The Legend of Futian
442 Ye Futian’s Style
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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442 Ye Futian’s Style

Long Yan was confused when he saw Ye Futian. When he went to the Celestial Pavilion earlier, Ye Futian had claimed that he would know the answer at night. Now, Ye Futian was at the West Court. What did that mean?

Ye Futian walked up and said to the beauty beside Long Ling'er, "Greetings, Madame."

Madame Long nodded slightly. She naturally followed the news about her daughter. Seeing Ye Futian in person, she saw that he was handsome and even more extraordinary than Long Mu.

Gu Yunxi studied Ye Futian too. She was curious about the person Long Ling'er would call so sweetly.

"Feel at home. Sit." Madame Long smiled and nodded. Her voice was soft as a spring breeze.

"Thank you, Madame." Ye Futian nodded.

Yang Xing led Ye Futian to a seat on the side. Long Ling'er's eyes moved, staying with Ye Futian. She blinked cutely too and Ye Futian shot her a look. If he knew it would be like this, he wouldn't have come. This girl was too tricky.

"I've heard of how you took care of Ling'er these days. You've worked hard." Madame Long smiled at Ye Futian. Seeing her attitude, he understood that it wasn't the Dragon Clan who wanted to take the Celestial Pavilion back. It was just Long Yan or a portion of the people.

Otherwise, the Madame of the Dragon Clan wouldn't need to be so fake with him.

"You're welcome. Ling'er is so smart. She doesn't need my help. I was just playing with her these days. I hope you won't be angry," Ye Futian said modestly.

"The girl is stubborn. She must have caused trouble," Madame Long said, smiling. She obviously knew her daughter's personality.

"Mother, I'm very obedient," Long Ling'er whined.

"Yes, you're obedient." Madame Long rolled her eyes and said to everyone, "Don't just chat. Try the food tonight."

Everyone nodded and started enjoying the feast. While drinking, someone raised a glass to Ye Futian. "I want to toast you, sir. Cheers."

"Cheers." Ye Futian also raised his glass and drank in one shot.

The other did the same and tipped the glass to show it. Putting it down, he said, "I heard that you are skilled with the guqin and Ling'er had praised you. You must be well-learned in it."

"No, no, I only know the basics," Ye Futian replied.

"You're too modest. If you only know the basics, Ling'er wouldn't gift you the Celestial Pavilion," the man said conversationally. Many people put down their glasses and looked at Ye Futian.

Just as how Long Mu had told Long Ling'er, the girl had given the pavilion to a stranger so casually. It wasn't much to the Dragon Clan, but it was very precious to a younger member of the clan. Only the top figures could have cultivation resource like that.

After all, the Dragon Clan had a massive family industry. Most of the resources were for the seniors and geniuses. The younger ones couldn't get much. But then Long Ling'er randomly gave a study attendant an entire pavilion. The Dragon Clan members had to wonder about it.

Long Ling'er glanced at the speaker. She was young, but she could tell something was wrong too. However, she couldn't pinpoint why.

"I'm curious too. If Ling'er can be so impressed, you must be very talented. Since today happens to be Ling'er's birthday, how about you play something as a gift?" Long Yan said, smiling.

"Great idea." Many disciples agreed.

"Brother Futian, don't listen to them." Long Ling'er glared at them.

"It's alright." Ye Futian nodded with a smile. "Since it's Ling'er's birthday, I can play something."

"In that case, please." The people of the Dragon Clan smiled.

Ye Futian stood up. Madame Long and Long Mu watched quietly. They were quite curious about Ye Futian's skill too.

Ye Futian walked to the center. The gem on his ring shone and a guqin appeared. Seeing this, many youths narrowed their eyes. How did he have something so precious as a storage ring? Did this bastard use up his fortune from the Celestial Pavilion already?

Someone as young as Ye Futian couldn't have something so precious. A storage ring wasn't that useful, but it was extremely hard to make. It required special material so only people in the Sage Plane or the extremely wealthy could possess it.

Earlier, they'd thought that Ye Futian's ring was only a regular accessory. They didn't think of storage rings. After all, rings were common while storage rings were rare.

Long Ling'er gazed at Ye Futian in anticipation. Brother Futian's music was amazing.

When Ye Futian started playing, his entire image changed. He closed his eyes, sensing the current atmosphere. Then his fingers touched the strings and the music notes started pulsing.

The song was light, gentle, joyous, and graceful.

Everyone sensed the song's artistic conception. They seemed to see a girl grow up without worry. She was innocent and pure; she was as energetic as an elf and could always bring happiness to others. Then she grew up and learned to worry.

The music gradually grew heavier and sad. The depressing music made people feel like their hearts were crushed by a stone. They were deeply hurt.

For some reason, Long Ling'er saw herself when she heard this song. She thought of many past things, such as the times when she was still innocent and carefree. As the music changed, she thought of her uncle and tears appeared at the corner of her eyes. Her heart hurt.

Madame Long was shocked. Even with her cultivation level, she was still brought into the song's artistic conception. She gazed at Long Ling'er and saw the tears.

The music slowed and the sadness faded. The girl gradually grew up and became stronger and more reliable. She faced the world and accepted everything. The listeners felt sunlight shining from the dark clouds. It fell on their faces and their hearts. It was very, very warm.

Long Ling'er's tears disappeared. She closed her eyes, immersing herself in the artistic conception.

The music gradually grew lighter. The dancing music notes seemed to be describing the scene before them. Long Ling'er opened her eyes and smiled at Ye Futian. She could tell what Ye Futian wanted to express from the music. The feeling was great. She would become strong and move on from the problems.

Finally, the music stopped. Ye Futian sat quietly. Madame Long was impressed; the music had touched her. The song wasn't very high-level, but just the artistic conception was a masterpiece. Plus, since it fit the environment so well, Ye Futian must have composed it himself. Gu Yunxi was also impressed. His skill was just as Long Ling'er had said.

"See, I didn't lie. Brother Futian's music is really touching," Long Ling'er said, smiling a bit proudly.

Ye Futian put his guqin away and returned to his seat.

"Incredible," the youth from earlier said, clapping. "Everyone has different skills in musical sorcery. I didn't think I would see such witchcraft today in a song to affect others with its artistic conception. Ling'er is young. No wonder she was affected."

"Long Huan, what are you saying?" Long Ling'er glared furiously at the youth.

"Ling'er, you're still too young to understand people. This song is just a small trick. It's not worthy to be respected."

Madame Long looked at Long Huan. She wasn't surprised at his attitude. After her brother had died, the Dragon Clan had become messy. If not for her husband's iron grip, the clan would probably still be in a mess. But even now, some of the older members still wanted control of the family, despite their respectful appearance. Long Huan was the descendant of an elder. He was obviously upset that Ling'er had given the Celestial Pavilion to an outsider.

Not accusing Ling'er publicly was already due to her and her husband's authority. Ye Futian naturally became their scapegoat.

"Yes. Long Huan is a Dragon Master and is skilled with the guqin. He naturally knows about these things. Ling'er, don't be fooled by lowly people," Long Yan added. Others whispered amongst themselves.

"Enough," Madame Long said. "Don't forget why you're here."

With that, the entire banquet quieted down. Long Huan smiled. "Madame, don't be angry. Today is Ling'er's birthday. I won't mention it again."

Madame Long still had authority.

"Mother." Long Ling'er looked pitifully at her mother.

"Ling'er." Madame Long patted her head and didn't say anything else.

Long Mu shot her a glance. This girl was still ignorant so he didn't find it strange. Gu Yunxi gazed at Ye Futian. This scene must be incredibly insulting to him.

But then Ye Futian smiled and said, "Ling'er."

"Brother Futian." Long Ling'er looked guilty. It had been wrong to have him come.

"Silly girl." Ye Futian chuckled when he saw the guilt. The girl was stubborn, but she was still innocent. Ye Futian stood up and took out a badge. Going to Long Ling'er, he said, "Take the Celestial Pavilion's badge."

Everyone was shocked at this.

"Brother Futian," Long Ling'er said, standing up. "I promised to give it to you. Don't listen to them."

"Someone came and asked me for it today too, so I just came to give it back. I may be a bit poor, but I'm not that lowly. This has nothing to do with you." Ye Futian patted Long Ling'er's head. Then he turned around and gazed at Long Huan. He smiled brilliantly. "I am untalented and not skilled in musical sorcery, but I don't wish to be humiliated like this. Please give me some advice."
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    《The Legend of Futian》