The Legend of Futian
447 College Assessmen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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447 College Assessmen

After Ye Futian finishing speaking, he actually left directly, leaving the stunned Wang Yurou behind. She did not expect the relationship between Ye Futian and her sister to be so bad already.

That time when Wang Linfeng introduced Ye Futian to her, she already found out that Ye Futian was extremely proud from their conversation. Wang Yurou also saw her sister's attitude just now. Clearly, she had humiliated Ye Futian in the past. It seemed like her grandfather should not have asked her sister to bring Ye Futian here. At first, her grandfather just wanted them to become friends, but the exact opposite thing happened.

"This is absurd!" Hearing Ye Futian's words, Wang Yuqing's face darkened.

"We're indeed not very close to him in the first place. Yuqing, you shouldn't be angry with this kind of person," Jiang Nan said, smiling.

"If you miss the registration tomorrow, does it mean that you cannot enter Starry School?" Wang Yurou asked.

"Of course. In the assessment tomorrow, the college will first examine if the talents of its applicants meet the requirement, which will form the first round of filtering. In this round, most people will be eliminated. If a person doesn't even register, he clearly cannot enter the Top Three Schools, unless he's an extreme genius whom the college will admit as an exception," Wang Yuqing said.

The next day would be the greatest event in Divine Sky City in the new year. The whole city would be paying attention to it and countless people would sign up for the assessment of the Top Three Schools.

Wang Yurou sighed. Was Ye Futian really not going to take part? She thought that Ye Futian wanted the map of the Barren State and come to Divine Sky City in order to find a better place to cultivate. However, it seemed like he preferred freedom rather than being bound to a single place.

Wang Yurou wondered if she could pass the first round the next day. All the talents in the Eastern Region of the Barren State would be gathered together and even she who was a genius in Yunyue City would seem insignificant in the Top Three Schools.

"Do you know him?" someone suddenly said in a gentle tone. Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing turned their heads and saw a charming figure standing on the covered bridge. When Wang Yuqing raised her head and saw Gu Yunxi, she could not help but feel inferior. Why was Gu Yunxi asking about Ye Futian?

Jiang Nan stared at the elegant lady and nodded, "Yes." He did not even dare to have any wild wishes about Gu Yunxi and could only look up to her.

"Since you know him, why are you defaming him behind his back?" Gu Yunxi asked. She heard them discuss Ye Futian.

A strange expression appeared on Jiang Nan's face. It seemed like Ye Futian was really skilled. He had only entered the attic for such a short period of time and yet Gu Yunxi was already asking about him. Naturally, he would not have guessed that Ye Futian and Gu Yunxi already knew each other before this. After all, from his perspective, Ye Futian could clearly not be able to know Gu Yunxi given his status. The difference between their statuses is like an impassable gap.

"Ms. Gu, I must say that this person has a poor character. At first, he was cultivating in a small city and asked us to bring him to Divine Sky City. After he arrived here, instead of cultivating hard and trying to join the Top Three Schools, he only wanted to seek connections with people in power. He always tries to take shortcuts which is really contemptible," Jiang Nan said. Although he would never have a close relationship with Gu Yunxi, he still did not want her to doubt his character before him. Therefore, he belittled Ye Futian as such.

"Seek connections?" Gu Yunxi thought about the music "Elegance." It was no wonder that he would play such a piece. His experience was described flawlessly by the music. In particular, on the last day of the last year in West Court, he vented all his emotions through music.

Gu Yunxi smiled. If Ye Futian only wanted to seek connections, why would he keep his distance from her? He could have used this opportunity to get closer to her.

"I got it," Gu Yunxi said emotionlessly, after which she left the place. She suddenly understood why Ye Futian would leave just like this; he was in total disdain.

Jiang Nan sat down only after he watched Gu Yunxi leave. He obviously did not understand why Gu Yunxi would say that she got it and only remarked, "A person with such a poor character still wants to seek connections with the powerful, but he does not know that some things can never be hidden."

The next morning, the entire Divine Sky City was buzzing with excitement. The Top Three Schools would hold an assessment and recruit new disciples every year on this day. This year was no exception. This day, countless people in Divine Sky City rushed to the Top Three Schools to register for the assessment.

The first round was the most basic assessment, the examination of talents. The examiners in the college would look at the age, level, Life Spirit, and Dharma of each applicant, as well as how well the sorcerers could control their spells, how strong the martial arts cultivators were, the sword techniques of the swordsmen, and so on. They would look at many different general areas and decide if the applicant could enter the next round.

This was also the cruelest round. Because there were too many applicants, most people would be eliminated in this round. Those who did not have outstanding talents would certainly not be able to pass the round. Only those who had extraordinary characteristics could enter the next round.

On this day, many people would be overjoyed and many heartbroken.

Many people who traveled thousands of miles from a small city far away to Divine Sky City might be eliminated after only a preliminary examination. Those who dared to sign up were certainly not too weak, but when compared to the entire Eastern Region they might seem just very ordinary.

Of course, a group of extremely outstanding people would also appear on this day. The genius juniors of the top clans who had already become famous before the assessment all displayed astonishing talents.

Some people had twin spirits while others had unique talents. For example, the dragon girl from the Dragon Clan had just passed her fourteenth birthday and she was already a Dharma Plane Dragon Master. Although she had just entered the Dharma Plane, it was still sufficient for people to exclaim about what a good start the descendants of top clans could get. Countless ordinary people would start too far behind to even catch up with them because they would receive the best resources from birth. When they just began to cultivate, they could already pass the basic levels one after another. Their foundations were very stable and they would not experience any obstacles at all. However, all the happenings seemed to be completely unrelated to Ye Futian. He was still cultivating quietly in Celestial Pavilion, trying to enter the Noble Plane as early as he could. Only then would he be strong enough to roam the Barren State.

In the evening, Celestial Pavilion was particularly lively, perhaps even packed. The disciples of the major clans who had passed the first round all came here to celebrate.

Long Ling'er was also here, but she did not go to the Fairy Pool. Instead, she came to Ye Futian's courtyard to question him.

Noticing the girl's fierce look, Ye Futian laughed and said, "Who made my Ling'er angry?"

"What do you think?" Long Ling'er stared angrily at Ye Futian. "You agreed that you will go and cheer for me during the assessment. Why didn't I see you?"

"Today the whole city is there. With so many people, can you even see me in the crowd?" Ye Futain said.

"Did you go?" Long Ling'er blinked.

"See. You don't even know whether I went. So what difference would it make even if I went?" Ye Futian said, smiling.

"You're just being unreasonable!" Long Ling'er complained.

"I know that the first round of assessment will take three days and countless people will participate. It's meaningless for me to go and watch. After three days I'll be there to cheer for you," Ye Futian said, smiling.

"Really?" Long Ling'er stared at Ye Futian in suspicion. "It's not a lie?"

"I never lie," Ye Futian replied.

"I'll trust you for once," Long Ling'er said doubtfully. Then, she smiled and walked up to hug Ye Futian. "Brother Futian, come and eat with me." After that, she pulled Ye Futian towards the outside. Ye Futian was speechless but could not do anything about it.

Three days later, the area outside Starry School was packed with people. Countless people stared at the holy land of the Eastern Region. Today, Starry School will officially start to decide those people who could become a disciple of the college. Outside the gates, there was a riot of voices as many people discussed the assessment of Starry School.

"The selection in the last three days was really cruel and so many people were eliminated. Some people were eliminated right after they said their age and level and did not even get a chance to display their skills."

"This is inevitable. Every year, countless people will sign up for the assessment. The examiners are clearly not so patient. If the age and level of an applicant do not meet the requirement, he will be eliminated."

"This time, who do you think will be the most popular newcomers?"

"There are already two young people who have attracted much attention."

"You mean the dragon girl from West Mountain and young Roc from Jin Clan?"

"That's right. Both of them are so young but already so outstanding. The dragon girl from West Mountain is a Dragon Master, while the young Roc is said to be the most talented junior in Jin Clan at the moment. They are both not even 15 yet."

As the crowd chatted, people who had tokens in their hand stepped into Starry School one after another, walking towards the vast square in the college. There, there were already countless people. Those who passed the first round would obtain a token and they could enter the college directly for the second round. Only their family members and friends could enter and watch the battle, while the rest could only watch from outside the school.

Suddenly, a dragon howl was heard. An ice dragon dived down from the sky and landed outside Starry School. Many people walked out of the way and looked at the girl before them. It was clearly Long Ling'er. However, when Long Ling'er reached the gates of Starry School, she stopped and turned around to look at the crowd, as if she was looking for someone.

Suddenly, a group walked out of the crowd. It was Ye Futian and his friends.

"Brother Futian," Long Ling'er shouted, smiling. Immediately, countless people looked at Ye Futian. Who was this guy?

"I have brought them here to watch the assessment." Ye Futian pointed at Yu Sheng and the others who were beside him.

"No problem," Long Ling'er nodded. Then, she gave the token to the guards at the gates and brought Ye Futian and the rest inside.

Everyone could recognize the little princess from West Mountain so the guards would clearly not stop Ye Futian. Moreover, they were allowed to enter in the first place.

The group entered Starry School. The vast square before them was already filled with countless people. In addition, there were also members of Starry School on the stairs at the front with many disciples of Starry School behind them. They came here to see their newly admitted juniors.

Long Mu, Jin Yunxiao, Gu Yunxi, Jiang Nan, Wang Yuqing, and many other people were all here already.
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    《The Legend of Futian》