The Legend of Futian
446 Arrival of a Beauty
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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446 Arrival of a Beauty

Celestial Pavilion, Fairy Pool.

Today, Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing came to this place again, along with Wang Yuqing's sister, Wang Yurou.

"Yurou, the entrance examination of Starry School will be held tomorrow. Today you should relax and try out the delicacies here," Jiang Nan said gentlemanly, smiling. Today he would be treating Wang Yurou to welcome her after her tiring journey and to wish her success in the upcoming examination. Wang Yurou was going to take part in the assessment of Starry School.

"Jiang Nan, we don't have to come here," Wang Yuqing said. It was too luxurious for them to come to Celestial Pavilion.

"Yurou, didn't you ask where Ye Futain is? Last time, we met him precisely here," Jiang Nan said.

Wang Yurou frowned gently. She did not really like Jiang Nan as he always had an arrogant attitude. Although he was chasing her sister, he always liked to display his superiority. In addition, after she asked for Ye Futian's whereabouts, Jiang Nan had always been indirectly satirizing Ye Futian, as if he was trying to display how outstanding he was and to belittle Ye Futian.

Even though Ye Futian may not be as bright as the geniuses from the Top Three Schools, he had had some relationship with Wang Family after all. Before they left, Wang Yurou's grandfather also asked her sister to take care of him. However, after they arrived here, they departed, and it seemed like their relationship was not very good.

"Did he come here to eat as well?" Wang Yurou asked.

"Eat?" Jiang Nan said, smiling. "That friend of yours is quite skilled. In some way, he managed to have some relationship with West Mountain Dragon Clan and become the servant of the lady of Dragon Clan. He was following behind her that day."

Wang Yurou frowned, after which she said, "It's impossible." According to her understanding of Ye Futian, he was a very proud person and would never become someone's servant. She had had some contact with Ye Futian and clearly knew what kind of person he was.

"Ask your sister then," Jiang Nan said, smiling. Wang Yurou looked at her sister who nodded gentle, "Yurou, don't view a person with a fixed mindset. Divine Sky City is different from Wang Family."

"Sister, grandpa asked you to take care of him. How did it end up like this," Wang Yurou said, unhappy.

"I would have tried to take care of him if he could enter Starry School. However, since he has chosen a path of self-degradation, what can I do?" Wang Yuqing replied. "Let's not talk about him and start eating. Tomorrow, you need to work hard and try to enter Starry School."

Wang Yurou did not say anything else but only sighed in her heart. If she could enter Starry School, how could Ye Futian not? The talents that Ye Futian had displayed that time were far better than hers.

Suddenly, loud noises came from the Fairy Pool. Jiang Nan and the rest turned their heads around and saw a group of people walking towards their direction. The leader of the group was extremely charming and attractive.

"She's Gu Yunxi." A strange look appeared in Jiang Nan's eyes. Gu Yunxi was a famous beauty in Divine Sky City. She was cultivating in Starry School. In the college, countless geniuses tried to chase her. Today, she actually came to Celestial Pavilion.

Wang Yuqing similarly stared at Gu Yunxi. Although she was also quite beautiful, when she saw Gu Yunxi she still felt somewhat embarrassed. A beauty like Gu Yunxi was destined to attract the attention of everyone in the world. An ordinary person would not even dare to think about chasing her.

Gu Yunxi walked into an attic along the covered bridge. Many men were slightly disappointed as they could no longer see the exquisite face. However, they would still occasionally look in that direction, hoping to see her again. Some people also chatted about who would eventually be able to chase a lady like Gu Yunxi. Would it be Long Mu from West Mountain Dragon Clan? A few years ago when the father of Long Mu was still alive, it was said that the two families wanted to ally through marriage. Or would it be someone from Jin Clan?

With Gu Yunxi's status and appearance, not many people in Divine Sky City could match her.

Very soon, Ye Futian who was cultivating quietly in a courtyard in Celestial Pavilion also received the news. Over these days, he and his friends had all been cultivating and did not know about the happenings outside.

In the courtyard, when Shen Yu told Ye Futian that Gu Yunxi was here, a strange expression appeared on his face. Was this a coincidence?

Ye Futian would clearly not forget about the beautiful lady who had bought his music score and wanted to give him a courtyard.

"Count her spending this time on me," Ye Futian said. "You may leave now."

Hearing Ye Futian's reply, Shen Yu's expression turned even stranger. Why would Ye Futian treat Gu Yunxi?

"The maidservant of Gu Yunxi said that she wanted to see the owner of Celestial Pavilion," Shen Yu said softly. She was wondering if Gu Yunxi and Ye Futian knew each other.

She felt that Ye Futian was becoming more and more mysterious. He was first visited by the young lady of the Dragon Clan and then the female leader. Now, a top beauty from Gu Clan was also here. She realized that after she knew Ye Futian, she had already seen many important people. They were all the people whom she would ordinarily not even imagine meeting. However, when Ye Futian first came to Celestial Pavilion, it was obvious that he could not afford the stay here.

Was it because he was too good-looking?

Thinking about this, Shen Yu glanced secretly at Ye Futian's handsome face. After all, the people who came to look for Ye Futian were all ladies.

"See me?" A weird expression appeared on Ye Futian's face. Why was Gu Yunxi looking for him?

"Alright, then I'll go and see her." Ye Futian stood up, after which he walked towards the Fairy Pool.

When he came to the Fairy Pool and walked on the covered bridge, he heard someone shout, "Ye Futian!" Ye Futian turned around and saw Wang Yurou looking at him. He was somewhat surprised but also delighted.

"You also came to Divine Sky City," Ye Futian said, smiling. It seemed like Wang Yurou also did not want to keep staying in Yunyue City. After knowing her for a while, Ye Futian knew that Wang Yurou was indeed a person who was not willing to live an ordinary life.

"Yup. Tomorrow I will be going to Starry School to see if I can pass the assessment," Wang Yurou said.

"Good luck," Ye Futian nodded, grinning. "I have something for now. I'll leave first." After that, he walked towards the attic along the covered bridge.

Wang Yuqing did not look at Ye Futian at all and only gave a soft humph. On the other hand, Jiang Nan sneered and said, "He came here so quickly. It seems like he also wants to get to know Gu Yunxi." He gave a mocking smile. Ye Futian did not even look at his own status and was actually dreaming about such things.

However, he had to admire Ye Futian for his skills and thick-skinned nature. Whenever he met an important person, he would try to seek connections.

"He looks like he's doing well, unlike what you have said earlier, sister," Wang Yurou said.

"Perhaps the young lady of Dragon Clan asked him to come to Celestial Pavilion to do something for her," Jiang Nan said. Wang Yurou did not say anything. In any case, she would not believe in that. She would instead go and ask Ye Futian if she had the chance to.

Ye Futain walked into the attic where he saw a beauty standing in front of the window and turning around to look at him.

"Mr. Ye, do you still remember me?" Gu Yunxi said, smiling. Her voice was very gentle and soothing.

"Of course," Ye Futian said, smiling. "With your beautiful look, I don't think I can forget about you so soon."

Hearing Ye Futian's compliment, Gu Yunxi was somewhat embarrassed which made her look even more attractive.

"I heard that you're looking for me?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes," Gu Yunxi nodded gently. "I have already learned the piece 'Elegance.' That day in West Court, I saw you create a new piece of music on the spot. Do you have any other scores? I will use something to exchange for them."

"I created 'Elegance' only because of my mood that time. That day in West Court, I played the guqin also because I was angry, but it was not a complete piece. At the moment, I do not have any new scores, unfortunately." Ye Futian shook his head. Writing a new piece of music was certainly not such an easy task. Of course, if it was just a random short piece, it would be much easier.

"In this case, if you manage to create one in the future, can you find me first?" Gu Yunxi said.

"Ms. Gu, you're the person who bought the first piece of music that I have ever created. If I do manage to create any more in the future, you'll definitely take priority," Ye Futian nodded, smiling.

"Thank you. Mr. Ye, don't forget what you said today," Gu Yunxi said, smiling.

"Of course I will not." Ye Futian shook his head.

"Deal." Gu Yunxi smiled brightly and continued, "Tomorrow Starry School will be admitting new disciples. Will you join the college to cultivate?"

"Nope." Ye Futian shook his head gently. Gu Yunxi was somewhat surprised. Was Ye Futain actually not entering the Top Three Schools?

"That's unfortunate. If you enter Starry School, the Musical Spell Department will definitely have an unparalleled disciple," Gu Yunxi sighed. Ye Futian smiled and said, "Ms. Gu, you're flattering me. If you have nothing else, I'll take my leave first."

With the lady of Gu Clan in the attic, it would more or less have an undesirable impact if he was to stay here for too long.

"Alright. See you next time," Gu Yunxi nodded gently and did not ask Ye Futian to stay longer.

"See you." Ye Futian turned around and left.

After he left, a strange expression appeared on the face of the maidservant behind Gu Yunxi. "Ms, what's wrong with this guy?"

"Why?" Gu Yunxi asked softly.

"When the other geniuses are in front of you, they all want just to stay longer with you. Instead, he only wanted to leave. He also rejected your offer to give him a courtyard," the maidservant said, twitching her lips. She knew well about the attractiveness of Gu Yunxi. It was the first time she saw a person who wanted to leave himself. In the past, it was always Gu Yunxi who asked to leave first.

"A person who could create a piece like 'Elegance' is clearly different from the rest," Gu Yunxi said, smiling. The maidservant saw the smile on Gu Yunxi's face and a strange look appeared in her eyes. Gu Yunxi had never seemed so interested in a man before. Could it be that…

But their backgrounds did not seem to match. Although Ye Futian was extremely good at music, he only owned Celestial Pavilion because of Dragon Clan. On the other hand, the people who wanted to chase Gu Yunxi all had stronger backgrounds.

Ye Futian walked out of the attic. Jiang Nan who had been paying attention to the situation sneered in his heart. Indeed, Ye Futian came out this early. It was not so easy to seek connections with powerful people.

Gu Yunxi was not someone that he could dream of getting close to.

"Ye Futian!" Wang Yurou shouted, standing up. Ye Futian looked at her when she asked, "Will you go to the examination in Starry School tomorrow?"

"No." Ye Futian shook his head.

"Why not?" Wang Yurou asked curiously.

"It's good to cultivate in Celestial Pavilion." Ye Futian smiled; he had his own plans.

"How unashamed." Wang Yuqing stared coldly at ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at her and frowned. Then, Wang Yurou said, "I think there is a misunderstanding between you and my sister. Why don't you explain it now?"

"Explain?" A strange expression appeared on Ye Futian's face. "Am I even that close to her?" Then, he smiled and added, "I have something else. I'll leave first." After that, he turned around and really left.
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    《The Legend of Futian》