heard that it wasn't Ye Futian, she was disappointed.

"Why is Sister Yunxi here?" she wondered. After all, she was still young and wasn't the Dragon Clan's elder. It was just a birthday. Usually, only seniors would have outsiders come to celebrate their birthday.

However, the Gu Clan and the Dragon Clan have always had a good relationship.

"Oh, Yunxi, let her in." Madame Long smiled. "Mu, go welcome her personally."

"Okay." Long Mu nodded. He rose and went outside.

Many youths from the Dragon Clan were confused but excited. They'd all heard of Gu Yunxi's beauty. In the Divine Sky City, she was known for making one want to give up a country for her. That was how beautiful she was.

They all knew why the madam told Long Mu to go personally. The two clans have always had a good relationship. It was rumored that when the last family leader had died, the two families had wanted an arranged marriage. It would have been Long Mu, son of the family leader, and Gu Yunxi of the Gu Clan.

But then Long Mu's father died and this wasn't mentioned anymore. The two families still had a good relationship though. Their interactions had just lessened a bit.

Now that Gu Yunx was here for Long Ling'er's birthday, the madam was obviously happy, so she had Long Mu go welcome her.

A while later, a group came over. There was a beautiful girl beside Long Mu. She wore a pale pink dress that complemented her graceful and slender body. Her swanlike flawless collarbone was extremely sexy. However, her beautiful features were serene. Her movements were soft, like a floating fairy.

She lives up to her name. For many, it was their first time meeting Gu Yunxi. She was as beautiful as people said. Many of the Dragon Clan were impressed. When she stood with Long Mu, it felt like they suited each other. Madame Long smiled warmly when she saw this. She hoped they could marry.

Gu Yunxi matched Long Mu well.

"Madame Long," Gu Yunxi bowed slightly. Her actions were light and graceful.

"Yunxi, I haven't seen you in a long while. Come sit beside me." Madame Long's voice was gentle. It was obvious she really liked Gu Yunxi.

Gu Yunxi didn't object. She walked to Madame Long and sat down. She and Long Mu were on either side of Madame Long. Then she looked to Long Ling'er and she smiled. "Ling'er, do you still remember me?"

"Sister Yunxi, you underestimate me. You're so pretty. How can I not recognize you?" Long Ling'er was being playful.

"Ling'er, when you grow up, you'll be as beautiful as Madame and surpass me," Gu Yunxi said modestly.

Long Yan kept watching Gu Yunxi. When she spoke, he was confused. This voice was familiar. He'd heard it not so long ago.

So it had been her. No wonder she didn't care about him.

"Sister Ling'er, I came in a rush and didn't know what to prepare. Today, I visited the music workshop and bought a song. Since you are a musical sorcerer, I will gift it to you. Please don't look down on it." Gu Yunxi took out the musical score for Long Ling'er. "I like this song too, so I had someone copy it. I hope you won't mind."

"Of course not." Long Ling'er shook her head.

"What kind of score would attract you too?" Madame Long asked, smiling.

"A very hot-blooded song," Gu Yunxi said. "The artistic conception is powerful and affects the listener greatly. You can sense the composer's brilliance from this piece. It is called Elegance too. I heard that the owner was the one who wrote it. I wonder which master wrote it."

"Since Yunxi likes it, it must be a great song. If there's the chance, have Mr. Feng look at it," Madame Long said. "Speaking of music, Yunxi, you are also skilled in it. Few your age can be compared to you."

"No way. Many in the Dragon Clan is skilled in musical sorcery and there are Dragon Masters too. I cannot be compared."

"I know someone skilled in musical sorcery and he's around Sister Yunxi's age too," Long Ling'er said.

"You're too young to know about skills. You underestimate your Sister Yunxi," Madame Long said.

"It's true." Long Ling'er glared at her mother.

"I believe that anyone Ling'er looks up to will be amazing," Gu Yunxi said.

"Yes. He promised he would come, but he still hasn't," Long Ling'er said, pouting. "Liar, liar."

"Madame, someone else came to visit the miss," the servant from before came and said again.

"Let him in." Long Ling'er jumped up. "No, I'll go personally."

"Ling'er." Madame Long grabbed her. This girl… She was the star but wanted to leave all the guests here. Long Ling'er was upset, but Madame Long continued, "Let him in."

"Yes, Madame." The person nodded and then left.

A while later, Ye Futian was brought over. When he saw the scene, surprise filled his eyes. Seeing the beautiful lady beside Long Ling'er, he guessed who she was. He realized he'd been fooled again.

Yes, he had been fooled. Why did he believe her? She said that her parents wouldn't spend New Years with her and needed him to accompany her.

This girl was too good at acting pitiful.

"Brother Futian, today's my 14th birthday and I was scared you wouldn't come, so…" She made puppy eyes at Ye Futian. "You won't be angry, right?"

Ye Futian gave her a look. What could he say? But it was her birthday and he hadn't prepared anything.

At that time, everyone present looked at Ye Futian. They'd obviously heard of him. He was the one that the princess of the Dragon Clan bought the Celestial Pavilion for. Their relationship seemed to be even closer than they'd expected. They couldn't help but feel jealous.

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    《The Legend of Futian》