The Legend of Futian
449 Awkward Situation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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449 Awkward Situation

The battles continued until the night.

The combat assessment would not pause because it was already nighttime. Instead, it would continue until it was over. Various spells appeared the darkness. The battles in the arena could still be clearly seen as waves of cultivators entered one after another.

Outside Starry School, there was similarly only a very small portion of people who left. They were still watching the assessment in order to see how many outstanding talents Starry School would accept this time.

"Ling'er, it's all your fault..." Ye Futian complained in desperation.

Long Ling'er blinked her eyes. Smiling, she said, "Why? The battles are so interesting." At the moment, the battles were between Lower Arcana Plane cultivators.

"I forgot to ask before I came. The combat assessment actually also takes so long." Ye Futian was speechless as if he had made a mistake. Long Ling'er had just entered the Dharma Plane and would be one of the last few to be assessed. How miserable this is...

"I think it's really fun." Long Ling'er smiled with her head slanted. Although she also felt that the assessment was very boring, she would certainly not admit it.

Ye Futian rolled his eyes. The battle continued from day into the night, and then into the day again. The people present were all cultivators and could survive not sleeping for one day. In fact, whenever they cultivated it would take at least a few days.

The passion of the crowd also slowly faded with time. Finally, in the evening on the second day, it was the turn for low-level Dharma Plane cultivators. There were only very little people at such levels who came for the assessment. When it was Long Ling'er turn, Starry School actually did not have any disciples that matched her level.

Usually, people who could enter Starry School were at least in the Dharma Plane. However, even the first level Dharma Plane cultivators who had entered Starry School in the previous year had already broken through. Therefore, Starry School did not have anyone at this level. Consequently, everyone in this level was put on the waiting list directly.

So everything started all over again. The people on the waiting list would fight against each other to decide the person who would be promoted. Of course, if the two people were both outstanding enough, they could be promoted together. If they were both too bad, they might also be eliminated together.

Ye Futian felt like he had to punch someone.

Long Ling'er turned around and looked at Ye Futian, smiling trembly. There was nothing Ye Futian could do. Hence, he waited for another day.

Nevertheless, on this day, there were similarly many talented people who appeared.

Finally, it was Long Ling'er turn again. The assessment of Starry School was coming to an end.

"Those people in the first level of the Dharma Plane can come up together," an elder announced. Immediately, Long Ling'er turned her head and grinned, after which she jumped onto the battle platform. Among the crowd, there was also an extraordinary teenager in a gold shirt who attracted much attention.

At once, everyone seemed to be alerted as they stared at two figures on the battle platform. They were the dragon girl from West Mountain Dragon Clan and the young Roc from Jin Clan. They had already attracted much attention before the assessment even began as they were the young geniuses from two major clans. Today, they would be displaying their talents in front of everyone for the first time.

There were only eight people in this level who came for the assessment. Moreover, they were all very young as older cultivators who were still in this level would have been eliminated in the first round.

Long Ling'er and Jin Fei from Jin Clan still managed to stand out among the group: they were way too young. Although Jin Fei was very young, his eyes seemed to be filled with an arrogance which did not fit his age. Glancing at the crowd as if he was very mature, he said with a young voice, "You can fight me together."

On the viewing platform in Starry School, Jin Yunxiao smiled. He wanted to see how the dragon girl from the Dragon Clan would be embarrassed.

"Arrogant," Long Ling'er said, looking at Jin Fei.

"With superior power, of course, I am arrogant. You're Long Ling'er right. I suggest you go back and practice more. Starry School is not suitable for a spoiled princess like you," Jin Fei said coldly. Long Ling'er stared angrily at Jin Fei.

"You..." Long Ling'er pointed her finger at Jin Fei. However, Jin Fei suddenly ascended into the air and summoned his Dharma. A dazzling Roc appeared in the sky, releasing its brilliant radiance outwards. Showered in golden light, Jin Fei looked all-powerful, as if he was a young Roc himself.

"I shall not waste more time. Since you don't want to attack, I'll defeat all of you one by one." Just after Jin Fei finished speaking, an eye-catching radiance erupted from his back. Then, many illusory Rocs flew out towards the few people on the battle platform. The few young applicants all released their Life Spirits and Dharma. However, under the illusory Rocs, they were all having a hard time blocking the attack.

Just then, Jin Fei flashed out with an astonishing speed, as if he was a Roc. He swept his wings and one of the applicants flew outwards.

Without stopping, he blinked a few times with an incredible speed. Accompanied by continuous crashing sounds, the other applicants who were at the same level as him were completely no match for him and fell down one after another. They all looked desperately at the genius who was significantly younger than themselves. It was really unfortunate to be in the same group as Jin Fei; they were doomed to be eliminated.

Jin Fei then looked at Long Ling'er. Smiling, he said, "Sister Long, if you leave yourself, I wouldn't hit you."

Long Ling'er was furious. Her Guqin Spirit appeared and she stoked on the strings. However, at the instant she started playing, Jin Fei also moved out like a golden bolt of lightning. A sharp sword appeared in his hand and he struck towards the Guqin Spirit directly.

Long Ling'er expression changed slightly and she withdrew her Guqin Spirit. Then, a dragon howl erupted and a terrifying ice dragon spirit appeared.

Long Ling'er had twin spirits. Because of Jin Fei's speed, she did not have a way to play the music to resonate with the dragon.

Long Ling'er raised her little fist and jumped into the air, punching towards her opponent in mid-air. Jin Fei's fist collided with hers and he was actually blown backward. In addition, his arm was covered in a layer of frost.

Clearly, although Long Ling'er was small in size, her strength was not weak at all.

"Sister Long, your strength is not bad. I'll be serious now," Jin Fei said, smiling. His body turned into a golden bolt of lightning which circled around Long Ling'er. Then, he suddenly attacked.

The two collided with each other continuously. Although they were both only fourteen, the battle between them looked very intense, as if it was going to shatter the earth. Many people were astounded by this. In the future, both of them would certainly become important figures. However, in this battle, Long Ling'er was probably going to lose. The biggest advantage a Dragon Master could have was to fight with her dragon.

Ye Futian also felt that things were not looking good for Long Ling'er. Indeed, after a while, Long Ling'er was hit by Jin Fei. She was blown backward and blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

"Sister Long, I'm only using half of my powers. Why are you already losing?" Jin Fei floated in the air right above Long Ling'er. Long Ling'er stared at him angrily.

Many people also looked at Jin Fei who was obviously teasing Long Ling'er on purpose. However, owing to the resentment between the two families, they did not feel weird about it.

"You can stop now. Both of you have performed well," an elder from Starry School said.

"Indeed they're both fine. In this battle, Jin Fei challenged everyone and easily defeated them so he clearly can enter the college to cultivate. Although Long Ling'er didn't perform too badly, she has yet to prove herself," another person said. Right after that, many people froze and stared at the elder who spoke in bewilderment.

In fact, even though Long Ling'er had lost, nobody thought too much. With her power, Long Ling'er could undoubtedly enter Starry School. However, at the moment someone was using this as an excuse to attack Long Ling'er.

Did she not prove herself? This also seemed reasonable. At the start of the battle, Jin Fei already eliminated everyone else. Long Ling'er, being young, would clearly not think that Jin Fei's action was targeted at her.

"What do you mean? She's fourteen, in the Dharma Plane, and is a Dragon Master. Is that not enough for her to join Starry School?" a cultivator from Dragon Clan questioned the elder.

"Her talents are indeed outstanding enough, but she still seems to lack practice. On the battlefield, she did not win anyone and was instead defeated by a person of the same level. With such a record, should we not discuss it?" the person added, as if he was trying to prevent Long Ling'er from entering Starry School. Although his action seemed to be meaningless, Jin Clan which had some resentment with Dragon Clan would do anything that would embarrass Dragon Clan.

Even if they might not be able to stop her in the end, it was still good to humiliate the Dragon Clan.

Therefore, for the first time in Starry School, there was an argument about whether a person could join the college. Clearly, it was a game between the people from the Dragon Clan and those from Jin Clan.

Looking at the scene, Long Ling'er expression changed; she did not expect this to happen. Even if she could enter Starry School eventually, the situation was still very awkward and shameful for her. Other people would claim that Long Ling'er almost did not manage to join Starry School, and only did so because of her family.

"I'm not joining anymore," Long Ling'er said. She glanced at the crowd, after which she turned around and left. She had never suffered such a humiliating situation before.

"Look. She's indeed spoiled," someone satirized.

"In this case, there is indeed no need to let her join the college. She can't even take a bit of setback," another person added. More and more people started questioning, causing the audience to be completely flabbergasted. Clearly, nobody had expected such a situation to occur.

Ye Futian frowned and his face darkened. He did not feel much about Long Ling'er losing to Jin Fei as it was normal to lose. Although Jin Fei was somewhat arrogant, he still managed to win. However, Ye Futian was really unhappy about the attitude of Starry School. So many people were bullying a young girl.

Even if the two clans were having a conflict, Jin Clan did not have to vent their anger at Long Ling'er, a 14-year-old girl. Moreover, Starry School also did not say anything.

Long Ling'er walked down from the arena and looked at Ye Futian, her eyes filled with sadness and even some redness. She had invited Ye Futain her to watch her battle, not to watch her get embarrassed.

"Brother Futian." Long Ling'er lowered her head and her voice was very low, revealing how depressed she was.

"Silly girl. It's only a small matter. Forget about it," Ye Futian said softly.

"Yup. Let's go." Long Ling'er only wanted to leave this place. Her parents had asked her to join Starry School to cultivate. Although she did not want it, she still worked hard. She never expected such a situation to happen. Her parents did not come here. What would they think of her?

Turning around, her eyes were already filled with some tears, but she did not want to cry aloud. She had to be strong.

"Ling'er, before we leave, we have to settle some stuff," Ye Futian softly. Then, he took a step forward and said, "All of you are seniors. Don't you feel ashamed of yourselves by bullying a little girl like this?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》